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Grand Puba lyrics - Reel to Reel

Check Tha Resume

Original and similar lyrics
[Grand Puba Maxwell] Check.. Well here's the good to go cause it gets good when it's goin It ain't so-and-so'n it's just Grand Puba flowin Stud Doogie, Alamo, on the ziggie rub the table Kunta Kinze droppin on some old, shake the leg shit Now it's time to flow, since we formally introduced us Jump up on the stage and watch the honies seduce seduce us Watch the three sprout beyond shadow of a doubt Here's the resume, for the day, you know the flav, skin out Here's the rootin tootin type of shit to make you lose it The way it should be done, so I know you won't refuse it It's on the reel to reely, kick shit on the daily Grab a 40 hit the floor like I danced at Alvin Ailey So honey don't front just winey wine Cause a bit bo-ty girl stay on my mind Here's Mr. Splendid, careful when I bend it Highly recommended flippin shit like I intended So here goes the flow, check how it go And don't act like you don't.. ( you should know ) Ha hah! Next skit, on the stupid shit, this is how we flip the script Niggaz try to follow but come off it! Lone Ranger, not afraid of danger You know the shit is real so don't play me like a stranger Studda give a cut so precise like a guillotine The kid ain't Michael son cause I'm the one who hit Billie Jean Quick to say parlay, fond of Bob Marley You know the four one one hon, we're _Jammin_ So, clear the road, here comes Mr. Got-It-Goin-On Jump on the mic, grab my pay and after that I'm gone To Indiana, Virginia or Savannah A backed up town to give a shout to Susannah C'mon brothers cause you know what I'm talkin on Hi, how ya doin, Bill hit the joints and then move on The way we sway makes the others just fade away The name of this one here is check the resume So get with it, cause you damn sure won't forget Huh, you know how it goes ( you should know ) Yeah yeah yeah, check the resume yo Uh! Hah hah, uh, hah hah! Uh, hah hah! Uh, hah hah! Yeah yeah On and on and on like this yo YouknowhatI'msayin '93 flavor but we givin it to you in '92 this is how we do YouknowhatI'msayin Pumpin it like this And this how we move on Grand Puba, Stud Doogie, Alamo style Word is bond, big up to the S.O.S. cause they do it best YouknowhatI'msayin Pop in the house, Big Jeff in the house B.R. in the house, youknowhatI'msayin This is how we flowin it on, time to get gone

What It Is Pt 2 Ft Flip Mode Squade And Kelis

Yeah, yeah, yeah Flipmode Yeah, yeah, yeah Flipmode Yeah, yeah, yeah Flipmode Yeah, yeah, yeah Flipmode Yeah, yeah, yeah Flipmode Keep it goin c'mon Keep it goin c'mon Keep it goin c'mon Part 2, Ha! Yeah, Let me show you what it is right now Grip the 5th hit you in your shit right now Make room my squad moving big right now Stack chips, crib looking sick right now Chicks I switch em like kicks right now Sorry can't help it; I'm a pimp right now My new revenue thick right now Or I'd have to come back and cook a brick right now Near none of y'all hoochies couldn't move me right now Went from Gap to Guess to a Gucci right now Gunnin for your title, why bother right now Some of y'all more bitch then Puffy's driver right now (stop) Digga can rock; watch me spit it for blocks In between big screens like I'm Vivica Fox Second album showing no mercy right now We first since Eminem controversial right now Flipmode what it is right now (C'mon) Flipmode what it is right now (Uh-ha, Uh-ha) Flipmode what it is right now (All my people Uh-ha, Uh-ha) Flipmode what it is right now (Flipmode nigga, Flipmode nigga) Flipmode what it is right now (What you want nigga) Flipmode what it is right now (Uh-ha, Uh-ha) Flipmode what it is right now (All my people Uh-ha, Uh-ha) Flipmode what it is right now (C'mon, Uh-ha, Uh-ha) We got you stuck right now Shit we lookin for bitches to fuck right now Chickens and Peacocks and ducks right now Different birds with feathers to pluck right now When we pull up in the truck right now All black seven-forty deluxe right now Niggas hate to self-destruct right now Wishin that I was takin the bus right now Let's get it on right now I feel it more right now Big and small and skin em all right down Wide variety of kicks And 9 times out of 10 I'm get a bitch And get soÂ…right now, I mean right now Fuck a white gal in a tight towel, and right now Things are like Iron Mike now Throw hard rights and knock em out right now Flipmode what it is right now Flipmode what it is right now Flipmode what it is right now Flipmode what it is right now Flipmode what it is right now Flipmode what it is right now Flipmode what it is right now Flipmode what it is right now This be the beat to rock for the beats (yeah) Bang that shit you crack the concrete (c'mon) When we come thru you know we drop bombs Flip-mode 2-k-1 dot com Hands in the air till you weaken both arms Ladies shake ya ass; fellas roll the charms We keepin it street cause how we live That's what it is baby, that what it is baby Uh, Yeah It's QB right now Niggas is wonderin who's he right now He the nigga wit 20's on V's right now Pushin a whip on empty streets right now Fly by you catch a cab right now Put your cap down to the Force Eclipse right now Die slow got niggas pickin they scabs now Let it bleed right now, close your eyes no sounds I thought I told you who it is right now You ain't go to guess this ain't a fuckin quiz right now Tap better like Melvin Giz right now Bus-a-Bus the motherfucking grand wiz right now In case you ain't knowing it's Flipmode right now Stopping ya bank takin ya doe right now Bitch wanna fuck around wit a pro right now I see betta bitches I think you got to go right now Flipmode what it is right now Flipmode what it is right now Flipmode what it is right now Flipmode what it is right now Flipmode what it is right now Flipmode what it is right now Flipmode what it is right now Flipmode what it is right now It's Spliff Star up in the spot c'mon It's Rah Digga in the spot c'mon Rampage is in the spot c'mon Yeah, Roc Marc in the spot c'mon Yeah, Baby Cham is in the spot c'mon Yeah, Bus-a-Bus is in the spot c'mon Yeah, Scratchator is in the spot c'mon Bus'll tell you what it is right now 2001 hot shit, hot shit, hot shit Hot shit, hot shit, hot shit, hot shit, hot shit

