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HEAVY D lyrics

Yes Yall

Original and similar lyrics
Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah.. Do it like this though, do it like this though, do it like this though.. Make it fat like DIS, dis, UH, uh, HEH, heh, UH, uh HEH, heh, UH, uh, HEH, heh, UH, uh Aiyyo ruff ruff rugged rugged ruff ruff digga Dan Who's that? The man, I'ma slam it like Bam-Bam The big man, the bigger plan, the nigga jams Quick to figure and I pack Palladium stadium stands Rugged raw, clear the floor R B hardcore plenty more. been on plenty tours Been in plenty drawers, far from just okey-doke Not into no hokey-poke, although I may drink a Coke Hell no I won't smoke no coke Steady steady but ready for pitty petty Big and heavy, far from Chevy, so save your gas for Getti Mic check it, microphone check it Watch me wreck it; I'm never half steppin Chorus: various samples Far from a chump, I'm a champ, I get amped when I run through camps, gimme some plaques on the stamp, HEY I need a girl who got plenty trunk, who knows I got ghetto funk Not into blunts but I be on a stunt hunt Got crazy drama, dramatics, big girls in Bahamas are addicts So now they cling like static, dig it I rolled up on some old wonderama type of drama I'ma, comma, big belly punanny momma harmer Bag a cute, so NIGHT troops, I'm all about two scoops, I cut loose, just me and a few troops To handle static to me is automatic I never panic or stall, I'm gigantic so yes, y'all Chorus Uhh, king of the big boys, bigger boys, don't even matter Save all the chitter chatter, I make em split and scatter I keep em goin for blocks, I never ran from cops I roll with my flock, and get props from dreadlocks I treat a mic like a bad habit, I grab it I gotta have it A funky junkie flippin styles is automatic I freak a beat like a prostitute, I'm always in hot pursuit I'm tryin to get lots of loot, lots of boots Do jungle rocks like a hustler moving crack like a muscl-er microphone damager handin ya rough like a wrang-ler Sew up cities with girls of pretty, known for the nitty gritty my flavor, is major, you're itty bitty Chorus: repeat to end

Get This $

THE LOX "Money, Power Respect"
(Puff talking) Why they always talking about money? Cause we like money bitch Yeah, yeah, yeah L-O-X and we won't stop Bad Boy, I'm a show you how we get this money (Stylez) You can't take this Players hate this Rainbow glow European bracelet Made his mouth drop, now he need a face lift Mommies run up on me and ask me to taste it Hand on my crotch Got to be the sales or the band on my watch Damn I'm so hot! They call me arrogent While you slide with seven mommies in a Caravan You start traveling I'll make you a believer Hotter in the club getting brain from a diva Leave with a beezer Black Cadillac riding with an old geezer With ten different hustles so every foe sees us No reason We just peas in a pod trying to get the paper We the g's in the lot Long as the water boil we bound to keep it hot It's gon' be turmoil if you thinking that it's not Chorus x2 (Puff) I'm a show you how you get this money (Make it hot) I'm a show you how you get this money (Don't stop) I'm a show you how you get this money (I fucks wit you) I'm a show you how you get this money (Get money) (Jadakiss) Three fly cats that get money with go gimmicks Y'all just so timid My soldiers be no limit What you know about renting a yacht with twenty jet-skis And riding out till the Coast Guard come and get me Beat that! Me, Stylez, and Sheek be like 4, 5, 6 so no matter what you roll you can't beat that Who you know could take an old record and flip like Puff? From small clubs to arenas Who flip like us? Everytime they pull up Whips be plush Chicks be tough Bad Boy, Hits R Us Back it's me, West Indies Slimmy Me and Kimmy And I taught her how to say, 'May I have a steady gimme' I ain't bustin cause we picked up them joints you tossed Y'all was hot until The Lox came and cooled y'all off It's the Kiss Are you hearing me? I think I'm blessed lyrically Mad rappers with three LP's sill fearing me Chorus x2 (Sheek) You see, we bounce on tracks like bas-ketball And bust down songs till our throat need Halls L-O-X-pedition I spend all day fishing And won't catch one Just me and mommy out in the sun Just sailing, chain so icy if I threw it up You think it was hailing Don't even ask me what the price be To go to a show, no clubs just arenas Headliner Stevie Wonder, no small cat between us After parties be goin like Venus My chick gots be the meanest Before I come That night If she ain't she ain't partying right That's how we like to play in Bad Boys with all the fly shit And that's how we do the chips kid Multiplying Beef, don't apply it Please don't try it cause we ain't with that But if so you gon' need a plastic bag where your shit at Lox and we got that cash you want to get at Chorus x3

