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Graveland lyrics

The Celtic Winter

Original and similar lyrics
In Celtic Winter wolves wear the white garments... In Celtic Winter the weak hearts die... In Celtic Winter hunger tears human bowles... In Celtic Winter time slowly elapses... When the cold comes, hatred burning in your heart will be the only heat. When the darkness comes, burning hamlet's shining flames will be the only light. When the hunger comes, spilled blood of your enemy will be the only food. When the death comes, be proud and figth bravely, and then die quickly. Our true gods haven't left us, the time of their return comes... With the sound of war-trumpets we will go at their side into the great battle... Many of us will die, but no one of us thinks about death in this time... It was worth to be born just to die in such a battle... Everything else is not important, the meaning of life doesn't mean everlasting satisfaction of your empty lusts... When the dark clouds in the sky, full of black ravens and their sinister croaking, appoint the time of great trial, the time of great struggle, each man takes his sword and target in his hands and goes into the place where sounds of horns call him... Nobody will spare his blood, when on the battlefield messenger of gods leads us...

Struck Down By Me

Bane "It All Comes Down to This"
Calling you out for the last time Come show your face for the first time I've got a head full of questions And a busted heart filled with lies Won't spend one second on my knees Will not be thankful for what I have not asked for Or apologize for hating all that my eyes see This solution is my salvation Life is too slippery for books clarice The time has passed for tricks like faith and grace The beast laughs more and more everyday Evil has never been afraid to show it's face Just look to the front page Look into the face of the starving Or infants born with a disease they will never understand For every miracle one million bodies Piled high in your name I'm calling you out Come show your face Stand before me I will destroy you Shed your mask and I will destroy you The priests that serve so proudly in your sons name As sick as any monster that walks the streets And I'd walk away just to see you cry Leading young boys into the hell That they have preached against Once You tell me how they can ever trust in Cause loving words are only words when loving words mean nothing One single word that you have said Your empire has been built on the guilt of the meek To your heart... And I walked away So many lives imprisoned And I haven't seen, seen that smile for a while And a shame that spins out of control in your name And now I'm choking on my self-segregated heart Young Tommy who finds you only in his father's shiny handguns Marches his truth straight into school Points the barrel and pulls the trigger And bodies turn into colored rain Tell me a story I can believe Look me in the eye And tell me a story that you believe

Purse Snatchaz !

[Chorus: Greg Valentine] There's no sunshine in the city That's the way it's going down People kill and people dyin Every time I turn around There's no sunshine... [Sticky Fingaz] I roll wit purse snatchaz, the villains, and trespassers Criminalist, and parole violators I raidin wit regulators, invaded the instigators Passed the procrastinators, rolled on retaliators Roamin at home wit burglars, party wit murderers Scandal big reelers, I sell coke to dope dealers Ask the stash dealers, so rash the gat peelers The time behind bars, ridin in stolen cars Forty deuce six, posin hard, rollin large Big pockets that pay, pistol black is big smackers Back up the ally, attack us, waitin for the crackers Smugglers, muggers, in the gutters wit ruck cutters Runnin up on niggas for butter lovers, or whatever Can't take it for hoppers cockers, by watchin cops and robbers But kid it's, kinda fittest, quit this, money get this For beaters wit heaters to bleed us, and speed us, and 2 seaters Crime essence and crime confessions, yea pure precious My guess is good as yours, while niggas be takin draws Rapers and zipper rippers, take rappers and over actors Bottle throwers, the buddha rollers I roll wit cigar smoke flowers Boilers wit playas, slashes bashes Mercedes Always solicit, and pullin out on project business Schemin and scandalous, the dreamers and pan handlers Ready to run up in Rockefeller, put the glock in the teller And tell the bitch to give the money, and hurry up [Chorus] [Sonsee] To me, USG livin, is one gigantic ring of concealin Double dealin, drug fiendin, sellin and schemin On the next beam, fleein from the cops, caught wit beings Illegal operatin, law violatin and death escalatin We all need our dollars straighten, bro we can't be toleratin Man that's frustratin, that's why we be demonstratin How we be law breakin, cash takin, drug jugglin Hand to hand, stand and lookout, money struck out to keep 'em strugglin Embezzlin, extortin, man slaughter and assaultin Mass shootin, slugs stabbin, gangs feudin and females boostin For child supportin, or self done abortion Everything costin, we all lustin for this fortune So we'll still be rowdy and riotin and lookin Every group and, until we see some more improvin It'll be mad human deliciously, can't completion Cuz every day is killin season [Chorus] [Sticky Fingaz] I pledge allegiance to the street and blame God For the creation of this pitiful Earth, that's filled wit temptation Birth was my invitation, death will be initiation Now I just got a probation, so wish me congratulation But I'm under investigation, for psychic evaluation Facin incarceration, and isolation over the color discrimination So I need the participation the Caucasian assassination Time is wastin, it's a Sticky situation Tryin to stop a reproduction, to come off a population And there's no exaggeration, so whoever in an association Wit the nigga retaliation that needs a total cooperation When hours of desperation, on for ya information A confrontation will be fought by the younger generation Cuz we got determination, all we need is organization So I use my concentration wit a Jim Crow education Cuz history repeats itself, ya destination ya plantation All come as loud as nation, that builds upon a communication And then without a explanation, a hesitation, we have a reservation To elite from a tree my decorations So because of these altercations, we need to make some me duration's That's being the manipulation of this God damn nation And witness how the warn indication, so it's the end of ya conversation

