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Gluecifer lyrics - Soaring With Eagles At Night To Rise With The Pigs In The Morning

Silver Wings

Original and similar lyrics
It's just a jet man rammin' it right home Gonna ride this motherfucker till I'm gone I got a mission and I call it speed Mach 87 baby that's what I need Some call me pilot, some call me man You gonna call me mister yeager if you can In a rocket with some danger in my pocket gotta do it baby can't you see Coz I'm a sucker for the souped up silverfucker now I'm pushin it to seven g's More man more man More man with a stick in my hand (with a buzz in my gland) More man more man More man allright Down on the ground now them gonna shriek Coz this proto-fighter-asshole's gonna meet a proto-freak I'm gonna rip this throttlelever thru the hood coz these silverwings aint up to nothin good CHORUS Allright now GC this is silver wing And I'm tellin' you I'm gonna do my thing coz I've had it and I've had it to the max I'm gonna push it till I see the cracks BRIDGE CHORUS 2x

Six In Da Morning

AVANT "Ecstasy"
(Sean Don) A-V, A-V, they know what it is come on, A-V, Steve Stone, DJ Lets get this party jumpin' Verse 1 Straight V.I.P when I ride in the 6 get out of me whip, givin' my tips, slidin' in the mix playas envy me cause my game is nice rockin the g's cussin' the platinum fuss with the ice step off in the club, straight thinkin bout sex and I, bet, that shorty's gonna be next all my mamis lookin' good and the playas straight zonin' and we aint leavin' till six in da mornin'(so what you gonna do) Chorus all the mamis in the club, gettin' it on and they aint leavin' till six in da mornin' so what you wanna do mami, hey, what you wanna do mami thugs in the club, poppin' bub and they aint leavin till six in da mornin'(it's goin' down tonite) so what you gonna do shorty, hey, what you gonna do shorty Verse 2 flyin up on the skirt, bout to put it in work hands on my shirt, shorty's straight ready to flirt yell to the DJ, just play my song keep me dancin'(dancin') all night long got her mind blown, but the club is still hittin', and this west is still trippin', and the playas they still sippin' all the mamis lookin' good and everybody's straight zonin' and we aint leavin till six in the mornin' (Chorus) (rap: Sean Don) yo watch out for this pen yo we put on like dun dun duh dun dun it's some new dun duh dun so move if you tryin' to front dun duh dun the 'vant is dun duh dun it's what you want duh dun flow master hatas you can't go no faster we past ya both the best D disaster vinom on hatas hotta like Vince caught up in a rapter Sean Don, need I say more? boriqua, play ball, for a bottle of Crysta' in the best movie, the best ossy's poppin' out the big body SUV's, blessed boozys, with the big S boobys stoppin' playa hatas, exuse me, now I see stars burstin', now thats juisy (Chorus 2x) said the club is closin' you know where we goin' the girls in the back dosin' but they already knowin' said the club is closin' you know where we goin' while the girls in the back dosin' they already knowin' (Chorus) I want some of your body some of your body


