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Headstones lyrics

Fuck You

Original and similar lyrics
Circling and spinning around my mind You sweetly, swiftly shift Shaking the shakes I'm faking you're shaking And you're quick to steal a kiss So in a frozen motion I silently scream You flinch but you won't back down You dare me, you try to scare me But you know I'll stand my ground Fuck You Inch by inch I'm closing in Your eyes have sealed the dawn Now it's only a matter of time before you shatter try to walk away with pieces that you want So you seek secrets of my soul My misery I hope you'll miss Cast your hooks, I hope you catch A glimpse of blinded bliss Fuck you Who's gonna guess it, or believe Everything's crossed my mind So don't you blink, I'm trying to think Well everything could unwind Well you move me, you used to use me Now it's time to stand this ground And if I don't come back, nothing will collapse Nothing really ever comes around So surely I said sorry if you believe half the things that we've done You must've done them too Cause you know I'm cut in two Just above the balcony I'm hung from Fuck you


Drop N Harmony
Chucky Smash Now close your eyes..visualize and see what we be seeing...eveident with the evidence...nobody be freeing...wisdom...release your mind..bitches rockin Calvin Klein..confined to watchin rewinds of Martin on channel 9... where the blind lead the blind destination to the boulevard..blessed to be fresh...beatboxin' like M Cold Crush...Easy used tyo rock the tube sox...aye yo, my box was JVC an nowaday, these Childs wanna live like Mr. Kevin....o.t. with mad g's...push a 7 or a Legend.....Yo, was it the buddas?...stick up niggas with 17 shooters...but they don't understand till they're three time losers...Chucky Smash...I be killin em...I hit em with the minimum...then I start smackin em...I take em to the retreat, complete back pedal....The Microphone Lord...I'm steppin off with a bad broad YO, MY GLARE IS BLINDING...GOT A KNACK FOR FINDING.....CURENCY FOR SHINING...DOLLAR SIGNS AND DIAMONDS....SKY'S THE LIMIT..YO, WE LIVE IT, NEVER BE TIMID...CAUSE REAL NIGGAS DON'T FAKE IT... CAUSE REAL NIGGAS LIVE IT Chi I layed low for six years...was in no rush to drop an album..still got g's and car keys...wasn't stressed without one...yo wonder how come I ain't rappin and I'm stayin creamy...ladies love me and I'm peelin Franklins when you see me... up in the Tunnel, at Esos, even the Mirage....I bag up models at expos and we menage, I'm no star but my aura and my jewels are gleamin...and now I'm driving so I'm keepin lifestyles filled with semen...No yall aint dreaming...It's Chi Ali..I'm back to stay...and dare niggas say some shit I think is wack record label drop me..but that shit still ain't stop me..It got me mad so I had to go o.t. and cop me..a diamond stud and a fat ass cuban stayin laced cause I just refuse to sink..or fall off and now I'm back to set it all and my niggas rentin floors in the Waldorf Cie Lo Now I'm holding more records than Tower..when I more than shower..No baking soda, come back story - I devour...delete, destroy - prime time, by the hour - Grand Rapids - never delt with coke...barely touch flour...Torn from the seam...born in my genes to get the cream like noxem - shine like oil sheen....Niggas in this game with that in-expensive talk...while I'm out buying property - real estate - and side walks...I elevate at a rate that's heavy weight...straight from the state where we chop it and break...the Legion see...we click on all cylinders...o.t. locking blocks and holding down Dillingers HOOK Cules Check it..To get what I got in my possession...I had to use some aggression dealin in my profession...My compliance with my clients is to a science...I'm only dealin with giants because I'm forming an alliance....They call me know the rules..I paid my dues...back in the day..I walk the streets with .22', It's different times and different now I rock the block with glocks under butter soft leather...Although I changed my flow..I'm about gettin doe..but on the low..I don't think these niggas know we about to blow...Now we're pushin and my Legion team...kickin the breeze...sippin on Dom P...Remy on freeze...I went from sportin Swatches to Cuban links around my neck...Sub Mariner Rolex..Assault mix made by Avirex....Yo Dres...These petty motherfuckers is small in the mind...they will find it's time for Black Sheep and the Legion to shine....And fuckin with me is like snortin a ki of lines...ya better off bustin yourself with a million nines.... cause my mind is on pushin weight and dicking dimes and your mind revolves on sippin three dollar bottles of wine

