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Glenn Hughes lyrics - Hughes and Turner Project

Against The Wall

Original and similar lyrics
Say you love me, but you don't care Put on your makeup and you fix your hair You're steppin' out You're hitting the town And you made it clear You don't want me around I gave you everything a man possibly could You say walk through fire baby, I would I'd move a mountain, my love is so strong But I get the feeling that it won't be long I don't wanna hear you say goodbye You just gotta give me one more try Tell me why You wanna watch me fall You wanna see me crawl You say you want it all Baby you got me, you got me against the wall I can't eat, I can't sleep at night Push and pull, but I can't win the fight Got this feeling I should let you go My head says yes but my heart tells me no You got all my money you got all my time Take my soul, now I'm losing my mind What can I do baby, what can I say Cuz I'd do anything to make you stay I don't know why you wanna say goodbye You just gotta give me one more try Tell me why

No Love Lost (Outro)

JOE BUDDEN "No Love Lost"
[Intro:] Mic check, mic check 1-2 1-2 Made a lot of mishaps, lot of mistakes, lot of missteps Grown shit though, is when you can recognize that And I recognize that, and real recognize that Talk to em... [Verse 1:] Last word, check it, unbeatable force, insurmountable object Bull should've known better than counting me out, I'm from the projects So if I ever do it for greed, indeed something is wrong Prepare for the future, remember I used to get heat from the oven on They wanted to see Budden gone, fiend'd out on sour But nobody helped put Budden on, had to bring my own power so I'm having a private party, that only myself attends And if the DJ plays the song to my soul, it'll give itself a cleanse They telling me all the pain I ever felt was self-infringed But I had help from friends, one even held the syringe Architect of my own path, I'd like to think it's designed the best Defied the odds, I never aged while giving time a test No niggas on house arrest, I'm on a minor rest You trying to call me or text me, don't even bother, I'm trying to give mine a rest I got a treasure but it's content is invisible Was filled before with shit that I thought I treasured, but made me miserable My affairs together, here forever, yeah I'm back to work Learned in order to lose love, probably gotta have it first [Verse 2:] My life's a crap shoot, my dice are loaded, ain't no stopping me Most interesting man, a hard place is between a rock and me I'm torn within, and my eyes are heavy I'm born again, just means I died already Means I survived already, so fuck they want with me? World been against me so long, misery hates my company Isolated my whole life, not many know who Joseph is In order to reciprocate love, you gotta notice it Gotta recognize it, gotta feel it first Gotta be let inside it, feel it's hurt and then kneel to it's worst If you contain it, don't hide it, gotta reveal it first And when you think you hit rock bottom, gotta feel it worse Or, my rule book is just dated And for you to truly appreciate it, you gotta at least be hated Mama I made it, if anyone know my way was hard They prayed for my Downfall on deaf ears, I was praying to God So God, I loved love till it resented me And if it's still a stranger, then I love who it pretends to be [Outro:] No Love Lost No love found They found a little bit though I don't know where they found it out, but it was there So I guess the moral of the story, Is as you mature, so will it Just gotta find it One...

Burn Baby Burn

L.G. Wise
Verse 1 I ain't afraid to say Like you ain't afraid to hate Wanna tell you face to face Better turn or you won't see heaven's gate Wanna go to war with the mormons Wanna take a bath with the catholics Gonna find yoself in a burning hell Where them demons laughing And they got you and they hit you on the slow-mo They got you suckaz in a cell screaming oh no And so I write with my pen Hope you repent for your sin Can't take your pills and bottle of gin In case you can't get in Don't wanna see you burn Want to see you turn baby And if you don't you'll be screaming like a little lady Now do you hear me Shady Cuz it ain't all gravy And one day wishing And you screaming Jesus Christ save me Chorus Burn baby burn That's right we said it If you don't turn You better not forget it Burn baby burn You wanna play with God If you don't turn You suckaz think you hard Burn baby burn You know it's holy war If you don't turn My Father's gonna settle the score Burn baby burn na na now what na na now what Check it out Verse 2 I'm teachin cats How to live with wife and the kids Not doing time on the bids Cuz son I now how it is I spent my time in Riker's Island too Never seen a smiling crew They wanna slither you You know how Riker's Island do Dudes get in they face Slithered and living with scars The only dreams that they livin Is dreamin life without bars And son they gotta wake up And then they eat to keep they weight up The stress got em losing their mind About to break up You rappers ain't feeling me Say no room for me in the industry But it's clear to see What the indy is missing is me You rappers got the same flow Talk about the same (moan) About your little dough We know how the story go I know just what I'm doing And who I'm doing it for I spit it real for my kids Just like I spit it for yours And for the ones feelin like blowin a hole in they head Feelin like they better off dead Ever since you got your deal Ever since you made your mil Your gift was meant to heal But still you wanna kill Talk about your purple pills Rolling thru your purple hills I ain't gonna front Cuz you phonies can't keep it real You wanna holla back Then get at me dog Finally somebody got the gall To spit it to ya'll Lets ride out Chorus Verse 3 The ghetto ain't fabulous And yet you tellin us How you came straight from the gutter And how we gotta bust I've saw behind the bars You know they life is scared And how they bout to lose they life By fightin on the yard They looking thru the fence You on the other side On MTV you makin mils And still you gonna lie And you don't even know just what we goin thru And if you do then you should come and help us make it thru Now have you ever had a partner to die To see their momma cry Kids at their casket With the tears in they eye And if you do now tell me how they gonna make it And when they feel they can't take it Because they know they can't shake it You just another big lying talking brother Don't care about these mothers Or if we kill each other #1 like Nell You can be on TRL But if you don't switch it up You can still go to (vroom) Chorus

