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Harket Morten lyrics

Ready To Go Home

Original and similar lyrics
On the streets below this walls Where I used to walk Now I can barely crawl All this darkness rising tall Lord, shine a light for me I'm waiting to be called I'm ready to go home I'm ready to receive forgiveness for my sins I'm ready to begin Take this river to the sea Where the delta flows The tide is washing over me Take this soul to heaven's door Show me where tomorrow lies I'm waiting to be born I'm ready to lay down I'm ready now to sleep A promise I must keep I'm ready to go home So tired, I lay down with these memories I breath shallow deep inside of me


CARLY SIMON "Christmas Is Almost Here Again"
Let me be before the world What I am when I'm alone And when my vision falls below Let there be forgiveness Let me answer when I'm called Let me know the voice is right And when it's deep inside my soul I'll know it by it's light And when it's deep inside my soul I'll know it by it's light Help me to make the loving choice Let me answer when I'm called By the mighty and the small In the service of my soul Let there always be forgiveness Forgive

Please Forgive Me

It's been so long since I've touched So long since I wanted Then you made me laugh And my heart opened I want you to find me charming and wise I just want you to find me Somewhere here inside I barely know you We've been sort of friends So what if I called you and called you again What would I tell you Where would I begin Please forgive me If I don't know what to do It's an old fire This familiar desire But my skin is painfully new There's a light in my window It shines all night long In the morning my coffee Is sweet but it's strong I carefully reach out from behind these walls I'll take a deep breath and give you a call Hello how are you Not much at all Lost in this hole That has ripped through my soul I unlock this secret inside What should I think I've had too much to drink As my mind and my body collide

See The Light

Earth Wind And Fire "That's The Way Of The World"
Larry Dunn, Philip Bailey Louise Hardy Lookin' through the clouds, what do you see? Sky of gases, child in need Troubles everywhere, more than I can bear So I'm searching from within Help them see the light I'm a blossom, in the sun, sunshine of love Singing loud to the one, I love above. Shine on sun, let your light, guide my way. For so long, there's been such darkness, Got to be a better way Keep me lord, help me to grow. So I may, reap the fruits, of a free and happy soul. Help them see the light. Give me strength, when temptation calls. Lift me up when life's battles make me fall. Shelter me from the evil and the wrong. So when ya call, dear lord, I said I'll be strong. Walk with me, when the stormy nights are cold, In your hand lies all control. Master, then when my final song is sung, With your mercy, I pray that you'll say well done. Help them see the light.

Get Happy

FRANK SINATRA "Songs For Swingin' Lovers!"
Forget your troubles and just get happy, you better chase all your cares away. Sing Hallelujah, come on get happy, get ready for the Judgment Day. The sun is shining, come on get happy, the Lord is waiting to take your hand. Shout Hallelujah, come on get happy, we're going to the promised land. We're heading 'cross the river, wash your sins 'way in the tide. It's so peaceful on the other side.

There Must Be More

Bread and Juice
Lord I groan, Lord I kneel. I'm cryin' out for something real. 'Cause I know deep in my soul There must be more! Lord I'm tired, yes I'm weak - I need your power to work in me. But I can't let go, I keep hanging on - There must be more! There must be more! River flow; fire burn. Holy Spirit breathe on me.

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