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HARRY CHAPIN lyrics - Verities Ba

30,000 Pounds Of Bananas

Original and similar lyrics
It was just after dark when the truck started down the hill that leads into Scranton Pennsylvania. Carrying thirty thousand pounds of bananas. Carrying thirty thousand pounds (hit it Big John) of bananas. He was a young driver, just out on his second job. And he was carrying the next day's pasty fruits for everyone in that coal-scarred city where children play without despair in backyard slag-piles and folks manage to eat each day about thirty thousand pounds of bananas. Yes, just about thirty thousand pounds (scream it again, John) . He passed a sign that he should have seen, saying shift to low gear, a fifty dollar fine my friend. He was thinking perhaps about the warm-breathed woman who was waiting at the journey's end. He started down the two mile drop, the curving road that wound from the top of the hill. He was pushing on through the shortening miles that ran down to the depot. Just a few more miles to go, then he'd go home and have her ease his long, cramped day away. and the smell of thirty thousand pounds of bananas. Yes the smell of thirty thousand pounds of bananas. He was picking speed as the city spread its twinkling lights below him. But he paid no heed as the shivering thoughts of the nights delights went through him. His foot nudged the brakes to slow him down. But the pedal floored easy without a sound. He said Christ! It was funny how he had named the only man who could save him now. He was trapped inside a dead-end hellslide, riding on his fear-hunched back was every one of those yellow green I'm telling you thirty thousand pounds of bananas. Yes, there were thirty thousand pounds of bananas. He barely made the sweeping curve that led into the steepest grade. And he missed the thankful passing bus at ninety miles an hour. And he said God, make it a dream! as he rode his last ride down. And he said God, make it a dream! as he rode his last ride down. And he sideswiped nineteen neat parked cars, clipped off thirteen telephone poles, hit two houses, bruised eight trees, and Blue-Crossed seven people. it was then he lost his head, not to mention an arm or two before he stopped. And he slid for four hundred yards along the hill that leads into Scranton, Pennsylvania. All those thirty thousand pounds of bananas. You know the man who told me about it on the bus, as it went up the hill out of Scranton, Pennsylvania, he shrugged his shoulders, he shook his head, and he said (and this is exactly what he said) Boy that sure must've been something. Just imagine thirty thousand pounds of bananas. Yes, there were thirty thousand pounds of mashed bananas. Of bananas. Just bananas. Thirty thousand pounds. of Bananas. not no driver now. Just bananas! From Greatest Stories Live: Ending #1 Yes, we have no bananas, We have no bananas today (Spoken: And if that wasn't enough) Yes, we have no bananas, Bananas in Scranton, P A From Greatest Stories Live: Ending #2: A woman walks into her room where her child lies sleeping, and when she sees his eyes are closed, she sits there, silently weeping, and though she lives in Scranton, Pennsylvania She never ever eats ... Bananas Not one of thirty thousand pounds .... of bananas

Illside Of Town

M.O.P. "Firing Squad"
HOOK 4X: In the Illside of Town where they... Murder niggas Get down for your crown Murder, murder motherfuckers [Billy Danze] Ayo, Handle UR Bizness now [you might not get the chance later] Some kinda way every day the passion for bustin your crater In the, ghetto where trigga fingers usually itchin Here is where I leave for war in the dump, like Richie Rich It gets a mind blowin situation [one occupation get left] New occupation still my niggas feel they facin death We're jumpin on decks, with the jumpers at the tire BLAU! bu- bu- bu- bu- bu- bu- bu- bucka, rapid fire Now, let the preacher preach There's a lesson that need to be taught, and look who I brought to teach I pack fifteen in my 45, pick up niggas wit size Whet up the wildest survive Wack crews will see M.O.P. is the livest Downtown Swingin, index finger exercisers CLAK, CLAK! [cut 'em some slack] fuck that, it's on I know you wanna live, I'd rather see you torn Out the frame, Bill and Lil Fame will still stand I'm thinkin of a master plan to lace your man What make you think that you can fuck with Billy Danze I'll 4-4 'em, flow 'em, blow 'em to show 'em That we don't give a fuck about that nigga we don't know 'wm in the [Illside of Town where they, murder niggas, I'm from the...] HOOK Take 'em down [Lil Fame] You know my face I'm from the place wit two pounds And trey pounds, and four pounds kill, for Brownsville You know my face I'm from the place wit two pounds And trey pounds, and four pounds kill, for Brownsville You got drug dealers, gun holders, street rollers Young bitches wit attitudes pushing baby strollers [Ghetto how] we dealin with these savages the average is Deceased or in jail for splittin niggas cabbages The characters that's left still the same fellas They still slingin heavy metal, [aint nothing but the ghetto] But it's like that, aint that right black When my enemies strike, it's only right that I strike back Here in Crooklyn it's trife Criminals out to take everything from your jewels to your life One way to survive on these streets [you choose it] Rip up, load your clip up, slip up, and [you lose it] Cops roll up on you son, got bodies on your gun Caught up in some shit that your moms always warned you from See she won't understand that it's in the environment That's why these trigga happy niggas keep firing I aint just fall into no grave If I gotta get bodied, it gotta be goin out in a blaze I'm fazed, whether it's him or me goin down No matter the repercussions M.O.P. hold it down in the... HOOK

