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GOODIE MOB lyrics - World Party

Street Corner

Original and similar lyrics
hook Don't know why I'm folding Illegal substance controlling, still outdoors rolling(x2) (T-Mo) Enhance the game, but give me the benz While I send my word It's lightly packed giving a fuck Bitch I gots to eat too While I catch up like Heinz On the hook for my family tree East to West to South is booted in this red clay And everyday I get up and work my ass to the bone So I can pay for me a home, in the ghetto or the woods,to build I'm packing my steel too (Khujo) Slow rolling, everybody in this clique holding Anything we riding in is stolen And you can tell when a nigga on round' here His neck and his wrists be all frozen You wanna go bust because some fool caught you dozing Out on the ave posing But you ain't no more good, like a used up trojan You horsing around, now your spot finna' be closing down We brang them guns, you tote them roses Indecent exposure, beat you till' you're swollen Now here, put some ice on that Work with, reject heavy crack now pick up pick up pick up hook (Big Gipp) Hold up, wait up, Gipp swolled in here My eyes getting little and its hard to steer Reverse safe, can't wait, communicate next tale Kept my money in the floor so I can chalk bail And anything you got for me, just hold Cause I'll be back one day to get them folds Take a second to regroup, get back in the loop See the veins never change, only part is in the name I ain't that old, wanna play me cold Wanna treat me like a wrangler wanna snatch my gold See I was raised by a man, so a man you see Came up in the trailors of Fulton County Hard top for the winter, soft top for the summer If we caught roaming the streets, we some runners gt;From the street corners (Cee-Lo) Well when you looking at me make sure that I'm trapping and slowed down Still suffer from sunrise till' the sun done gone down Before I go any further, fool let me break it on down Get blasting with the best and get brutally blown down YES SIRE! COLLAPSE AND GET CAUGHT IN THE CROSSFIRE Talking shit at one time, but nowadays your cause higher From the hatred, hunger, hopelessness, yes I kill So I guess I'm no better than the rest But I try to be Somehow these streets feel so fly to me I'm a get it right Lord Cee-Lo, Don't you lie to me! I hope this work here work me a way up out this Hey, don't wanna die the same way my buddy did the other day Damn hook

Wanna Bang

Mr. Sancho "From The Streets Of Cali"
(verse one)Mr.Sancho Just another day its all about survival in the major way get out my way go and get your bible and begin to pray im on tha loose fuck a truse beat you down and snag your juice i be acting like i choose i be acting like a fool wut up i got tha lugieville sluga mothafucka crack down on all you busters dat cannot trust us on the flip this script this time i spit like this sick rhymes dats on tha hit Bitch I get high off this and so I started a malitia when they come to get ya Im so relentless to the thought of getting with ya geat a beat yea if you try to oppose can i beat u with hoes during tha presence of a sick minded criminal minded mafioso Organized crime shaking this mass killing the stage when you talking dat dime I only shake cuz im handleing mine stabing they backs cuz they doing this fine Cuz i dont play as soon as you putos ride away Remember the name SANCHO not giving a fuck about what you say (chorus x2)Big Capone you wanna hang wanna bang and act like tha big boys tag along than get dumped on from them big toys Think first before you talk before you react you wanna bang on me imma bang right back (verse 2) Big Capone you gonna bust in bust do what you got to do (yeah) But understand imma do wut i got to do (for real) wether it be trough a 9 25 or 22 if you bang on me imma bang on you and I aint scared of shit so I aint scared of you... Im Big Capone mi corazon will walk alone if i have to (dats right) every thing about you is real (wut)???? you aint nothing but a has been I hear it when you speak see it when you walk I feel all your thoughts you've been in tha game for too long you've fallen too short I can hang with tha best of them pull out tha smith and wesss on them watch low pro collect on them imma leader so mothafucka follow me jump in your low low and ride for me and if you hate me than fuck you cuz you aint shit you wanna bang imma bang so go and fill up your clicks. (chorus x2) (verse 3) Mr.Sancho yo eh sobrevivido varias situaciones peligrosas empesando con chingasos terminando con pistolas no empieses a creer que me vas a chantagiar pinche culero me buscas ese te voy a balasiar me vale madre mas te vale no te metas en mis jales cuando entres nunca sales te corto la lengua por lo que sabes crimenes organizados watcha tu ??? por todos los lados sabes que yo siempre tiro los dados siempre tumbado siempre armado SANCHO te llego me aprieto bien aselerado te apuesto mi vida que en esta batalla yo siempre gano cien por ciento macho actuando bien gacho yo se tu destino y cuando te mueres mira que no estoy te pases....hablas como nada cuando no estas en mi te rajes.....ya que estamos cara a cara no te oigo decir nada. (chorus x2)

