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Graveland lyrics

Born For War

Original and similar lyrics
I was a child When they took me away from my family I remember long and frosty winter And people looking hopelessly for food From this ancient time Our cruel lord ordered us To look as dogs eat christian children We were standing together and Cold wind was freezing our faces Our blood was hot We learned to worship death We were children of this favourite herd Future warriors, future wolves Our cruel lord ordered us to drink human blood Ordered us to eat human flesh I got my first sword I couldn't take it up But I had to take it up Because I would be meat for dogs I know the true code of life Spartan way of life and draconian laws I've grown as a warrior Close to nature, close to roots Now I'm cruel The last of cruel lord herd When I was child i knew the cruelty I learned to hate everything I loved

Ready To Meet Him

DMX "Flesh Of My Flesh, Blood Of My Blood"
[Talking] Please give me the strength I need to live... Bear with me Amen We each walk the path, that we've chosen [Chorus] I'm ready to meet him We're I'm living ain't right Black hate whit White hate black It's right back To the same fight They got us suspecting a war But the real war is to follow the law of the lord Lord, you left me stranded And I don't know why Told me to live my life Now I'm ready to die Ready to fly I cry, but I shed no tears You told me you would dead those fears, it's been years Snakes still coming at me Just missing Sometimes I think all you doing me is just listen I thought that I was special Thats what you told me Hold me Stop acting like you don't know me What'd I do so bad that it sent you away from me Not only sent you away, but made you stay away from me (My child I'm here, as I've always been, it was you who went away, And now are back again, what did I say) Follow your word, and be true (What did you do) Well:what I wanted to do... (What have you seen) Darkness and hell at a glance (What do you want) All I want is another chance [Chorus] (Just because you went away, my doors are not locked, wanna come back home, all you gotta do is knock) Ya see, I left home a boy, I returned as a man Full grown, and I'm still not able to stand (I gave you a hand) Well...but I was looking the wrong way Figured out the plan, then I started to pray And that prayer, took me from here to over there Back to over here Now they got me like where Do I belong Do I fit in Things on my mind, where do I begin It's easier to sin, but it hurts my heart I'm really tryin' to win, so where do we start (Thou shall not steal) But, what if he stole from me (Thou shall not kill) But what if he's tryin' to kill me (Thou shall not, take my, name in vain, no matter how hard it rains, withstand the pain) [Chorus] Our father, who art in heaven I'm not ashamed to ask for guidance, at 27 No longer afraid to knock on your door Not scared anymore to lose my life in the war After what I just saw, I'm ridin' with the lord Cause I really can't afford to lose my head by the sword And now that I've seen, what I need to see Please take me, where I need to be (What have you learned) It's better to tell the truth than to lie (What have you learned) To love my life until I die (What have you learned) Violence isn't always the key (What have you learned) You can't always believe what you see (What have you learned) It's better to forgive and forget (What have you learned) Give as you expect to get (What have you learned) That I can't go on without you (What have you learned) I musta been a fool to ever doubt you [Chorus] I'm ready to meet him

Dog's Life

Dog's Life (low) Wise man he once told me aint worth a roll When our wheels keep spinning I guess they broke the mold I don't know The life I lead is the life of a dog I may have fleas but I run our yard I see those clones looking down on me But unlike those clones this dog is free Oh lord it's a dogs life Oh lord it's a dogs life dogs life I'm feeling kinda .... It's bubbling inside me Straight up it's a dogs life Way way wait Stop that track Lets rewind retrack pull slack and roll back To the days when I hung with G-Mack You got to face facts So relap Yo what about G-Mack? Man it's homey Elo Man it's cousin D-Loc Moved into his house And we didn't wanna be broke So roll some smoke I wrote rymes Decided way back that we had good times And we drank brews We shot booze Both got ladies And broke the rules Whether I snooze my squeeze Clean my slate And like a dog should Yo I pissed on his plate Man I' lovin southern Cali Cali Drinkin brews in the alley Just holding down the stages from Diego to the valley Bustin' up my car We gettin' lifted As I fly goin' big at Snow Valley? Oh lord it's a dogs life It's a dogs life Oh lord it's a dogs life dogs life I'm feeling kinda ... It's bubbling inside me The life I lead is the life of a dog I may have fleas but I run our yard I aint no slave to a suit and a tie No ratfaced clone I'll never be that guy I aint caught up in some savage career? I'm living in love lord not in fear I see those clones looking down on me But unlike those clones I man is free Save the bone for the clones My mentals homegrown I'd rather be myself than live my life like a drone If you got a job here's what i say You'll be off to work and I'll be on my way Skate a pipe or go dirt bike riding You'll be punching clocks And I'll be grinding and sliding 50-50 grinds can-cans and knack-knacks It really don't matter cause I roam with the dog pack Ohla in stylee these make me ... My satisfaction when the crowd gets smiley Behind me chanting KottonMouth Kings Throw me on stage busting rymes blowing rings I'm feeling kinda .... It's bubbling inside me Lord have mercy forgive me for my sins I live the dogs life so how do I begin I aint never had a dope track to write a dope rap I started with the broke pack Then I handled that No full track to playback Just my ghettoblaster I ball grip with D-Loc Then the mic I master Imagine I go to work on a Monday morning While I contemplate lord what I'm doing I might go surfing or write a song instead I might .... or Even go back to bed Or call down to Xland My true bred friend Flash the latest dub from the Too Rude album for you He is the man but me stylin' But then now we're the KottonMouth Kings up on the Too Rude rythm


