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GUSTER lyrics

We Gotta Be Clean

Original and similar lyrics
They've got to be clean, they've gotta be clean, ahhhahh We wash our hands whenever we eat And in the bath we wash our ears, our elbows and feet We gotta be clean We gotta be clean It's healthy and keen We gotta be clean Ahhh Ahhh (Yes sir!) We start each day by brushing our teeth (Brush brush!) And getting the plaque and stuff off the smile underneath We gotta be clean We floss in between Like the string must be green We gotta be clean Each day's a fight with the forces of dirt (Dirt! Dirt! Dirt!) Battling the smudge and the smear and the squirt (Squirt! Squirt! Squirt!) What do we do when our shirt is all covered with mustard? (Mustard! Mustard! Mustard!) You may just wear it and wear it and wear it for weeks (No!) Not Guster... We wash it, then we wear it We may be sad We may be beat We may be cross or tired or mad but we'll always be neat We gotta be clean Like all dishes we've seen Or a fresh nectarine Or some laundry that's been through the washing machine We gotta be clean (We got to be ahhhhh!)


JACQUEES "Fan Affiliated"
Woke up thank God, everything good, Money on my mind so I'm getting straight to it I'm taking off all my way tomorrow Got somebody's girl, hanging off my arm Telling me that she'll be so bored So I told hop aboard [?] Like baby let go, off in the space we go He's never been this hot hot No he never been fly, never been fly He is not I I am the guy Clean from my head, to my shoes and my socks There's no other way to do it, shawty Let's just how I do It [Chorus:] I wake up early in the morning Nothing on my bean but how to get this guala I gotta stay clean Is not copy thing they follow They are watching me Cause the women like the scene So I gotta stay clean Stay clean, clean If I gotta, I gotta, I gotta stay clean Stay clean, clean I gotta, I gotta, I gotta stay clean, clean clean, clean Okay I'm smelling like polo fresh as a photo You would think I'm amazing the way I'm pulling these young girls Got my black shades on, and my wrist look like summer And my neck so cold I could get sick from the weather I like my Beat Down Low and my baseline high In the car with the windows black like my name CI you Gonna get me for you see me as I came my money right So I let my speakers bump even when I'm out all night [Chorus] All my clothes is made in countries that I can't pronounce it We gonna basket ball but only if you make that booty Bounce gotta thaw my jewelry out 'Cause I keep it in the refrigerator Show you how to get this money Let me be your demonstrator Your girl keep on calling me She wanna go to dinner later Honestly she gone be lucky if I hit her later Me I just collect the check like a dinner waiter You you been a hater I'm a money generator I don't need a pen and paper I'm cleaner than listerine All my diamonds crystal clean Yo girl want to kiss the king Don Dada I make you bow down and kiss the ring The way I ball ball ball Call me Mr. Clean [Chorus]

Dirt Off Your Shoulder

JAY-Z "The Black Album"
You're now tuned into the muh'fuckin greatest Turn the music up in the headphones Tim, you can go and brush your shoulder off nigga I got you, yeah [Chorus: Jay-Z] If you feelin like a pimp nigga, go and brush your shoulders off Ladies is pimps too, go and brush your shoulders off Niggaz is crazy baby, don't forget that boy told you Get, that, dirt off your shoulder [Verse One] I probably owe it to y'all, proud to be locked by the force Tryin to hustle some things, that go with the Porsche Feelin no remorse, feelin like my hand was forced Middle finger to the law, nigga grip on my balls Stab the ladies they love me, from the bleachers they screamin All the ballers is bouncin they like the way I be leanin All the rappers be hatin, off the track that I'm makin But all the hustlers they love it just to see one of us make it Came from the bottom the bottom, to the top of the pots Nigga London, Japan and I'm straight off the block Like a running back, get it man, I'm straight off the block I can run it back nigga cause I'm straight with the Roc [Chorus] [Chorus Two] You gotta get, that, dirt off your shoulder You gotta get, that, dirt off your shoulder You gotta get, that, dirt off your shoulder You gotta get, that, dirt off your shoulder [Verse Two] Your homey Hov' in position, in the kitchen with soda I just whipped up a watch, tryin to get me a Rover Tryin to stretch out the coca, like a wrestler, yessir Keep the Heckler close, you know them smokers'll test ya But like, fifty-two cards when I'm, I'm through dealin Now fifty-two bars come it, now you feel 'em Now, fifty-two cars roll out, remove ceiling In case fifty-two broads come out, now you chillin with a boss bitch of course S.C. on the sleeve At the 40/40 club, ESPN on the screen I paid a grip for the jeans, plus the slippers is clean No chrome on the wheels, I'm a grown-up for real [Chorus] + [Chorus Two] [Verse Three] Your boy back in the building, Brooklyn we back on the map Me and my beautiful beeeeeeeitch in the back of that 'Bach I'm the realest that run it, I just happen to rap I ain't gotta clap at 'em, niggaz scared of that black I drop that +Black, Album+ then I back, out it As the best rapper alive nigga axe about me From Bricks to Billboards, from grams to Grammys The O's to opposite, Orphan Annie You gotta pardon Jay, for sellin out the Garden in a day I'm like a young Marvin in his hey' I'm a hustler homey, you a customer crony Got some, dirt on my shoulder, could you brush it off for me? [Chorus] + [Chorus Two] You're now tuned into the muh'fuckin greatest Best rapper alive, best rapper alive

