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GOODIE MOB lyrics - Still Standing


Original and similar lyrics
Chorus: How can I promise you forever When I can't even promise the rest of the day All I know is we started this journey together And hopefully we can make it the rest of the way Inshallah Insha-llah, Insha-llah Inshallah-ah-ah-ah Insha-llah, Insha-llah Inshallah-ah-ah-ah (Khujo) Yeah Dialect kinda slurred Did you catch that word blurred Talk slow, walk slow And years passed Make that cash Never took a second look Follow the words in the book Watch 'em chill and cook Somethin' new for your ears, bro Sing-along Same sing-song Wantin' to bail out the front door Which you lookin' at me more I can show you shit that you never seen before Crushed ice for cold drinks Surely Makin' music for the worldly And the people in it If you gotta spin it Life is only five minutes (T-Mo) We got contrabanded I recite about bein' free Only to a certain extent In a country run by a president That doesn't know a single resident In my 'hood It is good Or that is fucked-up I let 'em speak for me Break bread and peace treaty Across seas Till the feds get it And split it With other federals And agents and senators and representatives that live off us And feed off us For new ides For years Niggaz been raped Let's escape This dope But how When it's locked into our chemistry for 'Cause nigga that's all we know That's how we grow (Chorus) (Cee-lo) Remember me, I explain Our relentlesship While true made me get the grain And I refuse to settle Well except the simple and plain I'd much rather excite Delight and entertain Passionately persistant When I preach this positivity For stand up god, write hard things I like to say And our words don't take a chance See if I can make y'all dance But I really ain't got that much time to play Just row Your little boat down the stream Go slow 'Cause life is only a dream And if I should die before I awake I leave to all my beloved this message to take Ahhhhhh (Big Gipp) The merciful Lord of worlds Master of the days of judgement Guide me on a path Upon those who you bestowed your favors Not upon those who your wrath has brought down Nor on those who go astray after hearing your teachings Confidence shot Selfless thing go extremely Contageous flavor Distributed in major Tomatoes with juice Chances of prostate cancer Disease is fictitious Never abandon your Emmanuel For want of religion Kept peasants 180 Just got back From what It ain't nothin' but gamblin' In the pockets scramblin' To avoid the sack I'm seldom seen 'Cause I'm on the label No dis Boneless fingers go from For the one In a matter of tone A target of Since sense has made me enemies It has performance in demand Violence, a tradition in the Western Hemisphere Claim jumpers and land jackers (Chorus)

Muscle Game

Black Rob "Life Story"
Muscle Game featuring Mark Curry Mario Winans Yeah Uhh, uh oh, startin to feel this, startin to feel it [Black Rob] Yo who these cats think they is, takin they biz That's roun here, yo dog don't even go there This is ours, we built this from the ground on up Now it's flowers, I think you besta round on up Your entourage, slim chance of y'all gettin large It's non-cipher, that's because B.R.'s in charge It's set here, cats is known for gettin whet here And left here, till the cops come pick us up... [Mark Curry] Step in a territory that's corrupt, pushin your luck Intrudin wishes is already sowed up, nigga fold up You and your crew and peoples will get slain This aint the place to try and gain fame from You gets burnt in the streets a nigga worked hard to make And I'll be damned if I let another brother take it Alive for his own sake, they better vacate Promptly, for they get they ass stomped Listen take heed to what we sayin niggas CHORUS [Black Rob] We won't lie, sometimes we stick em up Last time it was enough though word life some hoes did em up And nine glocks set em up I know it was your dough, cuz I was right there when they split it up I could tell you where to find the corpse But that cheddar, I'm afraid dog that's gone forever [Mark Curry] Greed for wealth got us stingy, we got a spot that's hot Niggas envy, the fact that we clock mad dough They wanna see us shut down but no I don't think so, the crew is still rakin the cash flow For every dime bag sold on this block we want in One slug behind the back it's under the skin When niggas try to step to the block and bogard We can't see it happenin, warn them first, get the fuck out of Dodge Better believe that, test it, see if we won't put you on your back Niggas CHORUS [Black Rob] Now bein that it's all out war, I'm bringin more than that 4-4 Watch me dispose of all yall Yall fraud ass niggas, tape me reboard ass niggas Gun bigger than sword ass niggas Now enter in the ring gun drawn, makin moves like pawns Two at a time, comin for mine Like a song nigga CBS, he cant' be serious finesse He don't believe I keep a gun in the vest [Mark Curry] You think you can disgrace this empire, we built from scratch You stupid, I wouldn't care how ruthless your crew is We got defense on this area, try to attack Mad niggas on the barriers that's dyin of blast back They be no givin and no takin, definitely no breakin Laws we lay down, here's the situation Severe torture is what those who don't feel us face I show no love for a punk ass nigga we hate Try to pay me no bribe, then come up missin Happens to hard headed niggas when they don't listen I gave you fair warnin bout the danger you're messin with A stranger invadin the street corners are goners Try me, if you think it's a lie, the attitude many niggas had But in the process many die Fakin they can step to the block and bogard And couldn't see it happenin, warned em first get the fuck outta Dodge CHORUS

