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Graham Parker lyrics - The Up Escalator

Devil's Sidewalk

Original and similar lyrics
Like No Holding Back you can get the main melody (riff) in your head to play over over the intro chords, you're set. Capo at 2 makes the transitions more manageable for solo guitar. Chords mapped out as if they were open. Em C Em / / / Em C Em / / / Em C Em D G C D C Took a walk down hell's pavement G C D C Took a walk down pulled by the tide G C D C I had to make some new arrangement Em C G Oh I thought I'd reach the other side D Em C G Then someone opened up their mouth to talk D Em C G D They said (hey!) you ain't where you think you are Em C Em D You just landed on the devil's sidewalk G C D C Had a minor misunderstanding G C D C With a street lamp one night G C D C The smell of burning ... rubber hit my senses Em C G I thought I'd reach the other side D Em C G When someone opened up their mouth to talk D Em C G D They said (hey!) you ain't where you think you are Em C Em D You're just stranded on the devil's sidewalk Em C Em D You're just stranded on the devil's sidewalk F#m Am7 And it's cold, so cold F#m Am7 and it's cold, so cold F#m Am7 D and it's cold, so cold G D G C No-one's got names, under the flames G D G C Everyone screams, hope its a dream G D G C F#m nothing makes sense, everything's tense Bm D Wish I could say what it meant G C D C Took a long look down at the mirror G C D C Couldn't see my face at all G C D C Just those strait lines, leading to nowhere Em C G Oh I thought I'd reach the other side D Em C G When someone opened up their mouth as if to talk D Em C G D They said (hey!) you ain't where you think you are Em C Em D You just landed on the devil's sidewalk Em C Em D You just landed on the devil's sidewalk repeat and fade


MYSTIKAL "Unpredictable"
If it ain't live, it ain't me Oh nigga, I'm too deaf to move a step through shards or slip and slide Talk back and you get me for cussin', cuttin', bustin' bustin' me Tried to talk 'em, but they really won't pay it Found nothin',fuck 'em fuck 'em Inside, outside, in a state of an abomination Don't want no confrontations, making me hit you with combinations Kicking in bloodier faces, compilations, occupations Back in hibernation, yeah you suffer with complications Too in to be losin' money, too old to be time wastin' Man, people that don't even listen to rap still buy my tape Only Beats By The Pound gettin' down on the drum Wit' DJ Darryl and Moe, hollywood here we come If what you are reflects your actions, bitch I'm a man Ahh, shut up, I don't wanna here it Cause I'm 'a fade you and your chance You know what you did was despicable I sick of you, they call me Mystikal, cause I'm Unpredictable [hook [x2]] I said what they thought that I wasn't gonna say I did what they thought that I wasn't gonna do I knew what they really not want me to know, I'm Unpredictable Can't fight it, deny it, you're gonna get lost Sure you can't follow the rhymes that I wrote No one can stop me, uncover my flow I'm Unpredictable Man, until you give it your all, you never will know what can happen From nappy-headed ass Michael, to cold-blooded ass rapper Sometimes the little kids be listenin'to me And I'm tryin' to stop the cursin' Teachin' 'em bad words and then people be gettin' nervous (Oh my God) Calm down, I'm not that type of rapper you'll see Besides, I know some of y'all churn out that cursin' better than me I'm ice-cold baby, I'm zero degrees I'm like a lumberjack, cuttin' MC's like trees Choppin' 'em down, knocking 'em down, locking 'em down Four years, and six months later I'm still on top of the mound Just more powerfully now, on time for that No Limit sound Already know what you gonna say before it come out your mouth Yee got's to stay awake, tidin' y'all no matter whats done Old style-stealing copycat tried to bite and bit his tounge You can't fight that feeling, it's irresistable Never know what I'm 'a do next, I'm Unpredictable [hook] If you thinking the nigga done rolled with a other they'll take you Nigga you heard wrong Prime Suspects (who), Mia X, (who) Mr. Serv-on Oh, you want to ride in my Mercedes But I ain't got no more room in the back (my bad) Whole Gambino Family in their, Kane and Abel and Mac Got C-Murder, Colonel, the Shocker, you don't want none Oh hell, O'Dell and VL all of the funk sons I'm confident, don't come in conceited, ain't got no Big Ed I'm bad like Fiend, but I B. like Craig So don't provoke me, if you don't want to get strong-armed Big Mann and Champ, V-Dog, be worrying might do you some harm All that ready to put a bullet in your belly-belly With a four-ten two shells, Boswell and Kelly-Kelly We ain't faking, making hits and gettin' paid You can't fade the track that the tank just made Mystikal, I'm Unpredictable Shit, anything else is unacceptable [hook]

