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GOODIE MOB lyrics - Still Standing

Still Standing

Original and similar lyrics
This for the soldiers (soldiers) Stay strong my niggaz (gangsters, players) Stay up my niggaz (real niggaz) Verse One: T-Mo Leavin the cut in a rage Loadin up my Mac, goin to my crib, to get my 12 gauge One of my boys just got shot, huh Fuckin around, in that million dollar spot A educated brother Didn't have no money for college he was taught the street knowledge Part of the plan to keep us fightin in the street instead of becomin a strong black man Every two weeks I see Sam pitchin out my check with no respect but I still don't give a damn Becaause I GOTTA make my dough My kill, rocked down, til I started seein cash flow Everything happens for a reason, choose the season to commit the perfect treason Who brought me -- to the land, of unfree man To move about and catch trout, by the dozens Even had my cousin locked down, at the feet shackled A one-way seat, to Milledgeville Nigga this real, how can you kill another when it's your brother Still Standing Verse Two: Gipp I never thought about, talked about what I did Just experimented life as a young Gump Them days long gone, school bells done rung no mo' Spendin hours at the house in my favorite chair Slow mo', custom funk fingerprinted to carry a hucklebuck Feelin stuck with the art that my skin carries, scary If I ever had to plot again, needin my stick Gidgets to pidgits, moves to Philly and the crew Nothin else to prove, fold a plot like chrome Salt lick teddy bears in the college student's room Speed, Gipp got that too Watch that dude, inspect that fool, Still Standing Chorus: all together Unscathed, cause this is pain This for soldiers to feel MC's, are running out of things to say Radio stations are running out of songs to play Still Standing, unscathed, cause of pain This for soldiers to feel MC's, are running out of things to say Radio stations are running out of songs to play Verse Three: Khujo On the sick side, of South Central 33rd Avenue, block 600 Workers have wash and car details The ese's got the fresh Chevrolet's for sale Twenty G's or better, the whole neighborhood tanked up What On the fortress walls, there is no letters Buddha say, the Bloods are strictly outnumbered They beseiged, on the beats, Goodie Mo-B, run the creeps Y'all can have the streets, asphault caught many suckers slippin on wet floors, we puttin out the signs on krokers, C-I, T-Y, such a pity Bein suckled dry, like a newborn on his momma's titty before I retired I hit twenty True to cellulite with big room pesquite on the porch Poundin, like cartoon Ennis, old school efforts through the Sunday down, Crenshaw sparkin Zoned out, off the ink, for life Goin through time and metal detectors, I can't take my weapon And I can't be no dope dealer Cause they be done put a hit out on a nigga, plus I can't keep up with them keys, locked in the fo'-do' Backseat drivers havin out-of-body experiences Wakin up, somewhere else... Still Standing Verse Four: Cee-Lo Yeah.. Each and every element that exists in this universe is manifested from a thought first Through the inner mind's eye of the unseen power in the sky Gave birth to Mother Earth and all it's worth to you and I This most loved invention, my conciousness is an extension of Him, yet I'm flesh and bone with a mind of my own To dig deeper than the surface, whether I learn from your upcomings or your downfalls we all have individual purpose It's amazing, how the streets do the majority of raising of children who end up dead before hearing what you said And it's sad, so all I can write about is what I had Interpretations of life good and bad with a pen and pad It seems like abortion, when I just write a small portion It's either crumpled up or torn without lettin the thought be born Young minded, and blinded in those days; I didn't want to have a thought that I couldn't raise, nurture, and care for Be there for, help prepare for, the times ahead When someone doesn't agree with what is said, huh And if they did, don't get all arrogant cause that's my kid Just be thankful that it's good and somebody overstood Now, the listener in here want the same flow but I gotta let it grow Clever enough to let it go, if I don't wanna rap no mo' And I'll make sure that no one ever forgets It's immortalized forever, on wax CD's and casettes And when someone goes to the store and purchases it for ten The life cycle starts all over again And I was granted this music as my soulmate, to procreate and give back what I was given, a life worth livin And I, am Still Standing, unscathed Pain is for suckers to feel MC's are running out of things to say, and radio stations running out of songs to play, shit! We Still Standing, unscathed And pain is for suckers to feel, huh And MC's running out of things to say...

