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Grand Puba lyrics - Reel to Reel

Check It Out

Original and similar lyrics
Flippin the script, page one We got the real McCoy's in the house, the big kids Callin all the shots So here's the resume for the day, check it [Grand Puba Maxwell] Uh-huh, it's time to turn the page So check it out y'all, check it check it out (check it out) Check it out y'all, check it check it out (check it out) Check it out y'all, check it check it out (check it out) Check it out y'all, check it check it out (check it out) Well here's some reel type shit, Grand Puba with the singer Give thumbs up cause I'm glad I could bring her Honey clear your throat [MJB] Oooooh-hooooo-yeahhh! Yeah the shit sound dope Well here goes the skit, it's the kick a rhyme zing to the beat shit, that you wanna get wit Brothers try to copy but they just can't get it down right This is how we move it tonight So honey is you ready [MJB] Yes I'm ready! So, kick the flavor, get the loot, and let's be jetti * Mary starts crooning * Aiyyo check it Well I'll be damned if I do, damned if I don't It's time to kick the flavor on the reel you think I won't [MJB] And you know I come to kick the flavor too Well that's true! Now how we do [MJB] I gets busy Aiyyo hon me too [MJB] And that's nothin Cause that's the way we do [MJB] So get ready (uh-huh) [MJB] Because you know the deal and what's the real thing Yeah yeah yeah! So let's get down, get down with honey from Uptown When I'm done with this I'll be around like James Brown Ain't no thing, honey JUST sing! [MJB] You know ahhhiiii-I, and youuuuuuu Uhh, yeah, we got it goin on (got it goin on) We got it goin on (got it goin on) We got it goin on (got it goin on) You got it goin on So check it out y'all, check it check it out (check it out!) Check it out y'all, check it check it out (check it out!) Check it out y'all, check it check it out (check it out!) Check it out y'all, check it check it out (check it out!) Uh! [MJB] You know, you know I know (uh-huh) Puba knows, how to flow [GPM] So bear witness to the Grand Puba slickness Better get your medication cause it spreads on the quickness [MJB] Take notes to what's goin on [GPM] Aiyyo, Grand Puba and Mary [MJB] Won't steer you wrong! [GPM] Hon it's just that shit [MJB] Let's get it on! [GPM] And on and on, and on and on Aiyyo, some try to flow [MJB] But they just can't do it [GPM] But you know how that go [MJB] Ain't nothin to it [GPM] But, to do it, run right through it Those who know the time, huh, already knew it I drink a Snapple and I wet my Adam's apple And head straight for the center, the dope style inventor Quick to make a buck, cause it's not beginner's luck Type of shit that hits, when you pump it in your truck Not Ashford and Simpson, Ike and Tina Turner Sonny or Cher, it's somethin dope on your ear So whether Monday [MJB] Tuesday [GPM] Wednesday [MJB] Thursday [GPM] Friday [MJB] Saturday [GPM] It don't make a matter This is the type of shit to make the pockets fatter It's simply splendid, the way that we bend it But it's time for me to jet, so I'ma let Mary end it [Mary J. Blige] You know, you know I know Puba knows, how to flow (got it goin on) You know, you know I know-owowwwwwwww (you got it goin on) You-eheheweeeeeee (uh) * Mary starts crooning * Yeah yeah Oooh, baby yeah.. (6X)

