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Graham Parker lyrics - Struck by Lightning

And It Shook Me

Original and similar lyrics
CHORUS G Em G Em And it shook me, it shook me up, it shook me up, yeah G C Em I remember the way you looked when we first met G C Em There are some things in this world you can't forget G C D D You were standing underneath the light I lost my heart, It felt all right G C Em And it shook me, and I'm still shaking now. I remember rainy nights I thought I'd drown Was it London New York Paris or Amsterdam I forget the details no I must admit But you were there through all of it And it shook me, and I'm still shaking now. REPEAT CHORUS (then) Instrumental verse (ends with Em / D twice) Will you hold on and hope our grip don't fail Sometimes lovers hammer in their own coffin nails I just read how universes start, continually they blow apart And it shook me and I'm still shaking now. Some believe in a heaven up above With a God that forgives all with his great love Well I FORgive you if you forGIVE me, hey! Who needs the third party anyway And it shook me and I'm still shaking now. CHORUS (repeat and fade)


Human Waste Project "E-lux"
In the dream I was smaller I washed my hands clean Clean I kissed you and everything was shaking Yeah, I could not stop shaking and that made you smile If I could just wake up and wash myself clean I'd be alright If I could just take back a few of these things I'd be just fine I'll let it go I'll let it slide I'll let it go go this time (Repeat Chorus) In the dream I woke up next to you and looked at my hands. They were so small I kissed you and everything was shaking Yeah I was shaking but I wasn't there at all Because falling out of light is just as divine as falling in My stomach is wrenching my heart's in my throat I'm still falling (Repeat Chorus) In the dream I was buried deep beneath your skin skin and all I wanted was just to kiss you but you knew I couldn't kiss you and that made you smile If I could just wake up and wash myself clean I'd be alright If I could just wake up wake up from these dreams I'd be just fine (Repeat Chorus)


She was sittin' on a park bench Feedin' pigeons on Beacon Hill I was takin' my dog Jack out for a run We had a little time to kill I still don't know if it was Jack or me That somehow caught her eye But the next thing I knew we were sittin' there talkin' Laughin' into the night And from that moment on She never left my side Those autumn nights were long She was the first love of my life Chorus: I still can feel the softness of her hair Fallin' on my face My arms all around her There's always somethin' 'bout this time of year That takes me to that place And I remember (Yes, I remember) November Oh yeah She was workin' her way through school Waitin' tables at the Hungry Eye I was playin' a club down on the waterfront Afterward she'd come by Around 3 AM we'd grab some takeout In the heart of Chinatown And we'd hang out and stay up all night long Just talkin' and messin' around I never would have dreamed We'd ever say goodbye She felt like the sun to me On those cold November nights (Repeat chorus) Lookin' back I can't explain What happened on that dark December day I guess we were just two kids Going different ways (Repeat chorus)

Wanting You Desperately

England Dan And John Ford Coley
I remember loving you From the first time I looked into our eyes You were standing there Waiting for the walking light And I remember staring through The crowd you disappeared into I remember the emptiness that I felt When you were gone (chorus) And wanting you desperately But never having you It keeps me awake in the night Wishing that you were beside me Wanting you desperately But never telling you It's breaking my heart And it's tearing me apart I remember moving to A new place That was right above your room And the happiness I felt When I found I was close to you And I remember the afternoon My elevator, it opened to you Oh what a feeling I had inside When you turned and said hello (repeat chorus) I only wish that I was strong I'd take a chance I'd get you alone Then I'd tell you the way I feel That the love I have is real Yes the love I have is real (repeat chorus)