What Your Life Like 2

C'mon let's try this Guru.. [Beanie Sigel] When I was five years old, I realized it was a road But at the end, I ain't seen lots of pots of gold I seen a long cell block, the box, the hold Six hundred fenced in - some innocent, some rotten souls Some men with men - stop it, whoa I ain't runnin up in shit but a broad on her back Tryin to cop a small hammer, move out like +Shawshank+ with +Redemptions+, I got my mind on revenges They tryin to kill me at the same time keep me alive I'm movin out like Adebisi on +Oz+ With my skully on tilt, two whacks in my palm Posted up in the yard, everyday I think of pokin the guard Throw a crack a nigga turnin me in Tryin to crack a nigga turnin me thin Food soakin in lard, news fools get opened in cards with (), in this prison life, what you livin like [Chorus] Can you tell me what you live like Can you tell me what that bed like, what's that cell like What's livin in hell like Tell me do you eat right Do you even sleep right Yo, tell me what your life like Tell me do you sleep nights, tell me what that life like Gettin no kites like, no flicks like Make you wanna quit life [Beanie Sigel] Them four letters is a motherfucker That's forever like a motherfucker Without a letter from a motherfucker It ain't even bout the cheddar from a motherfucker Write a kite, some flicks from a motherfucker Some drawers, some socks, some kicks from a motherfucker I can't believe I'm doin this bid for you motherfuckers I'm down for another joker case I was dealt this hand, and I'ma play it with my poker face On the block ready to POKE a face I got an L goin around with a smokin case You steal the deoderant out of CVS, you locked for retail theft I got it body half a block stolen DT vest My rap sheet read three D abreast Dangerous, duct tape daughters I take to the street, like a duck take to water Get your duck game in order My bust game in order, I fluffs 'caine with water [Chorus] [Beanie Sigel] That's fucked up, you bout to take your longest trip and can't do shit, but suck it up, be strong and shit Handcuffed, ankle to wrist, in back of the bus Flashbacks of you back in the world Can't fuck now you thinkin bout who in back of your girl Got her ass up (kill this bitch) playin your crib Thinkin bout who raisin your kids Shit was all good a week ago, 'fore they came and raided your crib 6:30 in the morning, they kick your door in Feds pour in, snatch you out your bed while you snorin You unaware of what's goin on and Come to find out, clients you had for years, turned to foreman Told the law about the drops you make How your clientele first started to escalate Givin him keys to your crib, was your next mistake At that dinner table, breakin out that extra plate You can't turn a career addict off his coke habit Put him on post with the toast that promote static Back to the operation, they got you locked at the station Fuck your back time, you worryin about what you facin Heart racin, situation gettin scary Old clients are showin up, at the preliminary D.A. tryin to bury a nigga to Neveruary, 31st God damn, that gotta hurt


(A. Korac, P. Castelo, D. Raflund) Produced by Alex K for Royalty Production Guitar by R. Furlong Verse 1 We're all slaves from the cradle to the grave From the wound of you moms to the day you pass away, I don't give a fuck what you say, we're all locked down in chains, Submission, man, that's the word of the day, We're all salves to need of being praised, Appreciated, emancipated or going against the grain, It's all the same what ever its cocaine, or just being vain, Smoking weed, seeking enlightenment or simply just trying to maintain, Man, the thing is slavery can work on many levels, And it's not a question about you facing your fears, It's more realizing that we all have vices, Good or bad? I don't know I'm not trying to be righteous, Whatever it takes for you to get through your crisis, It's all good with me, who the fuck I'm to say I don't like it, I'm just thinking out loud, my thoughts poured out on paper, Line after line the quill cut like a razor, I'm ducking the slugs of temptation, working the trenches trying to avoid self-deception, a slave to my own reflections, confessing that Coloss himself is fiending for most of these things he just mentioned Chorus Emancipation – will not set you free Maybe for the moment but take it from me Self starvation – is not the key I tried all those things but I still feel incomplete It's easier to judge than to try to understand It's hard to be a righteous man Verse 2 We're all slaves from the cradle to the grave, take your pick; power trips, religion or fame, the thing is, from start to finish, man, we all sinners we're all wearing shackles, there's plenty of examples, food or tobacco, or zipping the Chapoli chateau drinking firewater or just trying to stay sober, coffein, the dream of cream, paranoia, even a pure thing such as love can destroy you, all I'm saying is that a vice is a vice, good or bad its part of your life, take coloss for instance I'm doing too much drinking, drunk or sober I'm still fucked up, same difference, I sleep too much, think about sex too much probably confess too much, so let me capture the essence of this whole song in this last line. I probably smoked a whole pack when I conceived this rhyme Chorus

