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Graham Parker lyrics - Squeezing out Sparks

Local Girls

Original and similar lyrics
INTRO D Bm G (three times) then G A B E Sit by my window and look outside A G#m E Wonder why a sun don't shine on me B E What's wrong with you, you stupid child A G#m C# Don't you think that I'm the one you're waiting to see F# B Don't talk too much cause she falls for the soft touch D E Makes her feel everything is secure G A D Don't ever leave a footprint on the floor CHORUS D Bm G Don't bother with the local girls D Bm G Don't bother with the local girls D Bm G G A Don't bother with the local girls B E She's probably halfwit she must be straight A G#m E Bound to have a mother who knows nothing but hate B E Don't want to laugh I'd rather knock her down A G#m C# Standing at the bus stop where she waits each morning F# B So isolated that she thinks that the army D E Is the place where a man oughta be G A D Don't bother with them they don't bother me REPEAT CHORUS (plus) D G Don't bother with the.... local girls BRIDGE A G A G They got the walk they got the talk Right down without a flaw A G G A D At six oclock I got to stop My dreaming at the counter of the store D Bm G D Bm G Don't bother with them D Bm G G A B E Without a doubt I gotta intercept A G#m E Must be time someone went shouted in their ear B E You look all right in that cheap green dress A G#m C# But every time you swish it round you make me disappear F# B Yes I'm aware of exactly what I'm doing D E Making everything a mystery, G A D Don't bother with it, it don't bother me CHORUS (3 times) and fade

Too Young To Live

Well its hard to be cool when your still in High School You got the old man jacking you around And he tells you what to do Gives your opinions to you And you feel like just some kinda clown And the old lady is bitchin Why do you clean up all the kitchen What time you gonna be home tonight And you walk out the door Cause you can't take anymore You don't know wrong from right As you walk by All the young girls gonna wink their eye You ain't playin' for pennies no no You know that the trick is to hide Your to young to live But your a little to fast to die Well you fear for you ass and run ?? Down that grass, when the crowd comes near ?? And the suicide dolls ?? can be easily bought After a six, six pack of beer And they talk a little loud When their - Who have you been with now ?? Did you find yourself a hero And you think its kinda fun That you don't have any money To bet if you place or you show (chorus) (variance) - All the young girls gonna shake their thigh Well some time in the night You cry for a sign Of someone to help you along But you see yourself as tough And you know its just a bluff You got that reputation to carry on And if you ever get away From what the old man might say Hey you been a big man ..... You'll remember the clichà In what your mother use to say Your family is your only friend (chorus)

Change This Game Around

Big Daddy Kane "Veteranz Day"
It's that number one hip-hop tramp, to get your thong damp I put it down till you girls catch a cramp, Take a little trip with the smoothest guy walkin' Usually my fault in, girls wreckless eyeballin Attraction is magnetic, they come and get it Game is all natural, yours is synthetic So while you sittin' there tryin' to get your words straight I bag more dimes than workers at the herb gate Use tight D, on top of tight G Want it done rightly, girlfriend invite me I foresee what you hoping, And say the right thangs to get you open, then I get you open Lay it down from nighttime until the A.M. Watch how I play ‘em, lay ‘em and then fillet ‘em In the kingdom I hit it like lottery Baby you gotta see, the Brooklyn prodigy Chorus It's plain to see, your game is tight enough for me I jus can't keep my cool, I just gotta let it be And now you're in the zone And I'm sure when you play on That the way you put it down Is gonna change this game around Verse 2 Sharp P-I till I return to the essence Making my presence, glow like florescence I come around and get it like hot peas and butter Drop these and got her, that Kane he's a mother The God don't minimize, I enterprise, when I rise In the thighs, make ‘em see doubles like geminis So, bring it on me no sweat it But you talk that Lil' Kim talk to me and end up bowlegged Give it to you good upon the mattress 6 million ways to get yo' back twist No theatrics when the Kane approach Put you in more positions than a football coach Pimpin' ain't easy but we don't knock it do we Instead we spend chips, get fly, rockin jewelry Walk through the club with the girls lockin to me It's all love in here baby now sock it to me. Chorus Verse 3 I don't discriminate they come upon ease Asians, Haitians, even the mommies Please lowdown stankin', plus Jamaican girl bangin' Them call me yard boy cause them seen something hangin' Never do I waste that, I put my face at, a place that In case I wanna taste that Comfort specialist, is as easy as this Ah miss, yeah duke you better hold your on to her wrist I start roamin like car phones, and Just can't control my hormones and I make a move on a ten, and go and get a friend So I can put my man in While you sittin' there drinkin', that glass of Cris I be sittin there thinkin', what's after this Us two, me and you is what's happenin' Bodily in heat like an African (O.K.)

Redneck Highway 101

Speedin' the down freeway Tryin' to make some time I pull into school, it's 5 to 9 Run down the hall to make the 9 o'clock check But you don't have to go if you're a real Redneck Too many times I've heard it this way Two lates equal one absent day I got my ropers on and I'm ready to ride But the seat in my truck is just a little too wide My girl's on the left and the boys on the right I hope she knows she'll be alone tonight I don't know how it always ends up this way There's time for girls on another day CHORUS Hop in the cab Turn the radio up We're heading down to Lefty's for some fries and ketchup To them girls in the shiny pink cadillac There's three in the front and four in the back Slid'er into gear boys were headed for fun Cruisin' down Redneck Highway 101 Well the sign says 80 but we go 45 Got the pedal to the metal just to keep it alive Truck broke down along the way Cut across farmer Jim's field of hay Hot wired the Deere and then we headed to town Thank God there were no cops around CHORUS ...Cruisin' down Redneck Highway 101

Curse Of A Fallen Soul

DROPKICK MURPHYS "The Gang's All Here"
Another wake, another time, a premature goodbye I've watched you grow and I've seen you pass I always knew it wouldn't last Together now we mourn the loss and remember all the fun We'll drink the beer and hangout where death took another son So all for one and one for all do we ever wonder why Though reasons clear, this friend so dear was taken before his time -CHORUS- So may this round be on the corpse of a dead man With a toast that tells of a love you never shared So as we dance on the grave of the misbehaved Raise your glass and sing the praise of a fallen soul Many bow their heads for this man they knew so well With solemn thoughts they drink and drug for a resurrection (Facing death you fear no danger) While Mothers shed their tears through a veil of desperation These fiends of vicious breed raise holy hell -CHORUS- How many times can fate be chanced, the dice be rolled Is their no path of least resistance for the bold (Never sought and rarely taken) Shocked and dismayed at how it stole his life When this fateful course of action takes its toll -CHORUS- (x2) Now let's all gather round in our costume suits and ties Telling now this soul was a source of inspiration (Love him now, he lives no longer) But you never tell the tales of the times you turned your back On this friend who never found the righteous path -CHORUS-

All Time

ARCHIVE "Londinium"
Reflecting on what's been Though past will be future When again yesterday to be made For me hazy times fume all around Burning grass in a field of endless supplies Tall people casting shadows on the short Little people running circles round the wide Lazy times waste it well What better to do with my mind ! Crazy times no rhythm too hard Deep corners and people with my time Chorus : Overground in joy in clouds sunlit Snow untouched make pure silhouette Catches steam grass and dew Rays not harm the upward gaze Hosts bring out a game of openfields on the box Watch the guests who bring the heat of outside Flags of faith for boundaries to fight The young so wise before their time My time your time all time My time yout time all time Repeat Chorus Rhythm to your right rhythm the other side Expression outside and poetry inside Pleasure to your touch Taste of heaven on your mind And colours before your very eyes

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