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Graham Parker lyrics - Heat Treatment

That's What They All Say

Original and similar lyrics
Em* 322003 (Gmaj6) INTRO C slide up to D (repeat) D C G (1st position) G (add an E on the D string) G C D (*RIFF) G (1st position) G (add an E on the D string) G C D (VERSE) G Em* C G You think you've got a head for heights Be careful, babe, you might fall G C D You think you know all your rights But you're at someone's beck and call G Em* C G You think you've got life on a plate But it's harder to eat than to play (CHORUS) C D G C Am G (*RIFF) You're in the race You've got a place But that's what they all say (VERSE) You wanna stand in the working man's shoes And have someone step on your head You wanna bruise your skin on my teeth But you just bite me instead You wanna come down and check out my level But something stands in your way (CHORUS) then (*RIFF) (BRIDGE) Bm C Bm C Standing in the rain You pass by, don't even remember my name Am D But baby, baby, this ain't no place for fame Am D And it ain't the street, it's the gutter you've got to blame (VERSE) Well, you think you are a real rough diamond 'Cause you can stand to the test You think if you got a car to climb in You will shine out the best You think your jewels aren't made out of paste Believe me they're looking that way (REPEAT CHORUS) then D C# C G (INSTRUMENTAL-a verse and a chorus) then (REPEAT BRIDGE) (VERSE) You think if you got a hall of mirrors You will see every way You think if you buy a piece of tomorrow Someone else has to pay You think if you can pin someone down They won't get in your way (REPEAT CHORUS (twice) then C D G C D G C D G That's what they all say, baby That's what they all say

Where We Wanna

C-Murder "Bossalinie"
[Featuring Goodie Mob] [T Mo] Tell it. Tell it. Let em know. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. [Khujo] Chorus Talk how you wanna talk hang where you wanna hang Slang where you wanna slang Goodie Mob and C Murder man x2 [Khujo] A soldier out that N.O. camp Meets the Goodreese Gods finest cause he don't make no trash Pop us in your CD changer when you mash Exemplery brothers droppin brothers like the white man Shoot street, we won't, so get back Big gats spray and get no work when he on the porch smokin crack Why girls wanna be Satan to the niggas incarcerated, I got one love Cause I can't get no where hatin, the funk I will not be rakin Uh, I know one nigga that met his match, cakin I'm not goin tell you how to live your life, boy you bakin [T-Mo] Bitch I'm a runnin all through you, you's a PT nigga Cause we run with TRU niggas, all about them dollar figures Ready to take the war, mafia said go get em Hair growin long, my hunger pain got my game goin strong From the Twats to the Third Ward Shippin them tens across the board like keys Blowin D's all the way down to New Orleans Baton Rouge, have you blues, don't snooze Or you might lose your life caught up in the fight [Khujo] Chorus x2 [Big Gipp] Slugs and thugs go together like pumps and trunks Ready to dump, yo, laid back, crunk Blowin like king jumpin hoggin in the 99's Sizzlin out my fuckin face, jumpin out your polo's Back up in the blunts birds, flip flop to the rolls elbows With the look, down here, rushin all up on the curb Good bye night please, what you think Murder can a nigga get up in a tree [C-Murder] Goodie Mob, real mail, A-T-L, where them killas dwell Southside niggas pushin motherfuckin platinum figures That many bitches wanna roll with us But like the weed with no seed we just roll em up Beats By The Pound ain't No Limit, Goodie Mob and Murder man like Jackie Chan Hittin hard and pushin weight by the sound You hit the I-10 and head west or we'll test Cause down in Twats, fuck the cops, killas packin glocks Lo and Gipp never trip, we goin sank a nigga ship T-Mo and Khujo in a motherfuckin studio And gettin crunk, bumpin in a trunk And rap when I wanna rap so where my real niggas at [Cee-Lo] Oh, suga suga please, take it eazy eaz, Already beat him to his knees, he goin give you your cheese Talkin bout the day ?? your tippin the scale I work your ass like a woman, make you sale your tale Throw your ass on the stove and repay you there I'm a let C-Murda make your teeth turn red I'm a bet, hot enough to make the concrete sweat Fuck with me the wrong way and know you'll never forget [Khujo] Chorus x4

