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Glen Gray lyrics

My Heart Tells Me

Original and similar lyrics
It's The Talk Of The Town Glen Gray I can't show my face, Cann't go anyplace; People stop and stare; It's so hard to bear. Ev'rybody knows you left me, It's the talk of the town. Ev'rytime we meet, My heart skips a beat; We don't stop to speak, Though it's just a week. Ev'rybody knows you left me, It's the talk of the town. We send out invitations to friends and relations, Announcing our wedding day. Friends and our relations gave congratulations. How can I face them? What can I say? Let's make up sweetheart; We can't stay apart. Don't let foolish pride Keep you from my side. How can love like ours be ended? It's the talk of the town.

Juggalo Paradise

Icp "Bizzar"
Juggalo Paradise I'm sweating again I always do I should probably take anotha pill or 2 in the mirror I see the face of Frankenstein and that face is mine I go to work at subway slicin hams cut my finger off again (chop) I walk home try to dodge and hide from thugs that like to beat on scrubs I go through this all the time, though I call (j, where the fuck you at) (the mall) (did you get your ass stomped again) (naw,....yyesss, nobody sees what I see do they? they just cast me inside put my away no friends, no style no place to go until I went juggalo [Chorus 2x] its all for you, its all for you, its calling you, its all that's left to do that's why its all for you look at me now man brain dead I can derail a fuckin train with my forehead I now live by the carnival deminions so muthafuck your opinions I'm a loonypath, I kill pedestrians family, neighbors, best of friends anybody, and if I don't kill em' I keep'em in my basement and drill'em just kiddin', all I really did was unlock the forbidden I just let my fuckin mind unwind I don't care what you think you don't intertwine fuck the world, fuck everybody in it even the sneaker pimps girl, I'd fuck her in a minute you can live to impress dress fresh bitch I don't care fuck everybody out there I smoke peace pipes with indian-war chiefs I steal jewels with chinese ninja thieves I kiss whales like gupies and crushwalls I through giant ice bergs like snow balls I serve title waves, drink molten rock ill put a fuckin tornado in a headlock I go to Italy and straighten that tower and whatever the fuck I want with the juggalo power [Chorus 2x] its all for you, its all for you, its calling you, its all that's left to do that's why its all for you here I go again, another day dealing with these muthafuckin idiots at subway its ok, because I see behind it and I keep myself reminded none of these robots 9-to-5 puppets that I see are any better than me mothafucker there just strugglin in the world they chose I'm waiting on the wagons with my juggalos

I Don't Believe A Word

MOTORHEAD "Overnight Sensation"
Don't talk to me, I don't believe a word Don't try to make me feel alright All the love in all the world Is not enough to save my soul tonight Don't be my friend I'm not a fool Don't talk of things that we cannot see When all the ones that sing the blues Sometimes I think of how it used to be I have seen the Devil laugh I have seen God turn his face away I have nothing left to lose I have nothing left to say I have seen the sky turn black I have seen the seas run dry I have nothing that is yours I have nothing now that is not mine Don't look at me your eyes are cold & hard Don't wonder that I turn to you All the grief in all the world Is not enough to make me comfort you Don't tell me lies, I'm not a dog, Don't talk of love it seems to me All the people that we rob Sometimes I think of how they used me I have seen the fires of Hell I have seen Angels with flaming swords I have nothing that is mine I have much that could be yours I have seen the eye of God I have heard lies that are true I have nothing for myself I have nothing I would give to you Don't say that word, I know it's only fools Who do not know their fate is just All the justice in the world Is not enough to buy my faith & trust Don't make that face I won't be pleased Don't make a sideshow of yourself All the people we released Sometimes I think you're someone else I have been where none have been In the empty howling rooms I have everything I need I have everything you stand to lose I have seen the diamond worlds I have seen the shape of space I have nothing but the world I have nothing to take its place I don't believe a word, I don't believe a word ...


