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Grand Puba lyrics - Understand This

Baby Mama Drama

Original and similar lyrics
Yeah...uh...yeah...uh Grand Puba...yeah...uh Let's talk about it, huh [Hook] If ya have a kid with a chick then I hope that chu' love her There's no stress like Baby Mother Some of these girls use a baby to get back at a brother Cause it ain't the same as it was Some cats bounce, leave the chick to play the daddy and mother It's all about the kid and not her If you and her don't work out then you still gotta handle your's nigga So handle your business nigga [Verse 1] She got chu' for everything The crib and the whip and the bling, ka-ching Now if ya ain't feelin' shorty like that Then you better put it on, put it on, put it on, put it on And shorty if ya feel the same back Then you better tell dude put it on, put it on, put it on, put it on There be a whole lot of seeds made from Hennessey and trees Once you raw dog hit it The ya ass done committed Cause ya dick is thinkin' Too many trees, too much drinkin' A one time resentment got you a lifetime commitment You hate her now You tell her get rid of that shit But she had three abortions already so she's keepin' it Now ya got drama with ya soon to be baby mama Nine months of pregnancy No hair no seed It takes two to play Connect that seed with that ay So ya better strap it on if ya goin' all the way Best night of ya life could be the worst of ya days She'll have you unjust rappers talkin' bout chu' got to pay [Hook] [Verse 2] Now it's mommie's baby, daddy's maybe If it go like it supposed to then the shit go great You know what's up, if in doubt, do without Or get that funny feelin' when ya ass is pullin' out Like, what I just did I hope I ain't make no kids Every week you callin' (Yo you get cho' period) Some cats handle they biz some leave mothers stuck Seed growin' up not knowin' who they daddy is Misguided, undivided, tryin' hard to find it Only seein' life one-sided Come on do you But if you got a seed make sure you do em' to The same fuckin' way that chu' would do you That's what's up, some more hood drama And the baby daddy frontin' and it just be baby mama A little bit of something Is better than a whole lot of nothin' Cause nothin' from nothin' leave ya nothin' [Hook] [Verse 3] So tell me why oh why Why did I hit that straight up I hate them chicks who threatin' niggas with that court shit That support shit, knowin' a nigga bought shit You don't want her so she really on some sore sport shit It ain't about that seed no more, it's all about what she can get But that's that bullshit but that's how some of em' do There's only gonna be more drama if ya find somebody new Now she hatin' you, ya ass is really due If this new chick that chu' got is lookin' better than she do Cats be flippin' too, soon as she find somebody new They be loungin' in the crib, you be like who the fuck is you [Hook]

Fuck That Stre$$

[Intro - Trinidad James:] The struggle made me who I am it didn't matter what color my skin The struggle made me who I am it didn't matter what color my skin [Hook x4 - Trinidad James:] I've been struggling and struggling and I ain't gon' struggle no more [Verse 1 - Trinidad James:] Struggling I ain't ever gon' die So I ain't gon' complain no more I'll make a way to survive The rent due, becoming kind of cliche Cause we see yo ass flexing nigga all up on the [?] Rent high as the sky just to brag and tell people This where I stay my rent ain't paid No money saved I just don't give a fuck Fuck that minimum wage man I'm giving up Every situation hard my nigga you got to believe All that fake fuck shit y'all niggas caught up with ain't gon't make it That shit from Satan I'm gon' make it Think I'm playing I love it keep on hating [Hook x4] [Verse 2 - Scotty ATL:] Ghetto pasta Ramen noodles to steak and pasta We wanted lobster we came from nothing We learned boxing you fight your way to the top I'm still struggling Just lost my job, back hustling Telling myself man you the best out here your time coming You [?] go call plumbing Man you the shit stay focused through the bull shit Twenty twenty vision on my riches [?] on my wish list Dreaming and working like I'm a mad man Trying to back a brand new Jag in Aunt still staying in a two bedroom so I've been asking Praying for her and my dad [?] [Hook x4] [Bridge - Trinidad James:] I know things gon' get worst before they get any better I said I know things gon' get worst before they get any better I know thing gon' get worst before they get any better I know thing gon' get worst before they get any better