Carnivore "Carnivore"
They live beneath the ruined city call the subways home anxiously wait to see the sun and a land as of yet unknown gone below to escape the death of the nuclear winter ice and darkness due penance for the sinners six generations 200 years later their ancestors crawl from their holes hungry and frightened and barely surviving they're tired of living like moles up on the surface a fate worse than dying meeting the end of the food chain teeth yielding pain I sense that living human beings dwell below my feet an important source of protein, you are what you eat post Armageddon, neo-barbaric, the nuclear warriors due battle to satiate our hunger we breed human beings as cattle hunting in packs ready for the attack we eat our prey raw-rabid animals frothing and ripping the carcass we're stripping our own yes we're cannibals eat or eaten beat or beaten I am on my life rest assure a predator broken splintered bones, boiling blood torn and bleeding skin blackened burning flesh melting fat amputated limbs eviscerated, lungs torn out heart ripped from the chest decapitated, a meal of vagina and breasts Eyes plucked from sockets, gaping holes through which picking brains phlebophilia love of blood life spills from the veins I detect the scent of prey by her menstruation you have been chosen the main course Congratulations! -Bon Appetite

Here Was A Man

JOHNNY CASH "The Christmas Spirit"
(Joy to the world, the Lord is come) Here was a man, a man Who was born in a small village The son of a peasant woman He grew up in another small village Until he reached the age of thirty He worked as a carpenter Then for three years He was a traveling minister But he never traveled more Than two hundred miles from Where he was born and Where he did go he usually walked He never held political office He never wrote a book Never bought a home Never had a family He never went to college And he never set foot inside a big city Yes, here was a man Though he never did one on the things Usually associated with greatness He had no credentials but himself He had nothing to do with this world Except through the divine purpose That brought him to this world While he was still a young man The tide of popular opinion turned against him Most of his friends ran away One of them denied him One of them betrayed him And turned him over to his enemies Then he went through the mockery of a trial And was nailed to a cross between two thieves And even while he was dying His executioners gambled For the only piece of property That he had in this world And that was his robe his purple robe When he was dead He was taken down from the cross And laid in a borrowed grave Provided by compassionate friends More than nineteen centuries have come and gone And today he's a centerpiece of the human race Our leader in the column to human destiny I think, I'm well within the mark when I say That all of the armies that ever marched All of the navies that ever sailed the seas All of the legislative bodies that ever sat And all of the kings that ever reigned All of them put together have not affected The life of man on this earth So powerfully as that one solitary life Here was a man (Joy to the world, the Lord is come)

Gods Looking For Me

KING LIL G "Lost In Smoke"
[Verse 1 - King Lil G:] I'm a victim of this evil world My close homie started fucken with my old girl And I've been dealing with drama, I never thought I'd see I'm tryna make it to heaven But I know gods not inviting me I'm tryna be optimistic and learn Wise words every time I speak It's hard to trust, even the words coming from A priest Suicidal thoughts lost, now I'm on a mission.. Voices in my head Asking god "what's the right religion Am I fucken with the wrong, or the Right bitches?" The principal of life: Homie you could die Snitchin' Indicted all my homies for the white business I'm talking coke Now they looking at a life sentence I'm in the dark in my cold room, stuck With the fact That you won't be coming home soon That you won't be coming Home soon Commissary three smokes, and a colt too [Hook:] I heard that god keeps looking for me I hope you find me lord I heard that god keeps looking for me I hope you find me lord I close my eyes and put my headphones on Knowing that the worlds gonna to judge me Everybody sins all day But it's funny how the world wants to judge me [Verse 2 - Krypotonite:] I seen the best fade away Lay sprayed from the kay Some say "Hate burns" Fuck funerals today.. I'm a bastard with mistakes Hustlin' for stakes Baby momma hates my guts But my son knows I'm great Heaven here me See I don't see things clearly I wanna put in work, thinkin the enemies will fear me Jealous lies Kilogram pies, ballin' out Asking for forgiveness, but the lord knows I'm fallin' out You hear me calling out Angel city knows about Villaraigosa's plans, just to take me and the homies out It's got me knocking on heavens door And I ain't trusting no one homie, we ain't ever met before This ain't simple The fame aims change souls Slow your roll Love ain't on a strippers pole.. They call lust the devils candy, on a lonely night My life changed once I took the name Kryptonite.. [Hook]

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