Ladies 2000

Drag-on "Opposite Of H20"
Uhh, my ladies, my ladies, uhh HOOK: Who made me burn all of my numbers to bitches, you do Who made me turn in early leavin' my niggas, you do Who do all the cooking at night in the kitchen, you do Whoever say pussy don't talk to me, who do I love these hoes, yeah I love these hoes They make me do the things that I want to You know let's go [Verse 1] I need a chick that when the drain clog, call me for plumbin Call my name when she cummin, feel my tip, touch tummies Split dutch, dump twenties Pat my back when I choke Don't ask for no totes til I say Oh you smoke? I need a chick that gon drag for Drag I mean she aint gotta be smart in math And see my stacks down the ave I went from jumpin cabs, to rottin with my niggas And hooprags, to the Jags, no top, all glass And y'all chicks with long hair, take a seat right here So I can blow this wind through it and let my niggas see It's all here Pay for no hotels, I'm nuttin in the same chair Front or the rear or while I'm clutchin the gears I leave a chick sprung, I stop fuckin wit her She act like it aint nuttin to her it aint nuttin to me Long as I don't leave a nut in her Used to be rebellin til she heard on Hot 97 Point uno but I still fuck wit you... HOOK [Verse 2] I spent alotta money on this mattress So I can't stand a chick that give me wack sex I just tell em they better go home and practice Cuz if you frontin well you one hell of an actress Tackle it, c'mon jump on it, throw your back in it Let me know it's deep enough for me to stash cracks in it And be realer she can beep when she come near me Keep the gun by me, don't let bullshit run by me And to my mamis, I speaks Ven aqui they come runnin like Right now I don't care if they in they car they runnin lights Intellectual type, more freaky than a hundred dikes Armin her dogs but she got me like I don't wanna bite I don't feel like goin to the studio I don't wanna write Don't wanna fight, don't wanna fuck nobody else wife No frontin boo for real all I really want is you But you make me do things that I don't wanna do HOOK [Verse 3] Look at shorty with them things on, makin me feel like King Kong That's why I keep a monkey on my arm when I'm playin Donkey Kong Petiteness, I love Victoria, but aint no secret It don't take a man that's strong to move over them thongs Better yet, I'll even put it on, let me take care of this When I'm eatin chick, I eatin like wear this I love chicks with they braids pushed back That look like four racetracks, now chase that Cuz everybody wantin mine, taste of her tongue's like Duncan Hines Can't stand another brother humpin mine only we can bump and grind I don't care who was there before I laid there For now I play here, and if she want me too I shave there I'ma be around until there's gray hair, okay dear And I'ma get you these books from Barnes and Noble's wait here Then we can split shares Computers and street smarts, mine sharp as a dart While I'm climbin up the charts HOOK 1.5X

Arms Of My Baby

JOSS STONE "Introducing Joss Stone"
[VERSE] I've been running around I gotta slow down and spend time with my man From city to city Pleasing the world but neglecting him Living on the road is so damn tough Talking on the phone is never enough I gotta get back to the place that I'm used to [CHORUS] And I feel like I need to be in the arms of my baby And I gotta find my way back home To my baby now [VERSE] I've been lacking affection Craving for the touch of his gentle hands So much love and devotion No matter what I go through he understands He sends me flowers but they don't compare To how he runs his fingers through my hair I gotta find my way back home To my baby now [BRIDGE] (BG) Feels like I need my baby now [Repeat 3x] Oh I need him Oh I need him, yes I need him just to tell him that I love him [CHORUS] (BG) And I ah ah ah ah Feel like I need to be in the arms of my baby (BG) And I ah ah ah ah Gotta find my way back home to my baby now I need him baby I need my baby I need him right here I need him in the morning I need him in the night I need him twenty-four seven In the arms of my baby now

All I Want To Know

TAKE 5 "Take 5"
Here lately I don't see enough of you. I'm thinking maybe you don't love as hard as I do Maybe I think too much, I just don't wanna lose your touch Baby want you just humor me (all I wanna know) [Chorus:] Baby all I wanna know, girl tell me if it's so Baby all I wanna know is you need me (yeah, yeah) All I wanna know girl tell me if it's so baby all I wanna know is you need me I don't want to suffer the pain of a broken heart Cause I've decided I wanna be where you are (yes I do) All I want is you to ease my mind, say everything is just fine, your love is mine all mine [Chorus 2x] [Dance Break Down] [Chorus Out]

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