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Gourds lyrics - Stadium Blitzer

I Like Drinking

Original and similar lyrics
I Like Drinking to forget your name And I smoke reefer a'do much the same Between me and you - there's ain't nothing I wouldn't do to untangle these ties with you How much sweet life source have you took I keep thinking I'd rather not look Our love's like a fern thats been dried up and burned It's absurd - but I keep coming back. Oh believe me bruther I bleeve I'd ruther dig a hole and crawl in the ground Between you and I I think I'd ruther die So I'll just stay drunk all the time I've been over and over this girl But you like the rattle snakes curl You coil to strike me again In my wide world of sin lights out I think its the end have mercy on me Jesus Christ

On The Low

AER "The Bright Side"
[Chorus - Dave:] Cause girl if you wanna stay over you should keep it on the low oh-oh oh-oh Keep it on the low oh-oh oh-oh [Verse 1 - Carter:] Girl you need to keep it on the low You want our spot to be blown? You know my thinking’s clearer after dark Get the lights off that’s the best part And I know, that this has been a long time coming But there’s a twenty deep list of people who I swear wouldn’t find this shit funny If you’ve got the same intentions as me, I won’t end up running Cuz you’ll keep your mouth shut, you know I’ll keep your tongue in I don’t want lies, I just want time to lay you down, get hypnotized Making every little minute that she with me a prize, secret’s got an upside Don’t get pissed, no slammed doors, feeling good, nothing more Girl I love what we got, you gotta [Chorus - Dave:] Keep it on the low oh-oh oh-oh Keep it on the low oh-oh oh-oh [Verse 2 - Carter:] What’s next? I’ll come by later, now you’re with your friends so Do us a favor and delete this text I don’t fuck with the stress, look at what I got in my Guest It’s a pack of king papers, a bag of bad behavior, to take you away from this mess Girl I can’t fall in love with you, I’ve seen that side of me before If you like our location under the radar, then lay low, and say nothing If they ask I’mma stay Ducking them signs, open the blinds, I’m focused on mine Can’t fuck with my mind, I don’t have the time, I’m ducking her signs They gotta [Chorus - Dave:] Keep it on the low oh-oh oh-oh Keep it on the low oh-oh oh-oh [Bridge - Carter:] And you can come untie all my knots And you can get back in to this bed of mine

In Christ Alone

AVALON "Faith: A Hymns Collection"
In Christ alone my hope is found He is my light, my strength, my song This cornerstone, this solid ground Firm through the fiercest drought and storm What heights of love, what depths of peace When fears are stilled, when strivings cease My comforter, my all in all Here in the love of Christ I stand In Christ alone, who took on flesh Fullness of God in helpless babe This gift of love and righteousness Scorned by the ones He came to save 'Til on that cross as Jesus died The wrath of God was satisfied For every sin on Him was laid Here in the death of Christ I live There in the ground His body lay Light of the world by darkness slain Then bursting forth in glorious day Up from the grave He rose again And as He stands in victory Sin's curse has lost its grip on me For I am His and He is mine Bought with the precious blood of Christ No guilt in life, no fear in death This is the power of Christ in me From life's first cry to final breath Jesus commands my destiny No power of hell, no scheme of man Can ever pluck me from His hand 'Til He returns or calls me home Here in the power of Christ I'll stand Here I'll stand, in Christ alone

