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Graveland lyrics

In The Northern Carpathians

Original and similar lyrics
When the black clouds cover the moon And reality turns into nightmare Lighting cuts through the dark sky Almighty Perun gave us his sign! Brothers, wolves, I summon you! Wind will bring you my howling And smell of the human blood Yes, I found another sacrifice Droops of blood upon the stone I lick the cold virgins corpse I am blinded by my bloodlust In the northern Carpathians Mystic eyes between the trees Brothers hungry for the blood Through the blood I find desire The only sense of the evil life Immortality is true For the creatures without shadows There is hell on the earth In the northern Carpathians Unholy woods of mysteries Alone witches full of hate Werewolves hidden in the caves Forgotten spells of pagan past Long nights and hours of darkness Cold mountain winds blow through the trees Diabolic feast around the fire Dark shadows dancing with flames There is a place where Evil lives There are woods where people die At midnight blood is more precious than gold In the northern Carpathians

Cold Winds Of Funeral Dust

Under a blood-red moon in the cold waters of Thule Where winter shadows lies untouched Where I dwell at the mountains of madness In these shadows of death I march In the blue mist of evil Through the dark Northern walleyes Where only winds of funeral breathes Hovering through the whispering darkness With frost in my eyes Only seven winds are heard Chiming through the dark Northern walleyes Eternity I pass eternity I seeked For the darkness my spirit For Satan my black soul Under a blood-red moon in the cold waters of another world Where winter shadows lies untouched Where I dwell at the mountains of madness Entering with the cold winds of funeral dust

The Bewlay Brothers

DAVID BOWIE "Hunky Dory"
And so the story goes they wore the clothes They said the things to make it seem improbable The whale of a lie like they hope it was And the Goodmen of Tomorrow Had their feet in the wallow And their heads of Brawn were nicer shorn And how they bought their positions with saccharin and trust And the world was asleep to our latent fuss Sighing, the swirl through the streets Like the crust of the sun The Bewlay Brothers In our Wings that Bark Flashing teeth of Brass Standing tall in the dark Oh, And we were Gone Hanging out with your Dwarf Men We were so turned on By your lack of conclusions I was Stone and he was Wax So he could scream, and still relax, unbelievable And we frightened the small children away And our talk was old and dust would flow Thru our veins and Lo! it was midnight Back o' the kitchen door Like the grim face on the Cathedral floor And the solid book we wrote Cannot be found today And it was Stalking time for the Moonboys The Bewlay Brothers With our backs on the arch In the Devil-may-be-here But He can't sing about that Oh, And we were Gone Real Cool Traders We were so Turned On You thought we were Fakers Now the dress is hung, the ticket pawned The Factor Max that proved the fact Is melted down And woven on the edging of my pillow Now my Brother lays upon the Rocks He could be dead, He could be not He could be You He's Camelian, Comedian, Corinthian and Caricature 'Shooting-up Pie-in-the-Sky' The Bewlay Brothers In the feeble and the Bad The Bewlay Brothers In the Blessed and Cold In the Crutch-hungry Dark Was where we flayed our Mark Oh, and we were Gone Kings of Oblivion We were so Turned On In the Mind-Warp Pavilion Lay me place and bake me Pie I'm starving for me Gravy Leave my shoes, and door unlocked I might just slip away Just for the Day, Hey! Please come Away, Hey! [repeat ad inf.]

The Burning Shadows Of Silence

Benighted darker and darker as I walk through the woods, into the silent shadows. As the sky goes from dark to black ice cold whispers burns my skin. From nowhere to the deepest of my soul they speak unto me... grievance of sadness, like the gift of sorrow. A moon, a bloodred full moon light my black hearts night. Lightning cracks the sky and thunders roll, through the night a chaos of storms arise. Burning flames catch my eyes... Purgatory. Into the shadows so dark I hear the choirs of evil, a joy in blasphemy beyond my darkest fantasies. The Gate is open... Into the silent shadows I crawl, upon the throne so cold, atmosphere of melancholy. I will forever burn... Into the silent shadows.