The Celebration Of The Lizard

The Celebration of the Lizard Lions in the street and roaming Dogs in heat, rabid, foaming A beast caged in the heart of a city The body of his mother Rotting in the summer ground He fled the town He went down South and crossed the border Left the chaos and disorder Back there over his shoulder One morning he awoke in a green hotel With a strange creature groaning beside him Sweat oozed from its shiny skin Is everybody in? The ceremony is about to begin Wake up! You can't remember where it was Had this dream stopped? The snake was pale gold Glazed and shrunken We were afraid to touch it The sheets were hot dead prisons And she was beside me Oh, she's no young Her dark white hair Her white soft skin Now, run to the mirror in the bathroom Look! shes coming in here! I can't live thru each slow century of her moving I let my cheek slide down The cool smooth tile Feel the good cold stinging blood The smooth hissing snakes of rain . . . Once I had, a little game I liked to crawl back into my brain I think you know the game I mean I mean the game called 'go insane' Now you should try this little game Just close your eyes forget your name Forget the world forget the people And we'll erect a different steeple This little game is fun to do Just close your eyes no way to lose And I'm right there I'm going too Release control we're breaking thru Way back deep into the brain Way back past the realm of pain back where there's never any rain And in the labyrinth of streams Beneath, the quiet unearthly presence of Gentle hill dwellers and the gentle hills around Reptiles abounding Fossils, caves, cool air heights Each house repeats a mold Windows rolled Beast car locked in against morning Rugs silent, mirrors vacant Dust blind under the beds of lawful couples Wound in sheets And daughters, smug With semen eyes in their nipples Wait There's been a slaughter here (Don't stop to speak or look around Your gloves and fan are on the ground you're getting out of town We're going on the run And you're the one I want to come Not to touch the earth Not to see the sun Nothing left to do, but Run, run, run Let's run House upon the hill Moon is lying still Shadows of the trees Witnessing the wild breeze C'mon baby run with me Let's run Run with me Run with me Run with me Let's run (repeat) Dead president's corpse in the driver's car The engine runs on glue and tar C'mon along, we're not going very far To the East to meet the Czar The mansion is warm, at the top of the hill Rich are the rooms and the comforts there Red are the arms of luxuriant chairs And you won't know a thing till you get inside Run with me Run with me Run with me Lets go Some outlaws lived by the side of the lake The minister's daughter's in love with the snake Who lives in a well by the side of the road Wake up, girl! We're almost home We should see the gates by morning We should be inside by evening Let the carnival bells ring Let the serpent sing Let everything We came down The rivers and highways We came down from Forests and falls We came down from Carson and Springfield We came down from Phoenix enthralled And I can tell you The names of the Kingdom I can tell you The things that you know Listening for a fistful of silence Climbing valleys into the shade I am the Lizard King Retire now to your tents and to your dreams Tomorrow we enter the town of my birth I want to be ready'

Meet The Parents

JAY-Z "The Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse"
Woo! Uhh, uhh It's 'The Gift & the Curse' Uhh, uhh yea First they love me then they hate me then they love me again .. they love me again Let's take a trip down.. I gotcha Let's take a trip down memory, lane at the cemetary Rain grey skies, seems at the end of every young black life is this line, 'Damn - him already Such a good kid,' got us pourin Henn' already Liquor to the curb for my, niggaz up above When it, cracks through the pavement that's my way of sendin love So, give Big a hug, tell Aa-liyah I said hi 'Til the next time I see her, on the other side He was just some thug that, caught some slugs And we loved him cause, in him we, saw some of us He walked like ussss, talked like ussss His back against the wall, nigga fought like us - damn Poor Isis, that's his momma name Momma ain't strong enough to raise no boy, what's his father name Shorty never knew him, though he had his blood in him Hot temper, momma said he act just like her husband Daddy never fucked with him, so the streets raised him Isis blamin herself, she wish she coulda saved him Damn near impossible, only men can raise men He was his own man, not even him can save him He put his faith in her, thirty-eight in his waist But when you live by the gun you die by the same fate End up, dead before thirty-eight and umm That's the life of us raised by winter, it's a cold world Old girl turned to coke, tried to smoke her pain away Isis, life just, ended on that rainy day When she got the news her boy body could be viewed down at the City Morgue, opened the drawer, saw him nude Her addiction grew, prescription drugs, shift and brew Angel dust, dipped in WOO! She slipped into, her own fantasy world Had herself pregnant by a different dude But reality bites and, this is her life He wasn't really her husband, though he called her wife It was just this night when, moon was full And the stars were just right, and the dress was real tight Had her soundin like Lisa Lisa - I wonder if I take you home will you still love me after this night Mike was the hardhead from the around the way that she wanted all her life, shit she wanted all the hype Used to hold on tight when he wheelied on the bike He was a Willie all her life he wasn't really the one to like It was a, dude named Shy who would really treat her right He wanted to run to the country to escape the city life But I-sis, like this, Broadway life She loved the Gucci sneakers, the red green and whites Hangin out the window when she first seen him fight She was so turned on that she had to shower twice How ironic it would, be some fight that turned into a homicide that'll alter their life See Mike at thirty-two was still on the scene Had a son fifteen that he never saw twice Sure he saw him as an infant, but he dissed on him like 'If that was my son, he would look much different. See I'm light-skinnded and that baby there's dark so it's, momma's baby; poppa's maybe.' Mike was still crazy out there runnin the streets (fuck niggaz want) Had an older but light with thirty-eight gun in his reach It's been fourteen years, him and Isis ain't speak He runnin around like life's a peach, 'til one day he approached this thug that, had a mean mug And it looked so familiar that he called him 'Young Cuz' Told him, get off the strip but the boy ain't budge (fuck you) Instead he pulled out a newer thirty-eight snub He clearly had the drop but the boy just paused (hold up) There was somethin in this man's face he knew he seen before It's like, lookin in the mirror seein hisself more mature And he took it as a sign from the almighty Lord You know what they say about he who hesitates in war (What's that) He who hesitates is lost He can't explain what he saw before his picture went blank The old man didn't think he just followed his instinct Six shots into his kid, out of the gun Niggaz be a father, you're killin your son Six shots into his kid, out of the gun Niggaz be a father, you killin your sons Meet the parents.. [echoes and slows down as it fades]


