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French Perfume

Original and similar lyrics
The Angel Song Great White Fallen angel Ripped and bruised Think on better days Life is rude Treats you bad Tears your wings away Raise your eyes to star and sky Believe in fly aways Take your dreams, your broken schemes And sweep the past away Fly lonely angel High above these streets of fire Fly lonely angel Far away from mad desire Hollywood ain't paved with gold It's just a trick of light Sunset falls on stars of old And blinds you with its light A spider's web of tangled lives Lays stretched across the hills From distances it's glistening Like El Dorado's halls The dream was light And fragrant nights But how were you to know The streets are hard They're mean and scared Where only fools find gold Fly lonely angel Spread your wings another way Fly lonely angel Find a better way A better day

I'd Fly Away

AL GREEN "Full Of Fire"
If I had wings, I'd fly I'd fly away If I had a light to give Each and everyday, no And if the Angel of Love Upon my shoulder My very least is To try and fly away, hey, hey All this walking and talking Mix my loud and easy, hey All this rustlin' and tuslin' on the job Life sure ain't green there, no But if I had wings, oh this evening Just enough for And I had no words, no words to say I'd fly away, hey, hey I'd fly away, hey hey Let me fly away, hey, hey Yes, I'm flying Flying I'm flying right now, yeah Ooh, I'd fly away All of this talk about flying away Looking here to the far blue yonder Listen to me I tell you that is sets my heart aglow, yeah Kinda makes me wonder The city of Angels with the light That shines forever, I said forevermore Makes me fly away, hey, hey Oh, she will let me fly away, hey, hey Make me fly away, hey, hey Play this song, yeah And how are you this evening? For an Angel my wings I'd fly, fly, fly, fly I'd fly away, hey, hey, hey Hey, hey, hey Hey, hey, hey Hey, hey, hey

On The Turning Away

PINK FLOYD "1. Cluster One"
On the turning away From the pale and downtrodden And the words they say Which we won't understand 'Don't accept that what's happening Is just a case of others' suffering Or you'll find that you're joining in The turning away' It's a sin that somehow Light is changing to shadow And casting it's shroud Over all we have known Unaware how the ranks have grown Driven on by a heart of stone We could find that we're all alone In the dream of the proud On the wings of the night As the daytime is stirring Where the speechless unite In a silent accord Using words you will find are strange And mesmerised as they light the flame Feel the new wind of change On the wings of the night No more turning away From the weak and the weary No more turning away From the coldness inside Just a world that we all must share It's not enough just to stand and stare Is it only a dream that there'll be No more turning away

