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HARRY CHAPIN lyrics - Last Protest Singer

Silly Little Girl

Original and similar lyrics
I was packed up in my napsack my guitar case slung up over my back about to hit that dream road once again saw the vision in my mirror about how the spring time was getting nearer so ill be back babe but I really don't know when see the rainbow in the meadow the sunlight chasing the shadows such a thing is a day fer leaving this is one don't let the old dog come follow put a candle in the window to light one light when my wandering days are done she said stay home youre getting to old for this she said were both alone I need someone besides a dreamkiss you go along and try to save the world when you come home you wont find your women so get yourself some silly little girl just play that music to walking to boy you need some talking to its just a movie with you with a rapidly aging star its not a comedy it's a tradgedy a quick one to before you knew theyd have you before you got to far she said stay home youre getting to old for this she said were both alone I need someone besides a dreamkiss you go along and try to save the world when you come home you wont find your women so get yourself some silly little girl

Stay In Line

Genius "Legend of the Liquid Sword"
[GZA] Throw down ya mic son, ya gauge is empty Plus the wack shit in the game might tempt me Quickly drop non-stop rec shot What I took on the road on the lap and desktop A mixture from up-tempo to slow grooves 8-Track figure that's mixed wit Pro Tool I rhyme wit sense the paragraph was intense Area's dense with the flow from the sentence Engine powered by five hundred horses Press by a threat of joint forces For emcee's who spit rap to cause beef Cause they depend on wild kill for fresh meat On the board, you're just a piece that's captured Weak is the land that's laying in the pasture The plug that gave ya juice, I might pull it Can't escape these endless waves of rap bullets [Chorus: Santi White (GZA)] They got no place for me In my life can't you see? I must not push or bite it tell me Stay in line, Stay in line (Stay in line) Stay in line, Stay in line (Stay in line son) Stay in line, Stay in line (Stay in line kid) Stay in line [GZA] I'm not insane in fact I'm kinda rational Chrome-plated serrated swords slashing you I shine light to the mic That's filled with the unspoiled water that sprits with light But um, you get high of the wealth and livin' large We rely of the stealth of camouflage Cut supply lines, flood ya mans market From high altitude cover the land target Lost in the desert, the journey is stressful Where the rescues are unsuccessful They perish while they search for it, intriguing treasures Should of taken precautionary measures The rhyme with the shank in the yard that kept stabbing ya A shakedown from Alcatraz to Attica Because we rock the jails Wit it and mase write the verse on the walls of cells [Chorus] [GZA] Ya out cold, ya styles old Allah just rolled, attack his skull wit a plan less bone Hit ya king with a Check that caused directly damage ya disco tech Shoulda' Protect ya Neck [Santi White] And do they think they got me? I don't know They seen ya picture baby? Don't think so Now do your mission and while you were thinking Ain't no collision that'll stop me from screaming [GZA] Involving movements, controlling the squares that's closed in Wit impact, in fact ya zone is frozen Submerged in deep blocks of ice Sceaming a wise by the high-tech devise The slightest fame can bring pain and torture The author, who came with a burning offer Published by whoever made it must own it Is just symatomic for one chaotic moment [Chorus]

Chocolate Girl

ANIMAL COLLECTIVE "Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished"
In cycle, I'll lead you around the ocean, Where grass grows, And remnants of you in devotion, My breath's out, Inhaling upon trees, it's frozen, And look out, And trace along the house where shit is frozen, Then holding, Quietly, The sound is dead, and sing in turn, in light. When life meets child, your only plight in light. When ceilings smile, we'll sleep a while in light. I'll take you for walks among the patients, She had a pretty dad, But she was growing out of play-school, Still she could kick and scream and play, Until she wanted to. My little chocolate girl. Her brother barely out of high school, lived in a place where he could scream, until he wanted to. Oh fuzzy tidy cat. And she could bury him in apples and curl around a bowl of cotton 'til she wanted to. Still she had to speak loud, 'cause hearing isn't, “I am here with them”, And we took, a picture: Sunday flowers in the garden. And quite late, still drinking with the boys until it's later. And pray small, your hopes of something better to show her, And holding tight, the sound is dead, it's singing time in light. When life meets child, your only plight in light. When ceilings smile, we'll sleep a while in light. I'll take you for walks among the patients, She met a pretty boy. And they would dance between their elders and she would cream until the wine she bought had settled in. My little chocolate girl. She used to love the stars of England. She slept on records and her market jewelry from her school, Her colors matched the room. And she would twirl around the curtains, she had a hand to hold her chin up when her friends walked out, the kid across the street. He'll keep around when she was changing, And he would wait and she would tell her friends about the boy. Her Mom and Dad at home. She had saliva in her pockets, She gave a girl when her last grace hath found thee, dig the day So good, my chocolate girl, Oh won't you like an 'A' So put your lanterns on across the maze, So I won't feast on folly, Bell of the rain who brought the stings and dead and who will pop the trade, 'cause I can't see you. I'll open up my brain again. [repeat]