Where The Sidewalk Ends

Oh talk to me Pretty girl in the corner Tryin' out your sex appeal Oh no, it won't bother me If you talk about your TV Jims And their overkill You can be ... You can roll out of you seats I know what I want, baby But you know exactly what I need Oh run with me I'll show you what life is like across the street Oh take me If you want to you can take me seriously I just wanna throw you one Time around the block I know those small minded people And I know that you won't talk, not much Don't put me on When all it really depends On how you see yourself Where the sidewalk ends Well ther goes James Richard Riley Screamin' his redundent lines He's such a time waster What's his he thinks is mine But none of this for me or you I got something for you better here I got loads of dreams, everything is deep I got laws, I got power, I got you And that's all that matters Hey you, they think you're crazy But I knew that the first time That you laid down They know it's just your behavior Well it's hard to be a lady When you paint your face just like a clown There's somethin' goin' on here I don't need to hear from you I got twenty five rings and a joker's ring .... been real to you Yeah they say I caught you Where the sidewalk ends But there ain't nobody buyin' nothin' Where the sidewalk ends

Come In From The Cold

JONI MITCHELL "Night Ride Home"
Back in 1957 We had to dance a foot apart And they hawk-eyed us from the sidelines Holding their rulers without a heart And so with just a touch of our fingers I could make our circuitry explode All we ever wanted Was just to come in from the cold Come in Come in from the cold (we were so young) Oh come in Come in from the cold We really thought we had a purpose We were so anxious to achieve We had hope The world held promise For a slave to liberty Freely I slaved away for something better And I was bought and sold And all I ever wanted Was just to come in from the cold Come in Come in from the cold (we were so sure) Oh come in Come in from the cold I feel your leg under the table Leaning into mine I feel renewed I feel disabled By these bonfires in my spine I don't know who the arsonist was Which incendiary soul But all I ever wanted Was just to come in from the cold Come in Come in from the cold (you were so warm) Oh come in Come in from the cold I am not some stone commission Like a statue in a park I am flesh and blood and vision I am howling in the dark Long blue shadows of the jackals Are falling on a pay phone by the road Oh all they ever wanted Was just to come in from the cold Come in Come in from the cold (I was so low) Oh come in Come in from the cold Is this just vulgar electricity Is this the edifying fire (it was so pure) Does your smile's covert complicity Debase as it admires (just a flu with a temperature) Are you just checking out your mojo (oohoo) Or am I just fighting off growing old (just a high fever) All I ever wanted Was just to come in from the cold Come in Come in from the cold (it was so pure) Oh come in Come in from the cold I know we never will be perfect Never entirely clear (when the moon shines) We get hurt and we just panic And we strike out Out of fear (you were only being kind) I fear the sentence of this solitude 200 years on hold (for my loving crime) Oh and all we ever wanted Was just to come in from the cold Come in Come in from the cold (when the moon shines) Oh come in Come in from the cold When I thought life had some purpose Then I thought I had some choice (I was running blind) And I made some value judgments In a self-important voice (I was outa line) But then absurdity came over me And I longed to lose control (into no mind) Oh all I ever wanted Was just to come in from the cold Come in Come in from the cold (you were so kind) Please come in (so kind) Come in from the cold Come in come in Come in from the cold, etc.

Ital (Feat. Q-tip)

