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HARRY CHAPIN lyrics - Short Stories


Original and similar lyrics
I was cramped into a coffee house pew two dollar coke in my hand listening to the music run through and out of a drowning man. Ten years ago I first heard him singing to a screaming crazy crowd now there's thirteen loyal people trying to sound that loud. And I wonder as I watch him now why his songs don't turn me on. He got me into music where has the fragile magic gone? And all the changes keep on changing and the good old days they say they're gone. Only wise men and some new born fools say they know what's going on. But I sometimes think the difference is just in how I think and see and the only changes going on are going on in me. There was you and Fifth avenue before there were lies and all my hot blood schemes and teenage dreams flashed before my eyes. I did not think I had a chance you had to prove me wrong it took a year and a half of tears and laughs before you moved along. And now these long years later when I see you once again I wonder what you saw in me when you loved me way back then. There I was in you Air Force Uncle Sam, you owned my brain. I tried to see myself as a sex mad savior sailing on a silver plane. I started out to do my duty ended up just doing time. What is it about you my mother of a country that makes so many change our minds. You had me on your honor roll for your dream I would die now I would not even cross the street to help you live a lie.


Les Paul And Mary Ford
Chain Gang - Overture / Work Song / Look Down [PRISONERS] Look down, look down Don't look 'em in the eye Look down, look down, You're here until you die [CONVICT ONE] The sun is strong It's hot as hell below [PRISONER] Look down, look down, There's twenty years to go [CONVICT TWO] I've done no wrong! Sweet Jesus, hear my prayer! [PRISONERS] Look down look down, Sweet Jesus doesn't care [CONVICT THREE] I know she'll wait, I know that she'll be true! [PRISONERS] Look down, look down, They've all forgotten you [CONVICT FOUR] When I get free ya won't see me Here for dust! [PRISONERS] Look down, look down Don't look 'em in the eye [CONVICT FIVE] How long, oh Lord Before you let me die? [PRISONERS] Look down, look down, You'll always be a slave Look down, look down, You're standing in your grave [JAVERT] Now bring me prisoner 24601 Your time is up And your parole's begun You know what that means. [VALJEAN] Yes, it means I'm free. [JAVERT] No! It means you get Your yellow ticket-of-leave You are a thief [VALJEAN] I stole a loaf of bread. [JAVERT] You robbed a house. [VALJEAN] I broke a window pane. My sister's child was close to death And we were starving. [JAVERT] You will starve again Unless you learn the meaning of the law. [VALJEAN] I know the meaning of those 19 years A slave of the law [JAVERT] Five years for what you did The rest because you tried to run Yes, 24601. [VALJEAN] My name is Jean Valjean [JAVERT] And I am Javert Do not forget my name! Do not forget me, 24601. [PRISONERS] Look down, look down You'll always be a slave Look down, look down You're standing in your grave. [VALJEAN] Freedom is mine. The earth is still. I feel the wind. I breathe again. And the sky clears The world is waking. Drink from the pool. How clean the taste. Never forget the years, the waste. Nor forgive them For what they've done. They are the guilty - everyone. The day begins... And now lets see What this new world Will do for me! [He finds work on a farm] [FARMER] You'll have to go I'll pay you off for the day Collect your bits and pieces there And be on your way. [VALJEAN] You have given me half What the other men get! This handful of tin Wouldn't buy my sweat! [LABORER] You broke the law It's there for people to see Why should you get the same As honest men like me? [VALJEAN] Now every door is closed to me Another jail. Another key. Another chain For when I come to any town They check my papers And they find the mark of Cain In their eyes I see their fear 'We do not want you here.' [He comes to an inn] [INKEEPER'S WIFE] My rooms are full And I've no supper to spare I'd like to help a stranger All we want is to be fair [VALJEAN] I will pay in advance I can sleep in a barn You see how dark it is I'm not some kind of dog! [INNKEEPER] You leave my house Or feel the weight of my rod We're law-abiding people here Thanks be to God. [They throw him out of the inn] [VALJEAN] And now I know how freedom feels The jailer always at your heels It is the law! This piece of paper in my hand That makes me cursed throughout the land It is the law! Like a cur I walk the street, The dirt beneath their feet. [He sits down despairingly outside a house from which emerges the Bishop of Digne.] [BISHOP] Come in, Sir, for you are weary, And the night is cold out there. Though our lives are very humble What we have, we have to share. There is wine here to revive you. There is bread to make you strong, There's a bed to rest till morning, Rest from pain, and rest from wrong. [VALJEAN] He let me eat my fill I had the lion's share The silver in my hand Cost twice what I had earned In all those nineteen years - That lifetime of despair And yet he trusted me. The old fool trusted me - He'd done his bit of good I played the grateful serf And thanked him like I should But when the house was still, I got up in the night. Took the silver Took my flight!

