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GOLDEN EARRING lyrics - No Promises... No Debts

Save Your Skin

Original and similar lyrics
From the Albums: * No promises no debts * 2nd Live The pity and the pleasure and the guilt and the pain The sun and the moon and the stars in the rain It's all the same Goin' back to zero The other side a life With gasoline and neon lights Seeping though the night On a coulour-slide Hand that's holdin' a gun It's the trigger – happy son Another abnormality A wolf among the sheep It's the good time boy, girls toy Takin' another chance And there he goes Do you think he knows On and on he goes Do you think it shows Hold on he's coming back Like a joker jumpin' outa the deck Hit a lotta dust. Hit it hard Just to prove my lord he can take a lot Dig it now you still can Get a smoke-screen and a rifle-man Holy Christ look at the state he's in Save your skin take my advice And keep the kids inside Save your skin now you can without an alibi Save your skin take my advice And leave the dogs outside Cause here he comes It's the demon man with the fire in his eyes Checking out your lies one by one. Soulkitchen's empty Lotta contrast with last night There's broken chairs and broken glasses Everywhere in sight Sunlight is blindin' my eyes Minute he walks in How ya been?

Good Night

U.S. Bombs "Back At The Laundromat"
I'll be the last to understand while you were demoralized God damnit times still on yer side A rolling stone no less the Dischords on the side Just add a star up in the sky With Broken records broken spirits we broke the bar we picked each other off the floor we chased our shakes away and scared em with a drink Always a better man that I Thats why the saints were always marchin in EvenWhen their was no luck in sight so who's to know? when's our time to go so kiss yer kids and tuck em in good night it'll be alright, its only life, I know yer All Right its only life Donnas guitar was your left arm she's on the phone stood by yer side you did her right picnic in the park was everyones good night , yer in the light yer in the lig

Never Forget

Unseen "The Anger And The Truth"
its the dead of night and she wakes up screaming but her terror doesn't end when she's done dreaming she recloses her eyes and all she sees is your face bringing her back to that time and that place when you forced your way into her front door you took all her possessions, still you wanted more grabbed her by the arms, forced her to the bed you left her body but you'll never leave her head never forget, never walk away pain, regret, till her dying day he was very young but he knew when to hide he didn't recognize the smell booze but could see it in your eyes he swore when he was older he'd get his revenge but he never got the chance cause you left when he was ten now he walks the street with hatred in his eyes a needle in his veins, a head so full of lies all his wounds have healed, scars still mark the flesh drugs numb the pain but he'll never forget how do you sleep at night? what gave you the right destroying people's lives only their pain will survive never forg

Last Night

SISQO "Unleash The Dragon"
I don't think y'all ready for this one this is for the new millaximum baby Sisqo for 2001 check this one out [Sisqo] got a funny thing for the girl in my dreams preyin on me every night like a raven in flight i'm wakin up hot tryin not to get caught cause my, girl's here with me light brown eyes with a perfect waist size got a body like pow, make me want it right now drivin me crazy while i'm layin with my lady i hope she don't see it started one night after we had a fight no make up fresh so i took a shower fell asleep in an hour this hot hot pretty young th-ang picked me up wit a bang bang got me stuck and i couldn't say a damn thang can't belive the scene i'm feenin for the girl in my dream [chorus] last night had a dream bout a freak had me wakin up in heat from my sleep the girl made me sweat got my sheets all wet and i don't even know how she be she fine as hell i can barely handle it yo them breasts got me all outta breath so fine on my mind every night trippin off a dream but damn she was tight [Sisqo] oh i'm startin funny like i'm creepin on my honey it's a dream but it feel so real feel her body cover me waitin for the freak when i'm wit my lady it's a shame i don't even know her name but i know her measurements 36-24-36 why am i seein her eyes them thighs could it be that love just hit me in the form of a hot girl fantasy hate to say it but the lady drive me crazy that girl got me actin all shady to my baby i can't shake the spell can't break it goin crazy thinkin of her butt naked what to do every night i crave girl i can't behave [chorus 2x] got me goin crazy could it be the last chance baby i don't even know ohhhh the vision of my lust the vision of my eyes hunger for a touch i can't understand why i want her so much i can't understand so at night i lay with nothin ta say hennesy got me slowly driftin away i'm so confused what am i gonna do but until then dreamin, uh [chorus 2x]

Blizzard On A Broken Mirror

AVANTASIA "The Wicked Symphony"
Faces in this empty room Cited in despair Gazes that I had invoked They're driving me insane now Walls have eyes they're staring down on me From everywhere around In the face of dreams I had Grimaces of pain Now I am turning helpless Callous and alone Waiting for a storm to brew To wash my dream and love and sins away I'm with you I'm the otherside You just gotta try Fly now! No one's gonna care Cause no one's gonna know What no one's ever seen Close your eyes now Kingdom on the broken mirror Close your eyes now Blizzard on the broken mirror The scent of goodbye They're dying away: the sands of time Sands of time Fortune favors just the brave That's what the blessed always say Love will come in time But I'm always late I pray the wine my will to take And those evil hands to tie Wreaking havoc, baneful sight is growing dim Tie the dream I've had my fill Raze the love and tie my will Fires ploughing up my head Oh forgive I will forget Lord are you hiding in the haze? The seventh door I'll try is daze Angel send another storm to face another dawn Close your eyes now Kingdom on the broken mirror Close your eyes now Blizzard on the broken mirror The scent of goodbye They're dying away: the sands of time

Darkest Hour

words and music by Arlo Guthrie It's the tenth of January And I still ain't had no sleep She comes waItzing in the nighttime Made of wings She is dressed up like a bandit With a hundred sparkling rings Looking for my company to keep Coming closer to me She doesn't say a word In the shadow of the carved rock tower Where the sounds of the night Were the only things we heard In my darkest hour She don't want to hear no secrets She would guarantee me that She knows there ain't no words That can describe her With her white silk scarves And her black Spanish hat She knows there ain't no way I can deny her Yes her blue velvet perfume Filling up the night The guards are all asleep That watch the tower The moon light held her breast As she easily undressed In my darkest hour Her father's in his chambers with his Friends all gathered 'round They are plotting their enemy's demise With their last detail done They await the coming sun While I am staring in my lover's eyes Her brothers and her sisters Are all through for tonight Pretending that they've just Come into power But she far most of all, knows that they Can only fall In my darkest hour Hungry wings; their melodies While my love awakens me In the midst of the sunburst first light Her hands are holding up the skies As I hid my opened eyes Every move just for herself And that's so right Soon I went along my way With no words that could explain As she began descending to the tower Her safety now concerns me Her circumstance to blame In my darkest hour

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