Hip Hop (Remix)

[Intro: Joell Ortiz {Jadakiss}] Yo do me a favor? (what?) Accidentally step on your white sunglasses (ha ha ha) We don't wear those over here, this is hip-hop {uh-huh} This is Carhart jackets (yeah) Timberland boots unlaced {yup} This is Champion hoodies, chicken wings and french fries {uhh} R.I.P. pieces on the handball court (you see it) This is us still fightin police brutality {AH-HAH!} [Jadakiss:] Everybody runnin they mouth 'bout how they real Ringtones blowin the doors off album sales Need to be tellin the people 'bout how they feel So that's how it all started, I'm surprised they feel I'll Music just ain't what it used to We used to have songs that, you could shoplift or boost to This is the truth too, listen we gon' pop in the Juice Crew Then run up in the mall, get loose boo Hard streets, hard times, beats and hard rhymes Five Percenters teachin the god lines Two turntables, a mixer, few speakers Haze didn't exist yet, they blew reefer Pink Champale, plenty of malt liquor Extension cord was ran through grandma's kitchen Fashion statements, bats was safe then Now, D-Block Royal bash your face in [Chorus x2: Joell Ortiz] Aww man (man) this is hip-hop Hands up, if you forever a fan of hip-hop I wake up hip-hop, go to sleep hip-hop Dream about hip-hop, cause I am hip-hop [Joell Ortiz:] Uhh, geah, check I said hip-hop, started out in the park Man I knew it was goin down from the start I be backstage with that extra pound in my heart Butterflies, what a vibe when I tear that whole crowd apart It's hip-hop, my lips got problems, I spit hot shit Watch the kid rock albums, I hurt verses And bruise flows, who knows what's next and when I'm like a NBA game, nothin less than 10 It's like all kinda diseases infest my pen I'm sick [cough] I gotta spit, I can't digest my phlegm This gift, could be a curse if you don't use it right So call me now, tell half of these dudes good night They let the lion out the cage, the dragon from out the cage Dudes worship him, girls be draggin him off the stage You dudes weak, you ruin beats, you don't hurt the track Give your producer my contacts I'll murder that [Chorus] [over Chorus: Saigon] Knahmean? J-O! See you my nigga, haha Bring this shit back man Bring it back in time man, check [Saigon:] Just when y'all thought Queenbridge was a wrap Nas came back (Bridgin' the Gap) Joey Crack told the whole map to (Lean Back) For a second you woulda thought New York was takin the scene back Even Ja dropped a mean track - it went "I'm from New York!" The first city that have heads to fiend for crack Now all I hear about is who's a Blood, who's a Crip Religious leaders only teach half of the truth and shit I'd rather rock a fake gold crucifix Than them platinum white Jesus faces; he rap like he's a racist Know a philosopher that reads the pages So that knowledge I try to keep away from me for ages (Aww man) It's like I'm in a race against time Couple years ago I couldn't wait to get signed I thought automatically that my face'll get shine But bein lyrical was just a waste of slick rhyme Cause so, still I annihilate though The sire lace the place with the fireplace flow The day y'all could fuck with me or Joell Ortiz? That's the day Hell gon' freeze [Chorus] [Joell:] Aww man [echoes]