I Who Have Nothing

JEDI MIND TRICKS "The Psycho-Social, Chemical, Biological, And Electro-Magnetic Manipulation ..."
I, I who have nothing... [Verse I: Ikon] Intersections in real time The umbro can circle in dimensions of the mind Atomic bonds The eternal time that defines The vanity of my insanity in thru time Will shine Like the night seeds under the moon The haunted corners of familiar rooms Yet i'm consumed With vanishing into thin air The realization that this shit is my cross to bare So where Did I think I could run away to see The people that decided to leave without asking me But we Decide to wait for happier tomorrows And find someone so they can be distractions from our sorrows For my distractions the books of paper that i've scrawlened I'm eloquent in summer breeze and leaves just have fallen I crawl in a corner hoping all of this will end With the knowledge that love is just another word for revenge I who have nothing but the comfort of my sins I who have nothing but the comfort of my friends [Chorus:] I, I who have nothing I, I who have no I, I who have nothing I, I who have no [Verse II: Ikon] As I decay, demons prey above me like a vulture Ability to endure contradiciton is a high sign of culture Verbal sculptures, self defacing It is not God or lunacy that I am facing But the erasing of the purity and passion of my words The herds of cattle babble on with talk of the absurd But I preferred To walk away from all the feuds To find my life is more confusing than a rubic's cube So i'm subdued In all my words of verbal prods To live alone one must be an animal or a God But it's official All of my pain is clear as crystal The natural side of life has now been seeming artificial But I can hit you And rest assured that i'ma last words I could give a fuck about ya secrets and ya passwords I can pass words with the ability to hurt you Patience is a virtue and knowledge is a ?commercial? I who have nothing but the pain that I refer to I who have nothing but the pain that I refer to [Chorus] [Verse III: Ikon] Lost among the miracles, I stand alone And i've grown into a being that's sitting on top of throne I've known For many years that I would turn to rust I find a reason for another breath Before my return to dust I become one with science and mathematic and the rising of the sun I'm numb To all of those who blinded cannot see The chastiser of the enemy Perception requires duality Inspect ya soul, the color of coal inside the body I have hardly, come across them who's holy Send them to the ?cheribem? to control thee Burning of the sun and frigidness of the cold The battle field is new but the war is now old You can never see the merest shadow of a halo Above the head of evil jin who's deadly like tornado The world has become an aquarium Full of gaping fish with murderous mouths I on the other hand stand on the outside looking in Writing down murderous files I who have nothing but the lack of variation And I who have nothing but chains and suffocation [Chorus]


Yeah... In a world of hate pollution we can't breathe anymore. We've to leave and this time you, the pawn, have won. On our quest for nowhere island we set off to the sea. You call surrender what we call a calm before the storm... Pounding thoughts of home they make me know: I will return! I don't live my life for you, it's too short to get burned. Stand upright and face the wind! Time to go back where I belong... No one can prevend me from raising towers in Babylon. You only can love me if you can convert me to attitudes of your brain. You blame us for doing things that you don't know. You tell me what you'd do if you were me but you are you and I am I Lucky you, but this time I say: No! Pounding thoughts of home they make me know: I will return! . I don't want to hurt you but you'll have to learn: You are you and I am I!!! Ooohhh... Oh yeah... (...and like the vision of my urge to salvation told me, I built up a tower to widen my horizon, whatever they might say...)

Peacekeeper - Cd Version

We make all of our suns the same Everyone will suffer the fire we've made they all explode just the same And there's no going back on the plans we've laid Peacekeeper take your time wait for the dark of night Soon all the suns will rise Peacekeeper don't tell why don't be afriad to fight Love is the sweet surprise Only creatures who are on their way ever poison their own well But we still have time to hate And there's still something we can sell Peacekeeper take your time wait for the dark of night Soon all the suns will rise Peacekeeper don't tell why don't be afriad to fight Love is the sweet surprise When the night is cold and still when you thought you'd had your fill Take all the time you will this is not a test it's not a drill Take no prisoners only kill You know all of our friends are gods And they all tell us how to paint out face But theres only one brush we need It's the one that never leaves a trace Peacekeeper take your time wait for the dark of night Soon all the suns will rise Peacekeeper don't tell why don't be afriad to fight Love is the sweet surprise When the night is cold and still when you thought you've had your fill This is not a test it's not a drill Take no prisoners only kill

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