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GREEN DAY lyrics - Nimrod

Platypus (I Hate You)

Original and similar lyrics
Your rise and fall  Back up against the wall  What goes around is coming back and haunting you  It's time to quit  Cause you ain't worth the shit  Under my shoes or the piss on the ground  No one loves you and you know it  Don't pretend that you enjoy it or you don't care  Cause now I wouldn't lie or tell you all the things you want  to hear.  I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU  I heard your sick  Sucked on that cancer stick  A throbbing tumor and a radiation high  Shit out of luck  And now your time is up  It brings me pleasure just to know you're going to die  Dickhead, Fuckface, cock smoking, mother fucking, asshole, dirty twat, waste of semen, I hope you die HEY  Red eye, code blue  I'd like to strangle you  And watch your eyes bulge right out of your skull  When you go down  Head first into the ground  I'll stand above you just to piss on your grave

Still Callin' Me

Mac "World War III"
(Phone conversation between Mac and a girl) Mac: Wassup girl? What's happenin with ya? Girl: Nothing Mac: Chillin huh? Girl: Yeah Mac: Well look, you know why I called you over here huh? Girl: Why? Mac: You know what's happenin'. You ain't gotta be shy. Girl: What's happenin' with you? Verse 1: Yo Yo Yo Arriving at my back door, silk dress hit the floor second time around she want more, I got it instore Jazz flowin' in the back drop, I hit the jackpot She went to yellin' Mac stop, But that's a contradiction, I can feel it in your friction Your finger nails full of my skin, but it's a sin, cause everything good is bad for ya In the sheets, nothing but heat, Satisfing you, you satisfy me, it's like the exstacy speaks and I dont wanna end it, it's kinda cool how are bodies blended, a third time is recommend but you my woman so it's no guilt, we lay between the silk chillin' it's over but we still trippin' off the feelin' I'm a soldier, so I hold ya, them three words is what I told ya, you smiled and tell me about the next time you coming over See your mind is what I'm really sexin', your body just a source of erection, and plus I use protection You never worry about the chicks approaching me at my show, I be polite but you know I aint really scoping them hoes You never with another nigga cause you be with me, and that's the way is supposed to be, I got you in mind when you ain't close to me and that's love. Chorus -1: (Sons of Funk, (Ms. Peaches) x2 You would like to go war with me Cause I can hear that pussy callin' me Inside your love is where I wanna be (Would you like to come inside of my life?) Verse 2: Yo, Yo, Yo, Yo, Check it You think about Mac between blinks, rub your hand through my kink, and tell me how your day went Us againist the world, me and you girl go together like diamonds and pearl, a camoflague and war I met ya through this chick I'm cool with so you gotta be real and I can tell through the way that we chill I can deal with cha, be real with cha, as we rise and shine, spending time like a 3 to 9 We in the park in the dark reminsicing and shit, kissing and shit, actin like stress aint existing and shit And uh, I hit the cat I ain't know how to act, spary painted on the wall so-and-so love Mac (ha, ha)And that's love Look Chorus -2 (Ms. Peaches) Would you like to go to war with me? I can hear your body callin' me between my hips is where you wanna be Would you like to come inside of my life? Would you like to come inside of my life?

Leaving On A Jet Plane

ANDY WILLIAMS "The Andy Williams Show"
All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go I'm standing here outside your door I hate to wake you up to say goodbye But the dawn is breakin', it's early morn The taxi's waitin', he's blowin' his horn Already I'm so lonesome. I could cry. [Chorus:] So kiss me and smile for me Tell me that you'll wait for me Hold me like you'll never let me go. I'm leavin' on a jet plane I don't know when I'll be back again Oh, babe, I hate to go. There's so many times I've let you down So many times I've played around I tell you now, they don't mean a thing Ev'ry place I go, I'll think of you Ev'ry song I sing, I'll sing for you When I come back, I'll wear your wedding ring. [Chorus] Now the time has come to leave you One more time, let me kiss you Then close your eyes, I'll be on my way. Dream about the days to come When I won't have to leave alone About the times, I won't have to say, [Chorus]


(Fire) Born in a flames in the time before time In the sparkling embrace of Muspellheim Born to be your souls darked depths Before Audhumla, our ancient mother awakened When your eyes is glowing with hate A hate older than both men and gods Then you see the light of Muspell To strong for any man to tame The oldest force will man never understand In the deepest domains of fire, man can never reign Stronger than the grip of death Mightier than the lights of Norns Wiser than Fimbul-Tul More betraying than the son of Faarbaute That, who once brought forth life And gave us Mother Earth Shall return in the flames of Surt Our flesh shall burn at Ragnarok Our souls shall be united in Frost Fire

Live Niguz !

