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Grand Puba lyrics - 2000

Play It Cool

Original and similar lyrics
(Chorus) Play it cool and move it slow.... (Sadat X) The nature of these humans is to wanna see rip Is to wanna see a fight and say should not write I say let bygones be bygones and let's make this cash Let's get this doe and astill let niggaz know It's alot of bad bitches in Atlanta New York is there and it's ripe for the killing I say hit me wit a stack, let me live, let me do mine Let me be aight, when I rest in the night If you want it, you can get it Don't make theatrics if you got soft tactics There's alot of actors out there in the movies And even more actors in the rap game I keep my shit in place so I can reach all my people So I won't confuse the words that I choose The Brand Nubian combo, Grand Puba ensemble Will make a nigga hungry, give him a piece of fried fish Known Alamo for 25 years So when I say pass the beef, then Ali passed the beef Wack rappers be sliding by the skin of they teeth No label could ever be able to stop me They might try to prop me. put me on promotions, but yo, fuk that Just give me my money, ain't a damn thing funny (real lust) Life is a 3 ring circus, all of the ups and downs of the carousel That I knew so well, check it out Cuz money's what the two's all about Chorus (Grand Puba) Keep it going, no doubt, no doubt, no diggedy Hey me and Doogie bag mad doe Wit that nigga 'Mo, niggaz try to see it but they moving (move slow) So tell me what the fuk is it Weak cyphers can't wait for the God to come and visit Niggaz don't know on the d-low Me and my man Sadat is mad (cool) and we bagging doe So save the boo for Betty, I shred niggaz like confetti Bagging loot and I'm jetti, so are you ready to learn Of putting niggaz on ruin, coming stronger than Ewing I put the tic wit the tac cuz I'm the knick wit the knack So save the patty for the wack and it'll stem from the crack You know what, I don't hit guts of no nasty sluts Or get strung on butts, I just hit 'em wit the roach deluxe Cuz Doogie, you know how shit do So Sadat, let's bag this money, then push back to the bungaloo Go and tell your motehr, it's return of the blues (We can do it better) so fuk them others Cuz I ain't trying to hear it Then if time and giving loot, I be fuking five women The location now, we don't even ask while Lyrics so deep they keep passing you by I'm cutting niggaz down like drive by Niggaz can't keep, cuz yo, money, your shit is dry Grand Puba, Stud Doogie This is how we flow it on, Big Jeff, let's get it going on Chorus

How Should I Ride

BIG TYMERS "Vol. 2 - How You Love That"
(feat. B.G., Cadillac) [Manny Fresh:] Everything on me, my skills pay the bills Buy my momma a house and buy my daddy some hot wheels I'm the number one pepper star, look at y'all Hat to the back, make my way to the bar When I'm in your town, bling, I'm gon' shine Gimme the best bottle of your best (glub, glub, glub) wine Can I have your attention, couple of things I'd like to mention I stay in a big ass house wit' a big gold fence and Wit' the Beemer, Benz, and a Trooper Living room Supa-Dupa Size, Suprose This a big ass diamond, y'all go ahead and cover y'all eyes Look out here I come, stunt man number one I'm makin' airplanes outta fifties just for fun The boat, the plane, the Viper man The 4 TV's in the black Range A black boy havin' all these thangs Now how should I ride man [Baby:] Captin stunter, I ride with a Mack 11 Cause I'm a Uptown hunter, a big dope fronter And 10 a ki still a number I ride Rolls Royce Canisus I took my main hoe out a Yukon and put her in a drop top Benzie I got these bitches trailin' me nigga, cause I got a little money Got these hoes wanna give me pussy cause I got a little money But I got 10 hoes, all with golds Wiot' my name tatooed on the back of they assholes Wit' 20 inch rims, that's how I ride nigga If you ridin' 16's don't ride beside me nigga I'll give to my niggaz, before I give to these broads My block on fire, my niggaz in heat We clockin' a hundred G's a week I boat the yacht, and a screen TV And put my face on the hood of the muthafuckin' Humvee So you niggaz could see me I'm bout to do somethin' dangerous I took the steerin' wheel from the left to right so I could look famous I wear 2 pair of drawers, wit' 2 Rolex watches Wit' 22 bitches on my log nigga I guess that's the thug in me I lie to these bitches 7 days a week I put that on my lil brother LD restin' in peace [B.G.:] They wan' know how I ride Still get high Wan' know how I cross and front the feds, still floss I'm the B.G., in ya car, shit rangin' I'm playin' cheddar cheese, Hot Boy$ ain't fakin' Wanna hang wit' B and Slim gotta have 10 G's Cause them niggaz spend money like it grow on trees We ballin' got cars from every company Expedition, Rams, even a Humvee Ain't that somethin' none of us over 25 Daog you think they really rapped and got Q thangs for 5 Now lil daddy you got a nigga fucked up You could live for 'Burbs but nothin' but speakers on that truck Ah hah, we floss all week man Every night I got a different bitch under my sheet man They see me in the drop Jag and get out the way They know who it is when they see me in the Rover the next day [Cadillac:] Call it ghetto wrist nigga, wear filled with bagettes Crushed out on my neck with the matchin' bracelet Uh, cocked to the side in my 98 bubble eye Put on your shades cause you can't stand it with the naked eye Why, cause I'm a shinda I got diamonds and golds that'll blind ya, blind ya Get out my way cause I'm comin' through Man that' 'lac in the Jag, yeah and I'm sittin' on 20's too Livin' my life like I'm a millionaire How many young black niggaz you know wit' Rollies and Carliare Wrist wear, niggafilled with jew-els Now everybody wanna shine like CMR Cartel Uh, Wodie, Put on your 'boks and your 'bauds Uh, and put some 20's on your Benz so you can shine when you roll We got the finest cars and the finest broads Buyin' mansions on Washingtoners we take our garage Uh, now you see now we ride, how we ride Wit' VCR's and Playstations, wit' the wood inside For sheezy boy How you luv that Done it again BGeezy off the heezy

