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GUSTER lyrics - Goldfly


Original and similar lyrics
(Needle) Played follow the leader Keeping my steps in time Counting on the wonder ahead I leave the pain behind It's on me It's all mine Go away They're my mistakes They're not your problem Pinned down in this heaven I'll die a thousand times Aware of the damage ahead I'll leave the pain behind Another day A perfect day A twinge of pain The sting of the needle So warm at the bottom Warm never felt so kind And for a moment or two I leave it all behind It's on me It's all mine Go away, they're my mistake and not your problem Black dog White picket fences Mow them down and dance in the rip tide Face down in consequences Crack me up and stay on your own side Another day A perfect day A twinge of pain, the sting of the needle Starin at the walls provide A brilliant sight through eyes of the needle I wish I may I wish I might I pray my soul to keep tonight When all the walls start staring back A perfect day A sting for the last time

Let The Truth Sting

DAVID GRAY "A Century Ends"
The hour is out of joint black sun has risen and the river of words is flowing on through the cages of tradition and they're handing out emptiness we'll take it cos it's given free with this plastic innocence and these standards of living Questions lighted questions burnin' holes into my head hanging like shadows o'er the sun staring out like the eyes of the dead and sometimes my soul flickers when the wind of change blows cold over the mire of repetition down the corridors of rigmarole What I say, what I think what I put down in ink I'm only trying to find a way to understand and I mean no harm I'm just searching for calm in the storm of mankind Do you find it there in the sea of faces that drowns you everyday or in the silence and rubble and empty spaces where children and rottweilers play is it buried in the praise given so cheap with a meaningless movement of the jaws in the looking glass that flatters you or in the rattle of hollow applause Blind circle, moon and sun body willing, mind undone one pain ending while another begins lies, ruin disease into wounds like these let the truth sting From the hub to the limit through the urban hollows out into the poles of the extreme to echo through the numbness of these godless minutes in the shadow of delusion's regime And here watching the night as it opens like a flower and the day starts to rust feeling time pound like a silent hammer on this empire of dust and I'm thinking bout the bullet and the TV screen, the dollar, and the clenched fist and if we're searching for peace how come we still believe in hatred as the catalyst Oh through the borderline in front and behind one pain ending while another begin lies, ruin disease into wounds like these let the truth sing yeah let the truth And I feel it from the pit of my stomach into the ditch of my mind inside the chambers of my heart as I stare half blind at these walls of cardboard at this space that I've rented at your beauty that is crumbling though you try so hard to prevent it On and on body willing, mind undone one pain ending while another begins lies, ruin, disease into wounds like these let the truth sting let the truth sting let the truth sting

The Stone

DAVE MATTHEWS BAND "Before These Crowded Streets"
Oh well oh well so here we stand But we stand for nothing My heart calls to me in my sleep But can not turn to it 'Cause I'm all locked up in this Dark place And I do not know I´m good as dead My head aches, warped and tied up I need to kill this pain Chorus: My head won't leave my head alone And I don't believe it will Until I'm dead and gone My head won't leave my head alone And I don't believe it will Until I'm six feet underground How long I'm tied up My mind in knots My stomach reels In concern on what I might do or What I've done It's got me living in fear Well I know these voices must Be my soul I've had enough I've had enough of being alone but I've got no place to go Chorus in my grave lock in trap, shut and wired in my grave Leave on Leave it to me to waste here I´m down here and again My mind in knots and my stomach reels In concern on what I might do or What I've done It's got me tired of living in fear but what do I drink and drink and smoke to reason, to reason with my head and away Needle to the vein Needle to the vein Take this needle from my vein my friend I said Chorus in my grave Lying Trap, shut and wired in my grave Reason, my reason take my head off this terror outraged Oh comeback come on say my mind's all wiped clean but the needle is my great escape Oh I feel caught in time My head now leaves me behind My body will falls cold dead I see heaven

