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GOLDEN EARRING lyrics - The Hole

A Shout In The Dark

Original and similar lyrics
From the Album: * The hole It's rainin' on a summernight I'm gonna take a ride on a dreamboat Don't know 'bout it's destination Higher than the clouds the angels Further than a million roads forever - away From the deathpatroll 'Cause when I close my eyes I dream of freedom And when I open 'em I see a multitude of good reasons To get the hell outa - here! Tonight I'm breaking out Tonight I made a vow That any minute now I'm gonna climb the wall of freedom on my own Yeah - tonight I'm full of doubt Tonight there's no more doubt That any second now I'm gonna face a life of treason on my own I hear a shout in the dark A scream in the alley It seems like the devil runs this whole city - yeah yeah It seems like the devil shows me no pity I'm going home Tried it all day lord Time for me to kick off my working shoes There's nothin' left to lose Behind the tired buildings Places that are haunting me lie lingering Beyond the Berlin Wall I hear it whisper I can hear it call At night the sky for my hungry eye - hides a rainbow Behind the concrete door


C.W. McCall "Rubber Duck"
(C.W. McCall, Bill Fries, Chip Davis) YEE-HAW! Merciful sakes alive! You wanna be one a' them CBers, you gonna learn how to ratchetjaw! Pay attention now; I'm only gonna explain it to ya once. You gotta go runnin' amuck in a pick-'em-up truck With one a' those fancy sidebands? Get four-on-the-floor and two on the door Get a power mike in yer jaw-hand Prepare to strike when ya key the mike 'Cause ya never know who's a-listenin' Some clown insists on a 10-36 This here's what you give 'im: Four, good buddy, I made me a study An' I figger it's the dark a' the moon, son It's half-past spring an' a quarter ta fall An' the big hand's a-settin' on noon, son Now if the fish don't bite and the almanac's right And the groundhog sees his shadow A 10-36 goes tick-tock-tick. And that's what I call ratchetjaw! Gotta git ya a base, out there at yer place With a forty-foot pole on the chimney With a thousand watts in yer flowerpots And a ree-mote line in the biffy If ya feel a twitch when ya throw the switch Ya gonna dim all the lights in Wichita Gonna send out a wave ta make the government rave And this here's whatcha tell 'em all: Yeah, four, good buddy, yer comin' in cruddy But yer walkin' right through my wall, boy Yer carrier's cool, you makin' me drool You were definitely battin' my ball, boy You hittin' me round about fifteen pound You cut me up like a bandsaw But what the heck, it's just a radio check. And that there's how to ratchetjaw [CB conversations. They're overlaid, as if you're listening to a party line.] [Woman's voice] Breaker, breaker, breaker, breaker. We lookin' for that one Buffalo Roy out there. Buffalo Roy, what's your twenty? Where are you anyway, Buffalo Roy? Are you out there? Come on in there, Buffalo Roy. 10-4. [Man's voice] Lissen, you. Shut up on all them breakers. One breaker's enough. [words missing] all the time. Can't hear a damn thing anybody's sayin'. [C.W.] Buffalo Roy? That's a dumb handle. Wanna feel some pain? Just turn up yer gain Get a fearful earful a' garbage Ta suppress a belch, just hit yer squelch You can cut out all the carnage You wanna have fun, you son-of-a-guns Just get on the press-ta-talk switch You gonna amuse 'em an' really confuse 'em With a little ol' thing called ratchetjaw Yeah, let them suckers think yer a trucker Say stuff they can't understand, son Just bounce up-an'-down while yer toolin' around Gonna sound like a truck-drivin' man, son Just tell yer beaver that you gonna leave 'er You catch her on the bounce-around If she comes back with a smart-off crack Say X-Y-L, it's show-an'-tell. We definitely got us to go now. Keep yer pants on honey, hang onto the money Yer X-Y-M's gotta blow now Eighty-eight, thirds, and feed my bird An' all them numbers upon ya all If speed don't kill, then CB will. And that's what I call ratchetjaw [More CB conversations.] Breaker, breaker, breaker, breaker, breaker, breaker, [repeated almost ad infinitum, punctuated by bouts of laughter] [Man's voice. Begins deep, slowly rising to Shirley and Squirrely squeakiness.] Yeah, 10-4, we got ya, breaker. Come back on that? Say, what kind a'... s'not? some kind a' cotton-pickin'... you puttin' me on, aren't cha? Yeah, you puttin' me on, aren't cha? [Laughter] 10-4. 10-4.