ANI DIFRANCO "Knuckledown"
Thirty-three years go by And not once do you come home To find a man sitting in your bedroom That is A man you don't know Who came a long way to deliver one very specific message: Lock your back door, you idiot However invincible you imagine yourself to be You are wrong Thirty-three years go by And you loosen the momentum of teenage nightmares Your breasts hang like a woman's And you don't jump at shadows anymore Instead you may simply pause to admire Those that move with the grace of trees Dancing past streetlights And you walk through your house without turning on lamps Sure of the angle from door to table From table to staircase Sure of the number of steps Seven to the landing Two to turn right Then seven more Sure you will stroll serenely on the moving walkway of memory Across your bedroom And collapse with a sigh onto your bed Shoes falling Thunk thunk Onto the floor And there will be no strange man Suddenly all that time sitting there Sitting there on what must be the prize chair In your collection of uncomfortable chairs With a wild look in his eyes And hands that you cannot see Holding what? You do not know So sure are you of the endless drumming rhythm of your isolation That you are painfully slow to adjust If only because Yours is not that genre of story Still and again, life cannot muster the stuff of movies No bullets shattering glass Instead fear sits patiently Fear almost smiles when you finally see him Though you have kept him waiting for thirty-three years And now he has let himself in And he has brought you fistfuls of teenage nightmares Though you think you see, in your naivete That he is empty handed And this brings you great relief At the time New as you are, really, to the idea that Even after you've long since gotten used to the parameters They can all change While you're out one night having a drink with a friend Some big hand may be turning a big dial Switching channels on your dreams Until you find yourself lost in them And watching your daily life with the sound off And of course having cautiously turned down the flame under your eyes There are more shadows around everything Your vision a dim flashlight that you have to shake all the way to the outhouse Your solitude elevating itself like the spirit of the dead Presiding over your supposed repose Not really sleep at all Just a sleeping position and a series of suspicious sounds A clanking pipe A creaking branch The footfalls of a cat All of this and maybe The swish of the soft leather of your intruder's coat As you walk him step by step back to the door Having talked him down off the ledge of a very bad idea Soft leather, big feet, almond eyes The kinds of details the police officer would ask for later With his clipboard And his pistol In your hallway

Hello World

ANDY MINEO "Formerly Known"
Hello world Ain't no friend of ya So quit with all the smiles I wont bend for ya I'm walkin' straight better now than ever I guess I started late now my heart's awake When did this all begin I guess it's hard to say All I really know is that something happened inside of me And it was not my own I was chosen Now I'm flippin' paper for the prophets I ain't talking about how my pockets grown Not the paper with the dead people faces Talking about them dudes that I read in the pages Now I'm seeing clear but I ain't got Lasik I’m thinking about my past I never shoulda made it But God in His grace saw it fit to come and snatch me up I draw the line in the sand no I ain't backing up Back in the days I was acting up You know when communion came your boy had to pass the cup Pass the bread too sin I was still in Offering went in the plate my condoms almost fell in Outside I’m feelin' cool inside I'm yelling Outside lookin' free inside's like a felon Doing time for rebelling a slave to that sin that I was dwellin' in Bought the lie they were selling like go, get as many girls as you can And get it out of your system now so you'll put a rrrrring on that hand Down the line when your thirty after you had like thirty different women They so pretty feeling clean … getting dirty Yuck, now what a lie from the mouth of Satan Let’s use logic for verifying these statements Well you keep chasing them you’ll only want more Sin is never satisfied boy we at war with ourselves You ever want something so bad it was all you could think about Yo you had to have it Then you finally get it you like it for a minute but then your eyes pivot Now your on to something different we got God-sized longings Why you try to fill em with them things that you can’t take with you in the coffin

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