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HEAVY D lyrics

We Got Our Own Thang

Original and similar lyrics
Everybody, shake your body, we don't ill, we chill at party Keep a groove that's sensual, three-dimensional, unquestionable The lover is professional Got a category, my own and I'm the president With my particular style, particular, extracurricular, smoother and trickier Throwing on lyrics like you throw up a flapjack You're a Chicen McNugget and I'm a Big Mac Brainstorm soloist, have a Coca-colaist, doing very well Because it took the right road to this Path, make the undertake, the recordbreaker Get up on the floor and do the Heavy D shake Started with a pow and I'm going to end with a bang We've got our own thang Picture the set, girlies wet with sweat In the corner people sitting down They've had as much as they could possibly get Here while I'm lamping Feeling like a champ and push up on a cutie Phone digits I'm stamping The place was packed though, stuffed like an Oreo Everybody broke for a Heavy D video Pumping in stereo, people said, Here we go, A cutie down in front said, Heavy you're my hero Understand this, before you make a comment Because there's always a meaning in a Heavy D statement In this life, I strive for improvement Be your own guide, follow your own movement Loving is a legend Me, I'm legendary at it Living on the mike makes me a rapping acrobat Don't try to swing, because you couldn't even hang We've got our own thang We've got our own thang Original, smooth criminal, dance a lot, dance a little, shuffle to the middle Don't clock anybody, let them all clock you Don't be down with anybody, let them all be down with you Stay self-managed, self-kept, self-taught Be your own man, don't be borrowed, don't be bought Started with a pow and I'm going to end it with a bang We've got our own thang We've got our own thang

Disco Inferno

1 2 3 Let's Go Little Ma Ma Show me how you move it go ahead put ya back into it Do ya thang like it ain't notin to it Shake Sha Sha Sha Shake that a** girl. (2X) Go Go Go 50 in da house bouce yall already know what i'm about tha flow sound sicko over dray drums I ain't stupid I see dot then ma dough come quicka (wo). Shawty hips is hipnotic she moves so sorotic watch I'm gonna bouce that ass girl I get it crunked in here I make it jump in here front in here and real thup in here (ho). So gutta so ghetto so hood what gully so grimy whats good I shot the benze on duve and inda club with a snuve don't start nothing it won't be nothing (uhhh) Little MaMa show me how you move it go ahead put ya back into it Do ya thang like it ain't nothing to it Shake Sha Sha Sha Shake that a** girl (2X) Let's party everybody stand up everybody put yo hands up let's party everybody dance with me some champange and burn a little renary this is hot Disco Inferno Let's go you now rocking with a pro i get dough the flip dough and get mo fa sho and get my drink on and get on the dance flo look ho me i don't dance all i do is this the same 2 step with a little twist listen busta i ain't new to this and true to this pay attention boy i'll teach you how to this s**t you mix a little twist with a bourin dawn barryon and a little Henicy and you know that ganna carry on malin at the strace that's trying to get right we go be up in this s**t till it brake day light. Little mama show me how ya move it go ahead put ya back into it do ya thing like it ain't nothing to it Shake Sha Sha Sha Skake that a** girl ?(2X) You see me shining lit up with dimonds cause I stay grinding (uhu)Only If only you can catch me swooping in a Bently coopiing switching lanes ( haha) You see me rolling you know i'm you know i'm holding about ma paper yeah I'm serious I ain't playing i doing better brain hop off the chain G-Unit! Next Level now turn it up a notch emen dre sent me to tear up the spot Front on me ohh no and i'm local hands up on the dance floor ok lets go. little mama show me how you move it go ahead put your back into it do ya thing like it ain't nothing to it shake sha sha sha shakethat a** girl. (2X)


