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HARRY CHAPIN lyrics - Dance Band on the Titanic


Original and similar lyrics
At first you seemed just like my dream Of a finer better life Much more than I could ask for In a lover or a wife Though I work with my body And my work makes my hands rough There are gentle things inside me That are anything but tough There are lessons you could teach me Things I do not know Things I've never done, girl And places we could go But you only wear your tailored suits For me to rip and tear Ah, can't I hold you quietly And smell your perfumed hair? I saw you as the answer That I never dared to dream I saw you as the window Into a world I'd never seen I saw you as the vision Come to raise me from the mud But you came to use my sweat to cool The fever in your blood I'm not Marlon Brando On his motorcycle bike When you call me your animal It's a name I do not like Please do not tear my back Yes, of course I bleed The violence you thirst for Is not what I need Your silken skin is armor That begs for brutal hands But why can't I be gentle And tell you of my plans? I know that you're using me Not I just using you And you're not so scared Of losing me as I losing you At first you seemed...

Put Em Up

3LW "A Girl Can Mack"
[verse 1] i saw this guy 6 foot 3, talking on his cellie, looking at me, i liked his vibe, the magnul eyes, (oh yea, mmm mmm) across the room, the way he moved, looking all hot in them timbaland boots, i liked the things, the things he do, (oh yea, mmm mmm) [hook] you know its time for dancing,tonight if you wanna take a chance and, my single ladies need some attention, i wanna see the fellas make a move, throw it up, give it up dont stop [chorus] (put em up) if you got money in the bank and your own credit cards and a drop to sit in (let me see you put em up) if you got a clip on your cash when you go to the club and you get in 4 free then (let me see you put em up, put em up 4 me) if u makin money with class and you win a booket and you know how to treat em (let me see you put em up) maybe we can go away ride in my escalade until that saturday [verse 2] sexy boy, come with me,daddy i got the things you need, where's your baby boo, caramel creme, then you need to take, take a piece of me,give me all your information, technology nor communication,and i really like the way your thoughts shine, (oh why, oh why) [repeat hook and chorus] [3lw] feel me (feel me), throw yo hands up(hands up) you got me (got me) its time to party everybody feel me, you brought that good stuff, then lets just get it krunk till you can get enough, get enough [rap] east coast rockin it, west coast stay rockin, rockin 3l dub shakin all my fellas watchin, watchin, its a dude cuz im missin ya, put ya damn hands up like im friskin ya, compliments to the chef cuz ya lookin scrumpcious, do u want it, bump it, wiggle in the middle who done thunk it i hear a girl can mack the plane anet naughty by double eye 3l dub dammit, what i see i need i like, cons 4 life how yall feelin iight, put ya hands on her hip you betta punch it right, that means if you aint feel it then you aint touchin right, its the game and the fame that makes the ladies want it, i can pull up in a hooptee with with a donut on it, im 2 street you too sweet to fight its never too mant to me to nite, i stay thuggin, keep the ladies lovin it a party aint a party if u aint 3l dubbin it [repeat chorus until fade out]

Sometimes I Wish

Sometimes i wish I know that this question raises all kinds of issues in my mind, and this question is do you believe in Christ? Because i believe that what we expierence and ah and its not being talked about openly enough was pure evil. Sometimes i wish this world was just a crazy dream, sometimes things arent what they are meant to be, or what they seem. Sometimes i wish this world was one big dream so many tragedies, life threatning disease in reality who can we blame for these things? So we pray for the families and the souls of the people shot dead they cry, roaming through the halls of the schools at night. My homie Joseph in Texas, 14 years old police took his life at his front door. Maybe humans have converted into a beast. Can we really point the finger at just one thing? Is it a sign of the time or just the beginning i pray to God to help me keep living. Jealousy and envy and so much hate, newborn babies thrown in garbage cans every day. In the lobby of a hospital a young girl dies, no money to pay so she pays with her life. Chorus How many times must we ask ourselves why, and how many times must we watch our children die? Remember the times we were united as one growing up as a child life was always fun. Time have changed and its been for the worst. Trials and tribulations that we face of course, time to put our foot down lets get to know our young ones before the next tragedy becomes the realest one. 1999 this year is half was over. Lessons not learned, how your learning i couldve told ya. Maybe this happened for a reason only the Lord knows why. And this is for us to open up our eyes cause death awaits us at any given time. My love goes out to those whos souls rest tonight, and all we can do is just ask ourselves why? Wish this wouldnt be all we can do is pray and cry. Chorus Things change for the wrong we cant go on this long. Hand in hand right by your side, i love it then and no more cry so if i was to go to tonight, ill pray that youll be alright. One Lord one might rejoice, one soul unite one voice. Pray for all of us, Father let us not take things for granted, and please let us count each and every one of our blessings Father. Now generation X is what they call it whys that? Is it because this is where it all ends at, to go to war we dont need to be over seas. Its been declared out in the streets, gangs, thugs, moving drugs, government officials, blackmarket, military guns. Is this why you gave us the right to bare arms? To hit armagedon head on? Read between the lines its Genesise, and now the youth just dont smoke weed, they got things like man made methaphetamines never letting the young souls dream. And whats to do? When our youth is being mentally, physically, sexually abused. How do we change when its all put in our brains, money, sex, power, the year 2K. And everyday i watch the news it shows me how close we are to Judgement day, and so for its all worth i Pray. Chorus