[Kapricon] On ma way out from hitting this honey from last night/ I had to blast right/ coz she was looking nasty in the sunlight/ Cruising down centrum/ in an aftermath tantrum/ I got interrupted by this hun/ And looking pretty good at that/ she had a letter for Kap/ it said ma man Critical was chilling south of Spain/ Sowing his oats/ with a lady, and even her name was underlined in the note,/ so that means he handeled it fine, don't you know/ I had to find him though/ I call up Vinnie on the phone, he like [Vinni] What you doing in the snow, bro?/ [Kapricon] I don't know man, but where you at? [Vinni] Barcelona/, in the zone/ like I finally found a home for this stoner/, trader all my kroner,/ it's all about pesetas and coronas/ this bar, I'm the motherfucking owner./ Made it out the coma/ played like I said, now I'm gone, bro/ a lot of pretty ladies on my boner. Went from halph-ass/ to a class-act/ weedaroma [Kapricon] Pass that!/ [Vinni] Baby got my feet upon her ass-crack/ Yo you gonna love it while it lasts, Kap/ sending you a ticket that's that/ we can kick it, [Kapricon] That's fat! Chorus: [Kapricon & Vinni] I'm leaving, where are you gonna go? Barcelona, anywhere it don't snow Feel the sun glow, ladies looking like they're models from a video, Let them know we're drunk! Let's go! x 2 [Kapricon] So now I'm in Barcelona/, a loner looking for a bar owner/ but I forgot to bring my fucking note, bro/ so I'm sitting in somewhere sipping my corona,/ thinking I'm a goner/ and goddammit I'm so fucked, and all I can remember is the name of the bar you opened up/ Babylon or something, right? [Vinni] yep! close it up [Kapricon] I hire me a moped and goes for it/ I can't wait to hit the ocean and order a cold beer/ [Vinni] Cool, now see the road there?/ [Kapricon] Yeah? [Vinni] Cool! Now, see that road there? [Kapricon] Yeah? [Vinni] Yo follow three blocks, make a left, go straight through the old square/ next turn, church on the left, you should go there/, Beach's just below the stairs/ and it's nice through the whole year/ You should see what the hoes wear/ water's so clear/, so nice it ain't fair/ Yo but listen here/ stay for some food and a J/, I'll come too, just let me give the keys to Josè! Chorus: [Vinni og Kapricon] I'm dreaming, yeah I know it's nice man Barcelona, Holla at the Iceman Check the price man, That's how it's down there, fly all year ,you wanna get a beer? Let's go! x 2 [Kapricon] Vinni guess what? I've got the letter, I had it all along, I forgot I had it in my sack full of draws! [Vinni] Man you're slacking dog! [Kapricon] Tell me something I don't know [Vinni] He's getting married [Kapricon] What, let me se what he wrote [Critical] Dear Kappa I guess it's been about a year now since we met each other/ well, spoken to one another/ damn brother man I miss you./ Still living in snow/ with thirty below?/ Heard that you weren't slurping no more/ you're AA, funny, but how is you?/ Oh guess what, by the way/ I met this other dame/ at the airport in Spain, I'm getting married brother man/ to this tall, dark skinned, half black, half latino, modelling chica/ my baby celina/ wait till you meet her,/ but me? I quit work and started school so mama's happy/ I'm studying anatomy at the academy of New Guinea/ funny, huh? But Vinni, how's he?/ I heard he moved to Barcelona/ sipping Coronas,/ still living by the sea,/ splendid. Nothing but love for him you show him/ tell him to give my TV back but you know him/ at those things/ Oh yeah and one more ting to top it off, I'm having a baby due in June/ And I'm naming him after you, kind of cool, huh?/ And I gonna send you an invitation too/ so Love to my people, man, woman, ain't no difference/ Critical signing off, peace *smask* hugs and kisses/ PS I'm gonna get to my mistress…/ Chorus: [Vinni og Kapricon] I'm dreaming, Critical's getting married He's a goner, It's cool, we're all happy Sure, 'bout to be a daddy, its a white wedding day Yo Kap, get your tux, bottoms up Let's go x 2

Miss You

Don't change your mind, I ain't got the time to sit and wonder. I'm doing fine. If you decide to leave, I won't go under. You know I've come this far without you; It won't be too hard to be alone. I've got choices all around me, So I won't be spending too much time at home. Girl, I'm gonna miss you. I'm gonna miss you, baby. I can't forgive you, Still I'm gonna miss you, baby. No, don't say a word. I already heard that you don't love me. In your state of mind, I don't need to hear your side of the story. Your friends all said we had a future And I don't think I really want to know. My friends keep telling me to lose you And how glad they'll be when you decide to go. Chorus I broke my back to make you happy. Sometime, somehow, someone's got to care. If you think you're better off without me, Just remember, it's a dirty world out there. Chorus I'm gonna miss the ground you walk on, Gonna miss the air you breathe. I'm just not quite happy, baby, 'bout your crazy plans to leave.

You Got No Right

LUCKY DUBE "Trinity"
Woman: I got lonely sometime You were gone and left Like you always do You were never there When I needed some care You were never there when I needed somebody to talk to Somebody came and took your place. Man: Oh! Baby Somebody took my place In your heart I can say I'm used to it By now, 'cause it happens all the time That is one test I always fail But one thing my heart can't Understand... who's gonna take The place of this boy in my heart We used to play together, Do everything together, But now what am I gonna say Chorus You've got no right To call me father I've got no right To call you son, You got no right to talk to me I've got no right to talk to you Even though I try so hard To be strong, but it hurts inside. Woman: As I pack my bags To go now baby I thought I could share this with you The next time you fall In love Treat your woman right Remember that her place Is not only in the Kitchen All she needs is tender Loving care. Repeat chorus till fade.

Melt Me

Jake "Jake"
So you tell me that you're gonna be a star And you say you're gonna be a zillionaire And you say you're gonna send me back a post card When you're sitting at the top amd I'm still down here And you say... CHORUS: Baby all I want is more (All I want is more and it's never too much) But I never get too much ( I see it every day but I can never touch) And I'm getting what I want ( Getting what I want's never been too tough) But I never get enough (All I want is more 'cause I can't get enough) So you tell me how much better it would be And you think the grass is greener over there And you can't tell what you want from what you need And you are traveling but you will never get there And you say... CHORUS: Baby all I want is more (All I want is more and it's never too much) But I never get too much ( I see it every day but I can never touch) And I'm getting what I want ( Getting what I want's never been too tough) But I never get enough (All I want is more 'cause I can't get enough)

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