Verse One: Q-Tip I wanna be able to reach an mc and reach a little child in the same degree And my elders excel I mean what the hell we might as well bridge these gaps in all before we fall in the fire Black Thought: It's a million mc's upon a plan they call real tryin' to set it profess mic techniques illegit inaccurate perceptions of reality embedded in their minds thus their rhymes are discredited (check it out) Q-Tip: I use my music implemented with jewels import tools to inspire all those too cool fools who say screw school 'Cause they don't see the conspiracy that's put here to trap you and me Black Thought: Y'all know the battle leutenant be on some whole 'nother other finesse genetic they say I get it from my mother so its' inheredit- ary and very necessary to shine legendarily, heavily refined Q-Tip: Contemporaries like the Roots is so radit's like dage which bag did they come out of, and how can I get in itto win it like raffle ticket pick and if you feelin' something, guess who gets the sticking Black Thought: I got this Ital mad up close and personal the first I find to violate, I shall retal- iate with realisms for their whole local we on point like decimal Abstract now Q-Tip: MCin while I'm breathingmcin is believing that you can host a ceremony and the dough is never phony in fact, it's very therapeutic like B12 hyperdermic needle so shoot it Black Thought: Lyrically elicit upstarts the explicit most wicked seven digit mic wizardmy tongue lashes out and strikes with it just slightly might miss it when I blast through your section or district CHORUS Verse Two: Black Thought In my formitive by my peers I was influenced until the instruments of time killed the congruence I peeped the blue prints on how to make true sense of MC's which are a nuisance I know just what to do sinceI'm on another lev. brothers is fakin' jacks and think they ready for the rev. but they got a lot to learn, to make theri thoughts long term 'cause on theri short-cuts they made a wrong turn probably, timelessly I construct the firesome to rip your eardrum for many years to come professional style thinkin' rational to move wise so hard it's a wonder y'all alive... Q-Tip: ...And still breathin', niggaz is dead and not even perpetuatin' real life the shit kicked is real trife ayo they fake bleedin' It's obvious that they needin' attention feedin' they cold actin' like heathens when mics is picked up MC's scenes is kicked up like women with the gripper drinking Moet 'till they hiccup fellas hustlin' picking bricks up fantasizin' about the illest stick up but rip up the jam and we be truly impressed on stage you won't need your tef. vest only a mic with and a mic test and at your best you get blessed by the fans who profess that they can relate with the trials you tribulate or the pains you endure 'cause some cats is pure tell horors that are true but see cats like you y'all fake joints just tyo get a woo-woo the tear jerker you be that miracle worker whose miracle just ran out I think it's time you pan out or just plain fade, 'cause yo you played we 'bout to drop on you like the Everglades

Baby It's Cold Outside

BARRY MANILOW "Because It's Christmas"
(Talk) Well honeybunch it's been fun but gotta run oh sweetlips stay a little while longer won't you no it's very late baby I really got to go but look at the weather you'll catch cold out there and I would never forgive myself oh you come on just one more night cap no I shouldn't come on (Sing) No well I really can't stay but baby it's cold outside I got to go away but baby it's cold outside this evening has been and hoping that you drop in so very nice I'll hold your hands there just like ice my mother will start to worry Beautiful what's your hurry and father will be pacing the floor listen to the fireplace roar so really I better scurry beautiful please don't go well maybe just a half drink more put some records on while I pour the neighbors might think but baby it's bad out there say, what's in this drink no cabs to be had out there I wish I knew how your eyes are like stars tonight to break this spell I'll take your hat your hair looks swell I oughta say no no no sir mind if I move in closer at least I'm gonna say that I tried what's the sense of hurting my pride I really can't stay baby don't hold on ah but it's cold outside (Talk) well I must say this couch is very comfortable it's not a couch puddin' pop it's a love seat oh how you talk oh Barry I simply must go (Sing) but baby it's cold outside the answer is no but baby it's cold outside the welcome has been how lucky that you dropped in so nice and warm look out the window at that storm my sister will be suspicious gosh your lips look good my brother will be there at the door like waves upon a tropical storm My maiden aunt's mind is vicious gosh your lips are delicious well maybe just a cigarrette more never said your blues will be for I've got to get home but baby you'll freeze out there say darling can you lend me your comb it's up to your knees out there you really been grand I thrill when you touch my hand but don't you see how can you do this thing to me there's bound to be talk tomorrow think of my life long sorrow at least there will be plenty in life if you caught pneumonia and died I really can't stay get over that hold out ah but it's cold outside (Talk) Well I don't know I don't got to go home Hey look it's starting to snow oh you arranged that didn't you? see now you gotta stay well, I guess I won't be able to find a cab no cabs and the buses they never run they'll never run in snow like this let me take your coat well tomorrow is Sunday isn't it? and I don't have to go to work see isn't that better and who knows how long it will keep snowing it can snow for a long time, Kate what are you doing? well now yeah

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