Check Me Out

JOE BUDDEN "Halfway House"
[Verse 1:] Now let me ask you a question Who are you? Where you from? What you reppin? Is every bar about a burner or a weapon? Now he all gassed up by his presence Some tell me that my music is depressing, but The best rapper in the world, I was destined Jumpoff! Must be the exception Am I the only one that's progressing in the recession? They tell me tricking ain't tricking if you got it I never heard more false words spoken So, if I told you I'm a leave your wrist frozen I was either lying to you or just joking You could be in a wet T-shirt soaking, You could, stomach how your sheets get like the ocean You could jerk me off with a bottle of lotion while ya legs open And have trouble gettin a token I grew up a lil, see I'm much more mature, My repar is one you can adore That wasn't always the case so that's for starter I'm enjoying the hood, the one after father I used to invest in heroin With money in Maryland, not Marrow Lynch Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, And now I'm holding stacks as I stroll in Saks Sing it! Uh, check me out now! [Verse 2:] When I was younger I used to get ass for sport Now I'm less about her sex, I'm more into her thoughts Nah, I ain't mean to cross that yet, I regress I'm more into her thoughts on sex And the property, fuck what's across my neck Be clear, I'm more into her career then her hair Her mindstate; nothing is insurmountable I'm worried about her account, is she accountable? Real man shit, I'm no longer outlandish The roof don't drop but it's panoramic And I know haters can't stand it So I do it on purpose, still on my Jerz shit We don't fall flat, and we never cave in I leave pressure right to my doormat All that adversity never worried me If anything it feeds me, it a nourished me I try to keep it a hundred, non fiction Lane switching in my true religions with the double stitching No fitted, T, Kid Robot These rap niggas is ass and I don't dig botox Into entering clubs, dodging photogs So they can talk shit bout me for a whole blog Go hard, no prob, that's the plan No laughing joke son, I'm a grown ass man Check me out now!

Holding You

DRU HILL "Enter The Dru"
Damn (Check it out) I can't remember why we fell apart Or even how the arguments all start I got this crazy thought running through my head Mmmm, you keep insisting on convincing me that nothing's changed And keep on telling me I'm trippin' but it's not a game Cuz something's different when I'm in it, it don't feel the same I keep on picturing another nigga been hold-n-you [1] - I feel somebody's been touch-n-you In fact I know somebody's been kissin' you Do you wanna tell me who's been love-n-you , love-n-you Hold-n-you, I don't know why I been trusting you Only did what I'm supposed to do I don't know how I been such a fool for love-n-you It never really mattered too much to me I guess I was too blind and I could not see The message in the words that I heard you say Hmmm, that you're unhappy and you think you need some time away These things just happen but I know they don't happen that way I try and understand because I love you But I keep on thinking that another nigga been hold-n-you (Check it out , check it out) [Jazz]: C'mon, pick up the phone, Shelly [Shelly]: Hello [Jazz]: Yeah whatchu doin [Shelly]: Sittin here thinking 'bout you boo [Jazz]: Oh, yeah Did you think about me when you was with your girlfriends creepin [Shelly]: What [Jazz]: And you was at the club straight freaking [Shelly]: That wasn't me [Jazz]: What am I suppose to do Tell me how could you be thinking 'bout me I saw him in the bedroom baby [Shelly]: Whatever [Jazz]: I'm looking through the window, don't you play me [Shelly]: Hold up! Where you at [Jazz]: Baby won't you tell the truth [Shelly]: I am [Jazz]: Cuz I ain't trippin' and I know that nigga been hold-n-you [Repeat 1] Why, why, why, tell me why, why Whoa why, why, why, why, why Tell me why, why, why Holding you babe Yeah, shouldn'ta been trustin' you, yeah Whoa, I was your fool, yes I was Yes I was, yeah, oh I won't be your fool no more No more baby Oh, yeah (Check it out, check it out)