My Name Is Lisa Kalvelage

My name is Lisa Kalvelage, I was born in Nuremberg And when the trials were held there nineteen years ago It seemed to me ridiculous to hold a nation all to blame For the horrors that the world did undergo A short while later when I applied to be a G. I. bride An American consular official questioned me He refused my exit permit, said my answers did not show I'd learned my lesson about responsibility. Thus suddenly I was forced to start thinking on this theme And when later I was permitted to emigrate I must have been asked a hundred times where I was and what I did In those years when Hitler ruled our state I said I was a child or at most a teen-ager But that only extended the questioning They'd ask, where were my parents, my father, my mother And to this I could answer not a thing. The seed planted there at Nuremberg in 1947 Started to sprout and to grow Gradually I understood what that verdict meant to me When there are crimes that I can see and I can know And now I also know what it is to be charged with mass guilt Once in a lifetime is enough for me No, I could not take it for a second time And that is why I am here today. The events of May 25th, the day of our protest, Put a small balance weight on the other side Hopefully, someday my contribution to peace Will help just a bit to turn the tide And perhaps I can tell my children six And later on their own children That at least in the future they need not be silent When they are asked, Where was your mother, when?

Where You At

where you at? uhh... where you at huh where you at huh uhh... where you at huh where you at huh [verse 1] since the age of 11 stayed in my room 24/7 yeah I stay in da lab w/ a pen and a pad cuz music was all I had so god gifted my music god be gifting yeah they be tripin on all the music that I be mixin it can be hip hop or r&b yeah I can rap and I can sing got any questions go head and give me a ring I can make a beat for you in 10mins or less I'm the best and I'll have you stress go head and give me a test cuz it's right here I guarentee that I can prove it I don't need no one to make my music cuz I write it produce it and to those who had money but wouldn't bring me up now you stuck so can you tell me wut wut wut tell me [Chorus 6x] now what where you at? now what where you at? now what where you at? I'm way in the front you way in the back now what where you at? now what where you at? now what where you at? huh huh where you at? see everything I do is with my blood sweat and tears give you what I feel make you love what you hear that no one in this world would ever bring me down five years from now still be in town breaking it down nothing but grand material bump this shit in your sterio got you wanting sterical cuz my shit so lyrical to all the men who said they put my foot in the door just took my music now it's me they ignore tell everyone they didn't know what wasn't so they told me I was worth much much more they said I deserve my big chance so I signed that contract and now I'm set 10 years in advanced to those who didn't give a suck I wish you luck now can you please tell me what wut wut tell me wut [Chorus 4x] now what where you at? now what where you at? now what where you at? I'm way in the front you way in the back now what where you at? now what where you at? now what where you at? huh huh where you at?

