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Grand Puba lyrics - Reel to Reel

Who Makes The Loot? (Bonus Track)

Original and similar lyrics
* DJ cut n scratch: Everybody's talkin bout the * (Grand Puba) [Grand Puba Maxwell] Bust it.. Who makes the loot (Grand Puba) Who makes the loot Who makes the loot (Grand Puba) Well who makes the loot Bust it Goodness grief, let me lighten up the brief Honies spell Grand Puba when they wanna spell relief Who is the man, more than a hundred grand Give a pound to a friend, put a tool to a clown Damn, bang bang bang, Jimmy Coco Puff Who is the one who gives you nuff Don't answer, here comes the flavor And you wanna ask what Grand Puba gave ya Some dope shit, some real live shit Puba is the one who's givin fits A new style, new style, are you ready for this type Now I rock hip, everybody's rockin hype On the very down low you might see me at a show If the show ain't for dough then you won't see the bro The Grand man, just as usual But let me slow down, cause I know I'm confusin y'all * DJ cut n scratch: Everybody's talkin bout the * (Grand Puba) [Grand Puba Maxwell] Bust it we gon' move on like this I once caught a bid, I never hit skid Never date a girl if the girl got a kid Nah, poppa's got a brand new bag And I never hit skins once they sag Guy says groovy, you like to see a movie Stick it in easy, it comes back greasy First to tell you _Slow Down_ But be the second to take you Uptown I won't fall or fumble, trip stagger or stumble Not a soft sucker but I still come humble The next candidate, who holds all the weight It ain't him or him, you better get the story straight Ron Stud is my DJ makes the girl feel like it's foreplay Comin like a bull, so you better yell OLE Here is the one, I shine like the sun You get too close, you might get done Yeah.. Funky Ain't nuttin but funky It's just funky Aiyyo check this out The right type of hype This how we gon' move it for the 90's and the year 2000 Check it out Do the knowledge, this ain't no loop This is some real live funky funky get down on the get down And I'm flowin to this type of hype The bass player's real, the drummer's real The bass player's real, and the drummer's real Word is bond We got the guitars, everything is live Knahmsayin Year 2000, it ain't just a simple loop, so don't get souped As we hit it with the Brand New Heavies Yeah

Look At Where You At

Five Fingers Of Funk "Slap Me Five"
Funky fresh tracks I'm strapped with a pack Pump the real rap false crap to the back I stay true to the vibe and the flavor the old school Gave you what all others lacked Integrity contained in the grain of the lines Artistic expression conveyed in the rhymes Critics dismissed it and dissed it and wished it would die But it lifted and strengthened the mind Now the nineties are here so have fear it's getting washed out All the original vibes are being tossed out Taken from the streets and jacked for the beats These companies are weak their songs incomplete They seek to sell hip hop but instead they disrespect it Dissect it use what they can sell and then neglect it Everywhere I turn I find a sucker with a rhyme Not an M.C. 'cause an M.C. knows the time Rap is popping up like toast from coast to coast They try to boast that their style is so dope But it won't last a round when the real sound macks For all the pioneers I'm going way back Go back... to the Funky 97 Lyrics have been kicking hard from day one I wake around noon I squint at the sun Consider all my chores each day I catch more Throw on my drawers before I get the job done I step out the apt. without delay Walkman pumping It's a brand new day I'm gonna meet the keen-one when suddenly I see some Ducks in a truck playing Ice Ice Babe Down upon my ears my worst fears had ascended I guess I must admit that at the shit I was offended They proceeded to park stepped in the minute-mart I thought to myself The situation is splendid I stepped up to it and began to analyze the Scene in green I tagged my name Pete Miser Wide strokes in green dripping down the hood while I'm flipping The pilot in my pocket is my duty to advise a Bandwagon buster not to dis hip hop The shit they hit it makes me wonder how they get props As if you didn't know it takes the skills to flow Go back to the lab 'cause if you step you'll get dropped Go back... to the Funky 97 Go back to that rack of wax and two twelves 'Cause back then we'd rap when caps sent the braincells Flying toys dying many punks sunk denying Their fronting ain't it something fluffing nothings still trying To come off but the drums lost their weak minds I cultivate a great state of thought caught between lines These toys nowadays employ the sound waves To get paid and laid but still played the proud ways Don't understand the plan the man or my reasons Wack rhyme's a crime and I'm trying you for treason You're a goner if I catch you on a corner in a freestyle But I never will you lack skills that's why you're on trial Go back to the basics or face it your fake shit Wastes airspace it's a disgrace when you make it If it don't sell well tell me would you do it? If not then hot shot you'd better not pursue it Go back... to the Funky 97