Follow Where You Go

Listening Pool
Sometimes I can find a little piece of mind But that's alright with me 'Cause I know, I could have told you so When I think of all the words you said Well that's enough for me 'Cause I know, I follow where you go Yes I know, I follow where you go Is there somewhere left to hide Somewhere left inside Now all you say and all you do I will make it up to you Everywhere you run to Every road you come to I'll follow where you go Raise the mountains higher Build a wall of fire I'll follow where you go Ever since I've had the time to change your mind It's been a fight for me But I know, I never hurt you so When I think of all the tears you cried Well that's a crime to me 'Cause I know, I follow where you go Yes I know, I follow where you go When the years of lonely cries Swallow up your pride And time and time again you say Save it for a rainy day I'll be looking out for you Repeat Chorus...

No Alibi

Chorus: If you seen it or heard it,maybe probably I did it maybe or maybe not,I'll admit what I committed exhibit the truth because I'm living proof why I had no disguises,no verdicts,no alibis (Malik B) Look into my window,tell me what you see m-ill-i-tant school of philosophy when niggaz get dealt wit mental velocity connect my sentences and thoughts like apostrophes we represent hypocracy,it ain't no stopping me until I fulfill the term of my prophecy my attitude is scarred by this inner-city urban iller dolo stress on my brain just like a turban who get grazed by the bullet? triggers,who's quick to pull it? the anti-bullshitter,islamic extortioner you're the forfeiter unfortunately niggaz who wanna gyp me I cause humidity so come and get me I'm simply,the cat to lay back I chill and what you the silent ninja intends to injure,now I got you sanity was lost so now I'm found insane I'm seeking streets to jeeps hours,days,to weeks I even speak to geeks I hold my fortune,it's sweet I'm discreet in the streets,but that's just the way I play though I lay low,but over your head just like a halo hell's angel,these thoughts you cannot untangle when I drop jewels,niggaz they wear 'em like a bangel check it out one time for your mind like that chorus2x (Black Thought) Look into my window tell me what you see lieutenant university of philosophy while you not possibly escaping what I'm meditating my shackle of thought tackle you while I'm educating your dome's resonating from inhalation of darkness while I spark the smart shit from what you waiting since you waiting me at the top of the pile wild delaware file,pennsylvanian,sub-terranean style step up into my crevice and taste the medicine of the champagne king like evelyn leaving you leveled and sabotaged, it's all camaflouge like the devil and guns and coke peddling,olympic medaling flashback that of a war veteran,blast at the programmer bringing lashes 'cross your back on some accuracy of a brainwashed Bosnian troop that swooped down through your roof without sound on a lyrical Nat Turner mission,reacting off of intuition continuously alert,no intermission if your ears hurt,you shouldn't listen that means you artificial and my style'll poison your brain tissue your inanes are crippled once the gamma rays hit you my grains habitual and I should never go against the ritual I've been mastering ever since I was among the flavor youth,remain sharper than a saber tooth my deliverance is self-evidance vi-tal,lyri-cal science NOW!!! chorus2x (Black Thought) Who knows what you snorted or who support what you recorded but don't get it distorted,in this orbit you're aborted ????,shit's imported,exported styles,they get sported my paragraphs aortic behold the illest medely got you in the choke hold illadel epilouge,top league plus plush in Vogue slice tongues from your area code student of life with the rugged exterior mode blind a devil with the bold black and gold shine I walk the thin line and hold mine,let the people respond it's mind detect mind swine decline let the power refine build like it's 1999 in this day and time the reptillion rooms,the sextillion tons your armageddon gwan come from the sun untouchable cuts that's unclutchable for some to understand so y'all sit back and wonder damn I like to take this time to show you who I am original man,Black Thought,aka lieutenant Malik B'll be the m-ill-i-tant known to vanish in the atmosphere we up there like the stratos chorus

