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GUANO APES lyrics - Proud Like A God

Get Busy

Original and similar lyrics
D-dig (x3) D-dig y'all (repeat) What I am what I am getting older what I need is a man by my shoulder what I am what you are alright I'm sick of your lying there Look at me look at me growing colder everyday I get a little bolder what I am what you are allright I'm sick of your lying there And when you lie there why must I lie there (repeat) (repeat D-Dig) Why am I why am I feeling stronger now the days and the nights getting longer what I am what you are allright I'm sick of your lying there And when you lie there why must I lie there (repeat x4) Get on the microphone surround with truth But I try to survive in a whore's dress something I'm getting out there keeps me god-blessed my mother told me priest just told me too fast and you'll spend your whole life paying out my brother's getting sicker sicker while my pretty sister sits there bitchin about her figure time to move and get away get away and open up to your freedom today And when you lie there why must I lie there (repeat X10) D-Dig y'all


Black sheep of the family Nothing like the rest Separate from the others Failing all their tests Can't they see you're different? So hungry and so lean You're a walking wonder You're a metal machine Look and you'll see You're a lot like me Chorus: You're an S.M.F. You're an S.M.F. You're an S.M.F. You're an S.-M.-F. Caught up in their worries And tomorrow's dream Missing all the living Milk without the cream They think you're so foolish Living for today Caring just what you think Not what others say Join with us Oh, how they'll scream and fuss Repeat Chorus All right, all right Guitar solo - Jay Jay French We're the ones that live it We're all really free And if they think that we're sick Then sick is what we'll be Scream it loud Know what you are, be proud Repeat Chorus

You Make Me Sick

PINK "Can't Take Me Home"
*Spoken* They make me sick I know I feel you, that's why we gotta stick together Yep Yep Yep *laughs* I know it... Chorus: You make me sick I want you and I'm hatin it Got me lit like a candlestick Get too hot when you touch the tip, I'm feelin it, I gotta getta grip And it's drivin me crazy baby don't you quit Can't get enough of it You got me goin again Baby, you got me goin again You make me sick He was doing 8-0 on the freeway In the 6 double O, bumpin Isley He was gettin kinda close, kinda touch-ay Cuz he had a little too much Hennessey He told me that he wanna go home, with me up on the hill to my condo Told me he would keep it all on the low-low But I told him, boo, I don't really know though He got closer to started gettin deep He had me in a zone when he started to show me things I never saw before Baby was smooth but I knew it was game Hell-of-a cool but you men are the same The way he licked his lips and touched my hips I knew that he was slick Repeat Chorus In the 6 now, so hot Gotta pull all the windows down Eyes lead and I'm thinkin bout the sheets now Wonderin should I really take it there now He told me he would make it worth it Again, how many times have I heard this Kinda funny, but I wasn't even nervous Well his slick-ass lines was kinda workin I felt my knees get weak...his body was callin me Just couldn't take the heat Anyway it was 2 or 3, I had to get off the streets Baby was cool but I knew it was game Said, he was too schooled to be screamin my name Even though we made the best of it I still told him this... Repeat Chorus Repeat Chorus 2x Can' no no Oh, you make me sick I want you and I'm hatin it...hatin it...hatin it

Telling Me Lies

They say a woman's a fool for weeping A fool to break her own heart But I can't hold the secret I'm keeping I'm breaking apart Can't seem to mind my own business Whatever I try turns out wrong I seem like my own false witness And I can't go on I cover my ears, I close my eyes Still hear your voice and it's telling me lies Telling me lies You told me you needed my company And I believed in your flattering ways You told me you needed me forever Nearly gave you the rest of my days Should've seen you for what you are Should never have come back for more Should've locked up all my silver Brought the key right to your door Repeat Chorus You don't know what a chance is Until you have to seize one You don't know what a man is Until you have to please one Don't put your life in the hands of a man With a face for every season Don't waste your time in the arms of a man Who's no stranger to treason Repeat Chorus

(Even) More Human Than Human

X ecutioners More Human Than Human X ecutioners More Human Than Human I am the planet The monster Anti martyr The balance of human Constant fire starter Pry apart your soul Find the footprints All of a sudden touch the button Crash course and yesterdays out The mathematics class until the last chapters mastered Smile for the star wars one where the wild things are that hide from the sun I am the truth - aint buried in your head The proof you pretended to carry ‘til the end Barely alive, but nowhere near dead I'm still standing here instead More than a fistful of issues, more than a misfired pistol Click – click My heart ticks More human than human, more sicker than sick Chorus: More human than human (3x) (More human than human, more sicker than sick) repeat I am the nightmare Right where the soldier over stands warfare Caught in the crosshair The moment when focus becomes more than what's noticed by the starving locust Burning of the pride Turning of the tide Searching through the fight Snuck in with the shadow that broke that castle Let's take the cell Let hell out of the capsule I am the hunted that stalks my aggressor I am neurosis I am the measurements used when its time to choose which tools are proper for the opportunity to break it loose When it breaks it'll all come together now Armageddon - just a change in the weather now I am the one – I've come to let the pressure out More human than human so you can feel better now

Nothing's Left

INSANE CLOWN POSSE "The Amazing Jeckle Brothers"
Ain't nothin left here for me So I'm out this bitch Fuck stayin here I'm buzzin the fuck all the bout We out this motha fucka right now Theres no story that ain't been told There ain't no gimic that ain't been sold Theres no ocean that never been swam Theres no jaba that ain't been slamed There ain't no road that ain't been traveled There ain't no doctor that ain't been baffled Ain't no thug that never cried Ain't no preacher that never lied Theres no rumor that ain't been passed Ain't no question that no one asked Theres no tree that won't get chopped Theres no bomb that won't get dropped Ain't no path that no ones laid Ain't no beast that ain't been afraid Theres no feat that no one can Theres no saga that never began Ain't no snow that didn't melt Theres no punch that ain't been felt Theres no skill that no ones learned Theres no planet that he ain't turned Theres no feud that never disolved There ain't no problem that ain't been solved Theres no tale that no ones told Theres no beauty that won't get old Theres no garden the sun ain't beamed on Theres no shoulder that ain't been leaned on Theres no color that ain't been seen Purple, red, yellow, blue, forest green Theres no desert that ain't seen rain Nobody here that ain't felt pain Theres no bigot that ain't been clowned Theres no treasure that I ain't found Ain't no cave they never explored Ain't no mother that ain't been ignored Theres no leader that ain't been led Theres no blood that ain't been shed Theres no dish they never made Ain't no brick they never laid Everything left's been done before Nothings new, no where to explore On the day when the wagons come I just pray that you let me on (repeat) On the day when the wagons come wont u let me on (repeat) Hey Jack Jeckel fly Twist and spin to the other side Hey Jake Jeckel fly twist and spin to the other side (repeat)

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