Whut's Happenin'

Keith Murray "Enigma"
Intro: Niggas can't hold me back We ain't comin' for no bullshit Niggas talking all that yackedy yack, word up Verse 1: Here's to Mrl Keith Murray the Mr. Pictionary The Mr. quicck to fuck shit up in a hurry ON the mic I'll squash you little Ms. Philosoophy With atomic technological atrocity I find it very ironic that niggas try to rhyme behind me the supersonic Def Squad MC Get bird's eye view And don't miss the crispiest nigga in the nucleus With futuristic linguistics Ballistics be twisted like physics (word up) Niggas be like how you come up wit this shit But it's automatic, I'm inorganic With the ability to travel nine planets Niggas can't undrstand it, please I spark the brain of your G's We could battle for car keys and car titles House deeds and bank accounts to make it final I got what you need The most homicidal words to co9me out of a human being Mind state sick like Idi Amin Hook: You can do what ya got to And say what you may But niggas gonna come outside wit gun play anyway So I play the game And let the ball bounce where it may And roll with Def Squad and L.O.D. everday X2 Verse 2: Abracadabra talk shit I'll reach right out and grad ya The hype got you like gimmy Don't let it have ya I'll knowck you skeezas pleasers black like Jesus Never lost in the jungle Navigators with caesars Instead dare iz a dark side said by Red I'm consciously, crusciously coming for your head I'm from a small coast call stay out my path And from a big city called foot up in your ass Jeepers, weepers, peepers get snuffed By the sneakiest, throughout the speakers Like fist to cuffs Who the fuck is this paging me? Oh, it's my creepy, greepy, grimy Rough rhyme, crimy Reggie, I'm saying Fuckwho, went where, when, why and how Get my shit to me not now but right now Lucky niggas went platinum Thinkin' they can see us We swoop down on crews Like angels on dust I'll leave you mental so broke You can't pay attention When I get inside your head And take your brain to another dimension I'm itching for a scratch And somebody to try to match The battle cat constatly be on it like that The doom has dawned in We knockin' niggas out without warning And pissing on them The configuration is brain cell wastin' Renegades of funk Like Africa Bambatta and the Zulu Nation You facin' a maniac Pacing over the track Constantly bringing drama like Jason In fact I'm it and there go planet Def Squad Puttin' it down play for play like Ahmad Rashad For the cause, I m wiring jaws Got niggas eating full-course meals out of crazy straws And if it win't def it ain't shit I'm taking it to the limit And killing it each and every minute Cause Keith Murray takes the beef a major step higher And peace makers will get causght in the cross fire Hip Hop's filled with back stabbers Blunt grabbers, cats with dirty claws, dogs with filthy paws Then you got rap artists Claimin' to be the hardest Bust them in their shit And they're quick to press charges Spot rushers, block busters, rockin' diamond clusters Comin' to stick the rich out you motherfuckers Educated black man on premises L.O.D. and Def Squad forever Arch nemesis