Downtown Swinga '98

M.O.P. "First Family For Life"
[M.O.P. scratches] C'mon! Yeah! International! Downtown Swinga! [Billy Danze] Ayo what up cobra, it's me (prime time!) PD, I get better with time like a fine wine You see, ever since I was a youth I promised to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth I never been accused, of perjury I will clap gats at them cats if they try to murder me You heard of me, (Hilfigga!) Oh you better know it baby (ill legit!) Yeah but I try not to show it baby Cuz if I got to show skill, I will I'm comin from Brownsville, (Downtown) Swingin this ? bump bill ? , bringin it so ill (you niggas been warned) If I get to side steppin and grippin my weapon it's on Once I stretch 'em I'm gone, the old thug way (no need to stress him he gone) The no love way Fuck him, cocksucker I'm lettin you know You lookin for Brook, you went to Fizzy Ro, we Downtown CHORUS 2X: Lil Fame and Billy Danze Who bringin this? Downtown Swinga! Swingin this Down here we be the kings of this Never gassed to do, what I have to do Splashin you, blastin you, international! [Lil Fame] Stand back when this nigga kick off, the black stallion I'm all American slash Trinidadian I make a dummy fold, dig him for his money roll Take the dummy's soul, blast shots in your skully yo Mister fizzy ro gettin busy yo Make motherfuckers ask, what the fuck is he yo? I tote the 4 5 when I feel I'm doomed Fuck them cassettes I don't plan to die no time soon Down, Down town swinga Mash 'em out (no doubt) blast 'em out (no doubt) When it's hammer time we crash the house, (no doubt) Regulate and clear the punk bastards out (no doubt) Yo I illustrate and design for those doin crimes Totin heat and, in the streets like yellow lines And I'm, here to represent for 'em So bow down, to them cats that swing Downtown CHORUS 2X [Lil Fame] Oh shit! It's on nigga Pack your shit, and get gone nigga Here come Fame, Bill Danze and them, (right!) Aint no tame to handle 'em, (true) Cuz when I'm on a mission duke, grippin a pistol duke Hot slugs be twistin you, it's traditional (let's cock back the chrome) And wreck the party And I'm that one nigga that fuck it up for everybody [Billy Danze] Get em up, clak clak! Hit 'em up, bookah bookah! Whet 'em up, bucka buck bucka! Shut 'em up, for good We regulate this hood Downtown soldier And we will lay your ass down, told ya In a heartbeat, this is our streets, we're divided in crews Bet' not nann one of you motherfuckers move, speak to me (make moves) Wrong nigga to cross Alot of niggas found theyself lost, and tossed in the fire [scratches, samples to end]

High Again

HOODIE ALLEN "All American"
[Hook: x2] All I want to do Is sit and wait for you [Verse 1:] Are you movin' ahead Am I fallin' behind Fuck it, probably either way, it's probably all in my mind You got all that you want I got nothin' but time Honestly all we want is somebody to grind with In a junior high prom, probably regrettin' my haircut And the color of my tie, let's photoshop it and airbrush As long as the girl with me is more fly than air miles I'm a be a happy camper with nothin' to care about Damn, well put, that's the way it goes I know you say that you love him, but that was days ago I moved to London and tried to find me a Daisy Lowe I mean it can't be that hard to find a crazy hoe She high up on the Macy floor, I'm flowin' in my fast car You want to watch the world end in my backyard We go in circles, that's NASCAR [Hook:] Only you get me high, high, high High again Leavin' your smell on my clothes I think that I'm losin' my mind again Baby, don't leave me alone You get me high, high, high, high [Hook] [Verse 2:] Are you goin' with him, am I takin' you home Fuck it, probably either way, I end up alone You got all that you want, I got nothin' to show Honestly all we want is somebody to bone, so Can I get your phone number, your credit card, and your passport You gave me this crude face like why did I ask for it My plane to the UK, but I didn't pack for it If this is a layup, then where is the backboard A sinful investigation is makin' me unretired I'm with you, I'm suffocating, my lungs are like fuckin' fire There isn't an explanation you wouldn't try to get me high [Hook] Nobody's gonna keep me down (You get me high again) My feet are floatin' off the ground (You get me high again) And every time that you're around I'll be down to stay by your side Only you can get me this high [Hook]

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