Lil' Rob "Still Smokin'"
[Steve Austin] Hi this is Steve Austin reporting live from San Diego, California I'm here with two controversial rappers from the city Lil' Rob and Mr. Shadow.... aka the Mayhem Click And we're talking about rumors Now Lil' Rob we understand you have an album out called The Crazy Life Can you tell us some of the rumors that have emerged since the release Of that album, and some of the things you've been through [Lil' Rob] Well let me put it like this all these fools talking shit all the time I was 16 with the bullet, representing the 619 But these fools couldn't take it, they didn't want me to make it And so they'd rather hate it because they just can't fade it Gang related, situated, now I'm back These putos talking smack, but I kind of like that in a way And one day I might say they're the ones who helped me do this Had it in me all the time and I knew this, I'm still foolish Fools are clueless to what I can do with my ability Thought of myself as a cholo not a real MC So I did what I did and I'm so glad that I did it Because it put some chips in my pocket when I'm finished Using words like simon and leva People try to put me down but end up floating down the river See I told you twice before, but I'll say it one more time You do your thing holmes, but I'ma do mine [Lil' Rob] And basically that's what I think All these fucking fools can talk all the fucking shit about me Cuz I could give a fuck, you know what I mean This proves I'm above their level, you know Look at all these rumors, started by jealous people Look at all these rumors, started by jealous people [Steve Austin] So Shadow, I understand you're having similar problems to those of Lil' Rob Is there anything you'd like to say to them player-haters? And if so, what would it be? [Mr. Shadow] Man I gotta give it up to those punk who try and diss me Talking mad shit, cuz they miss me, remenice me Because they used to talk head about my rhymes And when they heard me on the radio they request it till I die Must admit that I love you capping lips Cuz it makes me rap my rolas and my music, stack my chips This is Shadow the crazy vato them fools want to battle Then they end up on the gravel when they act like hoes and tattle Now why would you want part of this truthfulness Don't get caught up in the mix Cuz I hate them phony putos dippin all up in my business Ese gotta hit the street for all them fools that player-hate Cuz ain't no bunch of chavalas stopping me from making bank I need to take it to make it, like laws I break it unfaded I'll be remaining like Satan, I'm serving hate to those who perpertrating [Mr. Shadow] That's pretty much how I feel So I tell them haters you can only witness what you see Not the things you hear Remember that Look at all these rumors, started by jealous people Look at all these rumors, started by jealous people [Steve Austin] Since we're talking about rumors I heard Lil' Rob and Shadow weren't always the best of friends So Shadow can you clear that up for us and tell us what's really going on? [Mr. Shadow] Simon we had some problems but like adults we had to squash it We formed the Mayhem Click (Why?) cuz everybody wants it The badest motherfuckers nowtogether no one's ever gonna intimidate us Just imitate us, player-hate us Don't bother vandalising anything we do Cuz the shit we kick is tight and you know that this is true Mr. Shadow and Lil' Rob making heads bob and it don't stop Cuz we're bound to keep on flowing till you see our caskets drop [Lil' Rob] It's that one little cholo back before I go Just thought I'd let you know that you can never stop my flow So I suggest you put that shit to rest, quit talking all that mess You're just talking about the best and you're just wasting your breath As I sit here, thinking never thought it would be you The city that I represent talking all that shit See cuz all we do is kick it and mind our own business Lil' Rob and Mr. Shadow (scratching fools off the bitch list) [Mr. Shadow] So now you know where we're coming from And with that, it concludes our story for today I hope you motherfuckers learned your leason And learned how to keep your fucking trap shut And quit spreading rumors that aren't true Cuz that shit be getting motherfuckers in trouble And believe me you don't want part of that You don't want none of this Mayhem Click And we're out Look at all these rumors, started by jealous people Look at all these rumors, started by jealous people Look at all these rumors, started by jealous people Look at all these rumors, started by jealous people