Feel The Vibe

Frankie Cutlass "Politics Bullshit"
featuring Doo Wop Fat Joe Intro: Boriqua. Yeah ah Flip Squad yeah ah Fat Joe. Yeah ah Doo Wop. Set it off nigga. Doo Wop: If your Puerto Rican and you know it clap your hands (clap clap) If your Puerto Rican and you know it clap your hands (clap clap) If your black spanish white whatever Everybody clap your hands And it's the Puerto Rican rebel Crank up the treble Pump up the bass Doo Wop goin' ape The kid from the tape What's Goin' On What's Goin' On Fat Joe: Niggas can't deal with the real WORD IS BORN Doo Wop: My nigga Joe good lookin' check it my title was never tooken From San Juan to Brooklyn I am the undefeated, undisputed eat cootchie fiend it Every time I gets Buddhed Sip Corona with Mona the bitch from Myona I didn't bone her (why?) cause she's a blood doner And you know about the virus Fuck 5-0 Doo Woop is New York's Finest DJ slash MC competition envy Cause I bounce in each and every Benzy Check me with Frankie Cutlass Uh Boriquas On Da Set motherfuckers Hook: Mic check Boriquas on da set You ain't get no ends in mi casa -Method Man from 'Method Man' Fat Joe: YEAH guess who comes out the camp The undisputed heavy weight Bronx champ Niggas know the time niggas know the deal Niggas know that nigga Fat Joe is mad real Check it who wants to disrespect it Iraq connect I take your life in a sec (boom boom) Fuck around now you Snaggle Pusses foe Flip it in spanish and be like ?mamma man lecho? It's the illest nigga fromt he BOOGIE DOWN Represent everyday with the FOUR POUND Rap aggressor, MC stresser Whenever horny I'm fuckin' bitches on my dresser Even downtown white boys recognize Fat Joe number one yo it ain't no surprise I'm rippin' mics for days to days And I plan to Be Around like Frankie Beverly and Maze Fat Joe on the track with Frankie Cutlass Yo bring ont he motherfuckin' ruckus Hook

On Top

P. DIDDY "The Saga Continues"
(feat. Loon, Marsha) Yeah [3x] [Loon] Yo I'm a gangsta, outlaw; indoor, outdoor Nigga tell me, right, Loon goin south paw (that's right) It's Bad Boy we don't give a fuck about y'all (that's right) Step in the room see the bitch come up out y'all (that's right) I fuck with niggas but it's something about y'all (uh huh) Actin like Loon can't do shit without y'all (c'mon) I caught my menses in Benzes that out y'alls (yeah) See how it feel when your friends be without y'all (that's right) I been doin it, coke I been movin it Before you niggas thought of the block I been through with it Keep confusin this music shit, die for some foolishness Frontin like you a hardware usin bitch You hit the block, prolly lose your whip Niggas (yeah) snatch your watch and the rocks out your crucifix Watch (yeah) how we do this shit, (c'mon) Bad Boy 2Kin it (uh huh) So playboy, what type of paper is you playin wit [Chorus - Marsha - 2x] See that Bad Boy on the countdown (on the countdown) Too slow can't keep up, no, better run (better run) Don't stop, what we gone too far (yeah) Don't flop, what we just too large (oh) [P. Diddy] Let's get, one thing clear (that's right) Still the same cat who put the flavor in ya ear (c'mon) Still the same cat who let the BIG rock with Tony (yeah) Most wanted successful rap mogul (uh) Still got niggas wilin out on the floor (let's go) Still got the sky-blue drop-toppers on (yeah) Still eat at Justin's in Sean John velour (that's right) Still humble (c'mon) and still want more (uh) Still hate war, still want peace And I still can't stand to see blacks beefin y'all still sleepin and we still eatin Still bring that heat, wilin out on the weekends Still happy in black and don't need a reason (that's right) Still platinum back in London and Sweden (c'mon) Still pack the garden like Adam did Eve 'n (yeah) I still got rhymes to (yeah) leave your girlfriend freakin Haha Haha Haha Ha (I like that) (C'mon) (Let's go) [Chorus - 2x] [Loon] Aiyo, besides all the money and riches Videos and pictures, slippin, these silly hos will get ya (c'mon) But not me, I'm too cocky I love when the women scream 'Hey Papi' (that's right) I love when a chick leave my crib knock-kneed (c'mon) And I love when a playa-hata try to knock me (yeah) Or cock-block me (yeah) but you can't stop me You come for all you want (yeah) but you (yeah) can't top me [P. Diddy] Yeah I'm just a B-A-D (c'mon) B-O-Y (that's right) Son we multiply, nigga we don't die Niggas frontin like we ain't fly (say what) But nigga can't name nothing that we ain't buy (c'mon) Or we ain't try, (that's right) or we ain't drive (yeah) The judge said 'not guilty' and he ain't lie (he ain't lie) Niggas need a hit it's to me they cry (c'mon) So why front like nigga (yeah) P-D ain't live (yeah) C'mon, man (let's go) [Chorus - 4x] [Marsha] We got some, real niggas, real blingas, real money makers No- (Bad Boy baby) Bad Boys on top (we ain't goin, we ain't goin) They won't stop (we ain't gonna stop) No, we got some, real niggas, real blingas, real money makers No play, Bad Boys on top They won't stop