Real For The World

Ammo Poetic
LANDSLYDE* Check ! Mind over matter when it comes to money and shattered Dreams mistake who should I blame When people claim that I'm sell-out commercial best-buy product Like a piece of material in the supermart Now who said the sell-out can't be real You're justifying the book by the cover and the contents Are filled with true words and meaning unveiled revealed The treasure talented hip hop from this side of this world The taste for the thirst of lust is the curse for that Stuff is the first it's a must for me it's the love My capability with the capital C I believe In what I do with my heart and soul I can achieve in this world And I can hold to my words and my lyric you can't critic neither can you predict Or judge my style and flow and my status and my show Sniper comin' now real for the world Chorus Aha Over great land and seas Hip hop comin from the Asian MC's Real for the world I wear no mask Represent yourself is that too much to ask ? *YOGI B* Religious scriptures late in night when I am readin' Philosophical vortex spins vigorous on axis of meanin' BAM ! Consciousness explodes I see True vision of Hip Hop and the art of MC Great saints , sages and prophets of ancient times Did they not reveal the truth in mad holy rhymes Find myself do I in this line of tradition Ammunition Poetic Yogi B with a mission Never ever have I for the sake of being fly Faked my slang or hanged with gangs doin' drive by's I greet with a smile no matter punk or mack Recognise K.L. or I'll put your whole posse in check Back to the front and front and back feel this Malaysian MC livin' in realness When the mic is hurled Poetic Ammo comin' real for the world *POINT BLANC* Representin' hip hop on this side of the planet my homeland Malaysia South East Asia risin' straight up in yer' face The chinky eyed yellow skinned Asian brother Rippin' mics like no other in the industry Whack MC's shudder humble beginnings Reflecting back at how I started dedicated My whole life be devoted to hip hop never stopped Pursuing my lifelong dream to sign a deal And to earn some profitable cream Four years have since passed and I'm still true to the game Seekin' my fame but all the shit remains the same Constantly loungin' in the mamak sippin' some hot tea Means of transportation still the Intrakota and LRT Never frontin' but be mad representin' Lyrical poets on a verge of manifestin' Craftin' barrier breakin' commercial defyin' Hip hop musical artforms Poetic Ammo be multiplyin' Chorus *C.LOCO* We've got the talent to produce and create Loyal to the fanbase believe in the faith Of entertainment It's a massive understatement You gotta live the life and give full commitment And honesty to my ally and enemy I am who I am not who I'm supposed to be My inspiration my struggles for hip hop nation Straight to the point blank information Comin' real for the world to keep hip hop alive When money took over the music just died Your mistake as you fake and you take Your ill-gotten gains down the drains as you break Shay C.Loco Wizard Hellfire Aliases now I wanna know who's my competitor Funky urban style from Malaysia's capital Kuala Lumpur is the westside central Chorus

Poplife 2000

Ms Mukupa "2nd Base"
Ah huh Do you feel it? Ah Poplife 2000 What! Miss Mukupa, The Party Pooper. What's a matter with your world? It's some other man playin' with your girl, Did you want diamonds when he gave her pearls? Did you go slow when you wanted a twirl? She sang it out in fancy bars with the fancy cars, When she need some pot, so she can get high like Mars, #8216;Cause all I can see she may be horny, Wanna be with stars and get celebrity too, She dress like a drummer, she go hell what they say, She's got her mind on da money and da money up there, She's talkin' to town, no one could bring her down, She doesn't wanna drown, she's gotta get around, I guess we all searchin' for the sun in out life, Some wanna do it straight, some wanna do it trifle, We all lookin' for that cream on top, #8216;Cause he know life weren't funky without that pop, c'mon. Poplife, everybody needs a frail, Poplife, we all got a space to fail, Poplife, everybody can't be on top, (that's right, ya'll) And life it ain't real funky, Unless it's got their pop diggin'. C'mon Miss Mukupa, the party pooper. Worldwide masters like to many classes, Bitches stay so she can dance like the masses, Hopes they flow when it comes to different pleasures, Flash da gold, I shall spank God to treasures, Hosted by the cash from the aqua, Money who beholds the what, to do rock ya, Usin' the dough for the nose and where the money goes, Hangin' out, will bite ya for that's where ass flows, it shows, That even though we're petty or we're needy, We all got the dream of the greedy, And I got my weed on, to give my whirl on so I can turn off, ah ha The next dawn, dig it. Poplife, (uh) everybody needs a frail, (that's right ya'll) Poplife, we all got a space to fail, Poplife, everybody can't be on top, (that's right) And life it ain't real funky, Unless it's got their pop diggin'. Poplife, (uh) everybody needs a frail, Poplife, we all got a space to fail, (I can feel ya) Poplife, everybody can't be on top, (ah ha) And life it ain't real funky, Unless it's got their pop diggin'. What ya puttin' in ya nose? Is that where your money goes, yeah yeah, To rip off affection flows, I think it's hot, There will be no water, When you'll find the bell's ringin'. Poplife, everybody needs a frail, (poplife 2000 eh ah) Poplife, we all got a space to fail, (what what what what) Poplife, everybody can't be on top, (that's right) And life it ain't real funky, Unless it's got their pop diggin'. Poplife (ey ey c'mon c'mon) Poplife (that's right ya'll) Poplife (hey ih yeah) And life it ain't real funky, Unless it's got their pop diggin'. Poplife, everybody needs a frail, Poplife, we all got a space to fail, Poplife, everybody can't be on top, And life it ain't real funky, Unless it's got their pop diggin'.