Bad Boyz

[Shyne] Now tell me who want to fuck with us? Ashes to ashes, dust to dust I bang - and let your fuckin brains hang, snitches Fuck all them able bitches with riches who carry 22's, up in they hosiery A black teller when my father bust and unloaded me Think he just finished sniffin a ki, and dippin the D's Don't hate me, hate Nicky Barnes for hittin my moms Letting the condom pop, nigga I was born in the drop Coke boil in the pot, shake the Feds and bust shots at them street cops Fuck yo' point is? My point is double fours at your fuckin jaws Pointed, hollow point shit Four-point-six, need I say more? Or do you get the point bitch? C'mon What type of nigga slang and bang in the streets? (Bad Boyz) What type of nigga stay in the Trump for weeks? (Bad Boyz) What type of nigga fly Bentley Coupes? (Bad Boyz) Aim for the sky, cop the shit then shoot .. [Shyne] Minks draggin on the floor - bangin on your whore Suckin the croissant just examine it for flaws Pour the Cristal on the way to trial, RICO law got a nigga head hurtin squirtin til they pull the curtain Let the money drip dry, hundred dollar bills wipe the tears from my eyes, no love Fuck y'all niggaz, hope you die a slow death as I coke-test and see the lawyers talk of protest Can't fuck with you weak rap niggaz, witcha gay raps Runnin 'round talkin this and talkin that See me in the streets, tried to give me dap Andrew Cunanan ass niggaz My two cannons blast niggaz, ass niggaz Got me fucked up in the game, get your shirt stained Keep your five mics nigga, give me the 'caine Do the shit to clean my money dummies, gleamed the wrist out Cop the pist-al, nigga, talk shit now, uh What type of nigga slang and bang in the streets? (Bad Boyz) What type of nigga stay in the Trump for weeks? (Bad Boyz) What type of nigga fly Bentley Coupes? (Bad Boyz) Aim for the sky, cop the shit then shoot .. [Shyne] Bling bling, it's a Bad Boy thing Bullets heat-seekin, streep sweepin, with an evil grin Watch you die, one love, one life, one Shyne Y'all niggaz ain't sayin nothin, like a mime Every line, I live it, I write it with a pencil so niggaz die of lead poison if they bite it, hate it but recite it It's a G thang, me and Puff in St. Bart's set it off Bitches walkin topless with G-strings, menage' Bust shots at your crew, another charge As the gulf stream fly through the fog Make ya popular Pockets filled with more high notes than the opera Franklins on top of the - Jacksons My nigga Ty leave you tired Bad Boy, repsect it or die, coward What type of nigga slang and bang in the streets? (Bad Boyz) What type of nigga stay in the Trump for weeks? (Bad Boyz) What type of nigga fly Bentley Coupes? (Bad Boyz) Aim for the sky, cop the shit then shoot .. What type of nigga slang and bang in the streets? (Bad Boyz) What type of nigga stay in the Trump for weeks? (Bad Boyz) What type of nigga fly Bentley Coupes? (Bad Boyz) Aim for the sky, cop the shit then shoot .. [Barrington Levy chatting patois to fade]

