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GUSTER lyrics - Goldfly


Original and similar lyrics
Absent in the things I've done For the real Revelations come to people so slow Frightening Won't stop now before they're done Peel their skin Eaten underneath Rotten Rotten Drowning in understanding Swallowed poison keeps them well But watching the others struggle through Makes me grin Should I tell the mindless stumbling through That I have found it Watching all the things they've done This is real When revolution comes from misguided hands Frightening And in all the idiots I see Thoughtless men casting doubts on me Enlightening Downing in understanding Swallowed poison keeps them well But watching the others struggle through Makes me grin Should I tell the mindless stumbling through That I have found it They'll turn the vice once And slowly break your hand Will it come back to you now Just like it never left (Chorus in forefront, lyrics below as backup) Peel away their faith, their fears, have led them towards the worse one See the way their minds have glazed they're looking for the worst one But I have found it

Gotta Understand

JURASSIC 5 "Feedback"
[Soul sample cut] "You might wanna say it" Testing "O, Ya got to understand" [Chorus] "what ya gotta" speak the truth for real "you might want to say ?" "you got to understand" We trying to tell you the deal from our perspective The J5 collective will wreck cuz you "You got to understand" keep it together and try "you might want to say ?" but you "you got to understand" We're more than meets the third eye, words fly Reppin' from the bird's eye view [Akil] I ain't hating I just heard better Up the ante on the game and apply the pressure Understand I was a fan Before I was a member of your favorite rap band Understand that I'm still a fan [Soup] And you can keep playing after the fact Related to the game and came after crack Cuz every nigga I know is out ta get a plaque So why you wanna go and do that, huh? [Chali 2na] I don't know man cuz we see fiends who dream c.r.e.a.m Reppin' the west through special effects and green screens And it seems you need to be the one to flash that cannon Or sign the autographs till the last cat's standing [Marc 7even] Brother pass that action, and your trashin' is real Your only way of coming up is probably inking a deal While your thinking the skills, some are thinking the mills In a never-ending quest ta get the house on the hill AND THAT'S REAL [Chorus] [Akil] I need some understanding in this world between me and my girl She want the diamonds and the pearls to be a part of my world Twenty four-sev, but love don't pay the rent So love me when I'm home and cherish the moment [Chali 2na] Uh-Huh Cuz some of you women are men's mirrors I know some women who dodge balls like Ben Stiller Please understand, it's not to offend or seem bitter But every queen, need a king wit her [Soup - singing] Ms. Thing I don't know, but ever I leave you ready to go My Momma told me about how it flow But I didn't wanna listen but she told me so Now if it ever came to the bank account Who'd ya pack ya things and get up and bounce These the type of things that I be thinking about To all my other fellas "you got to understand" [Chorus] [Chali 2na] And all the times I tried ta do ?what this wanna god do? It's cuz I see the world from the Artist eye view You live life the next part is you die, too And there's no one on this earth it doesn't apply to [Soup] Now that's true, cuz every single day I live I'm obligated just ta say it like it T-I is And I ain't gon talk about no cat whose decision is poor Trust me man my hand is just as dirty as yours [Marc 7even] Either they like you, or they hype you, it's a cycle Choices that we make in the vi-tal Cuz in the blink of an eye it can all go awry And the next man will quickly take your title [Akil] Yeah, between me and myself and all of these things Understanding is a theme when we doing our thing From the job to my queen and chasing my dream The whole world needs a little understanding [Chorus (w/ad-libs from Akil)] [cut sample until fade]

Look Up

HOODIE ALLEN "Making Waves"
[Hook:] Why would anyone wanna be stopping me When I'm trynna be good I'm just trynna be And I feel like the whole world is sitting right down on top of me But I'm trynna be good I'm just trynna be in heaven A whole lot of obstacles there in front of me But I'm trynna be good I'm just trynna be good I'm just trynna be good I'm just trynna be I want the people who made me to feel they could be proud And I'll look back on their decisions like they pulling out Wool over my eyelids I thrive in the silence I'm using my blinker signal I'm trynna get by and Change lanes to a different destination It be like the longer that I wait The less I develop patience But hey thats natural In a world full of entitlement You know I'm Making Waves What happens when the title hits? I'll be cool with all Imma get I'm not trynna be picky But my fam giving me hell Little Nicky And I just play it straight I wonder why you tricky And I remember watching Stick Stickly (Watchin-watching Stick Stickly) In my younger days and now my mom just wonders where that kid is And I wish so bad I had an answer but I didn't That's so wack, my heart crack Little when I realize I only get one shot at a real life I had met some girls they were real nice But it didn't feel right They thought I'm Pinocchio Fuck it I'm a real guy [Hook] And that's the state of things Don't know what the day will bring All that glitters isn't always made of bling And she likes the finer things Designer jeans, and diamond rings I like the late night diner burgers Fries and then a side of drinks (ching!) Ring me up, I got minutes Mortal Kombat, I got finished But my aim was to be winning And it can be so humble when you start at the beginning Driving round the town, windows down, now you singing: "I don't wanna be myself I don't need none of your help" You know that rebel same team Dressin' up like you James Dean Lucky that we had Bay teams Growing up but I hate dreams What ever had happened to my faith? Left mainstream Y'all killing the game But you claimin' you been framed, please I'm Roger Rabbit Just swallowin' my habits They come in small tablets And these groupies love to grab it No it's not magic No it's not a game I'm just hoping that it's different Cause I hate when it's the same I'm screaming to yall... Thank you, thank you, thank you You just checked out Making Waves Courtesy of us The boys at Hoodie Allen I hope you enjoyed it See you back soon Until then we out

