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HARRY CHAPIN lyrics - Living Room Suite


Original and similar lyrics
It was when I rode off in my daydreams Chasing that vision of light It was then I got caught in the jet stream And I dropped through a hole in the night And I knew it's not you that I run from I saw each of us living alone And I prayed that you still could be waiting That's when I started for home Oh my Jenny Oh my Jenny Oh my Jenny my love Oh my Jenny Oh my Jenny You are my rainbow above I have seen a great city in the darkness Dream lady dressed in cold concrete I've seen the City of Angles With the names of its dead in the street And for once I could see it all your way And for once I knew I was all wrong And I thought of you there in my door way And I knew I've been travelin' too long Oh my Jenny Oh my Jenny Oh my Jenny my love Oh my Jenny Oh my Jenny You are my rainbow above As I crossed to the heart of the country I was lost in a forest of signs And I laughed 'cause life gets so funny Here I was wasted from wastin' my time So now shine down your sun on my shadow Without you I don't mean a thing And I gather me one golden morning, babe 'Cause it's your song that I need to sing Oh my Jenny Oh my Jenny Oh my Jenny my love Oh my Jenny Oh my Jenny You are my rainbow above

If Only You Knew Over The Rainbow

I must have rehearsed my lines A thousand times Until I had them Memorized But when I get up the nerve To tell you the words They never seem to Come out right Whoa If only you knew How much I do Do love you Whoa If only you knew (How much I do) I said you don't know (Do love you) How much I love you Sugar Mh (Someday I'll wish upon a star) (And wake up where the clouds are far behind me) Mh (Where troubles melt like lemon drops) (Away above the chimney tops) That's where you'll find me Somewhere Over the rainbow Bluebirds fly And if those happy little bluebirds fly Over the rainbow Why then Then why Can't I Why can't I Why can't I

Searching For A Former Clarity

AGAINST ME! "Searching For A Former Clarity"
No the doctors didn't tell you, that you were dying. They just collected their money, And sent you on your way. But you knew all along, went on pretending nothing was wrong, you said I will keep my focus, till the end. And in the journal you kept, by the side of your bed. You wrote nightly in aspiration, of developing as an author. Confessing childhood secrets, of dressing up in women's clothes, Compulsions you never knew the reasons to, Well everyone, you ever meet or love, be just relationship based on a false presumption, despite everyone, you ever meet or love, in the end, will you be all alone? As the disease spreads slowly through your body, pumped by your heart to the tips of your arms and your legs, your greatest fear was that your mind wouldn't last, your coherency and alertness would be the first things to fade, as your hair thinned, as the weight fell off, as your teeth blackened, as the lesions spotted your skin, as you fell to your knees in the center of the stage, as you offered witness to mortality in exchange for the ticket price, as the lights blended into the continuing noise, as all hope was finally lost. Adrenaline carried one last thought to fruition. Let this be the end. Let this be the last song. Let this be the end. Let all be forgiven.

I Still Luv You

T.I. "Trap Muzik"
[Chorus 2X] Don't hate me shawty But even if you hate me shawty I still love you And now I only wish that you could See that my intentions were good I still love you [Verse 1] Forgave me once, forgave me twice, forgave me three times I stayed lyin', you stayed down in the meantime Had my son and turned around and had another one I broke yo heart when I told you bout the other one I stay in trouble ha Ain't got too much to loose Knew I could loose it all but never thought of losin' you Eleven years ago I still regret me choosin' you Meetin' you, pursuin' you and doin' you in '92 You fixed plates, showed yo face at every courtdate And all you wanted me to do was call when I was out late How could I let you go I thought I knew it all When you deserved the best and more, you been through it all So you think I sold yo dreams, but what I say I mean Just take it to consideration, I was 17 I'm still the same man, just had a change of plan Never ask you back and fuck a wedding band But I still love you [Repeat Chorus 1 w/ ad libs] [Verse 2] Went from resentin' you, hatin' you, now I'm missin' you On the realest shit I ever dropped, listen pops I never even thought, to ask my mom what happened Just knew that you was livin' in Manhattan and I was trappin' We never had a chance, we was in different states But I'll forgive it, you was human and we make mistakes You tried to make it up, but shit, you couldn't pay enough You sent me tons of toys and clothes thinkin' you gave enough But it wasn't though, and you wasn't there That's all I knew, so I grew up thinkin' you ain't care I know it wasn't fair, but ay, it wasn't fun But now what's done is done, no matter wha, I'm still yo son I could care less if none of yo other children come I'ma be right there prayin' you live to be a million one Finally I understand, hustlin', livin' fast Tryin' to get the cash and settle down and be a dad You probably never knew, cuz hey, I never said it But pops, I'm just like you, I'm stubborn and I'm hardheaded But now you dead in the ground, no meanin' tellin' you now But all I wanted was for you to be proud I still love you [Chorus] Don't hate me shawty If I ain't told you lately shawty I still love you Now I only wish that I could See that yo intentions were good I still love you Don't hate me shawty Please don't hate me shawty Ay, I still love you And now I only wish that I could See that yo intentions were good [Verse 3] How could I criticize my daddy on that last verse Lookin' at my own dirt, you got some nerve But be that as it may, I got some shit to say It's been a secret, I can't keep it for another day I got a lil' girl, not just two lil' boys And that's been killin' me inside, eatin' me alive And I can't find the words, nor the nouns or verbs To express whachu deserve, girl you worth the world But I'm a man and I ain't perfect, if you hear me now I'll tell you wha had happened, when, why, when, how Me and yo mama met, we kinda kicked it off But we wasn't 'posed to have a baby, we just chillin' out We had a lot in common, almost the same sign Same goals, said thangs at the same time But then we destroyed the situation like the a changed mind How could I look her in her eyes and holla dat aint mine Her stomach gettin' bigger, and time is gettin' close Six, seven, eight, nine months and I ain't told mah folks Not just messiah mama, hell, I had told yo granny Three kids in two years, baby, daddy had it But I ain't ashamed of you, I'm more ashamed of me It's not at all yo fault, you'd be better off blamin' me But now I realize, where the problem lies Forgive me babygirl, I apologize And I still love you [Chorus 2X] Don't hate me shawty Please don't hate me shawty Cuz I still love you Now I only wish that you could See that my intentions were good