Ain't The Devil Happy

Jeru the Damaja "Sun Rises In The East"
(Ah check it out...check it out yo) (Repeat 4x) Here's the remedy, for all your cornball raps Brooklyn's back on the map, I'm not bragging Defeating all foes, bring your styles I stomp out the last dragon Grand groove, Grandmaster, like back in the days Holding my own, on the street and the microphone You can't rip it, I grip it, and flip it Trip it down memory lane, back to the park jams We used to spark jams, now niggas get jammed Or should I say jelly? My vocals rip through your Pelle Pelle You can't see me so you can't hit me You ace deuce tre, I four five six and trips Drums numb your ears, rhymes swell up your lips Chicks gravitate towards the crooked If your props are gone, Brooklyn took it Chorus: ( Brooklyn keeps on taking it - KRS) (Repeat 4x) Mindcrusher, spinecrusher, Brooklyn been banging Making noise from the US to Russia Couldn't set it, even if you wanted So many bodies on my microphone, the shit's haunted Doggonnit, your girl's on it Record companies are on it, you can't have it, causing havoc Building, destroying, deploying My rhymes on beats strategicly I melt any MC I repre- aww fuck it, don't even need to say it You know the time when I start to sautee it So niggas be having mad maws and shit Cause Brooklyn stole the show like a grand larcenist But ease up off us, or you'll need officers We're deadly, there's no cure Boom bang em on down, treat competition like clowns Crooklyn, Crooklyn, from town to town Serve your girl butt naked If she's gone, who took it? Chorus This one is for Brooklyn, land of crooks, home of my game Try to front and we retire, MC's set em all on fire Scooping up the fly ladies round my microphone like a Mercedes If I was a video game you couldn't play me So keep it moving, don't play yourself Your rhymes are ?sinna raffin?, mine quite graffing Switch up, change up, Brooklyn still gets biz Plop plop, fizz fizz like Alka-Seltzer Try to freak it, wind up in a homelsss shelter Cause fuck what you heard, this is Crooklyn's casa Try to see us, and it's an MC massacre When we step, your state we shook it If it's gone, no doubt, Brooklyn took it Chorus

Watch Out

FAT JOE "Jealous One's Envy"
[Fat Joe] Yeah!! Straight out the heroin infested streets of the Bronx Home of corrupt cops Where niggaz get they motherfuckin wigs pushed back even if they don't fake jax Fat Joe, bringin forth the illest motherfuckers in this whole rap game Hey yo Armageddon, let these motherfuckers know [Armageddon] You look, I look, you invite it, I took I forever wearin it, you know stone cold crook What's truth, what's lie Who's people, who spy It's life and death, choose live or die Ultimates who made em why do we even exist When we die is there heaven or is it total blackness For any touch there's a feeling Touch and y'all felt We can exchange shots, until our chambers melt There's mad tension in the air (mad tension in the air) over one man's stare, you wanna dare, yo Crack Eject the Czech from the glove compartment Lay out the lead spray, and flame him up like arson It's dangerous business Opposites, these strangers be bendin opposites So put your face in mine, best brace your spine Cause opposites may attract, but they don't combine My impact so fat, you feel your vertabrates grind Now delayed second thoughts run through your mind When my slugs connect, and strike your major arteries When my fists connect, they causin major injuries What you know Junior You not evil [Fat Joe] Uhh, the South Bronx is the wrong place to visit I don't know an MC who has enough balls to diss it Whether rain or shine, we be bustin out nines Hey yo Punisher, hit em with that ill type rhyme [Big Punisher] Yo, I cause a bloody bath to make my buddies laugh and gig' My nutty wrath'll live as long as I'm a nasty kid I blast a pig and slit his throat just for L My skills {undecipherable} puffin boom in Hell I doom the world like I was God and throw my gun away Then snatch the moon out the sky, and blow the sun away Me and my brothers play hardball Strictly hardcore, lyrics til I'm finished breakin God's laws My job's raw but I gotta do it - I'm feelin high then buddhaed so you might get shot and lose a lot of fluid The spot I blew it at an early age, ever since the curly braids I would earn a wage with the thirty gauge There's dirty ways to get paid if you got the balls Just load the glock and cause the hardest cop to drop his drawers Don't stop or pause, let the shotty go up his butt to finish up, punchin body blows and uppercuts [Fat Joe] The South Bronx is the wrong place to visit I don't know an MC who has enough balls to diss it Whether rain or shine, we be bustin out nines Hey yo Keith Nut, hit em with that ill type rhyme [Keith Nut] Yo, I cause damage, rap's redhanded bandit Well I'll be god damnit, I kick ass like I'm yo' parents Prepare for the slaughter when my brain is out of order Got kicked out my church cause I got caught fuckin my preacher's daughter Menace like Dennis on the M.I.C. You best run son, I'm sendin emcees up shit's creek So don't sleep, cause I creep, on New York streets like I'm a big fat dick, wack emcees is ass-cheeks Yo, I'm that nigga that'll kidnap yo' kids Take em home, fuck em good, then send em back to you in bandages You lose, cause I got, the ill street, and still keep the toast close, and rep-a, resent-a, the East coast So watch your back black, Bronx niggaz don't play If you ever fake jax, I'll slit yo' throat like O.J. [Fat Joe] Yeah, that's my motherfuckin crew Straight out the South Bronx The livest motherfuckin corners of the Bronx Keepin in realer, my motherfuckin nigga Keith Nut Armageddon the Reddin My nigga Big Dog Punisher Straight out the Full Eclipse Camp All you motherfuckers know the times, yeah Watch your motherfuckin back Blow out the back of your domepiece D.I.T.C. forever motherfucker..