How Can I Be Down

TQ "Second Coming"
How Can I Be Down? featuring Ja Rule [Ja Rule] Yo, yo, Ja Rule, TQ, BABY You ain't gotta sneak and creep Around no more You was my freakiest whore Now you be dealing with broads In my CL five double O on the DL Hollerin' 'bout you hangin' with the females Shit I just wanna be down Can I eat? So to speak Cause what you bitches fail to realize is I'mma freak Who get you wetter? The mo' hoes, mo' better I'm appalled that you keepin' shit from your main nigga Lesbianage shit I've been there and beyond baby So bring a friend, two or three And let 'em breed envy amongst each other I fuck's one and shit on another I'm in my peek throw 'em out And call 'em up next week And do it again one weekend In NY or La, the Rule and TQ baby holla [TQ] Make me wanna holla But still ain't changed It's really kinda botherin' me And stressin' out my brain I get so angry When I hear you on my telephone Talkin' all crazy Need to leave me the hell alone I don't know 1 - How can I be down? If you only gonna hate me Aggravate and strain me Always bringing me down I don't wanna come around If you always gonna betray me Feeling like leaving lately That's why I ain't coming around Use to be my homegirl Then you started trippin Every time I got a new girl You always wanna kick it (Why you wanna?) But then I started losing girls Something kinda fishy Ain't never made love to you, hell no You lying on me viciously So tell me Repeat 1 Why is everywhere I go? You're try to find me You're running behind me Tellin' my business to everybody Say that you're in love But you need to get outta here It ain't gonna happen Don't like women that Can't control your mouth piece That's why you must understand You'll never be with me I'm telling you... Repeat 1 till end

Everything Is Out Of Season

VERSE 1 Everything is out of season, the price of love is higher than the moon. Everything is out of season, your kiss is like a wintery falling dune, and quite soon you will be gone. VERSE 2 Everything is out of season, your taste is like a frozen tangerine. Shivering without a reason, I think that's gonna be the promantry, too much sunshine has come my way (baby). CHORUS I can see your looking fine, love that's kept on ice I can use anytime. To love was so much warmer on a colder day, not so far away, and there's something very strange that I just had to say. VERSE 3 Everything is out of season, and dreams have got away of growing old. Everything is out of season, I think I've gone and caught a summer cold, and quite soon you will be gone (yeah baby, alright). CHORUS VERSE 3 Everything is out of season, Everything is out of season, Everything is out of season.


JAMELIA "Thank You"
Chorus: If you ever feel like you need, Someone to be your antidote to lonely, I'd be quicker than you'd imagine me, Let me deal wid lonely Verse 1: Oh lonely don't love you, baby but I do Lonely don't wanna make you feel good Not in the way you know I would, You don't have to entertain lonely It's getting what it wants when your not with me, Never let that lonely capture you, Always know that I'm here for you. Chorus x2 Verse 2: Lonely don't want you happy, Lonely don't want you next to me, Lonely doesn't wanna make a compromise, Lonely's never going to apologise. For getting you down, for letting you down, I could never be like lonely no, I care too much for my baby, Never forget that you can call on me. Chorus x2 Middle Eight: It could be me and you, we can do whatever, Leave lonely out in the cold, We can just love, love, love It could be so full on, everything we want, Close the door on lonely, We can just love, love, love cos... Chorus x2 Ad lib

I Wanna

Lady... [Montell] (Da Gents) You don't understand the physical attraction Between a (woman and a man) A woman and a man See, you don't need to man to be (Calling you) calling you (Spoiling you) spoiling you You wanna have a good time And tonight it's all about you 1 - [Da Gents] We don't have to be lovers We don't have to be friends All I wanna do baby, is hit the skins [Montell] Cuz I, I, I, I... 2 - [Montell and Da Gents] I wanna get laid, it ain't about love tonight It ain't about love, all of the time I wanna get laid, it ain't about love tonight It ain't about love, all of the time [Montell] Baby, baby You don't need no commitment If it's me you wanna get with Then let me in, let me in And show me a little skin And get laid for the hell of it For the taste, for the touch For the smell of it Don't you be ashamed I don't even have to know your name Repeat 1 Repeat 2 [Montell] Take it to the breakdown... [Da Gents] (Montell) Every hour of every day Every second of every minute (Said I want you) I wanna get laid (Said I lust for you) I wanna get laid I wanna... [Montell] See you naked in the raw (what?) I'm takin' off your bra (right) Wassup y'all? See [I wanna] see dem panties hit da floor (now) Leave 'em at da door (ta-dow!) Ya can't move slow, cuz baby [I wanna] hit the saddle Now I'm ridin', ridin' on your backside And then [I'm gonna] get my roll on deep I'm deep into a coma like sleep I got laid Repeat 2 to fade

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