Let all the live niguz in Kick all the bitch ass niguz out We came to rock and shock the house Turn it out and out and out [Sonsee] Aiyo the words could get intricate, vocab's in my temple But I'mma do this wit a tempo, instrumental is what I'm into (For the money) It's essential, and I gotta have it A verb addict without a author, wit the herbals, we hurt who Ever try to defy these guys, they fry And thems get it, so all that shit you say, come on, kid kill it You yap, not sellin that crap and hurtin me up and back slappin You wouldn't know Crunch time if you was the Captain It's here, and yea, we the called, the senders And it's time to get live once more, we back on this agenda And for ya hopeful niggas, trynna be contenders And we come down like loose coats in the winter [Chorus] [Fredro Starr] Ain't no slackin in my action I pull my back and beatin tracks in Official Nast, cold smashin, joints happen (Yo what happen?) Nothin just niggas bustin caps when I was rappin Cuz niggas be packin pretty brown handle biz, who just a faction But factual react, if frontin and fakin jacks, it's all a sudden But there better be no proscratin, wit reaction when ya rappin Cuz when you maxin and relaxin, that's when they start attackin So get the gats, forget the facts, and like there's no compassion Kick me, cuz I'm a daisy street, as cold as the Alaskan Bought my braids, bought my hat, and Staten stay stackin [Chorus] [Sticky Fingaz] Give me the shottie, let me liven up the party I like to start trouble, cuz I'm a little rowdy We just three MC's, that like to fight Even when we start the shit, we always end it right So all of ya, frontins bad for ya health Cuz in the 93, my army goin for self Kids is cruel, more causin then these fucked up conditions That we all hate, but fuck it if this our fate Just listen up to what I say The feds get shot daily, every day Even my man got killed, that was families mournin But from all the dirty bid, I know that hell is callin Went to his wake and shit got held up But niggas wit mask on they face I couldn't escape, I was stuck They said 'Everybody in here, up against the wall The dead nigga owe me money, so I'll collect from y'all' The people gave him struggle, 5 minutes went fast When I said 'I ain't givin ya nigga shit, I'ma just have to get blast' And representin wit my life, I'm full fledged thief And I'm the truth, that's why we always have beef [Chorus] [Hook] And we do it like this, and we do it like that Rules and regulations, so watch ya back, and pack a gat Never fall asleep, keep ya heat in the streets Cuz goin out, iz what it's all about

Hatin' On Me

JEREMIH "Jeremih"
[Chorus:] Hi to the haterz I'll see you later Please don't step on the gatorz Do me a favor Just keep hatin on me... on me Ok now, 5 4 3 3 2 1 We we got plenty... ya'll ya'll got none You say you say u lookin for somebody hotter than the sun You prolly prolly like ne-yo but shawty I'm the one I, I o u nawl u o me Ya'll pop champagne... let's pop 3 Tryna get my bills up like John Seed So girl you kno I I'm not free [Bridge:] No one ever thought up in the streets that I could hold it down Talkin that shit while I bring that heat and now I hold the crown Even with all this weight on me could'ntbring me down Go ahead and keep hatin on me So I can wave [Chorus] 5 4 3 3 2 1 We we takin over FE FI FO FUM Yo kno I kno I got your speakers bangin bangin out your trunk This drank that I've been drankin got me feelin kinda shhh I'm tipsy... Ya'll miss me And they hatin cause I've been around the world like disney Really... straight from the And Can't nobody stop me now now now now [Bridge] [Chorus] Yo that be your girl that's jockin me Yo the bass in the drum that's knockin me Anywhere u go they watchin me Cause I'm fly as a birthday flockin me U hot no property And I got monopoly And I can stack it up While she can back it up And nobody in the streets is stoppin me U see the shoes and the whip With the chrome on the lip They Hate Or maybe it's the glare from lice on kit or the ice on my wrist They stare Shit, listen, I ain't get the manager but I don't see why they hate Can u see why they HATE I ain't gonna lie, they make u wanna run and tell somebody [Bridge] [Chorus]

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