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HARRY CHAPIN lyrics - Dance Band on the Titanic

I Do It For You Jane

Original and similar lyrics
I first heard you sing in the Empire Room Your husky hum engulfed the gloom. And whatever mission that brought me there Disappeared in the mist of your amber hair You laughed and surrendered your gifts by degrees But I was convinced that you spoke only to me. And my life turned on its hinge in that smoky club As I ground out my past with my cigarette stub. Oh, I do it for you, Jane--I love you so, My kingdom is new but it's going to grow. Our castles will shimmer with silver and gold, My lady is lovely she'll never grow old. And I offer this promise--this one thing I know: I do it for you, Jane, for I love you so. I left that town and went out on my own, I made my own kind of music as I juggled the phones. And all the while I worked I was reaching towards a time, When I'd return to find you and finally make you mine. It took most of two years to do what must be done, Collect the pieces of the puzzle, you're the final one. I was shaking as I asked you and you know by now I guess, You made me happy ever after when you said yes. Yes, I do it for you, Jane--I love you so, My kingdom is flourishing, and still it will grow. Our castle it shimmers with silver and gold, My lady is lovely you'll never grow old. And I shout from the heavens, hello there down below, I do it for you, Jane, for I love you so. If life could only stay the same but i guess it never does, But God I still remember how excited I was. Feelings of power I'd never known before, But winning whets the appetite, I had to have more. Homes in New York and London on the beach at Malibu, I bought one for each facet of woman in you. By then you had retired from singing to bring our baby home, And I was winging around the country and you found you were alone. Still, I do it for you, Jane--I love you so, Our kingdom is flourishing and still it will grow. Our castles all shimmer with silver and gold, But my lady is lonely your smile is growing cold. As I search through the mists on the roads I must go, Where are you now, Jane? For I love you so.

Cygnet Committee

DAVID BOWIE "Space Oddity"
I bless you madly, sadly as I tie my shoes I love you badly, Just in time, at times, I guess Because of you I need to rest Because it's you that sets the test So much has gone and little is new And as the sparrow sings Dawn chorus for Someone else to hear The Thinker sits alone growing older And so bitter 'I gave Them life I gave Them all They drained my very soul ...dry I crushed my heart to ease Their pains No thought for me remains there Nothing can They spare What of me Who praised Their efforts to be free Words of strength and care and sympathy I opened doors that would have blocked Their way I braved Their cause to guide, for little pay I ravaged at my finance just for Those Those whose claims were steeped in peace, tranquility Those who said a new world, new ways ever free Those whose promises stretched in hope and grace for me' I bless you madly, sadly as I tie my shoes I love you badly, just in time, at times, I guess Because of you I need to rest, oh yes Because it's you that sets the test So much has gone and little is new And as the sunrise stream Flickers on me, My friends talk Of glory, untold dream, where all is God and God is just a word 'We had a friend, a talking man Who spoke of many powers that he had Not of the best of men, but Ours We used him We let him use his powers We let him fill Our needs Now We are strong And the road is coming to its end Now the damned have no time to make amends No purse of token fortune stands in Our way The silent guns of love will blast the sky We broke the ruptured structure built of age Our weapons were the tongues of crying rage Where money stood We planted seeds of rebirth And stabbed the backs of fathers Sons of dirt Infiltrated business cesspools Hating through Our sleeves Yea, and We slit the Catholic throat Stoned the poor on slogans such as 'Wish You Could Hear' 'Love Is All We Need' 'Kick Out The Jams' 'Kick Out Your Mother' 'Cut Up Your Friend' 'Screw Up Your Brother or He'll Get You In the End' And We Know the Flag of Love is from Above And We Can Force You to Be Free And We Can Force You to Believe' And I close my eyes and tighten up my brain For I once read a book in which the lovers were slain For they knew not the words of the Free States' refrain It said: 'I believe in the Power of Good I Believe in the State of Love I Will Fight For the Right to be Right I Will Kill for the Good of the Fight for the Right to be Right' And I open my eyes to look around And I see a child laid slain on the ground As a love machine lumbers through desolation rows Ploughing down man, woman, listening to its command But not hearing anymore Not hearing anymore Just the shrieks from the old rich And I Want to Believe In the madness that calls 'Now' And I want to Believe That a light's shining through Somehow And I Want to Believe And You Want to Believe And We Want to Believe And We Want to Live Oh, We Want to Live We Want to Live We Want to Live We Want to Live We Want to Live We Want to Live I Want to Live I Want to Live I Want to Live I Want to Live I Want to Live I Want to Live Live Live Live