Wipe It 'til It Bleeds

allrigth yeah-yeh-yhe-yhe-yhe wow-wo-wo-wo-wo wanna give it out wanna beef it up wanna make it beg for more you gotta keep it clean your little meat machine because it's the only,only one you got gotta make it last sign an autoograph getting ready to get it on you gotta wipe it clean get that magic sheen so wipe it 'til it bleads yeah-yeh-yeh-yeh-yhe wipe it 'til it bleeds wow-wo-wo-wo-wo it's your golden toy make it make some noise you gotta make it cream such a shiny dream you gotta check the the seam got my scandinavian leather on never lie it dry or it will fucking die you-gotta let it breathe gotta stetchit out gotta flex it out work that baby all night long work that baby all nigth long all night long see the young lord looking so very good he rode down to the village just like we knew he would he's such a lusty little hipster he takes what he wants subcultural greed, he's a boy of many needs and now, rigth now we're gonna wipe him 'til he bleeds wipe it 'til it bleeds you gotta keep it clean

Teach Us To Survive

ACCEPT "Metal Heart"
Day or night - seems always right To execute a crime But now it's time - to pull the plug And stop this bloody game - this bloody game They're black or white Crime is colour blind Rage is breaking loose For our defence It makes good sense Lock 'em all away We've gotta take out the crime Start all over again We've gotta clean up the slime So we can live without pain We have been told - a million times Crime will never pay The loss of life - is hard to take When evil rules the day We've gotta take out the crime Start all over again We've gotta clean up the slime So we can live without pain Take out the crime You better watch out When you clean up the slime When they're doing time They go out of their mind They're beyond the point The point of no return We've gotta take out the crime Start all over again We've gotta clean up the slime So we can live without pain We've gotta take out the crime Start all over again Come on and kick out that slime So there's a future again

Jelly Bean Colored Suits

ANDRE NICKATINA "Khan! The Me Generation"
I wear clothes that'll circle the globe And write raps that make them out of your nose I'm like a beara tone. I take the Vegas trip man that's my favorite I hit the strip like a sailor coming off a ship I'm in the back of the car like a mafia don blowing weed wearing Louis vaton. I'm like the diamond out of Africa In the cheesecake factory talking loud like a pastor be. I got wings that birds don't have and I fly like the birds don't fly In the midnight kill an hour I give my life to the holy kirran but it's way behind the god of khan in the sun of Milan. Step back as I roll the bomb. You might text but I wont respond It's the blueberry Going 90 down seminary Bumping the scarriac? Because I'm so damn fresh yeah. I wear rings like the young slick Rick and if I pawn them I can buy a brick Feel me on that. I crack a smile like a cracked bottle I talk shit to all the poor damn strip models I smoke weed like I won't get caught I drive my car like I'm sellin' a yot I'm always ask baby what you got I'm always ask baby what you got I'm always askin' baby what you got Give it to me I shoot thru like a free throw I'm not high but people try to find me like Nemo I wear the Sean john. The new white one I'm from Frisco Balcor, Barry bonds Man let me roll the around it Going up something like hydraulics I be shopping on market Yo anything fly in my sight is my target. I like cars with the fresh leather I like them real tough So I gotta call my Foid Mayweather I eat the gummy bears buy shoes in double pairs. Wife beaters under my shirt is what I gotta wear. I chew now an laters and wear alligators be at the parties where you see all the ball players Philmore days. Tahoe nights. Man I be rapping just raise up the coke price My closet looks like jelly beans from all the colorful suits that I got from the Philippines I keep my nails clean A little visene I'm at the mesanino root boy yanah I mean? I take it back like brown royal Or for the stop homie Turned it into a gym and win the pot foil She like baby oil and a sweet sense I like something automatic on the flight trip And when it's automatic man you can see the cabbage You can see it in my face Man I'm extra manage More new cars more fresh clothes My deek is the code for the pesh mode I like to laugh like the hyena Cause every time I think I'm gonna lose I'm a straight cheater I wear wife beaters at your pool parties But i ain't Not getting my hair wet for nobody I take off like a redeye And I could shoot to la in atleast 45 Til the sunrise then we cut pies And the girls only talk to the trick guys I hit my lawyer with a quick bundle Just to let her know sometimes a guard might be in trouble I roll blunts in the backseat And then I sit on that ass and I watch the whole track meet

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