This Is Us

LL COOL J "G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time)"
(feat. Carl Thomas) [LL Cool J] [Thomas harmonizing in background] I'ma give all y'all somethin, word up Word up - all my live cats out there gonna love me for this one Uh-huh.. they gon' be like, 'Yo you, you need to listen to that joint L made' Heh-heh.. word up That's the joint you gotta listen to, y'knahmean Check this out y'all I got the key that fits the lock of a real dog's mind B The answer to the question chicks ask most the time see Why my man cheat and give some bitch my heat Slap me one day then Sunday he's so sweet To me and mine, this nigga's hard to define cause he beefin when he broke but he arrogant when he shine It fucks you up, you wonder if you wastin time Mention marriage, he lit a Dutch and peeped out the blinds What different niggaz feels in they hearts is scary I used to say shit like, 'C'mon baby, you should be honored to share me' She used to throw the cakes up, plus the burger was hairy I used to have to think of shit to keep 'em comin, you niggaz feel me Baby or no baby I wasn't loyal or nuttin Just me and my niggaz on tour, frontin and hittin somethin Red lipstick prints all over my drawers Oh you wanna be an actress huh Well my movie's hardcore Like Dungeons & Dragons; gettin brains in a Benz wagon Step out, jeans saggin, crew laughin Gettin blazed by the fiend for ten bones a piece Nuttin but the dog in me needin to be released This is us [Chorus: Carl Thomas] You know that I do, the best that I can But you don't seem to love me no more, no more I try to please you, and be your man But you don't seem to love me no more, no more [LL Cool J] The flipside of the coin, what team you wanna join You in The Tunnel every Sunday exposin your tenderloins in every rap cat's face, with some ol' flirty shit to say Need to go home, wash your kids up, and put your tits away Me and my clique in motion, champagne and Alize Got your mind bubblin crazy, wanna flip Cool J Spend your last on your hairdo, but you ain't save a dime to put your child through college baby, now have you Go get a job interview, your bad-ass kids a curfew and skip that 'Bills Bills' shit broads is goin through I know this prostitute who said that life ain't cute Child born with a destiny only God can dispute Players giggle and laugh, flashin gats and cash My dogs don't care about you Boo, they like your ass Told me if I call and your man answer, ask for L so he can say, 'No L live here,' our code is ill Tell him you about to catch a flick with Sherell Plottin and schemin in the shower, masturbatin on the cell The neighborhood hustler, that cat we all know That nigga we grew up with, son from next do' My dream was to flow and escape the hell below but the demons in my life set fire to my dough I thought about murder, I vowed my revenge like the devil's pumpin hate through my heart with a syringe This is us [Chorus] [LL Cool J] They say a man gon' be a man, but that's only half the scenario You nag a cat, you givin him a license to fuck a hoe When a man come home late, he want his girl to say hello Not hear all that bullshit, bout, 'Nigga where you go' Fried chicken ready, t-shirt and panties at the stove Messages written down, blunt rolled ready to go Give me a hug, not too long, give me space When a cat got issues don't need you all up in his face Rub your breasts, kick back, smile a little If it's rainin outside, chill, listen to the drizzle Now kiss my chest, call me Superman Pull down my boxers by the Calvin Klein band () wash it, enjoy the flavor, I return the favor This behavior, should save ya from me all night freakin, with a nineteen year-old half naked Puerto Rican, creamy ass leakin Every man will agree, when she nag it's killin me I don't always wanna talk about how the world is shittin on me I sip some Alize and meditate the pain away And get in my own zone where I wanna be alone for solo Reminisce with photos And missed opportunities to make some dough flow, you know Chill, relax baby, support me from the background Believe in my dreams, instead, you and your girls sat 'round complain about, who's tradin ass for cash If there ain't no trust then just us can't last This is us, I know you feelin that Think about that shit, word up [Chorus] [Carl Thomas] Your man, your man, your man Everything we've been through yeah All the places we've been yeah Just don't know if I'll be the same again, ha Ever since you walked all all over me, ha And even if we bring this back together, ha You know it won't be the same, no no no no No no no no no, ha Ohhh I, I, baby I, tried to be your man Whoahoahhohhh, ohhhhh yeahhhhh Hooo hooo hooo Can't you hear meee Can't you hear meee Whoahhhh..

