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Graveland lyrics

Sons Of Fire And Steel

Original and similar lyrics
Bloody red glow came into sight to brighten Dense darkness of night up Gods gave rise to a new war! This war is not just a war- Today brothers kill each other! Treason has reared itself a throne Enemy poisoned our people's souls By deceit and damnation... Bloody glows brighten the night up Echoes brought cry of dying men We were looking and waiting Ready to fight Ready to inflict deadly blows! Strange god brought treason Poisoning hearts of many brave warriors! Every day was bringing pain and disease Dark clouds covered the sky Wind brought the smell of blood Dark clouds covered the moon up Our hearts froze We heard voices of death Waiting for our day We prepared sharp arrows and swords Today Gods give us a sign: We can take revenge now Feeling cold touch of our swords Enemy will learn what fear is Let rivers of blood be our work Strangers brought false faith They turn against our native Gods They will be damned forever And their faith will burn with them in hell! It is time to leave the forest Daybreak is coming It is time to start a battle Under a cover of morning fog I heard a voice talking to me: Faithfulness is your honour Sons of fire and steel Never forget these words ! The wind came out of the cloud by night And blew ashes about long ago Shiny swords in the past Are covered by rust now And who remembers these olden days Days of victory and glory Or of disgrace and collapse Who remembers... heroes That died spilling their blood To protect native faith and land One can hear their voices today They are still fighting Sons of fire and steel...

Sacrifice To The Elves

Bring forth your sacrifice The winter can last for long Show them honour Servants of Frey Let the blood flow On his pride Until they are pleased To provide our magnificense and growth Our king will show his wrath If we do not honour our promise Poor the harvest will be Without seeds in earth Don't spill the finest blood Strong sons will not be born too often Oh wise Volve when shall I get to see, fields of growth When shall I once again feel the light touch from Freyas hands Death comes fast If you do not honour The people below The friends of the Vanirs Bring forth The holy boar Then the sun will shine And we can still breath We didn't wish to die We didn't wish to awake The wrath of the elders Bring forth the holy boar Dont spill the finest blood Strong sons will not be born too often Oh wise Volve when shall I get to see, fields of growth When shall I once again feel the light touch from Freyas hands

Regular Day In Bosnia

Heideroosjes "Schizo"
words: Marco Roelofs I've tried to find the words to tell But how can words reflect their hell I'm struck by hollow empty eyes Faith is gone, trust replaced by lies What's a home if it isn't yours Is it human if if you can't show remorse Respect is a laugh when guns blast They just live today, it might be their last It's a regular day in Bosnia It's a regular kid in Bosnia Something's still burning in Bosnia I will never forget about Bosnia I'm walking through this ghost-town Definite silence all sounds will drown Burned down houses withness paranoia Ethnic cleansing, name of the destroyer A family portrait, it's lying in rubbish I think I know but still I pray, I hope, I wish Hunted, killed for what cause Another führer's megalomania of course! He tells me about the mine-fields he has crossed He tells me about the friends he had lost He tells me about his sister being blown to bits He tells me about mines cleared away by kids He tells me Serbs and Moslims used to walk hand in hand He tells me things I will never understand It's the same in Croatia It's the same in Bosnia It's the same in Kosovo It's the same in Servia In 1998 we did a tour throughout former Yugoslavia. We've met all kinds of people. Moslems, Croatian people, Serbian kids, all kinds of persons who believe in a different God or have a different tradition. This whole trip impressed me as a person and us as a band very much. We saw the burned down houses (they're still there), we heard the horrible stories and we saw the ‘no-future-faces' of the kids overthere. Those eyes filled with hatred. But it wasn't only depressing; every night kids went crazy (in a positive way) when we played our songs. They had a great time. And it felt very strange to me. Fun and pain, so close together. One night some kid came to me and said I lost all my family and friends during the war. Every day and every minute I think of them. But today, for the first time since the war, I could clear my mind for an hour and a half. And that was during your concert. Thank you . And I can tell you, words like these mean more to me than the over 100.000 albums we have sold in Holland.

The Night Comes On

LEONARD COHEN "Various Positions"
I went down to the place Where I knew she lay waiting Under the marble and the snow I said, Mother I'm frightened The thunder and the lightning I'll never come through this alone She said, I'll be with you My shawl wrapped around you My hand on your head when you go And the night came on It was very calm I wanted the night to go on and on But she said, Go back to the World We were fighting in Egypt When they signed this agreement That nobody else had to die There was this terrible sound And my father went down With a terrible wound in his side He said, Try to go on Take my books, take my gun Remember, my son, how they lied And the night comes on It's very calm I'd like to pretend that my father was wrong But you don't want to lie, not to the young We were locked in this kitchen I took to religion And I wondered how long she would stay I needed so much To have nothing to touch I've always been greedy that way But my son and my daughter Climbed out of the water Crying, Papa, you promised to play And they lead me away To the great surprise It's Papa, don't peek, Papa, cover your eyes And they hide, they hide in the World Now I look for her always I'm lost in this calling I'm tied to the threads of some prayer Saying, When will she summon me When will she come to me What must I do to prepare When she bends to my longing Like a willow, like a fountain She stands in the luminous air And the night comes on And it's very calm I lie in her arms and says, When I'm gone I'll be yours, yours for a song Now the crickets are singing The vesper bells ringing The cat's curled asleep in his chair I'll go down to Bill's Bar I can make it that far And I'll see if my friends are still there Yes, and here's to the few Who forgive what you do And the fewer who don't even care And the night comes on It's very calm I want to cross over, I want to go home But she says, Go back, go back to the World

Rotten Soil

=========== (lyrics: Anderson, music: Anderson, Cederlund) Come down for a minute touch the grass on the other side meet the devil who is your host Strike down what you believe in get it done with a gun when I'm in hell you can talk to my ghost Reach out for what is nothing the grass is red just for a while reason burns behind the wall It will pass in a minute eggs will hatch inside your head Your little feeble body soon will crawl Can you feel it itch can you feeil it so divine When blood is pissing down your spine There's no turning back your infected blood will boil cuz you walked on rotten soil It's hard to take a stand but it's harder to take a fall open the lid of your own casket

Friends Of The Suncross

AMON AMARTH "Once Sent From The Golden Hall"
Salt water licks my face and wind fills the sail We head for wars on distant shores My friends are all with me And so they'll always be We'll never bend untill the end We cross the open waves On course to far off lands Thor guides our ships With his strong hands Across the waves our seasnakes fly Carried like ravens in the sky By heavens breath on wings of death Blood will run red As we sever bodies from their heads We main and kill by pure will We hail our Gods Sacrifice in blood Our altar is the battlefields Death is something we don't fear Though it's always near Ygg brings us home when time has come We are five of us Friends of the suncross Strong and brave to the grave!

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