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HELLOWEEN lyrics - High Live

Dr. Stein

Original and similar lyrics
From our lives' beginning on We are pushed in little forms No one asks us how we like to be In school they teach you what to think But everyone says different things But they're all convinced that They're the ones to see Bridge: So they keep talking and they never stop And at a certain point you give it up So the only thing that's left to think is this Chorus: I want out--to live my life alone I want out--leave me be I want out--to do things on my own I want out--to live my life and to be free People tell me A and B They tell me how I have to see Things that I have seen already clear So they push me then from side to side They're pushing me from black to white They're pushing 'til there's nothing more to hear Bridge: But don't push me to the maximum Shut your mouth and take it home 'Cause I decide the way things gonna be Chorus: I want out--to live my life alone I want out--leave me be I want out--to do things on my own I want out--to live my life and to be free There's a million ways to see the things in life A million ways to be the fool In the end of it, none of us is right Sometimes we need to be alone (Solo: Kai/Both) No no no, leave me alone Chorus: I want out--to live my life alone I want out--leave me be I want out--to do things on my own I want out--to live my life and to be free

I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free

And I wish I knew how It would feel to be free I wish that I could break All the chains holding me I wish I could say All the things that I'd like to say Say 'em loud say 'em clear For the whole round world to hear I wish I could share All the love that's in my heart Remove every doubt It keeps us apart And I wish you could know What it means to be me Then you'd see and agree Every man should be free I wish I could live Like I'm longin' to live I wish I could give What I'm longin' to give And I wish I could do All the things I'd like to do You know they'll still miss part of you Yes Sir... And I'm way way over due I wish I could be like a bird up in the sky How sweet it would be If I found out I could fly So long to my song And look down upon Ihe sea And I sing because I know I would see you I sing because I know I would see you And I sing because I know I would see you To be free, yeah

Circle Square Triangle

Grim Skunk
How could you be so blinded by your own greed I tried to relax one day I found myself freed We're tearing at the walls We're screaming for more We're crawlin' through the jungle to the demon's door You can do what you want to but maybe You should cut it out and see if it bleeds You've made the world so heavy It's pulling down like gravity Your life is end over end over end And it's tumbling down the mountain And it's picking up speed It's getting harder and harder and harder... To take a new direction the pull's too strong Burn that poison out before too long Make my soul breathe fire take my hand Take your life one step higher free your mind Greed holds you down on your knees Release all your worldly needs See how your mind is at ease Free from this swollen disease He stands alone in the fields Me I know just how it feels When I first met you You were young and unimpressed By things of value Which you now lust to possess You want it so bad That you're going crazy you're obsessed With the things that you have Can you buy your self-respect I'd rather lose everything Than gather gold like a king With a crown on my head and a stone in my heart Bleeding me dry 'till it tears me apart

The Real Life

Suzanne divorced her husband She got the keys to the car and the home But her friends were really his friends No one stops by to see her much anymore So one night she goes back down to the old haunts That once upon a time were her own She didn't know nobody out there no more And the whole experience just made her feel so old She says Chorus I want to live the real life I want ot live my life close to the bone Just because I'm middle-aged that don't mean I want to sit around my house and watch T.V. I want the real life I want to live the real life Jackson Jackson was a good kid He had four years of college and a bachelor's degree Started workin' when he was 21 Got fed up and quit When he was 43 He said, My whole life I've done what I'm supposed to do Now I'd like to maybe do something for myself And just as soon as I figure out what that is You can bet your life I'm gonna give it hell He says Chorus I guess it don't matter how old you are Or how old one lives to be I guess it boils down to what we did with our lives And how we deal with our own destinies But something happens When you reach a certain age Particularly to those ones that are young at heart It's a lonely proposition when you realize That's there's less days in front of the horse Than riding in the back of this cart I say Chorus

And I Love You So

And I love you so The people ask me how How I've lived till now I tell them I don't know I guess they understand How lonely life has been But life began again The day you took my hand (Chorus) And yes I know How lonely life can be The shadows follow me And the night won't set me free But I don't let the evening get me down Now that your around me And you love me too Your thoughts are just for me You set my spirit free I'm happy that you do The book of life is brief And once the page is read All but life is dead That is my belief (Repeat Chorus)

Put Love In Your Life

AIR SUPPLY "Hearts In Motion"
I don't need money and possessions I don't need things to weigh me down I don't need to be under suspicion For all the things that never come around All I need is you and your affection To be a part of everything you do To break thru a lost communication To let me know that everything is true (Chorus) Put love in your life, find it today and hold me tonight You know there will always be me There will always be you Put love in your life, open your heart it won't be denied The one you thought could not be Is waiting for you I don't need anxiety to hold me In the name of something to embrace I don't need society to scald me To pin me down and slap me in the face All I need is you and your affection To be the judge and jury in my life Searching for that moment of perfection To let me know we surely are alive (Repeat Chorus) The puzzled look the years of doubt It all was meant to be We can't escape the dreams we make This feeling now just cannot wait So share it with me

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