The Showdown

The Wild.. Gotham The Wild.. West {*BANG BANG, BANG*} Ha ha, riiiiide.. [Dr. Dre] All you see is the sun, reflectin off of the gun I'm ready for the showdown, that go down at one Sweat on my brow, let's settle it now I'ma show you how real cowboys get down I'm polishin gold, waitin for this drama to unfold I got a {blunt} rolled Feelin bold, gangsters blood runs cold It's time to reload this old .45 colt The wind's gusty, it's hot, muggy and dusty Bust a couple shots, make sure I'm not rusty It's passed noon, he should be here soon Sip a little moonshine inside a saloon All of a sudden I can hear the sound of hoofs Sounds like a thousand wolves I cock back, put the toast in the holster and froze I pose like a poster, he's closer than close I hold the heat sturdy, I heard he fight's dirty but I'ma put thirty inside him and leave early And just when I went to fill him with hot lead I put the gun to his head, and this is what he said [Eminem] You never met me, and you'll probably never see me again but I know you - the name's Slim - you want revenge? Then don't shoot, I'm in the same boots as you I'm tellin the truth, I got a price on my head too, cause when you.. Chorus: {unknown singer} You ride like a cowboy toward the sun And life ain't fun, when you're on the run Got your gold and you got your gun But life as an outlaw just begun Got your shotgun by your side Got your horse and you got your pride You ride til there ain't no place to hide It's sad cause the bad guys always die [Dr. Dre] + (Eminem) He was Shady, I seen by the look on his face He said take ten paces {shit} I took eight Spun around and I aimed straight for the brain My {shit} went bang but it only fired a blank, he said (You need bullets, hurry up run!) {*imitating Slick Rick*} I put a clip in the gun, and pointed at his lungs We both drew at the same time and stood stunned (Go ahead, shoot me, but I'm not the one you want) I figured he was tellin the truth, that's why I didn't shoot So what we gon' do, it's on you (Do you recall when you and Snoop was a group?) The Chronic! (Well all we gotta do is find a map to part two) (And plus I know who's got it) Who? (Some old dude, he's got 26 plaques and he already sold two) Loaded up my saddle, got ready for battle Hid two pieces of gold inside of my saddle We rolled two miles until we hit the spot An old ghost town that everybody forgot A place where they used to smoke chronic a lot Slim grabbed the shotgun (Dre here's the plot) (Eminem) This is the spot, they call him Doc Loveless He's goin around sayin he took the game from us [Let's shoot him in his kneecaps, he'll never see it comin] But he ain't got no legs, they cut 'em off at the stomach He's got mechanical legs, he spins webs Plus he's well respected by the hip-hop heads Our mission - is to get him to stop layin eggs And we can put him on his back down a flight of steps [Dr. Dre] I drew two guns, spun them on my fingers Kicked the swingin doors in, started gun slinging I could hear somebody singin - it sounded like a G Thang, and a verse from Keep Their Heads Ringin I said It's Dre's Day, and started to spray Against 1800, he pulls a AK Hollow tips started flyin every which way (Eminem) That's when I seen Dre in trouble and came with the gauge I fired the first shot, spun his body around He hit the ground and landed upside down Dre grabbed the map, the plaques and the gold I grabbed two girlies and a {blunt} that's rolled Chorus 2X Always die.. The Wild.. Gotham The Wild.. West {*BANG BANG, BANG*} Ha ha, riiiiide..


ATMOSPHERE "SouthSiders"
[Hook:] Whoever taught you how to speak your mind Never knew you'd turn out to be an idiot And I might be stupid But I'ma keep it movin' like I know what I'm doin' Whoever thought you had a God damn clue Never knew you'd turn out to be an idiot I might be a fool But I seem so cool when I'm next to you Aight [Verse 1:] I was in the middle of a selfie When you were trying to text me Genius Interuptus Swing like Kirby Puckett I'm as subtle as an alien abduction in public Somebody call the cops Suck it, blow the trumpet until the bubble pops And butter up another patch of those muffin tops I'm just trying to find a balance Wound up with a wife and a gang of kids Her kiss tastes like black licorice And now I'm riding in the back of her ambulance Knock knock knockin' on heavens door Let me in yo I got a laminate I guess Its my job to let y'all know That those my nuts y'all tampered with [Hook] [Verse 2:] I'm not the coolest I'm just a dude thats got some flows Attitude, a lot of soul I got a wood nameplate says "I wish you Gold" And this watch don't even work And these people only came for the cheap dessert And we can fight over a piece of dirt Like all y'all ain't gunna leave the Earth Might as well keep sand in a baggy My favorite people call me Dad or Daddy I never claimed to be too smart I never been afraid of a new start Luck-ay siete my wifes so fly all the suckers envy Shes a beautiful soul to have and to hold And wipe my butt when I get old [Hook] [Verse 3:] Hey mamma can I call you Cupcake You remind me of a status update You're the wind beneath my limbs It might sound weird but you look like Prince Bang Bang under purple rain Fertilized the egg in the back of a mustang No shame, ain't no thang Baby came out lookin' like K.D Lang, Yeaah [Hook]

Land Of No Body

we just leave the earths ground on the way to see the new star we forget the past time released from our imperfection molecular illusion going on to confuse our minds born in a world of conflicts we don't recognize ourselves then in the dying sun here we saw the sight we saw the birth of a planet we saw a world without sorrows without the eager far as of mind of money we walking throught the land unrecognized we're back to the earth again creatures come from nowhere and find somewhere our place we want freedom we want freedom for the world power to the people and the righteous in the land that's why we now in turn fight for them we saw our world where life is around we saw the people there living in the past but they are happy and then laughing they feel like they're mice now when they build the sky above there's a lot of happiness walls of conflict going smash I found the end of the dream listen here crashing down my mind there reality is gray with no hope and fame I start a journey to inside waking my first term I just returned to my dream where I'm coming from

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