Haggard lyrics

Chapter I: The Day As Heaven Wept

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One of man's darkest chapter, it has just begun In the sign of the cross they rise It's the epoch of the inquisition Too many brothers and sisters have died... - ..left with no life inside to be awakened They will never see the morning sun again Hypocrisy killed the forsakened Who thought, faith would be their only friend Faith would be their only friend - The scenery shows the ashes of some who tried to refuse Rising smoke becomes one with the dim light of the pale and lurid moon Can dark clouds hide the hidden from the mighty eye of god? Using his name on the pretext of deciding who's allowed to live... and who's not! (It's a very dark night, nobody outside... Silence wrapps up the land, as suddenly Hoof beats destroy all sleep In a very dark night...) - Who's allowed to live... and who's not! - From high above the Lord silently watches and grieves And sadness rises from his inner deep For thou, my son hath been crucified... All the angels laid down their trumpets and cried - One shalt be sent to foresee mankind's death! Rain shalt be my tears and thunder my wrath! Sitting on his throne, left of all hope he once kept On the day, as heaven wept - As heaven wept

My Friends

Dar Williams "End of the summer"
'He's a quiet man,' that's all she said And he's a thoughtful man It's just he likes to keep his thoughts up in his head And we finally meet, and she tries to draw him out a bit She says 'He's writing something, Hey now, why don't you talk about it?' And he doesn't make a sound He's just staring at his coffee And I know there's all this beauty And this greatness she'll defend But I think it's in my friend I have a friend in a bright and distant town She's found a common balance Where you do your work, and you do your love And they pay you, and praise your many talents Well I'm passing through, and we know we won't sleep She laughs, puts up the tea She says 'You know I think you remember every part of me.' And the water starts to boil And if I had a camera Showing all the light we give And showing where the light extends I'd give it to my friends Sometimes I see myself fine, sometimes I need a witness And I like the whole truth But there are nights I only need forgiveness Sometimes they say 'I don't know who you are But let me walk with you some' And I say 'I am alone, that's all You can't save me from all the wrong I've done.' But they're waiting just the same With their flashlights and their semaphores And I'll act like I have faith and like that faith never ends But I really just have friends


Siebenbürgen "Plagued Be Thy Angel"
Embraced by the nightmares thou forced me to dwell Caressed by thy horrors which I into fell My darkest angel, my temptress of night Glorificator, of lust and delight I am lost in thy dark desires Thy serpentic Eden of flesh Through splendid creations which thou me into lured I faced the dreams, drunken from thy wine As moonlit silver whispered through mysteries eyes And ravens seeded sorrowpaths in faded thine Thou hungered for lust and passion dark When sin stroke thy hands into bloodied mine Call out and I will follow The dark paths that thou cast before me I will treasure them as night treasures shadows And flee the light above Sorrows that we burnt together Memories that faded away The tears that we dreamt forever Will eternally greet us our death As night spreads its wings in silence And all that remain is pure We gather our screaming horrors In awe to our precious sins

Begotten Son

Only Begotten Son He who believeth in Ja Shall not be condemned But he that believeth not Is condemned already Only because He has not believed In the man and the only begotten son My Lord [chorus] For he so feared the word He left his only begotten son To shed his blood Show that pain is love But I wont cry Cause I live to die Wit my mind on my money And my guns in the sky [x2] Yeah, Why would you leave somethin you love here to die In the cold And it grows Like a concrete rose Beautiful ain't I Till I withered and died In them same streets you left me in Screamin Lord let me in I don't know where to begin Since I lost yo love But then again your love Was strictly for the drugs I dont know whether to hug Or to fill you with slugs Fuckin them whores Instead of claiming what's rightfully yours Pierced a hole in my heart from all the pain you caused With no direction you left your first born lost Give or take a few Cause my hate for you Grew, over the years Through blood, sweat, and tears I wanted to be just like you My father figure, now I want to fight you You bitch nigga, left me 'lone And parts of me never out grown The fact that you left home But moms was so strong Don't let them get you fed This world is yours she said Now nothin is stoppin me but two to the head In life there's more to come when it's all said and done You lost one love, your only begotten son [chorus 2X] Broke wit nothin to live for And damn ready to die young I'm the shadow behind the gun Look at what I've become The fear of many niggas The floss of most bitches The love that runs deepest In the hearts of street niggas Raised in the ghetto By the ghetto Was taught young to pop the metal That's how shit get settled Learn to cook up the coke Never leave home without toast Learn to fly my bitches with birds, in first not coach Never trust ya, from a toddler to hustla I was trained as a youngsta, to cock back and slug ya Love me or hate me, ya only son Let me live or kill me, the chosen one Ja, under the gun, gotta kill 'em fo' sho' If you want it you gonna get more then you askin for Life's got more to come, but when it's all said and done You lost one love, tour only begotten son [chorus 2X] I wanted to be forever yours Look it now we're nothin more than two lost souls Lookin to meet at the crossroads I burn the hydro, lay back with my eyes closed In deep thought like Brittany is somethin I'd die for How the fuck do you sleep at night Knowin you wronged the only thing you ever did right Despite the loss I stretch the length of a short Now I got a new father whose name is New York Runnin wild in the streets With heat, we don't talk Cause when its cold you basically live life in dark But light will shine from the heavens and bless one Ja Rule; love, your only begotten son [chorus 3X]