Seance Of Shamans

JEDI MIND TRICKS "A History Of Violence"
[Hook: Samples] [Akbar (Hot Ya Hot):] "Nobody gets out alive till the cops arrive" [Billy Danze of M.O.P. (Stand Up):] "It's a dirty job but somebody gotta do it" [Akbar (Hot Ya Hot):] "I cause more scare than Godzilla" [Lil' Fame of M.O.P. (Stand Up):] "Made the church people on your block wanna move out" [Akbar (Hot Ya Hot):] "Nobody gets out alive till the cops arrive" [Billy Danze of M.O.P. (Stand Up):] "It's a dirty job but somebody gotta do it" [Akbar (Hot Ya Hot):] "My style is wild like pitbulls trapped in cages" [Lil' Fame of M.O.P. (Stand Up):] "Made the church people on your block wanna move out" [Crypt the Warchild:] Every rhyme I write is 25 to Life Every rhyme you write don't even deserve a mic Crossing in the national borders with a bomb threat You mothafuckaz haven't even left ya block yet You'se a bitch, you'se a hoe, here's a prom dress You wanna try to box with God, there's no contest So keep on thinking this shit is sweet I was caught in a sandstorm; put you under the Middle East You got it fucked up homie, I've been a beast Reptilian tongue and my skin is deep Rumor has it they say I'm thrown off Until their limbs is everywhere, wigs is blown off [Jus Allah:] Is that the cast of a death mass? Is that water in a red glass? Boi I thought you'll neva ask, since legend has There's a method to the math, it's directing fast Disconnecting from the guest is the second class I have left a trail of debt checks in the mail Head or tails? Death prevails, never fails I will never get derailed that tip is stale I will never get to hell that ship is sail I'm refined mastermind after cash had climbed Any gunshot paneling, past the grind Pass into the sublime, have relaxing time Have a glass of wine, have your last act of kind [Planetary:] Everything they say is irrelevant I'm a element of rap that define pure elegance Elevating my residence, bigging them up I'm in the hood rocking 'JMT' shit in the truck Not I against I cause I don't sleep on my stomach I rock heavy metal kings and watch the barrel of the gun twitch You talking dumb shit, hooting and hollering I lift the cannon and wait for the bazooka to swallow 'em I'm a do this regardless to them I'm the original Dirty rotting scoundrel surrounding your pinnacle Block the perimeter, I hit you with the fade away Got a bullet with ya name on it for a rainy day [Doap Nixon:] So many days, so many nights So much money got fucked up, so many fights So many niggas got knuckled down for no reason So many cowards got guns but don't squeeze 'em YEEEAH! It's just the way it is I finally got a whiz that's ready to bless the sun with a hundred kids So I can fall back, Ralph Lauren straw hat 'Sour Diesel' already showed you I'm all that I won't stop tryna to ride on you assholes First week sales donated to Daschel You think I'm bugging right? C'mon! But it's the zeros in my bank account Dat got me saying: "Floss right" [Vinnie Paz:] My brain [? ] the sky is My heart doesn't know what die is Pyromaniac rap Vinnie starts fires Only a nigger and thought ignore sirus And that's why the enemy lost and caught virus Brrrrt! Where I'm from God Earth's 85ers Y'all ain't got heat underneath it's all wires I'm on some same hate shit with bonfires My whole team animal thug and born liars You ain't aware of what any the 12 Tribes is You a devil who tell the enemy where God is [Outro: Vinnie] And that's how we get down Yeah! Jedi Mind foreva Jus Allah, Vinnie Paz, Kwestion Yo Stoupe where you at cuzin? ATOP - Army of the Pharaoh clique Doap Nix, whadup cuzo? King Mag, 7L Esoteric, Big Mike, Big Red Sinatra where you at cuzo? Kamach, Lost Cauze, Celph Titled, Apathy King Syze, OS, the whole fam Who really fucking with us out here man? This animal rap out here