AZ "Final Call: The Lost Tapes"
[Talking: AZ] It's so simple... life... death... [Verse: AZ] I am one of the flyest my crew is like the Al Qaeda's We war like in them mess halls of Elmyra Bodies get caught predicate's bails is higher Why talk if you ain't walk through hell's fire All-nighters upscale attire In car get new cars you and your mans admire Young messiah back bottom guns for hire I am that what them rap contracts require Ghostwriter coast to coast cyphers I do this for them grown men in diapers that don't like us Though still the nicest sending kites to Riker's is priceless Reminiscing on plaza fights with Cypress Hung lifeless sprung from financial crisis Never ran I stand amongst the righteous AZ-Q dark denimy V suits His arson is lethal only pardon his people so Just ask it open or closed casket Coke or the dope bastard I'm back on that old Shaft shit Got my ratchets army fatigue jacket Fitted cap on backwards with them cats from Flatbush Bravehearted fuck if they say squash it We remain the largest we invade regardless Trains to Spofford insane with a brain from Hartford It's hard to explain my artwork One for the haters two for the true and the raiders I know dudes who eat your food with a razor It's major barbaric Brutal behavior car addict I talk about the jewelry later My respect is for the CL cartel connects And the crews that came through and left arise well effect Finesse big boys only play with the best It's no regrets being dead broke and raised in the jects I'm a vet cousin Comstock calling collect Saying he just left the box hot annoyed and depressed Claimin he stressed did a 3 and still facin a stretch I'm like look this ain't the row and you ain't waiting your death So save your breath tie your boots up and bang with the rest Cause in reality they just incarcerated your flesh You know the deal I pray they process your appeal Cause on the real I still got my hands on the wheel And I'm a drive til the gas run out Either crash or a wrap til a smash come out We them real niggaz It don't get no more gangster than this... rap it up daddy... yea [Beat until fade]

Cheat Me

i'm now wat you seem i don't answer to you please understand wat i mean while it give me a thrill it's all i can do you realize its all for you this is the part where you supposed be proud i'd listen to reason but hes yelling too loud it's not important alive for a year love and acceptance no one wants to hear me wanna talk about it or want to be around it or want to be the one to give you my life, it's not yours to take you were my hero but your motives were fake ten thousand people divided by one but even still i have just begun a struggle to grasp, all the knowledge at hand i'd listen to wisdom but he quit the band now wat is left? only a few look in the mirror and see that its you who wants to talk about it? who wants to be around it? who want to be the one to say just walk away not left for me to say i've overstayed my welcome here in a perfect world this song wouldn't be a man is lost, that man is me i'm dragging my feet, i'm falling behind you follow my pain and my mind a voyeur to thought, my guest for today i open my arms to see you running away it's not over yet, i'm afriad it gets worse we have to give in and i'll be the first to want to talk about it to want to be around it to want to be the one to say just walk away not left for me to say i've overstayed my welcome here

Look At The Wind Blow

Paul Ellis "Live"
I'm only seventeen, but I want much more Than a small town girl should bargain for More than standing in one place, waiting for the next James Dean I live in a town that's gripped in the bible belt Man, I bared my back and I took the welts I only pray to get out of here Maybe someday I'll find out if the world is green (chorus) There is nothing to do in this town at night But sit in my car and watch the streetlights Or stare out the window at the pizza joint What's the point? I wish I could buy my Ford a sail Hey, hey, look at the wind blow Now the life of the local beauty queen is tied to the captain of the baseball team They got a baby on the way At least that's what the kids are saying And the wedding I'm told, well it must take place To save both families from disgrace But the whole town knows You see, it ain't like she's not showing... (chorus) Tommy Bates sits in his car and he waits For his girl down at Lucky's Diner They're at the end of the loop and he's drinking soup While she puts on more eyeliner I passed them once, and I'll pass them twice, and I'll pass them back again They bought an old Range Rover from the next town over And their headlights are my friends, yeah, those headlights are my friends...

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