JOE BUDDEN "Mood Muzik 4.5: The Worst Is Yet To Come"
[Verse 1: Joe Budden] Check it, More questions, more answers More ci smoke and more cancer More arguing, more resistance Its seems like the closer we get, its more distance More angles, a million different looks Was on the same page, just in different books there's so much i want to say but i got no ground cause we ain’t break up, more like broke down now that’s pain and torture add that with restraining orders then add the soul of my slain daughter none of this is how we planned it to be one big insanity plea shit could never end amicably I miss you trying you probably think don’t think I try too when you stubborn and prideful not much is insightful but God was trying to show me something He ain't think that I knew sometimes shit that doesn’t breathe can die too [Hook: Emanny] Were we just dreamerz? Waiting for our shot to shoot to the moon Were we just dreamerz? Spending our lives trying to see this thing through Waiting to fly away Waiting to fly away Waiting to fly away waiting to fly away [Verse 2: Joe Budden] How we go from thoughts of marriage Thoughts of me copping carrots Talks of what we’d name her while shopping for a carriage But when the dream stopped, who knew you’d see me like a savage That you dreamt of vacations, but only woke up with baggage All you ever did was love me, and look at where it got you And when you wanted more, all I did was say I’m not you I’m selfish not selfless, and I say that with love so in essence you’re asking for what I’m incapable of so now I find I’m going over choices I ain’t even made yet were we clouded by good times of great sex? running fast towards an unknown fate that altered when I introduced you to my unknown traits in your dreams, seems you had me pegged as another man but in mine, only you would understand in our minds we were perfect we witnessed our dream get murdered now reality is on trial and we both awaiting the verdict [Bridge 1: Joe Budden] But you’ll always be close to me though you said this ain’t how it’s supposed to be what we had was so real but you said I don’t care never thought this day would come you said you gave your all and was left with none but we can both be spared but you don’t think that's fair, that's fair [Hook] [Verse 3: Joe Budden] You can’t see how you ever began to like a liar you lost track of all the little things that I admired but when the peace left, I knew we might retire thinking man, I live upstairs, I’m something like somaya got memories, but at what point are they lost you say we could work through it, at what point is it forced? we shoulda never rushed cause it’s like now we at a point where you won’t never trust and for me I can't believe that's all we ever was the high’s gone, need a better buzz Cause we sleep in the same bed, but we never touch my solution to every beef is to revisit though we’ll have the same emotions we won’t be so livid won’t be so vivid I think your girl secretly applauded our drama we don’t need those critics we owe it to go over our foundation with a keen eye sad part to say you never have the same dream twice [Bridge 2: Emanny] We let love and all its possibility take us from reality made it hard to see that we were bound together just to cover up the pain I'm wishing the skies were rain and wipe all my thoughts away cause I'm tired of dreaming

What I Miss About You

KATIE MELUA "Pictures"
Missing the train every morning at 8:52, Sipping coffee from the same cup as you. The sharing of secrets we thought no one else knew, That's what I miss about you. The new way that love had made me see, Your bashful grin when you asked if I would like your key. The knowing way you used to caress me, That's what I miss about you. You stole in with your starry smile exciting me, Driving with you in your new car, feeling free. If it's true that love is blind, then I was blind willingly, You made me feel we had a future, that could be and would be. The way you said I'd be no one on my own, Your habit of soaking yourself in over-priced cologne. The way you turned the light out when I knew you were home, That's what I don't miss about you. I bet you're using your weary magic like it's new, Driving so fast with a new fool beside you. Presumably believing she's the last of the lucky few, I wonder if she knows she's being lied to like I do. The way I only doubted myself when I was with you, Like I was a fool for expecting something from life too. Your skill of putting me down in-front of everyone we knew, That's what I don't miss about you

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