Partner To Swing

Chino XL "Here to Save You All"
Verse 1: Check it, I catch more heat than a histitic jew You catch two thumbs down like a Matty Rich movie review Your individuality is missing like Adam Walsh Your image faker than the hair on Diana Ross Too far gone inside my art form Worshipping the ground that I walk on, that's cool But while you're being me who's being you? I'm hot like Patra, Doggystyle on all fours End your career like Christopher Williams did Al B. Sures Mass hysteria, malaria come to ya area You couldn't touch my style with Hands Across America I slaughter, spit in your water like Kidd homes Leave you need orthoscopic surgury like Quincey Jones Cause I can give Beverly, Demi and even Melvin Moore (more) Van Halen, Eddie, get Ellen ready make Pauly Shore (sure) Your new single sounds like the double dutch bust remix Watch you collapse and die like you was River Phoenix Me and rap go way back like LL's hairline Nigga fuck a punch line, I write fucking punch rhymes I'm gorgous so when I'm performing just leave your girls at home I'm the best thing to happen to bitches since the straightening comb When I'm up in 'em spittin' venoms I never go soft (never) I make that pussy snap Back Back Back and Forth Some more outtakes over B.Rich roughbreaks I write more rhymes han Rick James makes license plates So life every voice and sing Cause I don't need no partner to swing Hook: They don't know They don't need a partner to swing (X6) More cash in my hand - Grand Puba Verse 2: Surrounded by more mysteries than the stone henge Warning your friends, Chino X could make the corrinor cringe Urinating in the audience when I perform Biting the heads of chickens and bats like Ozzy Osborne I got multiple personalities so be afraid The cypher is ? I'm Jim Jones now here's the Kool-Aid You better recognize and know the time like Barisa or dance like Kid'N'Play Cause You Ain't Gonna Hurt Nobody You better fear will I knife or stick in you Look up at the sky and ask why has God forsaken you Chin-wa! Bringin' new styles that MC's couldn't start While the walls be closin' in on them like fat around Dr. J's heart To keep in shape I scrap knives and I take lives Subliminally I encourage teenage suicide When my video is on the Box you gets to orderin' People want to know the 4-1-1 on art of origin I was bitter got richer, the nigga child molester Throwin' out my shit like Red Fox did Ann Nester Can't be productive when your partner is just a lazy bitch Leaves you feeling frusterated like you signed to Wild Pitch Now like Sammy Davis ran from the IRS You better run from that nigga Chino X And if you score well then perform, MC's with hesitence Remember you can be replaced like Ann did on Crushed Grapes You're man is holding you up don't front like everything is dandy Peace to 5 foot 6 now I'm out like John Candy Hook (x4) verse 3: So now you gotta put in time if you wanna get near me But you can't hear me, cause you're an asshole like Dennis Leary Leave you crispy like the children of Kadaffi You couldn't get no justice if you dug up Thurgo Marshall's body My career is right out of the bible in the show bizness I drop my staff it turn to snakes just like Moses If I found a new crew with same circumstances Catch the L and they'll be assed out like Prince's pants I'm back on track without another nigga urfin' me Peace to Ragman, now I'm out like Freddy Mercury So lift every voice and sing Cause I don't need no partner to swing Hook (x3)

This Is For The Riderz

Califa Thugs "Califa Thugs"
Feat. Mr. Sancho, Royal T and OG Spanish Fly [Mr. Sancho] This is for the riders for the south siders The ones that get by the fuckin police when they find us Rollin deep through your streets Don't give a fuck if you're bringin heat Close your windows lock your doors Cause it's Sancho who you'll meet Bitch, made look rich with those fake ass tits But do some thing with those zits Cause I don't like all of it Ain't it a trip These bitches love suckin this dick I stick in their ass and penetrate their clit Viscious when it comes to luscious pussy All these bitches wanna fuckin do me Haters always out there tryin to fool me But then again they did nothin to me Oh we, this is the stelo Bringin the heat Burnin your ass down like a tree Cause enemigas wanna see All of the drama that I be Eh, ese ese stop fuckin around ese Stompin ya on the ground Puttin it down for the 619 [Chorus: Royal T] This is for the riderz [riders] You know This is for the Low Profilerz [Low Profilerz] Riderz [riderz] You know This is for the Low Profilerz [Low Profilerz] [3x] [Silencer] Thugged out bald head The Silencer is creepin out of the coffin Once again so fuck a friend ese You see in the streets of California There's no fuckin around When you see me come around You better stay in town This is it homie I put it down for San Diego All the homies got a 40 And I grot the bow and arrows One the 6-2 cruise the Avenue All the bitches yell my name When I'm on the Avenue What's up now can't you see I'm in the mix With a fine hiena with the big ol tits This is life in SD and this is how it goes All the hienas wanna see The Silencer at car shows 6-1-9 is the place to be Makin money all day and I kick it with my G's Smoke the Mary Jane to relax my mind And I reminise of the crazy times [Chorus] [ OG Spanish Fly a.k.a. Maniac] It's Maniac on a track with Califa Thugs [Whoa Whoa] We on hit with a clip give a fuck who shows love [You know] Cause I'm rollin down the mothafuckin block [The block] Dodgin the haters cock blockers and the cops And a vato like me's gonna show no remoarse When I grab this microphone A pistol grip and fuck a horse I ain't trippin off a bitch They ain't trippin off me I just do what I gotta do Make music for the streets Keepin it gangsta all the time With a sick minded mentality and a rhyme With a pen and a paper Tape in the deck Watch me drop shit Like a babies off sex See my pocket's fat Like bags of stress Tossin up my shit Screamin fuck the rest So don't trip cause you hear me bumpin Rollin down Highland With this track forever dumpin [Chorus]

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