Trigga Happy Aggin

GETO BOYS "Grip It! On That Other Level"
[ Intro ] Today's special is Geto dope processed in Fifth Ward, Texas We sell so much of this until they want to know what we put in it OK, I'm gonna share this recipe with y'all Hey John, gimme an ounce of that ether Fifth Ward bass Yeah, aw yeah! Yo Doug! Give me a half a key of uncut drums Aw yeah! Yeah! Say Red, give me a pound of them horns with red (???) cents in it! Yeah, aw yeah! Yeah, aw yeah! Say fellas, give me ton of everything and cut it with the trigger happy motherfuckin' Geto Boys [ Verse 1 -- Bushwick ] We needed money, so I robbed a liquor store Down on your knees she hesitated, I kicked the whore Wanna go for bad, bitch I go for broke Pulled out the 9, think it's a game, she said nope Out comes the manager, mother' thought I was bluffin him She knew I was serious, so did he when I busted him Come on motherfucker I ain't playin' so give it up She said the cops are comin', does it look like I give a fuck! You're lucky I ain't horny, I'd be rockin' ya She let down her hair, pulled up her skirt and said what's stoppin' ya? Bitch you must mistake me for a lollygag Cuz' if I get in that ass, they'll haul me off in a body bag Gimme the money, I'm tired of the waiting shit She said the box is empty I said ain't that a bitch Back to the safe you better open it fast I'm gettin' tired, I'm about to melt a cap in your ass I got all that money that I'm live, how you figure? I'll forever be a trigga happy nigga (gunshots) Don't fuck with me (gunshots) You die motherfucker [ Verse 2 -- Willie D ] Doin' crime in H-Town in my prime Robbed the same motherfuckas 4 or 5 times Where was the cops when I was rippin' off dividends? Out writin' tickets to hard workin' citizens! They ain't never been smart enough to catch me But one day I went climbin' with a pussy He got shot and hit the floor I ran non-stop to my god damn front door Stashed the cash and case A clue led the motherfuckas to my place I grabbed the bill cleaned my popper And what did I hear a god damn chopper Damn, ain't this a bitch, the motherfucher must've snitched I thought about puttin some head to bed But I played the stay instead Surrender, the last day of November, made bond the first day of December Promised myself when I see that snitch, I'd kill that son of a bitch! We scrapped the slate every day I just couldn't put the fuckin' gun away Wait a minute, I'm full of those forties, I caught his ass slippin' at a block party Killed a motherfucka as he said D please Put holes in his ass like rat cheese Squash that shit, how ya figure? I'll forever be a trigga happy nigga! (gunshots) You die motherfucker Say hello to my little friend Don't fuck with me You stupid fuck You die motherfucker Say hello to my little friend (gunshots) I'll take you all to fuckin hell! (gunshots) Don't fuck with me You stupid fuck [ Verse 3 -- Scarface ] Boys on my corner tryin' to run a day game Sellin that phony shit, it's white but it ain't caine Some stupid mother fucker said I owed him I ain't payin' the mother fucker I don't play and I showed him That if you come and front me with that bullshit You card is filed and you'll die when I pull it Cuz life is a gamble when you fuck with a psycho No pity on another it's a game, it's how life goes I'm hip to all the tricks of the trade Killin', and stealin' and gankin' niggas to get paid But this time you bullshitted the bullshitter and found out that I'm a trigga happy nigga Don't fuck with me You stupid fuck You die motherfucker Say hello to my little friend (gunshots) I'll take you all to fuckin hell! Don't fuck with me!