Travellin' Man

DJ Honda "HII"
[Featuring KRS One Doe V] Intro: All you sucker MCs just sit back and hear the new lyrical styles comin' straight out of America New York to be exact. Like to shout out DJ Honda this is KRS One with Doe V. KRS One: I open fire with lyrical gats for opening acts and opening tracks Without vocally knowin' they raps I crack backs when active raps get 16 gold and platinum plaques I been there and done that You wanna critique the teacher but you know you haven't studied People turn funny when they think you're makin' money The true philosopher of hip hop is in the place I'll punch you in your face then discuss clearing space Damagin' my electro magnetic extention Radiate six feet in every single direction Guessin' stressin' they tensin' Yo Doe-V yo teach 'em now the new lessons Doe V: It's team player baby hold this shit down since the 80's So how the hell am I gonna let one of these new niggas play me Wanna spray me lay me shadey with the 380 Crazy nigga play me be a cold night in Hades We keeps it real with ya paw But cats get froud like saggy titties in a push up bra It's fucked up how they did Big Poppa Will the show go on? They gotta And pokers still bring it proper KRS-One: Fresh for 97 from 86 that makes 11 Years on the microphone Can We Talk like Tevin I Run like th Reverend, hip hop heaven The number of God is not only seven It's nine and three so come follow me On a journey to witness a real MC The mind tricks the body I was in the party When Dougie recorded Lodi Dodi And I ain't see nobody Hook: If one slow, then everybody slow If one know, then everybody know If one flow, then everybody flow If one blow nigga, then everybody blow (x2) KRS-One: It's me again sober but never lonely with Doe V Moving closely you got skills kid now show me K the R the S is the teacher don't forget that Challenging this could get your album date set back Diplomatic this rap addict tunes out static No we can't have it I spurt the verbal Magic like Mister Don't get it Twisted like Sister Or Keith like Sweat trickles down your cheek better put up the anus Chewin' your crew like cheese danish let me change this Lyrical flows I reign this You can't tame this this is aimless MCin' while bein' famous and rich Still believe it it's got to be that way Which way, the no bitch way, the no snitch way Definatly not the bitch way Is he a real ferous serious? They ask right when they cranium cracks Doe-V: Shamma Lamma can't nobody slamma And if I can't slam ya I'm a hit you with a hammer Huh boom bamma then you say Damn ah why'd ya hit me Shamma Lamma? Cause that's still the way I am-ah Can have tight security still run up in your jamma And hit you like a 4-4 slug kablamma blamma Who's name rings bells 360 from toliet 12 Legend has it when he piss he put out the fires in hell Plus rock well, honies wanna Fuck You For Free like Akinele So cocktales through niggas window if my glock fail It ain't where your from it's what your representin' Mama always taught me never eat where you be shittin' Oh no he didn't Straight from jail for I'm kickin' Can't trush them hoes I can see clear from where I'm sittin' Since the days of (Brooklyn keeps on takin' it) Bronx keeps creatin' it (True only relate to this) A few real niggas left and the rest is immitatin' it Mistaking it for life is too hard then we breakin' it Doe-V is coming through with KRS ain't no mistakin' it KRS-One: Put the jewels on the table we takin' it Hook (x2) Doe V: I damage your molecular structure your heart beat fluctured Main arteries rupture I puncture Your style my mental state's on the prowl I bring it wild like a bunch of immates goin' to trail I cause havoc a mystery like Voodu magic I set the static I'm comin' barracade the barracks Disrupt your molecules I demolish crews And bruise and toss A-yo nail to the cross Hook (x4)