Silent Screams

Halford (Rob Halford) "Live Insurrection"
[Halford/Marlette] Look at me I'm chasing After dreams left in the storm. What I am is all that Really matters now The lies are gone. Tempting fate and losing Friends along the way I loved. No regrets I'm standing With a needle in my heart. You'll never know. My life means everything. Still I scream because There's nothing left to do until the end. The world goes on. With all that i've become. And still I scream inside Though all the pain i've taken Hasn't changed. Nothing's changed at all The truth is like a chain. Heaven's calling me The place where I belong. Killing pain Close my eyes a million faces Get inside my mind. Take a breath and fill my troubled Soul with all mankind. Killing pain The man in black I'm coming back To spew my evil hate. My crown of horns And bloody thorns I dig up what you fear. I am the shape That's in your room That watches over you. I am the needle In your heart, You're disillusioned god. I am god I am fate I am all the things you make. Yeah. Hate. I am black I am white I'm the blood upon the knife. Yeah. Hate. Since time began I made a vow To drag you underground. To steal your soul of purity And watch you waste away. I am pure I am right I'm the god that makes you fight. Yeah. Hate. I am life I am death I will steal your final breath. Yeah. Hate. I prey upon your broken dreams Your weakness gives me strength. I'm laughing at your silent screams I'll crush you with my hate. Yeah. You face it all And face the fear that's here. Until the silent screams Leaves you with no choice to carry on. You'll never fall When all is said and done. The only scream is here The journey never ends It's just begun. The lies that never learn. The needle's in my heart. And things will never change. So every time I scream I'm killing pain

The Author

THE ACADEMY IS... "The Academy"
The search has begun, this is page one. Man, meet your maker, I give you The Author. He may seem familiar because he looks like your mirror. You've lied like a lawyer, but don't deny it when you're face to face with demons dancing off mirror images reflecting all that you wanted. So far from perfect, onward we will strive. Take it for what it's worth, this truth that you've realized. You're not who you thought you were, it's time to see the other side of what you have become. Nothing but your single serving selfish chapters of sacrificial moral standards. No stranger to apathy in bold situations, take your time to make it happen. Leave your mirror, and spare your excuse as a self-serving actor. So close to perfect. It's all the same, no face or complexion. You're not worth what you're spending. When you're screaming "Danger, Danger!", don't stop, go on alone. Desperate endeavor, you've got to take it or leave it, if you will. It's not so convincing that you're the only one here who can be like me. The search has begun. Leave your letters, but it won't matter. Take back what is left before your death, but is it really you that they suspect? You take shots, who's the figure before the flame? It's not hard to spark, but it's hard to master. So look for the answer. Single serving selfish chapters on your condition. Lust and liars. So get out, stop dreaming, if you're one for breathing. Sacrificial moral standards of two reflections. Truth and fire, something you'll live for. So close to perfect. It's all you've got, one chance for conviction. Lies fuel fires and your suspect won’t walk. When you're screaming "Danger, danger!" Don't, don’t stop, just go on alone. Desperate endeavor, you’ve got to take it or leave it if you will. (run, run) It's not so convincing that you're the only one who could be like me. From this point on. The way you thought it would all work out... But we've hit Autumn. Just follow the story, the fall of The Author. Just one more year and you'll choose to regret. One on one to repent, your eyes are fading. Sleep alone, sleep alone, sleep alone. Sleep alone.


CELINE DION "D'eux / The French Album"
Vole vole petite aile Ma douce, mon hirondelle Va t'en loin, va t'en sereine Qu'ici rien ne te retienne (Fly fly little wing My dear, my dove Go far away, go serene Let nothing here hold you back) Rejoins le ciel et l'¨¦ther Laisse-nous laisse la terre Quitte manteau de mis¨¨re Change d'univers (Rejoin the sky and the ether Leave us the earth Leave misery's coat Change of universe) Vole vole petite soeur Vole mon ange, ma douleur Quitte ton corps et nous laisse Qu'enfin ta souffrance cesse (Fly fly little sister Fly my angel, my pain Leave your body and leave us To finally stop the pain) Va rejoindre l'autre rive Celle des fleurs et des rires Celle que tu voulais tant Ta vie d'enfant (Go join the other bank The one of flowers dans laughs The one you wanted so much Your child life) Vole vole mon amour Puisque le nôtre est trop lourd Puisque rien ne te soulage Vole ¨¤ ton dernier voyage Lâche tes heures ¨¦puis¨¦es Vole, tu l'as pas vol¨¦ Deviens souffle, sois colombe Pour t'envoler (Fly fly my love Because ours is too heavy Because nothing eases your pain Fly to your last trip Leave your hours exhausted Fly, you haven't steel it Become a breeze, be dove To fly yourself away) Vole, vole petite flamme Vole mon ange, mon âme Quitte ta peau de mis¨¨re Va retrouver la lumi¨¨re (Fly fly little flame Fly my angel, my soul Leave your misery's skin Go rediscover the light)

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