Innards Decay

CANNIBAL CORPSE "Butchered At Birth"
Rotting alive Tearing my way through the meat Driven to kill, my brain twitching for guts Devoted to evil Severed arteries gush Hungry for the blood Life is to decay Victims meet my blade, carving out organs A world of pain and terror Visions of the future Premonition of the evil, forthcoming eve of darkness The chosen one will come Eyes torn out bodies cut in half Twisted corpses hang from broken necks Demented madman Unholy rampage Impaled cranium beginning to drain Sodomize the carcass, chew the anal rot Sewn within the body the dark becomes my light Live inside the shell Feed upon infection At one with the dead I rip my way through Easy prey, disfigured bodies decompose Chewed limbs drip with pus, intestinal strangulation Humans left ripped apart Lap up the dripping goo Wretched chunks of bleeding flesh Internally you rot away My need to kill Induced by hate, betrayal of trusted ones My mark left on this earth, victims of my slaughter Souls of my dead, murdered by my Hand Blood on my face, innards decay Snapping necks chewing flesh Insatiable thirst For blood Slicing throats viciously uncontrollable insanity Tear out the beating heart Engulf the quivering spleen, chew the meat Death is my life Life is to decay victims Meet my blade carving out organs, a world of pain And terror, visionsof the future Premonition of the evil Forthcoming, eve of darkness Eyes torn out bodies cut in half Twisted corpses hang From broken necks, demented madman unholy rampage Impaled cranium beginning to drain

Cold War

Genius "Liquid Swords"
Intro: (first three lines LP only) I had a bad dream Don't be afraid, bad dreams are only dreams What a time you chose to be born in... Babies crying brothers dying and brothers getting knocked Shit is deep on the block and you got me locked down in this cold, cold world... Verse One: The GZA It was the night before New Year's, and all through the fuckin projects Not a handgun was silent, not even a Tec Outside as I'm stuck, by enemies who put fear and blasted on the spot before the pigs were dere You know hoods robbers snipers new in sight fuck blue and white They escape before them flash the fuckin lights Gunshots, shatter first floor window panes Shells hit the ground and blood stained the dice game Whether broke callisthetic, any style you set it Beat niggaz toothless, physically cut up like gooses But with iron on the sides thugs took no excuses Therefore, your fifty-two handblocks was useless Links was snatched off necks, scars on throats Jackets took, after bullet rips through coats Against those who felt the cold from the steel made em fold and squeal, once the metal hit the temple of his grill Destruction worker, who was caught for his bomber No time to swing the hammer that was hangin from his Farmer's And it's bugged how some niggaz catch slugs and pockets dug from everything except check stubs and it does, sound ill like wars in Brownsville Or fatal robberies in Red Hook where feds look For fugitives to shoot cops, niggaz layin on roof tops for his CREAM he stashed in a shoebox But he was hot, and the strip was filled with young killers you don't suspect, so cops creep like caterpillars And born thieves stay hooded with extra bullets those who try to flee they hit the vertebrae, increase the murder rate Similar to hit men who pull out Tecs and then drop those who act like thai flows from Mexican Rabbit, like recipients cashin checks again Back to the motherfuckin spot on Lexington Chorus: Babies crying brothers dying and brothers getting knocked Shit is deep on the block and you got me locked down in this cold, cold world... We be runnin from the cops, bustin off shots Shit is deep on the block and you got me locked down in this cold, cold world... Verse Two: Inspectah Deck Yo No time to freeze, undercovers ease up in Grand Prixs and seize packages and pocket the currency Clicks control strips full clips are sprayed Yellow tape barricades sidewalks where bodies lay Madness strikes at twelve o'clock midnight Stick up kids on the ground broke the staircase light And I stays harassed, scramblin for petty cash Jakes on my ass young bucks is learnin fast 357's and 44's Bought inside corner stores, their fire sparks the wars Hospital floors surrounded by the law Homicide questioning while the Jakes guard the door My hood stay tense, loyalty puts strength in my team Cause niggaz main concern is CREAM Some niggaz in the jet black Gallant Shot up the Chinese resteraunt, for this kid named Lamont I thought he was dead but instead he missed a kid and hit a twelve year old girl in the head and then fled Tactical narcotic, task force, back off fast Cause the crime boss is passin off cash Extortions, for portions of streets, causes beef Havin followers of Indians trying to play Chief You witness the saga, casualties and drama Life is a script, I'm not a actor but the author of a modern day opera, where the main character is presidential paper, the dominant, factor Chorus

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