Artifact "Between a Rock a Hard Place"
[El Da Sensai] I calculate that eighty-five was the year I first grabbed the pen, daydreamin of the cheers Ahead from rockin shows, no Girbauds that sag The windbreaker suits and backspins that was mad I stress progress roll joints at my rest til the ill wee hours, and I knew it was the best I hit mad spots, many crews got dropped While I was gettin props niggaz was dealin on the block Stayin in crib on the weekends was Marley Marl was freakin the cuts Mr. Magic was speakin That's how I got my first taste, makin tapes til the rhyme skill was great and my style would escalate Practice made my perfect tactics Now my dap gets clap, cause I'm the rap snap fanatic But now in nine-trey I got the T-Ray track And my trunks, my roots are growin styles from whayback .. [Tame One] I flash back to fat Kangol hats, with plastic Back when steppin on kicks in eighty-six got your ass kicked Bombers and sheepskins, were common when I first started rhymin Still I found time to go bombin Me and my pals rocked Cazals with no glass Dark flavored Clarks, Lee Denims off the ass Back when Mr. Magic had it goin all the way on the beat with BDP, added flavor like a crayon Indeed MC's would represent with the skills But now in ninety-three a lot of them can get the dillz It seems like a little sumthin missin in the mix But now I got a deal, so it's up to me to fix When niggaz put me up on, with funky raps to cut on Word is BOND, if I hear another wack rap song I might snap and it's an actual fact that I'ma kick it like that, cause this is strictly bout the whayback .. [El Da Sensai] Aww man damn, whayback, things was kinda fat Had the Godfather knot, a Starter hat, things are kinda wack now, packed up, my cardboard and stepped away I didn't have a choice, the culture was slayed B.D. had died, and things were dissapearin The West coast was here and all these wack beats appearin DJ's were breakin down record store doors to get the Biz Dance and the Chante Moore's Peace to Buck Four, Rocksteady on the floor New York and Dynamic crews plus many more Remember the time when you didn't pack a nine Niggaz just came to hear some, funky ass rhymes But all of that's over, cause brothers wanna act up No clubs to go to, they'll just pack rap up That's how the media wants it to stop So peep the verse and last showin of Graffiti Rock So check it, the brothers wanna wreck it To get what's expected, cause hip-hop, should be respect Gotta get it back, to get it on track Artifacts kickin styles illy on the whayback [Tame One] Like back when my Timberlands were only size sixes I used to take pictures shootin spitballs at bitches Cross New Jersey Transit just to see a rapper kick it But now I ain't with it, cause niggaz just ain't worth the ticket Shit man, I remember jams that were slammin Gettin me and my man in, was harder than backgammon DJ's would scratch back to back from boom baps And rappers with real raps, could drop shit real fat But now kid, as I recollect, rappers out who caught wreck respected, just got stuck up in my tape deck Real deal hip-hop, when Biz used to flip-flop His fat ass, on stage'd do a dance, in busted Reeboks Niggaz musta forgot, when real rhymes was hot Cause now if you ain't gold, you ain't got no props But fuck that, I'm above that, I don't play that The Artifacts staff drops math about the whayback .. It's a demo..


AER "Aer"
[Hook:] Been meaning to write you sincerely So let me lay this down Ain't much to say, ain't much to say, unless it’s a vow So what’s this about? [Verse 1:] Give me nothing man, I’ll take it on my own Got a whole lot to go, only slow when I've grown old Well one piece of advice, for you limelight seeking shh Twitter plus the couch equals you never gonna blow You can talk a big game, you can want to walk to fame The sidewalk ends fall off if the grind ain't the same as the FAM Nothing to gain if you can’t get yourself outta the place that you claim can’t help, well The ladder for me man keeps getting longer The climb gets harder, my arms getting stronger You blind old man cause you’re starting to wander Snake of the game bringing nothing but problems You on the come up like your leader's got his eyes closed I’d arrive before you if I decide to drive slow But I’m not I’m posted up never lie low You’ll vanish real quick like your missing dog Fido [Hook] [Verse 2:] It’s a curse and a blessing to get this way in the first place And your shit was supposed to drop around my 15th birthday Gotta be real and cleaned up behind curtains Is this really your grand scheme to prove that you’re worth it? Well I've seen it before but good job They click next stray away quick move along Shake they head say They never going back to this blog Can’t use your brights homie cause your heads filled with fog If you want something grab it, if you have a beat stab it Shitload of legwork not just living lash, I’m up at 3 AM and I’m still mentally active Mind is traveling to a height that’ll send your ass packing In the third row seat of the van realizing opportunities within patience Instant gratification is not in the plans for your brand Buzzer beater precision they coming running from the stands [Hook]

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