Stay Real

ERICK SERMON "No Pressure"
I. It's on breaker 1, 2 mike checkin' flexin no half steppin when I release the funky weapon like Ricochet ping ping ping. I make fans fell it even when I sing. The green eyed bandit coming funky with the tune yes I'm blowing up like Tom Berringer in Platoon. I'm playing kinda ruff like Zapp whapp and E-Double smack to all the crossover raps black who ain't down with the format when you should be wearing khakis and not dress slacks that's wack you trippin you better wake up and smell the coffee and then back up off me I serious I can't believe some people letting frontiers in and then compare them equal boy you must be buggin you lucky you don't catch a slug in the chest in from the Smith and Wessons. Change the out look change the cover of the book you hip hop crook and give back what you took. It's the Funk coming at cha so don't let the crossover catch ya. Boy stay real. II. It's on again yeah about the fake hip hop trends for those who can't comprehend just ask your friends they know the real deal of rap music no frontin you can't be talking loud and saying nothing you must be true to the game you understand and if not I could kill you man for being false plus extra fake on the tape talking hardcore when you soft like a piece of cake. You can't put nothing pass me that horrendous cause I've been here since strictly business the era of Eric and Rakim, Biz, Public Enemy, Run-DMC, Houdini, The Beasties, Stetsa, Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff, LL when he was rockin bells. Sucker which fake emcee is rearranging the structure band the motherf--ker. And don't let this happen again cause rap could be gone the wind. So stay real. III. Yes I'm back Black for those who might be confused and lost and don't wanna pay the cost of me hardcore style type a human being on the microphone when I be emceeing. Some fake the Funk and Main Source know it how do I know cause MTV shows it. Clowns that should be beat down on the spot and catching nothing but speed knots the bumbadots I insist we veto all fake emcees and wanna be's that's worst than the AIDS disease. So wake up Spike Lee Joint and don't be a knucklehead and get to the point with the Funk and pump up the volume make the wild tune to make the party boom peace to Redman the Rap Funkadelic the only emcee that's compared to Erick because I'm real.

Strippers Anthem

This ones going out to the strip joints Yo meet me at Susies Rendezvous (For every go-go bar) Imma send this one out to the gentlemans club Magic City, New York Dawes, Rolex I be seeing you all up in there late at night (Mons Venus) I understand when your girls stressing you out You know what I'm sayin (Crazy girls) Don't let the ladies fool you all now fellas They be doing the same thing you doing Turn up my symphony man, turn up my symphony, Drop a beat I'm in paradise Look at all these crystals (whats up with scores) Uh huh! Yo straight up this is the new anthem for everybody workin hard Tryin to make that money check it out yall (giddy up giddy up giddy up giddy up giddy up) Chorus Just cus she dances go-go, It don't make her a ho no! Maxine which direction's your home, were going to the disco Were gonna elope, to Me-hico Called up my momma said I'm in love with a stripper yo Ten grand, Let me see you shake it like You got no bones in your body And you was made to be a celebrity Twenty grand, Know its a sin but your funny Show me a little more skin It would fulfill my fantasy Thirty grand, Took the highest bid did what Chris Rock said Theres no sex in the champagne room Fourty grand, Looked into her eyes I saw tears falling down Type of tears that money couldn't buy Chorus x2 Excuse me what is your name? Uh my name is Hope yo I was blessed with the body of the Goddesses Have you any idea how hard this is? I can flex in twenty-five positions But I only work here to pay my tuition Yo tantalizing teaser, tabletop pleaser Give me what I need uh, Mastercard or VISA Lapdance, Fantasy Picture us in an all white canopy Wyclef extended his hand to me How you feel with these? How they feel in me? Take me away from here, so far Where they ride horses, no cars No more stripping, In bars Me and you Clef, against the odds Chorus x2 You alot of you all are sitting with your girl Frontin like the Budweiser commercial talkin bout ahhhh ahhhhhhh I don't be goin to the strip joints You lyin man you be surprised who you see up in there man I got one question for you liars man SHOT CALLER! What are you a preacher? You callin her a HOOKER He without sin cast the first stone I MET HER ON THE SUBWAY She gave me that VIP card, AND TOLD ME IF I EVER HAVE PROBLEMS Don't hesitate, to come by (yeah yeah yeah) Chorus x2 CALL UP MY MAMA SAID I'M IN LOVE WITH A STRIPPER YO Yo baby can I get anothe lap dance, I tell you I got nothin but funny money man New York dollars man!

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