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Halford (Rob Halford) lyrics - Crucible

Weaving Sorrow

Original and similar lyrics
You never know me Cause I won't let you in Not all I am Is on the surface Always concealing what Is lying within Ain't fellin' guilt When there's no purpose It's too late To turn around No tomorrow Obvious truths are for The dumb and the weak Go on pretending in your fake world Bring your insanity but don't ever speak Your fucking life is like a circus It's too late To turn around No tomorrow It's your fate today You're weaving sorrow

The Day After Tomorrow

TAKE THAT "Nobody Else"
Only one way to describe, this is deceit I am hiding Never been here before, never wanna see here again I've strayed from a long term lover And found greater lust from another My conscience is keeping me awake and shouting at me all night So I'll tell her the day after tomorrow, maybe today So I'll tell her the day after tomorrow, or is that too late Beeing loved is a big responsability, You can never give too much back You know it's so easy to walk away and leave that lady flat My life's feeling crowded with possesions, am I lucky or sad Is it time to turn away and lose everything I had So I'll tell her the day after tomorrow, maybe today So I'll tell her the day after tomorrow, or is that too late Moving in circles, decisions chasing me round and round Why's life never easy, or do we make it hard for ourselves And when we find love we need to look for something new 'Cos when it's all over, you always feel the need to be loved Like she always loved you


JOELL ORTIZ "Free Agent"
[Large Professor] Yeah! What we talkin 'bout? Yeah! What we doin here? Joell, with the Large Pro-L [Chorus: Iffy] When you get'cho money, get'cho mind right I say what's real, fuck that limelight! All these haters, they don't want it All these haters, know I'm on it And I got 'em like AYYY-OHHH; and now they like "Oh!" Then I got 'em like AYYY-OHHH; and now they like "OH!" [Joell Ortiz] Yeah - you niggaz think it's a game See a smile on my face, Freq' turn me up Pro - go wild on my bass, these muh'fuckers gotta know I'm crack cocaine in the 80's, I got a flow I rap so crazy, you play with me - adios Homey, I'm the second coming This ain't the first time I've been on a record buggin Sho' nuff won't be the last, I'm just gettin started You hollow, no furniture in a big apartment I ain't a rap nigga, I'm a nigga that rap And I can scrap nigga, don't get your ligaments cracked Man I'll get at Twitter (ha!) I'm street to the 9th power Walk in the spot, one deep with a light, yaowa I'd be lyin if I told you that my bucks major But I walk in and pick the broad that I'ma fuck later Club carpet becomes garbage for the Dutch paper I see you watchin - whattup hater?! [Chorus] [Joell Ortiz] Somebody said his homey was better; I guess he lied I'm hot, got my borough on lock, like 25 to life when I write feel the ground shakin E'ry word that I recite, get the town bakin I'm not yo' average beast (nope!) I can't stomach y'all, make my abs get weak Extra nauseous from the blab you speak So drop your pens, rip your notepad and skeet You not a friend, don't make me have to grab you creeps I count to ten; one.. two/too late, bastards Look at y'all, shook, Kool-Aid packets You know the situation, I'm that intimidatin Cold dog, I flow like a fridge in Nathan's You tryin to bring it back, I'm just tryin to bring it You got them Red Bull bars, you just kinda wing it Like a butter knife, that ain't gon' cut it But I ain't even mad at y'all fuckers! [Chorus] [Joell Ortiz] You niggaz can look around, ain't nobody as hot If you nobody, I stop by and body your block (WHATTUP?!) If you somebody I turn you to the first nigga; I'm the worst nigga Call me Mr. Earth, niggaz bodies are dropped My team really 'bout it homey, shotties are popped You a BITCH! Probably shit, get on your potties and squat This rap music is my new hustle I don't plan to post up, with a few bundles I'm on the grind all the time with a 9 nigga, headnod shit Y'all weak; man this is sweet like a eggnog mix Every word I speak's like a splurge out of the pound Y'all birds out here TWEETS, like words after a # Say my name and I'ma put you in your place No not a song - I'ma come see you and punch you in your face!! (BLAOW) Bling Brooklyn, cause that's where I've brought up You ballin, I'm above the rim - don't get caught up [Chorus]


"The devil lurks and my heart irks for the hell Look into the eyes..." [Jus Allah] My style orbits Around nine planets of forces Ominous metaphorics in vision of double corpses Lying order, mad scientist slash doctor Present the type of horror that boils your holy water Get warped with the knowledge that folds the holy father Hard boys become toys inside the real saga So why bother My whole flaw lines is harder So bring the drama We all know the signs is smarter I set off crowds, style wild like a circus I seek through souls when I walk past churches Allah praise you, stay true to a devine purpose Seeking out the wise wherever the dark searches Flows that I embark and leave your squadron shadow dodging Lyrics are softened like slugs that fill harkness No option, narrow odds Fucking with god is straight gambling with your tarot cards [Chorus] [Ikon the Hologram] Open the gates of Midian For the fangs like the flesh Three cyborgs who Bang like Ladesh We hang the best Spit venom until your face burn Yet the critics are parasitic like a tape worm The hate burn, scathe the urn of a Buddhist Snake turn and fake yearns to kiss 'em cutest We take lives with knives steady abusing ya With the vicious intentions of denting your uvula Bruising ya with text of a Harvard class Ikon will smash into shards of glass To reform into a whirlwind of sand Then reborn into the word Hologram A solid man with plans to intwine matter Mind splatter from the grind of my divine hammer

Tuesday Morning

THE POGUES "Waiting For Herb"
(Spider Stacy) Too many sad days Too many Tuesday mornings I thought of you today I wished it was yesterday morning I thought of you today I dreamt you were dressed in mourning [Chorus:] But I knew that you WIth your heart beating And your eyes shining Would be dreaming of me Lying with you On a Tuesday morning I fell through the window And I found that I was still breathing I thought of tomorrow And the fear that you might leave me I thought of tomorrow And I wished it was Monday morning [Chorus] Turn your face from me And I will cover myself with sorrow Bring hell down upon me I will surrender my heart to sorrow Bring hell down upon me And I will say goodbye tomorrow [Chorus]

Tomorrow Is Today

BILLY JOEL "Cold Spring Harbor"
I've been livin' for the moment But I just can't have my way And I'm afraid to go to sleep 'Cause tomorrow is today People tell me life is sweeter But I don't hear what they say Nothing comes to change my life So tomorrow is today I don't care to know the hour 'Cause it's passing anyway I don't have to see tomorrow 'Cause I saw it yesterday So I listen for an answer But the feeling seems to stay And what's the use of always dreaming If tomorrow is today, oh Still I'm waiting for the morning But it feels so far away And you don't need the love I'm giving So tomorrow is today Oh my, I'm goin' to the river Gonna take a ride and the Lord will deliver me Make my bed, I'm gonna lie in it If you don't come, I'm sure gonna die in it Too late. too much givin' I've seen a lot of life and I'm damn sick of livin' it I keep hopin' that you will pass my way And someday if your dreams are leavin' you I'll still believe in you Though I'm living and I'm singing And although my hands still play Soon enough it will all be over 'cause Tomorrow is today

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