Friend Zone

HOODIE ALLEN "Making Waves"
[Hook:] Shit's over now, we can't work it out If you're right there, chillin' in the friend Zone And I can't help you if you're frontin' too You know I can't just live without you You've been the person that's been stressing my life quick Cause I'm not trying to be the other man like a sidekick No Butch Cassidy, y'all just have to be Gettin' in line for the Masterpiece And I never claimed to be your Romeo But maybe I'm Master P, that's how it has to be Y'all can wait after me, came to the buffet starving Y'all ain't really ready but I'm Reggie at the Garden Cause I've been thinking you're the future girl I mess with Call her Judy Jetson, let's split Somewhere, where our chemistry is tested, SAT's I be giving her my pen she's like S-A-please, Geez And that's just exactly how a fan's made Callin' all the time in between your tan breaks And now we're friends sharing pancakes And you tryna to ask for the digits of my band mates [Hook 2:] And I don't wanna talk no more Cause I heard that friends don't score Stuck in the zone that I've been before And you don't look at me just like I do [2x] Do you, what the fuck I gotta do? She don't look at me just like I do [2x] [Hook] I'm tired of sitting on the side like a red shirt Cause when it comes to women, I be falling head first That means my head hurts, so Trent Edwards I be looking at you, twisting every single said word And your friend said you leaving in the same cab Damn, I really hate your friend bad Every compliment, I meant that, true So I'm thinking that I can't just live without You wearing glasses but you got the perfect vision I'm a jerk, admit it, but I swear I'm worth the visit Nervous, but I'm living, means I'm always taking chances How else am I supposed to get you pants-less No E-Z pass, I couldn't advance and I don't think we're really there anymore like Kansas Dancing with the floor, showing everybody that you're worth I got you sixth string but I couldn't get a first kiss [Hook 2] I just can't live without you

Death Of YOLO

JOEY BADA$$ "Summer Knights"
[Hook:] This the song I wrote if I died I was on the 50 mile doing 9-5 Beating the pussy like he ain't got 9 lives And I'm high, mix Ciroc and some blunts, cause you only live once Cause you only live once [x3] Once, once [Verse 1: Joey Bada$$] White girl wasted, my wife girl hate it 'Cause when I'm faded I just wanna See her naked Adjust adjacent, like baby let me see your matrix Kama Sutra, back to basics Since I was on the go, back to the block 105 on, started bumpin' Hard Knock I looked at my nigga Fly, as my heart dropped Sedan in front swervin' as the car stopped In that split second, my foot steppin' breakin' I thought to myself, I always knew that I would make it All it took was patience, and now I'm on the stations Luckily I made it right before my life was taken It was too good to be mistaken for happiness and riches People callin' my phone, like they happy that we did it Little did they know I was 'bout to meet my maker Till an angel came down and told me that my time was later [Hook] [Verse 2: Smoke DZA] Riiiiiight, fuck it Pass the deuce, 'member creepin' through the 'jects Had to, stash the deuce in my 40 'Low boots International, my bread is well earned L's burn, smash hoes in Melboure Light skinned jawn, look like Chanel Imon One night, got her hooked, like I'm heroin Vintage Vans and puffin' on chron Posted, lookin' like a slimmer Daron Give me some to a 112 song Smoke a nigga like a Newport Long Pass off to my man, be a baton 'Cause it ain't no if fun if the homies don't get none Right, it's like ballin' on a bitty Bunch of bad bitches from different cities Illest niggas in New Yiddy Kush God, Joey Bada$$, relax and stack the skrilly [Hook] [Verse 3: Joey Bada$$] Late night cruisin', fusing the green with the cuban So swift we moving through clouds intruding Celestial Nubians, known them since I was a Brand Nubian and they influenced him And now it's new beginnin's, catch me sinnin' in Sin City Sittin' and spinnin' and spittin' in ya city Swimmin' in ya bitty, fuckin' the kitty and breasts Got protection in the vest, but still penetrate correct Confess, I got the remedy for these bitches The Jack and the sack and ejac and some intellect And [?] all we do is flex on the weekends They upset cause I learned how to flex on the weakest And in my strength they drenched in they trenches The face of my terrace is gold, leaving fences and the coal And I know all you nigga's weaknesses Through my threshold, sight on some instinctive shit [Hook]

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