Slum Beautiful

OUTKAST "Stankonia"
(feat. Cee-Lo Goodie) [Hook] Slum beautiful, driving I plum crazy Slum beautiful, soul, but so amazing [Andre 3000] They don't know, but I do though Baby my darling you make me loose composure Fragments of a million me Scattered across the floor to a certain degree Where I had to give your mama call And thank her for spending time with your daddy For all its worth, girl what's your frequency And can I come there frequently [Hook] [Big Boi] What I like to do most is spit this game like sports announcers And will pity pat them hoez down like a gentlemen club bouncer Ounce of killa dilla, be making my game more flagrant And once I done had some Cuervo 'bout six shots I'm nothin to play wit Like plug sockets and babies, possums, raccoons, and rabies Maybe Lady Luscious oba kaybee so they say thee An old school playa pimp type ass nigga like Tony Mercedes And will work every last muscle off in your body like Billy Blanky Hanky panky, where did you get your gold grill cause it's banging And I like then redhot Fila straight from Walters off the chain Fuck them bouige bitches they don't know nothin 'bout you 'Cause you push a big black Buick, so fresh, so clean on them trues Slum beautiful you's the would to me, shawty I dig ya And I'm loving the way them Jordache got a bear hug on your figure You my nigga, nigga [Hook] [Cee-Lo Goodie] Look at you, unbelievably, brilliant beautiful you You're looking deliciously divine darling you really and truly do The very thought of has got me running at the speed of love Exploring everything about you from the ground to the God above Suddenly I started dreaming, traveling in time so fast I could almost taste outer space I saw the face of God and looked like you and me too Hello, I'm the man that God made you for Profound don't think, okay let's put this poetry in motion I'm shining simply because mother earth I'm your son Our entire circumference engulfed in emotion [Hook] [Andre 3000] I don't know but, it seem like uh, your daddy must have gave you A teaspoon of honey every night before you went to bed Or was it a pack of Now & Laters cause you're the sweetest thing on my head And I'd like to say that I'd love to make love to every molecule of you And if you want to spontaneously combust that's what we'll do in unison

Moving Things

504 BOYZ "Goodfellas"
Baby baby get up what You'e already late for work What time is it Its 10 30 Oh yeah I forgot tonight, I'm working the graveyard [Chorus] I know my man is moving things 9 to 5 baby, I got a job baby. I hope one day my nigga change All the time baby I'm on the grind baby I keeps that 9 in my drawers cuz you know I like to ball Nigga I ain't Warren G, but sometimes I want it all Flip a half into a whole, I mean an ounce into a brick. Get it for sixteen five, me and my niggas gonna be rich Put them 20's on my Benz so you know I got so mens Keep your eyes on your enemies and nigga watch your friends See in this game you get schisted I get some niggas that don't like me See the Ghettos trying to kill me, and the feds wanna indict me On a murder I didn't do, I'm still thuggin with the crew Because once you snitch then you threw but if u hustle then you true Would you live for this shit would you die for the click Sell your soul to get rich and run your mouth like a bitch [Chorus (2x)] Nigga we hustle the streets so lets fuck the police My enemies don't want to see a nigga up on his feet I got the chrome for the haters and burbs on the table Give my life for my niggas and we splittin the paper They say thuggin is the secret that help a nigga fall OZ's flippin quickly to see we never fall The grind got us strapped with 9's on our lap The crime is a trap chop dimes of crack Hennesy got your mind if you slip you might die Penitentiaries give us time I'm fighting for mine If I die in this game send my soul to God I'm making mine in this game even though it's so hard [Chorus (2x)] Yo baby, guess who stopped by today who guess Your sister came from California mnn mnnnn. I ain't got time for all this guessin I just got home from work Come on I want you to guess, we gonna play a game Your auntee from Jersey mnn mnn, wrong again Who The mother fucking ATF that's who What yes you know what I'm saying. What, you running them games on me You let them in the house Hell ya what am I supposed to do I didn't know what to do They wanted to search the house and if they find some Mother fucking dope in here they are gonna take my children Away and I cant be having that shit. Man, slow down, slow down. Slow down slow down ima slow down, ima slow down. You know what I'm tired of this shit and another thing I called your mother fucking work today and guess what they told me. You haven't been to work in the last 6 months Now what you been doing huh How the fuck you think you get all this shit you have I don't know how I get it. you tell me that's what I want to know. You don't want it Tell me where you get it from. Don't play with me you know what happening Hmm hmm I know what's happening. you know what I don't want this shit. Fuck it all. Fuck it all