ICE CUBE "Lethal Injection"
[Intro:] Every January 16th, it's 'The Dreamer, The Dreamer.' And all of you say, 'I have a dream; The Dreamer.' And what did he dreamIt stuck him right there. And little black boys, and little white girls will one day hold hands together. Shit. Is that where it's atIs that where it's at now Them little blacks hands are yours. You can't hold the black brothers' hands But you gonna grow old holdin' crackers' hands before you hold each other's hands You gonna walk with your enemy before you learn to walk with one another How sick can you be (Enemy) [Verse One:] Where you gonna go when the brothers wanna bust a shot where you gonna go when I wanna kill bloodclot Supercat said that the ghetto red hot bust a gloc, bust a gloc, devils get shot nappy-headed, no-dreded look where ya read it buck the devil, buck the devil, look who said it listen what I say after 1995 not one death will be alive god will survive, him protect the civilized who really cares if the enemy lives or dies not me, not me me never eat from the tree with the apple I'd rather have a Snapple do you know where you're going to do you know where you're runnin from scared of the sun, I live in the sun You shrivel up like a raisin and burn like the blunt that I'm blazin Ku Klux Klan scared of my nutty beats cause them nutty beats equal bloody sheets out number you somethin like 15 to 3 see, don't love your enemy [Chorus] Enemies, enemy runnin from the G enemies, enemy, you're my enemy enemies, enemy, when will I see enemies, enemy R.I.P. [Verse Two:] Where you gonna run when God wanna do ya J. Edgar Hoover, I wish I woulda knew ya with the boom ping ping is the ring from the fire me not afraid, cause me know Elijah goin to the East but straight from the Westside swing down sweet chariot nad let me ride through the fire, through the fire that will please us I know that Farrakhan is your baby Jesus devil don't you know I'm a soldier in God's name and the baby claim I'm gonna hold ya like Folger's Crystals feds I'ma pick your ass like Juan Valdez you don't care if me die from the cracka you don't care if me have a heart attacka you don't care if me get car jacka you don't care cause you're nothing but a cracka now it's Judgement Day, and Allah'll never play 'freedom got an AK,' them Guerilla say Bobby Seale said, 'please make it rough, bro' when God give the word, me herd like the buffalo through your neighborhood, watch me blast tribe of Shabazz, get in that ass you shoulda took heed of my word and became a friend of me now you're just a enemy [Chorus] [Verse Three:] Now I change my style up, my style up,bodies pile up just to trouble you, throwin out the W sent me a subpoena cause I kill more crackas then Bosnia, Herze - govina each and every day out a siz-tre Chevrolet with the heavy A to the muthafuckin K now you treat me like a germ cause your scared of the su - per sperm please don't bust til you see, the whites of his eyes the whites of his skin, the whites of his lies nappy head nigga with the bone in his nose ya scared I'ma put this bone in your hoes but I don't wanna, I've been to cona from the cavebitch with the nasty persona hit me with the big black billy club cause you white and your hoe than a silly nub three men in the tub, rub-a-dub-dub and it's really scary, now they're in the military Sodom and Gomorrah, devil read your Torah, Bible, Holy Qur'an once again it's on, got the hollow point teflon and the brother Ron [2X] so who's next (devil) with Dub C, Brother G Crazy Toons is a crazy coon ready for the enemy high off the Hennesy hundred ten degree, no it's not Tennesee West L.A., what the hell can I say niggas wanna play, each and every day pass me the pill, a nigga shoot the J rougher than the roughest rough muthafucka, had enough muthafucka handcuff this muthafucka with the duct tape, tie it to the bumper grab his bitch, dump her, cause nobody wanna hump her they call me Thumper cause I thump til it hurt knock your dick in the dirt, puttin in work Master Farad Muhammad comin like a comet when they see em, they all start to vomit 1995, Elijah is alive Lewis Farrakhan, NOI Bloods and Crips and little ol me and we all gettin ready for the enemy