Little Love Song

ANDREW W.K. "The Japan Covers"
In This Giant Universe There Is Only One Blue Earth Little Love Can Reach Your Heart On Your Island In The Sea So We Meet And Time Goes By We Write Letters Filled With Love The Emotion In Your Words Gives Me Hope About My Life So We Share Our Every Thought Some Are Wild And Some Are Sad All Our Thoughts Begin To Echo And Repeat Around The World And The Echo Started Soft But Then Grew Into A Shout It Gets Louder Every Day Until Everyone Can Hear So Now Listen Everyone To This Little Song I Sing It's The Echo Of Our Love And A Song To Change The World Hold On And Let Me Sing These Words Your Precious One Is By You So Close And Yet So Far Away And Now I Sing This Little Song And Pray That It Will Reach You And Bring You All The Way To Me Go All The Way [Repeat] And That Is My Little Love Song And You Realize If We Walk Close Together Hand In Hand Even On The Darkest Night The Moon Can Always Show The Way Holding Hands And Holding Hearts And We're Never Letting Go True Emotion In Our Souls It Will Never Ever Die And It Can't Fade Away It Will Burn Forever More If The Ending Ever Comes I Will Always Say These Words They Are True But They Are Small And They're Really Not Enough And My Eyes Get Full Of Tears And The Tears Are Full Of Joy And I Don't Know What To Say I Just Want To Hold You Tight If I'm Dreaming Then Please Don't Wake Me Up If I'm Dreaming Then Please Don't Wake Me Up All The Time We Spent Together Is Becoming A Star An Eternal Star

Love Is The Hero

BILLY SQUIER "Enough Is Enough"
There is a course in all the teachers say It calls you day and takes your thoughts away Under a frozen light you face a long crusade Where there's a cause you fight...where there's a cost you pay Find an empty feel the passion play It's when reactions start that you can't look away There is no wrong or right--there's just your point of view But when you face the light then it will come to you Love is the hero...soldier forever Life below zero...never say never There is no sacrifice...there is no dead-end street There is no sound advice...only the watch you keep With every step you take through every room of fear With every move you make the song will pull you near Turn you world around and it will come your way Through your cold-chill nights and in your hard-earned days When you face the light it may be hard to do But when it's all too right then it will come to you Love is the hero...soldier forever Love is the live to remember No path is too distance too wide No question too force can divide You fortune you seek...the road will unwind You're comin' to search is to find And when you start to fall into that frozen space And when you reach the wall and there's no sunny place And when it all comes down you make it anyhow...anyway Love is the hero...

Stephanie's Room

JOAN BAEZ "Gulf Winds"
(Words and Music by Joan Baez) You've loved me exquisitely. I tried to. Can we be best of friends now? I never lied to you. And can I love you forever? Sure, she said and smiled But will you? I wish there was some new way To sing about a full moon Poured down on us like a thousand rivers In Stephanie's room And you said you'd remember always The shadows on the hills below us But will you? You never once tried to sell me A bill of goods I wouldn't buy But I'm seasoned and I know a pirate By the devil in his eye And the only thing you ever stole from me Was laughter and some love I made To fill you White snow in the morning Kind of frightened me But you'd go sailing anyway Things are different at sea You know I'll never try and change your habit As sure as you know if your ship sinks It'll kill you And all the lovely ladies who came before me Are very much the same As the others soon to follow In your merry little game I guess I just want to be remembered Especially and frequently Like Stephanie Five red tail hawks are circling Above us in the sky You said they'd bring good luck And then you said goodbye You smiled and said, I'll see you Sooner than you think. But will you? Â 1976, 1977 Gabriel Earl Music (ASCAP)

R.I.P. Everyone

JJ DEMON "Funeral Disco"
[Chorus:] We're saying RIP to everyone we know Our glass is now half empty But the tears will overflow And still we're screaming RIP to everyone we love Is everyone below us mad at everyone above? This is the valley where animals live Stress is like wind to a man on a bridge Stand on the edge with the city below Below the city it's 60 below Is he alone? Is he a shadow? And will he be home in his moment of battle? He's roaming, a vandal No roman candles lit on the night that he died Might it be I Should've been there in his place Scared as I stare in the face of his mother In case I discover the fear in the fate My brother, I sent another prayer into space Rest in peace to Prince and Thief, too Can we speak to ghosts? [Chorus] Cold is the hand on the angel of death Drawing you to its embrace From a caress Proceeding to strangle your neck Falling into and from grace This is your fate Stare in the eyes of your sin Every morning before you begin Who are your family? Who are your friends? Lost in the comfort of needles and pins Tommy was itchin' The fix in the kitchen He made his decision He wanted to scratch Chasing the dragon But facing the dragon Is not really something He wanted to catch But he finally did I wonder Did he try to repent? As life slipped from his eyes Scratching [Chorus] We still love you We will miss you We still love you Is it blissful? We still love you We will miss you We still love you Is it bliss? Eric, My cousin I call to your spirit! Answer! I know you can hear it! I conjure your soul with these lyrics! Manifest some kind of appearance! Scare us I don't even care It's better then just wondering Where it was that you were carried I helped carry you physically to be buried But the rest, every individual varies [Chorus]

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