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Original and similar lyrics
Hello, my name is Suzie and I dream for a better, better glory god bless you and I bless you I'm angry why don't you squeeze me the stage is my home and I guess when I roam things could get out of my head god bless you and I leave you when the weather is hot Sucker, yeah ! Hello, my name is Suzie don't spit on that floor like a loony I'll bite you, so don't bite me I'm angry why don't you squeeze me the pain is my home and I guess when I roam things blow away my thoughts god bless you and I catch you when the weather is hot Sucker, yeah ! Hello, it's still Suzie ready to play what you like ready to say what you don't say immediately to do sports suffering a new holocaust don't hit me, you will miss me when the weather is hot Sucker, yeah ! Slide and winged all the memories sing with me this little irony You won't escapes from this reality let us do such a sport activity my time's too short I missed the mark and I can't remember why

Penguin In Bondage

FRANK ZAPPA "Roxy Elsewhere"
Frank Zappa (lead guitar, vocals) George Duke (keyboards, synthesizer, vocals) Tom Fowler (bass) Ruth Underwood (percussion) Jeff Simmons (rhythm guitar, vocals) Don Preston (synthesizer) Bruce Fowler (trombone) Walt Fowler (trumpet) Napoleon Murphy Brock (tenor saxophone, flute, lead vocals) Ralph Humphrey (drums) Chester Thompson (drums) Debbie (background vocals) Lynn (background vocals) Robert Camarena (background vocals) Thank you. Brian, I could use a little bit more monitor. Hello hello, can't you turn up any more than that? Hello hello, hey! Alright! Pardon me folks. The name of this song is Penguin in Bondage, An' it's a song that ah, deals with the possible variations on a basic theme which is...well, You understand what a basic theme is. And then the variations include ah, manoeuvres that might be executed with the aid of ah, extra-terrestrial gratification and devices which might or might not be supplied in a local department store or perhaps a drugstore but at very least in one of those fancy new shops that they advertise in the back-pages of the free press. This song suggests to the suggestible listener that the ordinary procedure ah, That I am circumlocuting at this present time in order to get this text on television, Is that ah, if you wanna do something other than what you thought you were gonna do when you first took your clothes off and you just happened to have some DEVICES around... Then it's, it's not only okay to get into the PARAPHERNALIA of it all but...Hey! What did he say? Ready? She's just like a penguin in Bondage, boy Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Oh... Rennenhenninnahenninnenninahennn Way over on the wet side Of the bed (Knirps for moisture) Just like the mighty Penguin Flappin' her eight ounce wings Lord, you know it's all over If she comes atcha on the strut wrap 'em all around yer head Flappin her eight ounce wings, flappinumm She's just like a Penguin in Bondage, boy Shake up the pale-dry Ginger ale Tremblin' like a Penguin When the battery fail Lord, you must be havin' her jumpin' through a hoopa real fire With some Kleenex wrapped around a coat-hang wire She's just like a Penguin in Bondage, boy Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Oh... Rennenhenninnahenninneninahenn Howlin' over to some Antarcticulated moon In the frostbite nite With her flaps gone white Shriekin' as she spot the hoop across the room Lord, you know it must be a Penguin bound down When you hear that terrible screamin' and there ain't no other Birds around She's just like a Penguin in Bondage, boy Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Oh... She's just like a Penguin in Bondage, boy Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Oh... Rennenhenninnahenninneninahennn Aw, you must be careful Not to leave her straps TOO LOOSE 'Cause she just might box yer dog She just might box yer doggie An' leave you a dried-up dog biscuit...