Sam Stone

JOHN PRINE "John Prine"
Sam Stone came home, To his wife and family After serving in the conflict overseas. And the time that he served, Had shattered all his nerves, And left a little shrapnel in his knee. But the morphine eased the pain, And the grass grew round his brain, And gave him all the confidence he lacked, With a Purple Heart and a monkey on his back. Chorus: There's a hole in daddy's arm where all the money goes, Jesus Christ died for nothin' I suppose. Little pitchers have big ears, Don't stop to count the years, Sweet songs never last too long on broken radios. Mmm.... Sam Stone's welcome home Didn't last too long. He went to work when he'd spent his last dime And Sammy took to stealing When he got that empty feeling For a hundred dollar habit without overtime. And the gold rolled through his veins Like a thousand railroad trains, And eased his mind in the hours that he chose, While the kids ran around wearin' other peoples' clothes... Repeat Chorus: Sam Stone was alone When he popped his last balloon Climbing walls while sitting in a chair Well, he played his last request While the room smelled just like death With an overdose hovering in the air But life had lost its fun And there was nothing to be done But trade his house that he bought on the G, I. Bill For a flag draped casket on a local heroes' hill Repeat Chorus

My Fault

EMINEM "Slim Shady EP"
[G] Eminem as Susan (the girl) [D] Eminem as Dave [J] Eminem as John [R] Eminem as Ron Chorus: repeat 2X {Eminem singing} I never meant to give you mushrooms girl I never meant to bring you to my world Now you sitting in the corner crying And now it's my fault my fault [Eminem] I went to John's rave with Ron and Dave And met a new wave blonde babe with half of her head shaved A nurse aid who came to get laid and tied up with first aid tape and raped on the first date Susan -- an ex-heroin addict who just stopped usin who love booze and alternative music (Whattup?) Told me she was goin back into usin again (Nah!) I said, 'Wait, first try this hallucinogen It's better than heroin, Henn, the booze or the gin C'mere, let's go in here' *knocks on the door* 'Who's in the den?' [R] 'It's me and Kelly!' 'My bad, (sorry) let's try another room' [G] I don't trust you! 'Shut up slut! Chew up this mushroom This'll help you get in touch with your roots We'll get barefoot, buttnaked, and run in the woods [G] Oh hell, I might as well try em, this party is so drab 'Oh dag!!' [G] What? 'I ain't mean for you to eat the whole bag!' [G] Huh?! Chorus: 1st repeat Em says 'I'm sorry!' at the end 2nd repeat same as original Chorus 'Yo Sue!' [G] Get away from me, I don't know you Oh shoot, she's tripping.. [G] I need to go puke!! (Bleahh!) I wasn't tryin to turn this into somethin major I just wanted to make you appreciate nature Susan, stop cryin, I don't hate ya The world's not against you, I'm sorry your father raped you So what you had your little coochie in your dad's mouth? That ain't no reason to start wiggin and spaz out She said, [G] Help me I think I'm havin a seisure! I said, 'I'm high too bitch, quit grabbin my t-shirt' (Let go!) 'Would you calm down you're startin to scare me' She said, [G] I'm twenty-six years old and I'm not married I don't even have any kids and I can't cook (Hello!) I'm over here Sue, (hi) you're talkin to the plant, look! We need to get to a hospital 'fore it's too late Cause I never seen no-one eat as many shrooms as you ate Chorus: 1st repeat Em says 'Whoops!' after first line and 'It was an accident!' at the end 2nd repeat same as original Chorus Susan (wait!) Where you goin? You better be careful [G] Leave me alone dad, I'm sick of gettin my hair pulled I'm not your dad, quit tryin to swallow your tongue Want some gum? Put down the scissors, 'fore you do somethin dumb I'll be right back just chill baby please? I gotta go find Dave he's the one who gave me these 'John, where's Dave at before I bash you?' [J] He's in the bathroom; I think he's takin a crap dude! 'Dave! Pull up your pants, we need an ambulance There's a girl upstairs talkin to plants choppin her hair off, and there's only two days left of Spring Break, how long do these things take to wear off?' [D] Well it depends on how may you had 'I took three, she ate the other twenty-two caps Now she's upstairs cryin out her eyeballs, drinkin Lysol' [D] She's gonna die dude 'I know and it's my fault!' [D] My god!!! Chorus: 1st repeat Em says 'I'm sorry!' after second line and 'What do I do?' at the end 2nd repeat same as original Chorus My God, I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry! Susan please wake up! Please! Please wake up!! What are you doing?! You're not dead!! You're NOT dead! I know you're not dead! Oh my God! Susan wake up! Oh God...

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