A Better Place To Be

HARRY CHAPIN "Greatest Stories Live"
It was an early morning bar room, And the place just opened up. And the little man come in so fast and Started at his cup. And the broad who served the whisky She was a big old friendly girl. And she tried to fight her empty nights By smilin' at the world. And she said Hey Bub, It's been awhile Since you been around. Where the hell you been hidin' ? And why you look so down ? But the little man just sat there like he'd never heard a sound. The waitress she gave out with a cough, And acting not the least put off, She spoke once again. She said, I don't want to bother you, Consider it's understood. I know I'm not no beauty queen, But I sure can listen good. And the little man took his drink in his hand And he raised it to his lips. He took a couple of sips. And he told the waitress this story. I am the midnight watchman down at Miller's Tool and Die. And I watch the metal rusting, and I watch the time go by. A week ago at the diner I stopped to get a bite. And this here lovely lady she sat two seats from my right. And Lord, Lord, Lord she was alright. Oh she was so damned beautiful that she'd warm a winter's frost. But she was long past lonely, and well nigh unto lost. Now I'm not much of a mover, or a pick-em-up easy guy, But I decided to glide on over, and give her one good try. And Lord, Lord, Lord she was worth a try. Tongued-tied like a school boy, I stammered out some words. But it did not really matter much, 'cause I don't think she heard. She just looked clear on through me to a space back in my head. And it shamed me into silence, as quietly she said, 'If you want me to come with you, then that's all right with me. Cause I know I'm going nowhere, and anywhere's a better place to be. Anywhere's a better place to be.' I drove her to my boarding house, and I took her up to my room. And I went to turn on the only light to brighten up the gloom. But she said, 'Please leave the light off, Oh I don't mind the dark.' And as her clothes all tumbled 'round her, I could hear my heart. The moonlight shown upon her as she lay back in my bed. It was the kind of scene I only had imagined in my head. I just could not believe it, to think that she was real. And as I tried to tell her she said 'Shhh.. I know just how you feel. And if you want to come here with me, then that's all right with me. 'Cause I've been oh so lonely, lovin' someone is a better way to be. anywhere's a better way to be.' The morning come so swiftly but I held her in my arms. But she slept like a baby, snug and safe from harm. I did not want to share her with the world or break the mood, So before she woke I went out and brought us both some food. I came back with my paper bag, to find out she was gone. She'd left a six word letter saying 'It's time that I moved on.' The waitress took a bar rag, and she wiped it across her eyes. And as she spoke her voice came out as something like a sigh. She said I wish that I was beautiful, or that you were halfway blind. And I wish I weren't so dog-gone fat, I wish that you were mine. And I wish that you'd come with me, when I leave for home. For we both know all about loneliness, and livin' all alone. And the little man, Looked at the empty glass in his hand. And he smiled a crooked grin, He said, I guess I'm out of gin. And know we both have been so lonely. And if you want me to come with you, then that's all right with me. 'Cause I know I'm goin' nowhere and anywhere's a better place to be.


I been searchin' for so long For a love to fill my life--soldier me on Feel the hunger in my blood As I walk into the fire I can't get enough Where, oh where can I find You I have seen You and called Your name Walked the streets of my life in vain Seen the idols with feet of clay Pull me closer--push me away Where, oh where can I find You Where, oh where Times have taught me to use my time Journey's end is an endless climb ...When to follow and when to lead... When to know just what I need Where You gone G.O.D. Have You gone down on me--don'tcha do I ain't ready for no second-hand love I'm no stranger to this loneliness Leave me lonely--leave me lost Leave me nothin' but myself to carry the cost Now the only, only reason to come to You again You gotta fight to win your freedom--lose your chains Love's illusions ring all too clear Cross my mind when I hold You near Know Your pleasure--You leave me cold Lonely nights with my thoughts untold Where, oh where can I find You Where, do Ya care I don't care what the price may be 'Down' is right when You're down with me Can You tell me--am I to blame Sing my song to Your heart's refrain Where Ya gone G.O.D. Have You run out on me-don'tcha do All You give me is second-hand love All I wanna do is get on down with You All I ask for and all I pray Meet You down on the streets one day Have You taste life from on Your knees Hear me callin' ya 'help me, please'

Burning Bridges

Crimson Glory
Never been in the hell before Now I'm falling, falling Heaven's behind the door And they're calling me again Hidden beyond the light And the darkness finds me Help me escape tonightOh, I must find Azrael... I am the darkness Hiding within your mind Walking beside you I lock the gates to hell I toll the final bell I am forever I am the blinding light Probing the endless night There's no escaping me Wake in your darkest dreamsGo ahead and try to scream No one can hear you now Stare in the raven's eye Your time has come to die Welcome to my world Stand at the end of space Reach out to touch my face I am omega Azrael I hold the lion's mane I come in crimson rain Purging the dark sky I am the masterGuide to your chosen fate I am Valhalla Azrael, angel of mercy Azrael, angel of mercy Yeah Beware my eyes'll find you And see into your heart And if you hold the evil I'll rip you all apart I'll cast your soul to Satan Die by holy fire Rise and stand before me Burning on the pyre. Burn. Fly on the wings of gloryBurn in the depths of hell Your life creates the doorway Death holds the key Azrael, angel of mercy Azrael, angel of mercy Azrael, angel of mercy Azrael, angel of mercy Yeah

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