Ric Flair

[INTRO - Ric Flair speaking] "I'm going on tour, and I'm gonna show anybody out there that thinks for one second that maybe I'm second guessing myself, that I am the greatest of all time forever and ever. One surprise, one surprise ... shhhh! Wooo! I'm back." [VERSE 1] To make it out the ice cold streets of the city You better have a Christopher word game, witty You better have a dance game similar to Diddy Or play b-ball above the rim like Smitty Josh, Chris Bosh, Pau Gasol Or any other nigga that ball at all I used to sell it white as Paul Wall Gave my young boi three of them in the mall And he gon' bring me $75K back tomorrow You know what Bigga 'bout, you know what Bigga do Ice water in my veins, heart pumpin' igloo I'm familiar wit the money so who the fuck is you? What the fuck you do? Where the fuck you from? Who you knowing? Somebody get this nigga, I don't know him And I'm 'bout to jet off on his ass like a Boeing Going, going, going, gone song [INTERLUDE 1 - Ric Flair speaking] "You don't like the the prestige that I have in life. You don't like the notoriety. You detest the fact that I got more cars than most of you have friends! I got a big house on the big side of town I got life pretty much the way I want it!" [VERSE 2] To make it out the ice cold streets of the city Your mindstate gotta be as wicked as Fiddy Can't love life suckling on mama's titty Cause life is a bitch and a bitch ain't with it You gotta have faith livin' life on Biggie I'm ready to die for the money, who is with me? Life after death, hey this must be hell I asked for six figures, God gave back self I'm on my way to heaven in a Porsche 911 Buried in my car, I'm surrounded by a harem Surrounded by my brethren, my funeral is legend Buried like a pharaoh with my jewelery in the desert The government will hate me like Jesus, but fuck 'em I did it for the grind, I did it for the hustle I did it for the people on the bottom in the struggle I did it for my comrades, did it cause I love 'em [INTERLUDE 2 - Ric Flair speaking] "Custom made brother Wooo! And I mean custom made! From the alligators to all that they can see right here. Ric Flair! There's only one. And I don't care if it's Tokyo, Japan; Greensboro; Richmond; Charlotte, North Carolina; Asheville; Atlanta, Georgia; Charlotte; L.A. I'm the man that's makin' it possible!" [VERSE 3] To make it out the ice cold streets of the city You gotta politic your situations like Clinton If you chase power you ain't gotta chase women So take some advice, take cash over ass When you get money you ain't gotta take shit So, long as you broke she ain't gotta take dick Capiche? Now you know what motivate your beetch Capiche? Pay the mortgage or the pussy up for lease Capiche? Church ladies goin' gaga for the Gucci (Yah!) Got two niggas, menaging for some Louie (Yah!) Work with the keys, get acquainted with Alicia And every other girl named Rihanna wanna meet ya They in it for the money, not the swag or the features Pretty parasites might suck you like leeches Just some information for a student from a teacher Real life shit, I'm Mike Bigga, nice to meet ya gone [OUTRO - Ric Flair speaking] "At Delta, the girls call me cool. At Eastern, the girls call me Slick Ric. And all the other women around the world just say... awww, there goes the man... Woo!"

Aziatic Outro

AZ "Aziatic"
[Talking] Y'all can't be serious, this is A-1 performance Your boy wit' the million-dollar vocal chords No more Cristal and DoM P, straight Gatorade And they say in death, all life questions shall be answered But this here started before the womb and will not end after the grave Y'all can't disturb me [Verse One] Critically acclaimed, verbally I'm sickly insane Officially, I remain the Ripleys of the game Believe or not, the hustler's here to retrieve his spot From y'all dungaree thieves that mislead the block No rehearsal, nothing's controversial Relax homie, react, one response'll hurt you I know death, I was there when souls left Froze holdin' my nose, over decomposed flesh It's deeper, brown reefer, no beeper, low ceaser Outta sight, the life make the doe sweeter The raps Derrick Jeter, veggie-eater, half-ebonizer Love leisure, crewed up, in the stretch 11-seaters It's either; move accordin' or, lose an organ It's sorta like an abortion, you choose what's more important for ya Pimp to poet, from prince to heroic to Now, King of New York now, as if y'all don't know this. [Chorus] If you, If you think you want it You know y'all can get it Nobody doing it better than AZ, no, no, no [2x] [Verse Two] I done did the ostrige, the gators, silver foxes Silk boxers, rocked ice so obnoxious Wore pradas, Taj Mahal more dollars What other motherfucker y'all could call hotter Street affilly, sweet swisher, switch from willy This so amazing, MJ style the flows Cajun Connect wit me, absorb, reflect wit me Respect im so N-Sync, I could sex Britney Been about it, no comparison, send 'em a stylest They too old for gold, and they dress code is childish I'm grown music, so I ask don't confuse it Consider, I'ma soul food this Howard Heuwit Sos the don, so seductive overdose 'em wit' charm Paranoid, sorta, so please approach me calm Clothes and money, hydro, hoes among me, Emphatically, the truth is y'all can't take nothin' from me. [Chorus] If you, If you think you want it You know y'all can get it Nobody doing it better than AZ, no, no, no [2x] [Verse Three] Although it's all music, at times we misuse it Confuse it, like we back on the block suited Born-thugs now get recruited, but listen youngin' You still a student I spit twirlin' tricks wit' a toothpick Taught ya teacher, I'm the source for seekers Resurrected like christ off the cross on easter Zone excessive, seven different home addresses So many years lost through tribulations, I've grown possessive I, earned my title, I learned survival Self made, never too concerned wit' idols The earth and the moon is one, and I'm the sun So all competition is none, get ya gun. [Chorus] If you, If you think you want it You know y'all can get it Nobody doing it better than AZ, no, no, no [2x] Nobody, doing it better than AZ

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