Cry In The Sun

You cleaned out your room and under your bed, lay a picture long forgotten. With a hand to your head, you sigh out loud as your memory rushes over and buries you. A summer rain storm, but the shed was dry with a girl from Carolina. And you held her so tight, for the warmth that the rain denied, as the timer slowed to a flash. So alive, you listen to them when they say... [To Chorus:] Cry in the sun. When the devil beats his wife. If you cry, cry, cry in the sun... Hope I never see the price of my freedom. We'd dance and sing out, and trace the moon, as it crawled across the night sky. And covered in dew, a lover's pact: Well, here's to now and don't look back. And oh, how I tried to heed the words written here. [To Chorus:] Cry in the sun. When the devil beats his wife. If you cry, cry, cry in the sun... Hope I never see the price of my freedom. [BRIDGE:] For every one yeah There's a person, place or time, that brings you back and makes you feel alive. Before your reason clouds your eyes, When you could rule the world if you wanted to... yeah. Well, I hear you're living far away. And that life's treated you well. You know that we were young, And this picture's old. But I still can hear you say, Through the pounding of the rain. And oh, if you try, Tell me, can you hear them say... [To Chorus:] Cry in the sun. When the devil beats his wife. If you cry, cry, cry in the sun... Hope I never see the price of my freedom.

Dope Fiend

AFROMAN "Because I Got High"
Will somebody call me a cab? I swallowed another tab I might overdose under the circumstance So betta yet call me an ambulance [Chorus] Cause I'ma dopefiend baby, I don't know why All I wanna do is get high Between your legs is where my brain is at Cause I'ma nymphomaniac I used to smoke marijuana when I was a kid Now I'm trippin on acid I'm high on every drug known to mankind So go ahead and pass it [Chorus] My designated driver was this girl Her name was Carolyn But I can't go home cause she just died from an overdose of heroin She's a dopefiend baby She don't know why All she wants to do is get high Between her legs is where my brain is at Cause I'ma nymphomaniac [Chorus] This butt naked girl sat next to me And offered me some ecstasy Then she gave me a big fat kiss with a mouth full of LSD [Chorus] Wave your hands in the air Then wave it like you just don't care If you got on clean underwear somebody say oh yeah Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah Check it out all the homeboys gather round cuz Repeat after me Shit, God damn, get off your ass and jam Shit, God damn, get off your ass and jam Shit, God damn, get off your ass and jam Shit, God damn, get off your ass and jam My hands are shakin, my nose is twitchin, my eyeballs are real gigantic I'm layin in bed, with a throbbin head, and I'm trippin on widespread panic [Chorus - repeat 3X] Hell yeah, A man, I'm gonna do some impersonations right A, the first one is a mixture between the lead singer of the B-52's And Robert Smith from the cure right [Chorus] I'm gonna do Axl Rose from Guns N Roses cuz [Chorus] Willie Nelson, Willie Nelson, we gonna sing some country Maybe I didn't fuck you But little darling don't cry The fact is I masturbated About an hour before you came by You were always on my mind You were always on my mind On the road again Open up your legs and let me stick it in My favorite past time is making love to my girlfriend I can't wait to shoot my load again Shoot my load again Stick my dick some where it's never been


AKA "Levels"
[Intro:] Sunshower, just a sign of the power Of loving you, oh baby Sunshower, got me by the hour Wanting you, oh baby [Verse 1: AKA] And the beat goes on They don't really make it like this no more Skhot' so hard, bosso ke mang Everything good but I ain't D'Banj Work so hard everyday we span Party don't stop till I say we done Headshots and I'm toast Silver and gold Then you zone out, thinking how these situations unfold He probably throwing his dick around and I'm waiting up for his call Yeah this whole club so turned up nobody trying to go home Black cards, rap stars, these hoes trying to get choked I stay on my grind, you stay on my mind, spend my time [Bridge:] Wanting you, oh baby [Hook: J'Something] Cause you are my sunshine All I need is my sunshine To come and warm up this lonely night oh My sunshine, you are That's right cause After it all Yeah into your arms I'm, gonna crawl After it all Yeah into your arms I'm, gonna crawl [Verse 2:] My niggas got they cash right We been in a dungeon I'm talking bout that camp life Yeah that's that strength in numbers So one time for the spouses that Instagram they outfits Party at the Sands but the swag from the township My bitches bad, I usually tap no strings attached You take my hand we fall in love I just hope you can catch I take you on vacation, smoke Jamaican while you tan Even your friends hate it, they look at you with contempt Baby just dry your eyes, they can try all they like, but I'ma spend all my life [Bridge] [Hook] [Verse 3: Sarkodie] [?] [Bridge] [Outro:] After it all Yeah into your arms I'm, gonna crawl After it all Yeah into your arms I'm, gonna crawl

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