Love You So

Cardan - talking through chorus) You know I loved you right I never, I never knew girl, you see You know the pain right, you can feel my pain right? Uh, to the gateway, now check it out, yo (Chorus) Ooh, I loved you so But why I loved you, I'll never know Ooh, the pain you put me through You know you've killed, now I lust for you (Cardan) Now since I've came in the game, money and fame, I love it But whoever thought I'd wake up one mornin with no budget It's Cardi the golden kid with that older shit I live, learn, learn to live, the older I get And I remember Thursdays, hungry Thursdays 'Bout sixteen, seventee, um, Murphy age But this rap game I love it, it's like I'm married to it I proposed on Clue?, she said I'd be happy to do it Gave her a kiss, mmmwwhha, she gave me fifty G's Silly Cardi I spent it, now Cardi on his knees Now I'm livin reality, a Biggie Smalls theme Askin for one more chance to show her what I really mean She said, you done seen a lotta things baby bro' Even best friends turned and take out videos I got with the 'tics, EI, still no deal 'Til Sugar said 'chill baby, everything is Fo' Reel' C'mon (Chorus) (Ali - talking through chorus) Yeah, loved y'all punk ass nigga, showed y'all love Never know that shit How the fuck you gon' drop a group, and the got the number one shit on the radio? Dumb ass nigga, look at us now, Fo' Reel nigga, Fo' Reel (Kyjuan) Nineteen-ninety-six! (hurry up, sign right here), let's sign these papers So we can get these papers and give these hoes the vapors Double-dumb entertainment dropped 'Gimme What You Got' Off top, 'tics hot, even sent you a shot (Double-dumb nine sevennnnnnnn!) Didn't want Nelly on it, said his verse didn't fit Some ol' seperatin shit, ten percent ass bitch Whole town love us, no one is above us Treated you, no talent, knowin niggas like brothas No street team, no promotion Just woof tickets, raw fuckin, no lotion One year later you decide to drop an EP At the same time drop us, that confuse me So like a bastard child, we on our own Put out and left alone, y'all wont answer the phone It took a little time, but we got it ourself Five million records later, now y'all askin for wealth (One, two, three, four, five), nigga please (Chorus) (Murphy Lee - talking during chorus) You know what I'm sayin, life is crazy, you know what I'm sayin You got choices in life But bro' when you make 'em, you gotta make 'em and make 'em right And if you ain't makin 'em right it's just crazy You ain't got nobody else to blame, nobody but yourself You know what I'm sayin, mad truth to that (Murphy Lee) Let me pretend that I'm a lawyer and explain the situation Facin three-to-one five across state, humiliation St. Louis set it off, phone calls was long distance (Ay yo, it's four birdies in Houston), c'mon, send some one to get 'em Who would do it for a grand? Eighteen, only thing on our mind was that killer money From Missouri to the T-E-X, A-S Two cats strapped it tight, right up under her chest One-way trip on Southwest but she didn't make it that far Metal detectors went bizarre, one-way trip to the car Your honor, she got a baby that'll drive my granny crazy A long distance lawyer that keep on tellin us 'maybe' And we all raise her baby, takin curr (care) of her daily This law shit is crazy, never cease to amaze me It's different from the eighties, ninety-five to lately They givin out time like dogs givin out rabies (Free City) (Chorus)

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