Bendin' The Rules

Badlees "River Songs"
Pity my brother For how he's suffered me Through nameless towns And cold prairie For restless women At the end of the line Who tendered checks for A promise divine Cash as quick as vegas Like vegas in a dream I work this charismatic ruse For my brother's peace and being Sittin' tight in moline The money on the bed With every memory sharp to me And the fear of times ahead CHORUS Maybe the good book Came from the divine Or maybe it was written Just to keep us in line The mistakes of the sages Make the rules for the fools So father forgive me For bendin' the rules... Well, mister he improved some With the money I scammed Some days his light shines as bright As the light of the promised land Death was often something We freely would discuss When he was ten and I was twelve And the spectre would often brush In and out of treatments Since twenty months of age At eighteen the insurance No longer would maintain And my old man in the kitchen His hands upon his face Did weep to shake his very soul In the darkness of this place CHORUS Hold me Saint Christopher Over every county line Overlook my blasphemy For the sake of buying time Grant him days of laughter Bestow me clemency He sleeps soft in the back seat His freedom from ordeal To every ruddy youngster Off free in summer's fields And every young lass poised to claim Her share of what love yields To all the grieving angels And the litany of saints I am my brother's keeper To what end decides the fates CHORUS

Tragic Vision

In this faltering nation the future belongs to the children in school There's something wrong Sixth grader on crack Handgun overflowing in his hands Now he is just further demand We search for the source and still that child is left watching Inhumanity, bloodshed as the tele-violence feeds his head Chorus: Only if he knew the consequence of greed A contious state of mind T.V. is not reality Never a victim the role model said Bang bang, the bad guy is dead Always a rockstar on eMpty T.V. The lesson complete Now the child has needs Of competition they bleed Oh beautiful for bills of green Nevermind spacious skies overhead Bleed the earth and butter your bread (Repead Chorus) Chils turns on T.V. What dose he see? Nature of man, dishonesty That child grows old Story be told as he sits behind bars and his soul grows cold


Kool Keith "Matthew"
Man it's been quiet in the Bronx since Kate Rich got killed I heard some kid wearin a mink fakin like he live in Brooklyn squealed We gon' need Johnny Cochran man, I'm tellin you Gotta get everybody out.. [Kool Keith] Chill at home watchin the Mets I'ma tell Suge Knight to call Big Kap and Funkmaster Flex Tony Green is out of jail with a five billion dollar bail I'ma hire two men with machine guns to do retail Independent promotion, a couple of people got they legs broken Record exec found dead, body in Hoboken Autopsy explainin what parts remainin New York police department, the F.B.I. said this guy wasn't playin Tape around this punk's mouth, what is he sayin? Turned the radio up and cut his arms off and throw him off the top of the Waldorf Call Fat Kat in prison Tell him his right hand mand already did that Ten cars, meet me at the Lincoln Tunnel with stockin cops We're gonna count to the one-oh, put butter on the bun-oh Black killed the program director but first let him sniff some blow See the man with the suit? Light up the kid with the bomber jacket and Timberland boots Comin at you like Tupac in Juice , I'ma get loose Chorus: Kool Keith (repeat 3X) We work nine to nine, we never sleep full time.. Diamonds, we bring violence! [Kool Keith] Send a coffin up to Billboard with flowers in the lobby A picture of me with Gene Griffin holdin a hand-grenade I'ma fax you a copy - and let you know my job ain't sloppy Extort the industry cause Nicky Barnes is gonna be in charge of every label's distribution My street team is gonna be eight men with loaded tecs Ridin around with Chrysler PT cruisers from a mental institution Whip mob style, Tone Capone AZ in charge of publicity on the phone Crazy Joe outside to meet the mixtape DJ's with carbombs in the parkin zone - purple Cadillac lavender two-tone A box packed up with a chopped off human head with a murdered pitbull with a knife in his stomach Federal Express to your secret home Sonny D handle the Wherehouse and Tower Take Coconuts and Sam Goody and hire David Berkowitz as a receptionist for more power Extreme impact when Uniter Parcel bring bazookas and bombs in from Iraq Close the George Washington Bridge when we attack Carryin duffle bag sacks Larry Davis is workin with a thirty-eight magnum Big stations won't have any problem hearin the wax (I'll play it!) With Kingston, Jamaica Sendin the video to HBO and Cinemax Chorus [Kool Keith] Look at the bottom of your car, now start it Wire on your doorknob That's me across the street, wearin a pinstripe suit with a (???), with black glasses talkin to Grandmaster Flash Lookin at your black asses Chorus


C-Murder "Bossalinie"
featuring Porsha Anita Thomas Chorus (Porsha Anita) I want my freedom full freedom full freedom mmm hmmm x2 Verse 1 As I look in the mirror I see the picture gettin clearer On the rip of this straightest of the life that I live But uh I see em comin before they approach Just like a stafty slot until you circle with hope I maintaining on your legendary dreams and stack Making million dollar moves with many platinum plaques Negotiate your freedom, you catchin CRP From the court from blue, come many nights no sleep What's the scenerio of life when you trapped in crime My lil homie still incarcerated for packing a nine Now history repeat itself, there's black on black Check my backround, there's evidence just hide it's back Eliminate all my foes, we run violent thrusts Excuse me for my crime but in God I trust Bossalinie uneffected by the eyes of even Cause I'm military minded and demand my freedom (Chorus) Verse 2 Record labels try to sign for many years infact Want a life time commitment, get you hooked like crack Independant, black owned, you can keep your deal I remain with No Limit cause the tank be real I lose my cousin eight years for the time he spent The penetentary is full of black violent, meant Try to make a change, they can't Cause they cuffs to tight Momma please help us cause my mind ain't right It ain't easy being me with my skin so toned The mother land ain't been the same since they took me from home My mobile phone in the benz, gettin high with my friends Rainy days got us fighting each other, digging our graves A cell block full of pictures, can't wait for parole I need a second change of life cause I'm getting to old And it's cold I can't see, can't sleep at night Like a rebel for my freedom, I'll be prepared to fight (Chorus)

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