Dear Diary

AKINYELE "Vagina Diner"
Fuck throwin joints I throw incinerators at rappers that talk garbage about the Ak, they don't know me from a tree in the forest My name's not summer so I don't sweat it Most y'all niggaz know I cut ya like cheese that's cheddared I been around the world like Lisa Stansfield tour bus Tearin niggaz up from here to West Bubblefuck So don't front like you don't know what my name is Before I start diving up in that ass like Greg Louganis That's not my number one AMOS You take my style and squeeze your lips like probably you see your life stopped, you're freakin FAMOUS I dare another rapper try to TAME THIS I hit you in the ANUS Once y'all reach for the damn A-LIST still, this ain't the pretty boy Fear sex-appeal it's Ak, a.k.a. the real deal I make punk rappers stutter, y-yoyoy-yoyoy-yoyo I bring out the Das EFX in a motherfucker I livin larger than a mansion, you hear me? You fear me, you're just a Little House on the Praerie Leave 'fore Hurricane Ak come blowin in All you motherfuckers best to breeze like the wind Check the news forecast I place a con niggaz'll stick ya on your butt If you're light in the ass Close your eyes, and concentrate it's time to recognize The Ak keep brothers on checkmate Check over there, and then check over here Just lend me your ear, c'mon listen Nigga you just can't defeat me Child abusers walk around, knowin they just can't beat me So don't try to take the winner's belt Aiyyo this ain't April 1st so don't dare fool yourself It don't get no liver, I'm hittin harder than a chastiser I flip rhymes like saliva, poundin on your BRAIN With the sick shit I'm SAYING I got more GAME than a panhandler on a TRAIN Huh, it's rare if I don't catch props I'm the Ak I tear that ass out the frame like a benzie box You know the rules if you ain't ruff Stay on the hush and get played like Sunday school shoes and get scuffed, I put heads to bed like newlyweds Sing your rap eulogy Cuz now you're good as dead Hit the deck, once I round it off like a Tec I play you like a game of chess and keep your ass in check Checkmate Check all around, and then check for them clowns Check the fuckin real sound, break down In English, MC's can't last Similar to a car crash, I got rap in a smash Whenever you wanna get loose and hang out Remember I done turned enough troops into The Last Boy Scout Think you'll last? Then come try Otherwise make like a librarian and keep your ass quiet I'm out to catch the winner's cup All you number one contenders just got knocked to the runner's up What nigga what? I'm blowin up the spot with dynamite rhymes by the Ak Airports they amazed to me Shit cuz I fly so much heads yah have my own travel agency Rap's are fat like SUMO, slammin like JUDO I won't get abused like numbers, I'm MENUDO I got the art down pat, pass the courderoy this bad boy about to start to slack Fuck how I could just kill a maaaan I'm slick and puttin brothers out with these Edward Niggahands Ten fingers of death, grippin micraphones Holdin my own, sparkin rhymes up like grindstones Rippin up challengers Creating a mess on stage out of comedian rappers like Gallagher My mind is filthier than a HAMPER Dirty like a CAMPER On top of that I've been through more shit than PAMPERS Fake is what I ain't But Constantine the Great, don't know me from a can of paint Listen to how the soundwaves vibrate You can't relate, I got your whole brain on checkmate Rob Swift is his name, with Akineyle in the game You're best to maintain, as we aim for your brain as we aim for your brain (3x)

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