Black Chick, White Guy

KID ROCK "Early Mornin' Stoned Pimp"
Black chick, white guy Does it mean shit, maybe I don't know, but yo it never phased me But either way here's one tail Of two like that and what prevailed It started way back in the eigth grade In the small old town where the two both stayed He came from a family of middle class Where everything he did he always had to ask She came from a place that was so alone You know the same old tail of a broken home Her momma was an alkie and more like a friend Had three different kids from three different men And that's just the way shit was Couldn't change it, couldn't rearrange it so there it was Anyway the two kept on With the phone calls notes and so on and so on And after the bullshitin and whatten That day came the two started fuckin All the time you know kids habit's Every single day fuckin like rabbits Sneakin out the car when he was 15 Climbin in the window and fuckin all night see Fuckin during lunch in the junior high bathrooms Drinking champagne and trippin on mushrooms His dick was metal her pussy was a magnet Ninth grade came, I'm pregnant Shit got frantic and man oh Lord it was a tough decision But they decided to abort it It might have been right, it might have been wrong But one thing's for sure, it really fucked his head up Where is it, who is it, how is it, was it right These are the things he thought in bed at night A lot of people might laugh at this But fuck em they don't know the half of it Ain't no sunshine when you're low I'm low People tell me life's a game, I'm not playin Bitches don't mean shit to me anymore I have taken my blows, I'm still standin Now as time went on the the two kept on They kept seeing each other off and on See she moved to the city and you know what happened Black chick with a real white accent Pretty girl in the ghetto go figure Yeah she got macked by some dope dealin nigger Still seein that other kid on the side She kept most of her thoughts inside See all the first guy did was just love her While that punk mother fucker used to beat her and punch her She was livin all wild I think all she ever wanted was the love of her own child She asked the first guy to have his baby He looked at her like she must be crazy He was makin records and goin on tour 20,000 people hip hoppin on the floor And all that while she sat at home and got macked If she stepped out of line she got slapped And then one day she prayed to the Lord to take that guy away And he did he got caught with a loaded gun And went to jail, but first she had his son Ooohh and now what to do She had no man, no money, and no clue Now the other guy came back from tourin And she called him up early one mornin They hooked up her mind was blown As he began to raise her son as his own And that's a lot of shit to deal with man And if you ain't been there you wouldn't understand And people still laugh at this shit Fuck em they don't know the half of it Ain't no sunshine when you're low I'm low People tell me life's a game I'm not playin Bitches don't mean shit to me anymore I have taken my blows, I'm still standin Now for the next year there was some good times A few bad times, mostly good times See he was a ramblin man to the bone He liked women and wine and he loved to roam Not like she was any kind of Saint See in this story there's a lot of red paint But time kept slippin and made her crazy And she talked about havin another baby The guy was like, Oooh Lord We got one now that we can't afford But she convinced she could handle even two Said I want your child or I'm leavin you I can't figure out why then he didn't run I guess he was attached to her and her son All confused about what to do That girl met another guy and was fuckin him too Slut Could barely pay her rent And then the same old shit, I'm pregrant And if that ain't some shit cuz The girl didn't even know who the father was And still by her side the first guy stayed Head gettin more fucked by the day He stuck it out for nine months I don't know why And then a little girl on the Fourth of July Was born in the front seat of his car It was amazing Kinda like a shooting star He was happy told his family and friends Only to realize later his little girl wasn't his And that crushed him quick Suicidal thoughts were in his head real thick But before he found all that out From the same chic another kid popped out And that shit's real ill Girl told him that she was takin the fuckin pill She must have known all along The little girl wasn't his and she was tryin to latch on Three different kids from three different men History repeats itself again And after some more shit got stirred He kicked that bitch to the curb And now from her he's got a little boy that makes him laugh a bit Huh, And he loves him But still you don't know the fuckin half of it Ain't no sunshine when you're low I'm low People tell me life's a game I'm not playin Bitches don't mean shit to me anymore I have taken my blows, I'm still standin I'm still standin I'm still standin I'm still standiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn


Killarmy "Dirty Weaponry"
Killa Arm 9-8 this L.P.'s a banga yeah [Chorus] Yo, Killarmy in ya Galaxy in ya continent in ya state in ya city take'em to war throw ya grenade this shit is gritty rollin' tanks, carry shanks while ya'll niggaz shoot blanks livin' gun powder roll black down dealin' wit ranks Yo, Killarmy in ya Galaxy in ya continent in ya state in ya city take'em to war throw ya grenade this shit is gritty [Verse 1] Yo, What's the sign's on ya crab ass niggaz out here in this rap shit turning this shit into some fuckin' after shit step into my chamber I hang ya like a stranger out tah dry with the mic cord rapped around your neck like 2 times design to leave you breathless to the pointt where you past out flat lined simple mined ass cats get ya fingers snap back outta place (what) and dislocated reaching for that mic device kid I'm Nice [Verse 2] Yo, We never timid break the street limit state laws and glass jars and fake malls, burst pause we take jobs wiseguys who want a prize guy we snatch mics bitch right turn out the light mathamatics strikes a site make me pull my fist tight we wild every night bump shoulders clubs over night crips start to fight wnet to Santalaw pulled out the dialog bashed his dome with the smearin' off now he scramin' off razor sharp face off killarmy cut, pushin' through like what always housted up double edge leave you with a buck fifty three nigga [Chorus] [Verse 3] Terrorist arch nemesis this is my testament eternal life is through the mind the 1st element the 1st to settle it the 1st to pull the medal the 1st to defeat the devil the 1st to take it to that level feel the valume ajust the levels enjoy the treble, the 1st and last rebel crush a stone into a pebble they be trackin' holy water baptise my rhyme is sort of ice mentora mental explorer my guardly aura star bright light up your life like night light heard you wanna fight return ya ass twice mental and physycal [Verse 4] Yo, the last star fighter Princelton soldier northern exposer built with Noah easy adtic aposer mic feel the black thrower to retrieve renagade anroid seek and destroy any man ??? paranoid ??? time zone at 1751 we bury a 100 course of rome prince of dogs is cloned lyrical arthritus contain this to the bone my rhyme battle star galactica terrorist star detector scarfaces are mass discourage weak lyricist are perish I ??? courage physical fight ??? package razor blazes so sharp to slice ya eyelashes rap is gossip while I speak gospel like teachers crisis with the apstols the mind and matter people to the science smother Mc with a pillow livin' dying science [Chorus 1.5X]

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