At Your Own Risk

King Tee "At Your Own Risk"
.. it's at your own {*repeating, getting louder*} .. it's at your own .. it's at your own .. it's at your own .. it's at your own .. it's at your own risk SUCKER! Yo! Whassup? Yo.. what's happenin, what's happenin? E-Swift, you cuttin the records nice boy DJ Pooh whassup man? We all chillin Yo, yo, J-Ro's in the house, we all cold coolin out y'knahmsayin? And I'ma bust it off like this for Compton Well - look who sprung up, comin the fuck up I came in the place to let you know what's up with a bunch of trunk jewerly Two or three fat gold chains, ring plates with my name on 'em Yeah I rhyme fly, real fly Hobbes I wear Nike's cause I run from the cops Pops taught me lots he said Toys are for tots At four, bought me a box, when I was six I wore a jock cause, my jimmy was gettin kinda big At nine I was a kid but I took my first swig Hugged that Olde English beer So my peers wouldn't think that I was queer Yeah, right off I got the title of a gangsta Pranksters run because they know that there ain't a person, runnin a verse on like this, hahahaha.. Whassup? This at your own risk, sucker Uhh! This at your own risk, sucker.. P-Puh, Puh-P-Puh-P-Puh-Pooh man fuck it! People always say, Are you the King of the West? But there's always some pest who try to put you to the test even though, they know I'm King, I'm on a higher level I even dust the church and sold they soul to the devil I mean really, how you think I'm livin? On the strength I'm livin like it's Thanksgiving So yo, whassup turkey, tryin to jerk me? Your rhymes don't work see, you can't hurt T The almighty individual You said you knew, but I don't think you really know about the K-I-N-G super cool mack daddy I drive a Caddy, and I'm livin fatly Had me on stage in a rage Yellin was what ya know, that's how I get paid Made my mark but rappers still insist, to diss but yo it's at your own risk sucker Sup? It's at your own risk Aiyyo, E-Swift, bust the break Verse three is another one for those to remember King Tee is the champ, smashin all contenders For those who disbelieve, just step in my direction I'm snappin arms, legs and even necks and suckers who thrive to drive me crazy You know the ones who front tryin to amaze me Take it as a warnin cause I'm hopin that you don't diss But get a load of this, it's at your own risk, sucker! Yo, it's all about me and DJ Pooh and E-Swift Rockin the house, y'knowhatI'msayin? We got Walkman in the house We got J-Ro in the house We got (??).. {*echoes*} Y'knowhatI'msayin we cold chillin y'know I wanna send this record out, to the Piano Man Piano Man, won't you play somethin for me Aight, get busy, right here, c'mon c'mon Get funky, get, get funky, c'mon c'mon Get funky ass oh, ohh yeah Get funky, aww ooooooh shit! It's at your own risk suckers, knowhatI'msayin? Yeah, E-Swift, scratch that in Awwww yeah.. Aww you're doggin it man, y'knowhatI'msayin? SEE YA!


King's X "Gretchen Goes to Nebraska"
broken body its joints at war religious vipers sucking royal blood the price is paid the final score the truth exists even through pious mud who are these people behind the stained glass windows have they forgotten just what they came here for was it salvation or scared of hell or an assembly of a social get-together what's the mission of the preacher man? some are true some do lie what's the mission of the preacher man yeah! yeah! yeah! a threat of justice the lazy judge the governess teaches his son to scream adopted child true path to trudge no minor plot to undermine his dream (preacher: bless god! the more i think about it the more i think i was preaching the truth i went down to the cadillac agency and one hour later i drove out a new cadillac hallelujah say praise the lord bless god i'm gonna drive that cadillac down here and get it dusty and dirty and use it for god hallelujah! thank you jesus)

The Call (Skit)

Hello Hello Ah, this Amanda? Yeah This is uh Mighty Mike from Skipo Studios I, I hear ya sing while write and rap You forgot play and perform [?], lil' stoog Ahuh lil' stoog? What's a lil' stoog? That's what we call them Wacka Ween is, that keep callin' And you the seventh on this month, lil' stoog Ahuh, so what are the other boys offering you? Bang and a ride in a back of a Limo That's what I'm talkin' about, that's where they're screwin' up I'm talkin' drivin' yourself your own keys to Bentleys and Benzes And [?] drive ways Oh, that's how you do? And Beverly and Belair where the house are so damn big They got sinks made of gold Where your back yard pool is so big You could do a sequel to the damn Titanic in it How about you next to Leonardo and Leno? Yeah, that's what I'm talkin' about What about the Grammys performing there then winning them This is what I offer you Come with me, sign with me Amanda Are you in? Fo sho Good now get your ass on a jet plane You're comin' to L.A. baby


JOHN BUTLER TRIO "Sunrise Over Sea"
Hello, Hello, whats going through your head, Hell there boy better get it read... You used to be so real And all of your love everybody did feel But now your turning into a fake And all our hearts yeah you do break Cause of all those drugs you do take One big asshole of you it does make Sticking all that shit up your nose Hell man that's where all your money goes. Then you start ripping off your friends, Hell yeah man that's where my story ends Going around to your Mum and Dads Sticking all their valuables into bags. Going around to the hockshop So once again man you can go and get ripped off But what your looking for inside It's up jumped gone and died Don't your see your wrongs They can't all be right. Can't you see your days, They've turned into night. Can't you see the sun, Can't you see the moon, Can't you see that Karma will be coming for you. Hello! Ripping off your friends, Now I don't mind just a little indulgence, But you gotta do it with a conscience. Now all your into is drugs. Talking your shit man hanging with thugs. Speed equals confidence imagine that But you be acting like a spoiled brat, Thinking that everythings your way Getting what you want but you don't have to pay Don't listen to a word anyone say . Your gonna wind up in the lockup some day Hello!

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