Make 'em Blind

MOTORHEAD "Sacrifice"
Don't touch me now, I never said, That you could see me when I'm dead, Leave me now, admit your fear, There are worse things than death in here, The servant is the master now, We dream of different things, A place to take your dreams away, The bell that never rings, Don't ask me now, we're not alone, And you know inside every bone, The whipped dog comes to power now, We speak in whispered dread, The undeserved is paramount, Unnumbered bones for us to count, The Warlord is the honored guest, Hands all dripping red. Make them die, make them die, Tooth for tooth, eye for eye, make them blind, make them blind, Tear their eyes out, I don't mind. And so the path is made for us, And so we bring the plague with us, We are the ones you made of us, You'll never understand, We bear your names but not your guilt, We do not like the world you built, Poisoned, ruined to the hilt, In a bastard land. Make them die, make them die, Tooth for tooth, eye for eye, make them blind, make them blind, tear their hearts out, I don't mind. Ten thousand words await us, but we shall only wreck them, Ten thousand times ten thousand, But we still infect them. We come in blazing rockets, We bring you greed and slavery, No alien utopia, Will long survive our bravery.

Death Has Died

ANDY MINEO "Heroes For Sale"
It was just last week that my grandma died It's been years since I've seen family on my fathers side A bitter sweet, moment but tell me why Nothing less then the sting of death brought us together I sat and listened to the priest tell lies To appease loved ones in their seats When you looking at a face that's weaping The grim truth wont bring'em no peace So I put on, all white gloves like Mr. Jackson Carried the casket to the Cadillac then I realised this is the first time that me and my brothers ever did something together Whatever, I'm grown now come on let's just put on the smiles And take pictures, take pictures Uh Eat this humble pie then leave them dishes For somebody else to clean 'em until I see ya'll again (Breakin' down, breakin' down) Everything here is breaking down (Br-br-Breakin' down, breakin' down) It's all breaking down down down (Breakin' down, breakin' down) Everything here is breaking down (Breakin' down, breakin' down) But this wont be forever no You used to make me cry But one day He'll wipe every tear from our eyes He'll come make all things right And we'll sing death has died But until that day Until that day Oh, until that day Oh, oh, oh This won't be forever Until that day Oh, until that day Oh, oh, oh, This won't be for ever I hopped off the plane My God, what a scene that I seen on that TV screen People huddled round, hands on they mouth Not again, same problem, it hit a new town 26 dead, 20 of 'em kids Where do you begin when some lives just ended? And everybody got the question: If God's so good how He let this happen? Is it mental health? Is it gun control? Is it we make superstars out of animals? Is it the movies we make? The video games? I dunno, but God I want an antidote All I know is this world is broken Our sin is the reason it ain't like it's supposed to Words fall short tryna comfort the grieving But you gotta know that there's hope to believe in One day my God gon' crack the sky He gon' bottle up every tear that we ever cried Bring truth to every lie, justice for ever crime All our shame will be gone and we'll never have to hide No more broken hearts, no more broken homes No more lockin' doors, no more cops patrollin' No abusive words, or abusive touches No more cancerous cells that'll take our loved ones No more hungry kids, no more natual disaster No child will ever have to ask where his dad is No funerals where we wear all black And death will be dead and we'll lock the casket Yes! You used to make me cry (you used to make me cry) But one day He'll wipe every tear from our eyes (every tear from our eyes) He'll come make all things right (all things right) And we'll sing death has died But until that day You used to make me cry (you used to make me cry) But one day He'll wipe every tear from our eyes (every tear from our eyes) He'll come make all things right And we'll sing death has died But until that day Until that day Oh, until that day Oh, oh, oh This won't be forever Until that day Oh, until that day Oh, oh, oh, This won't be forever

Where The Long Shadows Fall

Current 93
Around me: I stand on the shore The waters are black and swirling I hold a black mirror in my hands The /swastiked/ winds sweep around me Their arms the nightbreath sleepwalking The sighing of imminence and ending All there the waves curl under and over Around me: I see things coming to a close The door is /nearly/ shut As we stare at it the tinylight squeaks out Slower and slower I see things coming to a close The folding cerecloth shrugs down over the windows The lights burn still: but /invisible/ to us now I see things coming to a close (My mind kissed Myrinerest last night) I dreamt I cannot see I cannot see I can no longer see And nor would I want to Anymore Clearblindlayeredlightcolourblindeathcomecomecomecome Goaway The pale toothed face inverted At the feet of the /Rose Garden/ By the hedge and by the dream By the post and by the bell By the dawn and by the form (/Formless He Lay and Dreamt/) And formless we lay and shall dream And then the rain My pain beneath your sheltering hand He cried And gave himself up to the Tempter The rebel angels (he thought and knew) Would indeed array him with robes of water But not mad But clear Why can't we all just walk away?

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