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Graveland lyrics

The Dark Battlefield

Original and similar lyrics
Raptured with murder thirsty for blood I walk between the corpses of my enemies My shield beats back the strikes My sword crushes the heads blood covers my face. My scream reaches the sky Our horde attacked from the hills In the fog of dust and smoke, enemy strewed us with arrows few brave warriors died the axes were shining horrible Crossing with the swords the warriors without shields Had to die hopelessly the dying men were screaming around trampled by the fighting hordes it was enough for me. I was loosing my mind But i still was killing... The night came soon... I heard a horrifying sound of horns Our horsemanship will attack soon We must leave the battlefield fast Heil moor asferoon... In the name of the moon Under the heavy hooves those who were too strong for us will die...

Body Of Water

Billy Dean
Rome never looks where she treads Always her heavy hooves fall On our stomachs our hearts and our heads And Rome never hears when we bawl Her sentries pass on -- that is all And we gather behind them in hordes And plot to reconquer the Wall With only our tongues for our swords For we are the little folk -- we! Too little to love or to hate Leave us alone and you'll see How we can bring down the state Mistletoe killing an oak Rats gnawing cables in two Moths making holes in a cloak How they must love what they do! Yes -- and we little folk too We are as busy as they Working our works out of view Watch, and you'll see it someday No indeed! We are not strong But we know of Peoples that are Yes and we'll guide them along To smash and destroy you in war We shall be slaves just the same? Yes, we have always been slaves But you -- you will die of the shame And then we shall dance on your graves! We are the worm in the wood! We are the rot at the root! We are the taint in the blood! We are the thorn in the foot!

Shadow Of A Fool

I don't understand what led to this. The arrow's been fired, but the target missed. One hand on the trigger, the other on his grave. You better run and hide in a deep dark cave. No more time to be pushed around. Nothing in the world's gonna bring me down. We don't look back, we look ahead. No matter what blood, blood's been shed. Think not!... Abount anyone but yourself. go take a long walk and don't come back. Looks like the cat is out of the bag, man. The future's clear, it's time to attack. Shadow of a fool... You're hanging from a tree. Gotta win that never ending battle, until you're dead will I be free. I see the people are fooled everyday. Lie after lie, just to lead the way. What insanity could lead to this? It's suicidal on a slash to the wrist. On the outside you've got a friendly face. On the inside it's a cut throat race. Cries and screaming in the night, Fight the neverending fight, 'Cuz no one cares about anyone but themselves. So take a long walk and don't come back. Looks to me like the cat's outta the bag. The future is clear, it's time to attack. People after you, you know it's true. Manipulating things just to get to you. You better hurry up, you might lose the race. There's millions more in line, ready to take your place. It's a backstabbing world that's facing you, They'll take the shirt right off your back. And they won't leave, won't leave a clue. I said a story's been told, it's kinda sad. About a brotehr who went bad. Maybe your lesson will be learned, but it's too late, some day you'll burn.

Killing Spree

Defari "Focused Daily"
[Defari] A different caliber of MC This track is filthy, word to O.J., you make me feel guilty of first degree soundbwoy murder Unlike anything out of L.A. you ever heard of Word up, you play with fire, you'll get burned up Best believe that my shit sound the best, when it's turned up Loud, mashin down the block suburban style Eighteen speakers plus kit chromed out Yo, you think that you fuckin pro? On the low the other night I caught your wack-ass stage show Oh.. boy, you're just a bore But you tell everybody that you're like Busta and you got Rhymes Galore Mmm mmm mmm, ain't that somethin? Got the nerve to call yourself an MC, man you be frontin I don't apologize, oh yeah, and uh go back to school, learn some concepts and grammar Of yourself, get a hold Next time you on stage, use Primatine for some breath control (Ha ha ha) But now don't let asthma be the excuse You was definitely doper, when no one knew you [Chorus 2X: Defari] I'm on a killing spree, murder soundbwoy constantly Constantly murder wack MC I'm on a killing spree, skill level at maximum Dem pussy-clat bwoy nah wanna see me [Defari] You was stone cold lyin by the full wack rhyme writin If I had some gasoline I'd ignite it, with my lighter.. .. BOOM! You combust, cause you disgust me Wacker than them flat-ass crackers on Three's Company You walk around, mad cause no one's feelin you Mad at me, cause all your peoples they know my lyrics too They sing along cause my song bumps on the mix tapes that YOU made, yet and still you try to playa hate (What?) You're featherweight, weaker than a paper plate Lyrically, when compared to me, I know your style is fake Fraud, manufactures, cheaper than Hyundai Now you're hardcore you probably used to be a true nerd guy Make up your mind guy, now you're the Mr. Get High guy If you ever step to me you'll think French because you're fuckin fried in the mix of my verbal assault fightin sticks You shouldn't gamble cause round for round you can't handle this [Chorus] [Defari] Cat was out of pocket, got socked in his jaw Fell to the floor, that's all she wrote But I wrote rhymes, that burn every time On mad mix shows I got wreck off the mind But what's in a rhyme, if it don't sound tight? You ask me if a lot of rappers are wack man you DAMN right Who's to say these brothers from L.A. will take charge like DeBarge and shine, in a special way? I say okay, let's get paid Let's put this money on Putnam and sip bombays with dis lemonade Use, Gatorade to refuel electrolytes after I ignite this mic too Yo what's my name? Defari Herut By the way since you been askin all these questions who the hell are you? I seen your kind before, no lie A devil spy, disguised as an ambassador You can't fool the Divine Sun Rule Word to blue magic - step right up - and see the Likwit Crew Hurry hurry, get your tickets, stand in line After the show it's at the Towers on Sunset and Vine Me and my niggaz at the bar sippin Henny Got your bitch open all night, as if her name was Denny's [Chorus] - 2X

Return Of The Witch

What do you feel in the blackness of night. The coat of darkness covers your damned soul. Fire - ready to fight. Burning fields - moonlight. Torchures - sparkling swords. Black eyes - set the fire. Smell in the air, ancient rites. For the old gods, sacrifice your life. Bloody ground, screaming bodies. Under the sign of the sword. Possessed - kill the christian rabble. Fog will go down. Riding to the gate of pagan kingdom. With the strength of the dragon, noble people - pride warriors. The realm where the moon rises. Thy lord will lead you.


PHIL COLLINS "...But Seriously"
Deep inside the border Children are crying Fighting for food Holding their heads Breaking their bread with a stone All along the roadside people are standing watching the sun shielding their eyes Brushing the flies from their face Tell me, what can you say Tell me, who do you blame Like a mirror you see yourself These people each have a name All around the township Young men are dying (of) hunger and thirst The well has run dry The tears from her eye feeds her son Tell me... You can say you're pulling back We see the pictures everywhere But what we don't see is what's Going on behind the closed doors And you don't seem to care Do you expect me to believe you How can you really think You can take your horse down to the water Hold a gun at his head And make him drink No matter what you say, it never gets any better No matter what you do, we never see any change People living without rights Without their dignity How loud does one man have to shout To earn his right to be free You can keep your toy soldiers To segregate the black and white But when the dust settles And the blood stops running How do you sleep at night No matter what you say... What makes you so high and mighty What makes you so qualified You can sit there and say How many have their freedom But how many more have died You decide to sit in judgement Trying to play God yourself Someday soon the buck is gonna stop Stop with you and noone else No matter...

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