To The Max

I wake up every morning to text messages From foreigners saying they love me, they miss me They want me, are you in town? When are you coming over, are you around? How’s life treating you? Are you holding it down? Can you wear my T-shirt? Can you come to my store? How much for a verse from Kendrick Lamar? Is Q really from Hoover? Is Rock still signed to Tech N9ne? And this is just when I rise, imagine my whole day My momma smiling more than ever, man and it’s so strange It’s what I asked for though, I can’t complain I wanna say “I told you so” but that won’t change a thing I’m afraid I paid my little sister’s rent last month, man, that was great My grandpa thought I wouldn’t graduate Now I’m selling out shows and he’s stoked and shows all in his face I even put my step pops in his place, for questioning my objective in this place I don’t blame him, I’m just saying, always knew I was the man I owe nothing to no one, except those who told me I was the one When lowkey I wasn’t, that was what I was becoming Now I’m buzzing and everybody my cousin, that’s phony Y’all don’t know me, where was y’all when I was lonely? A pack of Black and Milds every twenty four hours Skipping showers ‘cause I felt dirty, unworthy of power Though I never cursed the Lord, but I questioned his motives I still do, except now, I’m exceptionally focused However the road ends, I’m rolling, say amen You foes won’t stop me or succeed like I can I see snakes, the grass must be cut, is it Wednesday? And I’m happy especially nip it at the bud now And what is happening exactly? I’m sick of the smoke signals Like a green cross in a dispensary window Unit 6 woulda been dope but the industry wouldn’t let it Creativity don’t tend to mix with business endeavors Whatever though, you know the anthem is get money and some Become a legend and leave a legacy for your grandson I told Lani I’mma do it, and I did it, hope she forgive me when she hear me saying shit like “G’s up nigga, hoes down, if the bitch can't swim, then she gon’ drown in it” You know I stay on my humble but these days ain’t fuckin’ with me (ain’t fuckin’ with me) I go from Carson to Harlem, I hold it down, how couldn’t you see? (how couldn’t you see?) You know I’m here for the long term, it’s my turn, pull up a seat (pull up a seat) Go ahead and light up the smoke and throw up your hands and wave with me Where’s Max B when you need him? Where’s Max B when you need him? Pour up your drink and wave with me Where’s Max B when you need him? Where’s Max B when you need him? Where’s Max B when you need him? This is the new wave now jump in the sea [Max B:] Ay yo, y’all niggas stay wavy man, I love y’all man Keep the wave goin’ I told y’all I was gonna leave y’all with that wave About 500 out there in the [?] county Man y’all stay strong, I’m still staying strong, I’m focused I’m on my way back, prophecy will be fulfilled It’s wavy for life, don’t forget it I’m still wavy Oww, Oww

Wild Wild Horses

ATMOSPHERE "When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold"
He knew he wasn't perfect But he always did his best to try to get under the surface Not a saint, not a serpent He just wanted everyone to be impressed with him as a person So when she came along with the sunbeam Self-esteem stopped making nothing out of somethings Leaving the scene was unseen, I mean It was the first time he ever felt the need to keep the gun clean Do the math, he knew he had to choose a path Got to get that girl, got to make her laugh Got to shake the past and move forwards Got to make this last, it feels gorgeous But she had a lover in the mid-west Never figured out how to get him off her thick chest Just like that, everything is gone He didn't want to but he had to learn the words so he could sing along [Chorus] Everything is all I have to give you And I'm afraid it ain't enough And you're not so young that you believe me Just because I say it's love And even if they come to steal you tomorrow I'll know my smile was yours Go ahead and chase your dreams and your freedom Run, run wild wild horses You can't tame these horses You can't tame these horses, no You can't tame these horses You can't tame these horses Sometimes it can be so nice, right? Sometimes she feel herself turn into the wife type And when it's dark, sometimes sees the nightlife But most of the time she doesn't even feel lifelike She got a man but he thinks he's a star And it feels like she has to compete with the bar She keeps up her guard but it seems so hard Momma never told her she would see those scars Every night he's out doing who knows whom While she cries along like a new show tune Last call past, is he coming home soon? Or is he going to run away with the dish and the spoon? She'll realize she don't want that clown Leave those shoes at the lost and found He won't catch on until she's not around After somebody else already locked that down (We sing) [Chorus] He didn't want her to see him leave And he couldn't keep sitting there watching her sleep Cause he knows if he hangs out for a few hours He'll dig another hole, trying to plant some new flowers But the sun don't shine under the table He's trying to hold his life together with staples No investment cause he's incapable And he's on the outro of being labeled available The word on the street is his girl's coming back home No more alone, no more sad poems No after-bar calls to the cell phone It's time to walk a new path and grow a backbone Shoved into the big book of just friends Wondering how he would look as a husband And everyone of them he ever allowed to love him Now watching from the crowd trying to be proud of him (They say) [Chorus]

I'm Home, Hooray!

Georgia's coming back to claim my brother's half But my full blood stepped back I work with mercy i'll put you down in the groudn But this mercy's made up Take all of the talk like its the blessed truth But no one tells you Just keep up the peace is what i say to me It's a work i must do Im headed to the coast So i can check out all the beaches Ps mom i love you all the way to jesus I cut the ground and cracked the earth A hole in december is worth the work And all that it appears to be This pet cemetary Is where i work I'm home, hooray I'm coming home with great intentions Dont call me a quitter i've got great ideas Just wait til i set one into motion Send on straight to prison Im headed to the coast So i can check out all the beaches Ps mom i love you all the way to jesus I cut the ground and cracked the earth A hole in december is worth the work And all that it appears to be This pet cemetary Is where i work I'm home, hooray Eyelids that weigh heavy are a blessing And a mattress on the floor To hold me steady up and away I'm home, hooray

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