Who's That Girl

EVE "Scorpion"
Uh, uh Yo, yo, yo They wanna know Who's that girl (La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la) Eve's that girl (La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la) Who's that girl (La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la) Eve's that girl (La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la) Can I turn you on by my word's spell Look into my eyes think I want you, can't tell Me I keep it sexy, daddy so I can't fail Keep it gangsta for the cowards so I give 'em hell Call me misfit, lips spit a gang of trash Wrist glist now cause I make a gang of cash Light glance, still street with the do-rag Slang, spit game, change speech, how they do that Watch they mouths drop, watch the crowds pop up and act out Broads with the screw face, smash on and knock out Ain't changed game game around me, I run the game If I gotta keep it gritty so be it, I'm supposed to change Like simple, dizzy broads ain't messin' with my mental Natural born hustlin' bitch check what I've been through Got mine took it from you, and now you slot mine Exec to my own shit, dawg I ownin' dot coms' Who's that girl (La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la) Eve's that girl (La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la) Who's that girl (La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la) Eve's that girl (La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la) Yo, yo I can understand why you're scared of Eve Thought I did it one way, ain't prepared for me Huh, mad cause an image I don't care to be Realness, real shit, spit reality Attitude rude, that's the Philly in I Need me in the game, I'm the thrill in your life Breath of fresh air Little boys hang me on their wall, I grow 'em chest hair Why you listenin to other shit You go the best here Come on try your luck shorty, I got the rest scared Bet you anything you aint ready and you get left there Ain't known for frontin' vouch for my behavior, Same way they get down I get down for this paper Sixteen lean from my pence so you can test her Still need to know who I am then cop the record Take it like a class on me and learn the lesson Bottom line my world, my way any questions Who's that girl (La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la) Eve's that girl (La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la) Who's that girl (La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la) Eve's that girl (La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la) Uh, yo power moves is made everyday by this thorough bitch I'mma get this bank anyway that I do this shit I was born to shine while most of y'all was borderline bullshit Know exactly what I want from me, you cats is clueless, Dispose the flow through my hands like water Heat starts growing from my son or my daughter Eve want her own cash, fuck what you bought her He spend, you owe, that's what mommy taught her All ball is played, won't starve today Song after song I write so I get paid Thought I wasn't followin' up with the second round Now bitch swallow it up while I shut it down Make em love me over again and over your name Betcha they get over your style and over your fame Why you lookin sad at me, I ain't the blame Back to plan B baby I can feel your pain Who's that girl (La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la) Eve's that girl (La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la) Who's that girl (La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la) Eve's that girl (La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la)

Killin' It

Tha Alkaholiks "Likwidation"
[Tash] Ahh, ahh I be killin it (why Tash) cause I be feelin it I get money so no need for stealin it I work diligent beneath the Earth's soil where I write rhymes so fresh it's like I wrapped my styles in foil But I sit at home and boil spicy rum when it's freezing Cause I from the Likwid crew where we got drinks for every season Maybe that's the reason why I live high all July And the place I buy my beer is callin in for more supply Maybe not, maybe so, maybe yes, maybe no Maybe niggaz got some friends that wanna battle for some dough If you know somebody holla, cause I take those extra dollars Split that shit with J and Swift, buy a ninety-six Impala and lace it with the deez out my own stack of cheese Get a extra flossy floss and toss King Tee the keys and say, 'Nigga that's yours, cause you opened up doors Before Tha Liks had a deal, you had a nigga on tour So God bless ya, never let this rap pressure test ya You know who got your back when them other niggaz sweat ya' So check uno dos while I roast this coast a toast When it comes to beats and rhymes, you know who got the most I be killin it (killin it) killin it (killin it) Tha Liks rock that shit that have all ya niggaz feelin it Killin it (killin it) killin it (killin it) J-Ro is up next to flow [J-Ro] Dat's me I be killin it (killin it) when I be feelin it Got rum in my cup, best believe I won't be spillin it Yo Xzibit (whattup Ro) I got to know Do I got that Likwid flow (oh fo' sho') well here I go Mida, mida, down the barrel of my heater I torch ya, then skeet out in my Porsche two-seater I'm from the home of rattlesnakes and golden bears And Astro-vans with swivel chairs hoes come in pairs Plus, makin money's in my genes That's why I got money in my jeans, I got a cravin My mind craves the knowledge, my pockets crave the cash My mouth craves the brew, and my Johnson craves the ass Who's on blast, Tha Liks baby, don't twist it Just rock it, got your girl's number in my change pocket What's her name Stella, if she's on me kinda hella Voule vou couche vic moir is what I tell her I get freaky like Friday, why dey, try to get loose Wack MC's are like brown guts, they have no use I just got off the court, where I was whoopin some cats in basketball, here's a question that I have to ask y'all Who be killin it, is it the ladies Who be killin it, is it the fellas Who be killin it, is it the b-boys Who be killin it, is it the gangsters Who be killin it, is it the rastas Who be killin it, killin it, killin it, killin it... [Xzibit] See I be killin it, yeah, when I be feelin it This is dedicated to the niggaz that be stealin shit Straight from the bottom of my black-ass heart The untamed feel no shame, on top of the game Mr. Big Bad Insane, black John McClane Look listen and learn, you only get what you earn So I'ma hustle like fuck regardless, watch my smoke Go straight for the throat, we known for rockin the boat It's hard to find like the grade A shit, with no cuts Tryin to stack like King Tut, and still bang the microphone up Demandin, clear lane for crash landin If anything I'm guaranteed to be the Last Man Standing Pick a number motherfucker whassup The circumstance make you shit in your pants, and we advance as an avalanche of soul, and everything that shine ain't gold Just cause niggaz got brew don't make em nickel proof My record contract reads hit man for hire Xzibit showin grace under fire Tha Alkaholiks killin it (killin it) killin it (killin it) [Tash] Tha Liks rock that shit that have all y'all niggaz feelin it [Xzibit] Once again, feelin it Killin it (killin it) drillin it (drillin it) What, yeah, bring it live with the... yeah Feelin it (feelin it) killin it (killin it) Like this [Tash] Party down, party down, party down! [Xzibit] Bringin it live once again, yeah, cause I be killin it (What, stabbin it, beatin it, yeah) [Tash] Y'all niggaz ain't heard no shit like this out the West coast [J-Ro] Say what, wha-what, wha-what what I say what, wha-what, wha-what what It's the likwid crew [Tash] We be killin it, uhh, cause we be feelin it... [J-Ro] Say what, say what, say what wha-what wha-what what