Estas Bonita Make U Mine

Mr. Sancho
Girl your beautiful I'll do anything [Chorus - Fingazz (Mr. Sancho)] Girl your beautiful (beautiful) I'll do anything (anything) To make you mine (To make you mine) Your so fine you blow my mind And a girl like you is hard to find (hard to find) [Verse 1 - Mr. Sancho] I'm so confused, I never met no one like you You make me feel so loved I just wonder if it's true You tell me that you care, you tell me you'll be there I'd love to be with you but losing you what makes me scared I need you, your addictive like a drug But let me please you, I got the remedy called love Hey can you feel my lips, chilly, kiss your back Touch you softly with my fingers tips and see how you react Shh...full players in effect And you now I always show respect As we hit between the sheets making amor with a passion I see the future in your eyes and see us lastin' [Chorus] [Verse 2 - Mr. Sancho] I know we don't always agree but ma it's you an me Got to work through all these problems if you want a family It would be nice to call you me wife And to have a precios gift from god to tuck in at night Let's have a baby, your so fine you blow my mind And a girl like you is hard to find You were hard to find now I'm blessed cause I found you I knew from the start I loved everything about you You put up with alot, from all them times we fought To the times when I'm away but no your always in my thoughts oye mi vida, I want you right beside me Your beauty shines like a jewel but it's your love that blinds me [Chorus] [Verse 3 - Mr. Sancho] Enamorados, sentados juntos abrazados Besandote los labios, sientes que te amo Una romance que no mas encuentras en novelas Quiero que sepas que el amor por ti es de deveras Mija no ves no mas mirame a los ojos Me salen lagrimas por tanto que te adoro Disfruto todos los cariños que me haces Tiro mi saco en un charco para que pases Tu eres mi vida y eres mi alegria Una chica muy bonita me das pura maravilla Si pudiera lo haria conocerte otra vez Y tener la esperanza de algun dia ser los tres [Chorus 2x] [Fingazz] Girl your beautiful Girl your beautiful

Stay (2009)

J. COLE "Truly Yours"
[Verse 1] You can drop a “Wet Floor” sign down for the tears God and my court date, the two things I fear Man, they tryna give a nigga years I’m tryna figure if I should even appear, or Should I escape town? Catch a Greyhound Change my name, right – catch a plane flight Out the country, let them ma’fuckas hunt me Come and catch me if you want me Know they’ll lock me if I stay But… where I’mma run to? I got a good girl, we got a son too And all we went through, we ain’t see eye-to-eye But what you told me way back, you was a ride-or-die So if they give me one, or give me two Or if a nigga gotta sit down and do a few Before I go, baby, I gotta know, what would you do? Would you find someone new or would you stay? Like the hoes when they lay with me? Puppy eyes when I go, sayin’ “stay with me” Aw, girl, you bad as Hell And yet I’d love to – But see I got a girl I’m really makin’ love to Therefore I’m feelin’ a lot more guilty when I rub you That’s why I skip all of that kissin’ when I fuck you Flush the condom down the toilet then I skate I had you, but you can’t have me, I never stay [Hook] Stay… [Verse 2] Ha! Life in a hometown, ‘fore I could take a step I’m gettin’ grown now And startin’ to notice that I see the same hoes 'round Guess they had to go ‘round, my raps is profound I got the flows but yet a nigga ain’t got no sound Copped a beat machine, I’m cookin’ up my own now Got my mind on the city where it goes down See, if I’mma get to where I’m goin’ then I can’t stay Although I love it here I’ll be damned if I sit around another year Dreamin’ dreams, hopin’ somehow that they just appear The hardest part of leavin’ is to know my mother’s here Oh, but I’m comin’ back – oh boy, believe that Let’s show the lil’ niggas, boy, you can achieve that Got the city on my shoulders, piggy back Hello, my name is Cole and I’m here to stay… [Hook]

Burning Down One Side

Slipped through the window by the back door Caught short in transit with my love Jumped up, fell back, cut off from romance How could I fall without a shove? Tiptoe like thunder on my feelings You rock me gently with your sighs My knees are weak, my head is reeling Consumed by fire in your eyes... Don'tcha know why? Goodness no! Why? Stepped in and shattered my defenses Just playing hookey with my heart Slipped through the window by the back door And took the keys to my poor heart Yes my poor heart Try as I might, try as I may Yes I'll I try anything to just make you stay 'Cuz I need your love, yes I need your love Ooh I need your love, yes I need your love I'm looking high I'm looking low Tryin' to find where did my baby go Gotta find out why she ran away I don't know, where did my baby stay? Try as I might, try as I may Oh I'll try anything to just make you stay Just find that 'Boulevard d'Amour' Shoot through a neon in the night Hotfoot through alleys, check the doorways Try that old parking lot on 9th There's three-course kissing in the same way Oh but that don't help me none no more I've been away so long and dreaming Little girl ain't I seen you before? Ooh little girl...

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