Eyes May Shine

XZIBIT "At The Speed Of Life"
Eyes May Shine Yeah yeah Look, you could've got away but your response wasn't quick enough Can't preserve life 'cause the best wasn't thick enough Teflon, Napalm, Homicide scenes These are a few of my favorite things! But I ain't Mary so ain't a damn thing poppin Only death disease and a whole lota palm trees Not only for mics, Xzibit is a way of life Until my death so I celebrate success Best of the best wouldn't test these waters with a yacht Sendin' sixteen shots across your parking lot All up on your proximity drinking Hennessy Holdin down ground like the Statute of Liberty So nobody ever can rush my spot And the torch stay lit so I ain't worried about shit It ain't where your from it's al about how you represent! Unfamiliar faces better know who your fuckin' with [Chorus]: (2x) Eyes may shine, Teeth may grit And all of that shit And you still won't step So what's next? All of a sudden you ain't sayin nothin [You Better off buckin yourself] [You need to stop frontin] I'm only comin' through when it's time for collection Xzibit forever nasty, spread like infection Ain't no protection ever made by man to withstand this punishment In other words runnin' shit Keep your eyes wide cause the style gets darker I make papers and see more new cars than Bob barker 'Cause if the price ain't right then it's time to take flight Let the piece go twice to make sure you see the light Plus I'm dreaded not by the locks but by the cops And flocks of females that only think with their croth Unlimitted smoke The bonified cut throat Columbian neck tie Now don't you look fly I'll leave you there to be discovered by your mother Or maybe your brother or your boty boy lover No matter your backround Xzibit never backs down Be prepared for static and semi automatics in your grill [Chorus]: (2x) Eyes may shine, Teeth may grit And all of that shit And you still won't step So what's next? All of a sudden you ain't sayin nothin [You Better off buckin yourself] [You need to stop frontin] Everything that come around go 3.6.0. Longtitude and latitude It's alll in the attitude I'm in the mood to put a twist on things Xzibit here to rock the planet 'till the fat bitch sings The shit is closer than you think Don't blink it might be over in a matter of seconds I'd like to say this off the record But it's not So I testify to the fact Chronic mixed with the Yak make a hellified contact It makes it real easy to trip Unload the whole clip on your block then split! Aint no answers to the test you taken Never move fakin' Can't be shaken' From my solid foundation like this [Chorus]: (2x) Eyes may shine, Teeth may grit And all of that shit And you still won't step So what's next? All of a sudden you ain't sayin nothin [You Better off buckin yourself] [You need to stop frontin]


I been knowing you for long enough Damn I need you right now You can take your time, don't have to rush This might take us a while, (yeah) I left all the doors unlocked and you said you're on your way When you get here don't just say a word, got no time to play I know you think that you know me But you ain't even see my dark side This is for you only So baby do me right, do me right [Hook:] We can go all, the time We can move fast, then rewind When you put your body on mine And collide, collide It could be one of those nights But we don't turn off the lights Wanna see your body on mine And collide, collide Baby it's all your if you want me, all yours if you want me Put it down if you want me (tonight) Said it's all yours if you want me,all yours if you want me Put it down if you want me (Let's collide) [Tyga:] Wakin' up, she on it Good love in the mornin' Get on top my cojones I pleasure you for the moment This don't come with no warranty You want it but can't afford it My world is different than your's You're opinion of me is glory Glorifying in all these foreign Back to future, and DeLorean You ain't used to feelin' this important Cars imported, girls imported In subordinate, get deported Baby check, my inventory Gotta whole lot in store for ya Birkin bags, purple tags I can out a whole lot of shit on blast Vera Wang, Ballinciaga Baby you ain't never to fly for that I talk a lot of shit, cause I can back it up She know I'm the shit, so baby back it up [Hook] I know that this is life when we touch boy You got my heart And can't nobody make me feel like you do, boy like you do Cause baby we can go [Hook]

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