Money Talks

Flipmode Squad "The Imperial"
Intro: Busta Rhymes Yeah , see , see , nowadays , young niggas get alot of money See the fact is that young niggas is self employed now We livin in a time frame where it's all big business We gotta understand that the young niggas is runnin big business This is how we gon do it , check it out [Busta Rhymes] Before I sing another song (ha) Nigga owe me money I take away your belonging (ha) No prolonging (hoo) Till you give me my money you see me every mornin (ha) Got somethin wicked for all the niggas you callin (ha) Fuck with the stallin (ha) Split a nigga till his shit leave him a little boy (hoo) Watch a nigga crawlin (ha) Pay my money or you better keep you hall in (ha) Dig up on my get money niggas so keep fallin (ha) Cheers makin you happy keepin your bubble pourin (ha) Gettin money on corners or even if you tourin (hoo) Older cats used to do the big money scorin Now they once upon time money niggas who start fallin (hoo) CHORUS: Busta Rhymes Niggas wanna analyze my money like a hawk Money talks , bullshit won't Alotta jealous niggas wanna see me outlined in chalk Money talks , bullshit won't Flipmode get money stay holdin down the fort Money talks , bullshit won't Bless every livin soul we got playin the money sport Money talks , bullshit won't [Rampage] I work so hard to get what I got , number one spot Now I'm hot hot hot (what what) I'm hot hot hot (what what) I'm hot hot hot , yeah Mansion and a yacht , baby blue Nav in the lot Ice on my hands , I got future plans , travelin to distant lands A hundred G cash , money comin out my ass , first to first class Now I'm a rap nigga livin like fast Keep my enemies close , watch what I gross That's why I pack my toast , nowadays cats adios , uno , dos Yoy fall off and you can't come back You get the hit single , your album sound wack I give you the leeway , you sound like us , rock like us Squad like us , yeah CHORUS [Rah Digga] Niggas killin me , talkin that hope you don't change shit Hell yeah bitch , from the door I get on some mad gear shit Type vibe carry studs in my ear shit Who the fuck type yellin , say crud sellin Ain't said hi in years think I'ma pay they bail and The 9-8 people get this right I be a diamond in the rough like the Arabian Night Goin after ends , only keepin friends Makin they own moves , drivin they own Benz I'm supposed to change you just didn't Stuck in low income homes blamin Clinton Bitch like me , gon rock till my last batch of breath With a grade full of ASCAP checks CHORUS Corporate niggas want my money gotta take me to court(addition) [Spliff Star] Yo Spliff doin things , pursuin things , I'm gettin money Chop the hand off the man who try to take from me My guns go POW from Brook to Moscow Tear a hole in your biddad for messin wit my triddad Stack ones into lump sums you know the motto See me on your block with Black Rob throwin bottles I'ma a hard act to follow , love girls that swallow So crazy I don't know where I'ma be at tomorrow Yeah , I heard that money talks so I wrote this commentary Every move that I make for sure is monetary Our squad legendary , I'ma bump it till you hear me Spliff doin love scenes on big screens with Halle Berry Outro: Busta Rhymes Ahee hee hee hee hee See , it's a serious serious serious thing now Big business , allows young niggas , to comfortably eat Every motherfucking day now , ahee hee hee hee , aight Struggle process is now kept to a minimum , ahee hee hee Yeah , I think I'm about to go buy me a couple of motherfucking sneakers , a couple bags of weed , a motherfucking 500S98CL version And a couple of bitches , ah ha ha ha ha ha

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