Lost And Found

ATMOSPHERE "Lucy Ford: The Atmosphere EPs"
[Hook - Slug] to my surprise, discovered that I really don't know much most of much of what I know catches a (what? (3X) (what are you doin?) (verse) Runnin from the law, not my favorite hobby I'm relieved that I saw the speed trap before he saw me I don't need another ticket, I've gotta collection in the glovebox They make great souvenirs cause they weigh less than rocks Man you better slow your roll, let the numbers get low Like a 55 stroll to move past the patrol Hope he don't already know about my top speed Like the helicopter radar that caught me outside of Milwaukee I'm still livin this life, tryin to escape the problems Quick and quiet at night just like the insects and the goblins It's the gas fumes,the fast food, yo its all of the above It's meetin women for a weekend and fallin deep in love As good as it gets, man its as bad as you make it But ain't nuthin like bathin in a freezin river naked And I really don't know much but I know enough to know Know that I'm lost I've never been so found... (so in touch) Take this job and give it to someone else Corn on the cob is better when its hot with melted butter on top Could warm the soul,but this ones cold Cause I stole it off the side of the road I'm not a real thief, I don't steal more than I eat Everything I take I eat, I never do it for the greed I'm just a gravel trail type of man Pull the car behind the brush and get in touch with your farm land So if and gotta healthy lookin garden in your backyard I'll pull over to admire then I'll check for a dog And if the hairy is clear I'll be back here tonight Set dinner for one under the moonlight... [quiet] (discovered that, I really don't know much, most of much of what I know catches a, , , to my surprise, (2X) in the moonlights when to strike, under the stars gettin ours theres a breeze every night, ) carrots,tomatoes,green beans,cabbages,rhubarb,cauliflower, corn,radishes (verse) here it comes,here it is,n there it went sunrise aright, now its time to get on withcha life loaded up the Ford, with all the rations supplies And hit the road to fly the friendly skies It's been about a month since I left St. Paulie Girl behind punctured the heart but it was for her own good left her sittin in the kitchen with the breakfast dishes And gave a name to this distance that she never would've understood roll the window down, got the sounds distortin And I got my last paycheck and half a carton of Newports man And I'm never gonna quit til I face my challenge And I use your mathematics just to average my gallons And if you buy my tape it puts work on my odometer 10 bucks'd take me 300 kilometers runnin from myself wont stop until I pop so keep an eye open for me at your local record shop (hook)[8X] And I found myself,when I lost myself (until fade)


FOOL'S GARDEN "Once In A Blue Moon"
(Hinkel / Freudenthaler) I just don't know the reason don't know the reason why You tell me you are weary There are clouds in your sky Put your hands on my temples Can't you see it in my eyes Raise your head against the wall You don't have to disguise yourself Lena Just another morning just another day Another day without you another lonely day I feel your breath in my ear your fingers in my hair Your sweat, your lips, your voice, your face though you're not there Oh Lena ?can't get you out of me Oh Lena ?can't get you out of me Ashes on the table heavy rains they fall The firmament gets dismal colours on the wall Draw me to the rainbow I'm trying to resist Cut the ground from under my feet Tear me out of that midst Oh Lena Everywhere I go everytime I try to sleep Everything reminds me I feel the pain so deep Please tell me anything and stop the circles move The pain is growing stronger because I still love you Lena

Hung By A Thread

Gypsy Kyss
So here I stand : Face to face with the world So curled up in reality : Suffocating in the womb of moral receipt Often I feel the blood as it flows through my veins Gushing life through my heart. Pumping thoughts to my brain Hang myself out like a sheet soaking wet For I long to feel winds that I haven't felt yet Sometimes I feel I'm hanging by a thread Burning candles at both ends Close to falling off the edge Sometimes... I don't know if I can hold on anymore Now, I stand accused of all the things that I've done But my violence here is in protest : For I'm not a guilty one I only believe what I see fit to believe I pretend to be desperate to get what I need And I'd raise my fist to the injustice I'm faced at But, I'm unable to fight with my hands tied behind my back So hang me up high, in a tree, facing north I'll be burning my bridges as you're slapping the horse It's too late to run And it's much too late for running away You see it in the eyes of caged animals You see it in the faces of women scorned It's not anger that makes the cobra strike It's fear and only fear through which hatred is born You see, it's sitting here in silence where bitter thoughts are sewn It's one free life and sanity we want sacred as our own But there are other planes I'm looking for in my search for peace truth It's the shadow of fear and hatred that has put me in this noose

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