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Glen Gray lyrics

Its The Talk Of The Towngg

Original and similar lyrics
I See Your Face Before Me Frank Sinatra Written by Howard Dietz and Arthur Schwartz This version did not chart but In 1938, it was a # 12 for Guy Lombardo and a # 13 for Glen Gray Later found on the soundtrack of the film The Bridges of Madison County I see your face before me, crowding my every dream There is your face before me, you are my only theme It doesn't matter where you are, I can see how fair you are I close my eyes and there you are always If you could share the magic, yes, if you could see me, too There would be nothing tragic in all my dreams of you Would that my love could haunt you so Knowing I want you so I can't erase your beautiful face before me Would that my love could haunt you so Knowing I want you so I can't erase your beautiful face before me Some versions may contain this intro: In a world of glitter and glow In a world of tinsel and show The unreal from the real you lives on to know I discovered somebody who Could be truly worthy and true Yes, I found my ideal thing When I met you

I Won't Last A Day Without You

Maureen McGovern "The Morning After"
(Paul Williams, R. Nichols) Day after day, I must face the world of strangers Where I don't belong I'm not that strong It's nice to know that there's someone I can turn to Who will always care You're always there CHORUS: When there's no getting over that rainbow, When my smallest of dreams won't come true, I can take all the madness the world has to give But I won't last a day without you So many times when the city seems to be without A friendly face, It's a lonely place, It's nice to know that you'll be there if I need you And you'll always smile It's all worthwhile CHORUS Touch me and I end up singin' Troubles seem to up and disappear You touch me with the love you're bringin' I can't really lose when you're near When you're near, my love If all my friends have forgotten half their promises, They're not unkind, Just hard to find One look at you and I know that I could learn to live Without the rest I've found the best CHORUS (repeat and fade out)

Moodswing Whiskey

JEFF BUCKLEY "Mystery White Boy"
Mood swing whiskey Drank it all in the morning Waiting for the dark to move in Sitting in my step-sister's kitchen Horseflies on the window sill Eyes trained on the lemon king And wishing it were a gun I'm thinking of our wedding rings Trapped inside the heater Spring water on the floor of this Sex starved room The nightmare's fires burn The waves of bliss I tried to stop it with my hand I was lost in the kiss With you Mood swing whiskey Your bliss, the actress, Bliss, the assassin Bliss, the abyss Did a crazy shot of whiskey In about zero to sixty All i could see was the beer I face the future with a drink in my right Eyes to the sparkling gloom Body naked, afraid, and amazed Say boost me up to your junkyard paradise Boost me up to your junkyard paradise With a sweet-ass photo of you She cheated, and she lied, and you stole her Stung my tongue just like Sweat from her shoulder Ooh, mood swing whiskey Your love, the destroyer Love, the destroyer Love, love... Yes mood swing whiskey has my brain Only you can break this chain Are you here in my bed again Can you hear my love again [x4] Run down the subway station babe I'm packing my rod All and present histories erased I am a punishing god Mood swing whiskey Yeah the leaves are made of Messy things again And i said this is all the headless acrobats Faces crushed in the circus dust All for the law of gravity And the price of admission Beautiful loser warm hearts have let you down Beautiful loser warm hearts have left you Oh no, you... I think of mankind in quotation marks Ever since i took a drink from you This is for all the headless acrobats Faces crushed in the circus dust All in the name of gravity And the price of admission Beautiful loser while eyes have let you now Beautiful loser while eyes have let you now Cause you're beautiful I think of mankind in quotation marks Ever since I took a drink of you

Live Life

As the years have passed me by I have laughed and I have cried I have so many things that I regret And I have seen what it means To take a stand and to believe To hold every given moment close to me But nothing compares to Your love The love You gave to me Live life, live free You cut the chains that once held me You held the key, opened up eternity Your mercy and sweetness when I felt so worthless You broke down my walls and made me see Since I heard Your name I have never been the same Jesus, You're so precious to me Beautiful Savior, Redeemer and Healer You're everything that I'll ever need Nothing compares to Your love The blood You shed to me It's more beautiful than diamonds and pearls More mysterious than when a boy meets a girl It's deeper than an ocean of blue shining down just to reach to you It's more heavenly than angels with wings More musical than voices and strings It makes you feel like dancing again, makes you want to sing

Still Got Love For You

(feat. Jay-Z and Rell) For the record y'all.. uh-huh.. I know you hear me.. for the record y'all.. [Beanie Sigel] _Dynasty_ album, track 16, listeners fret I can't take back that sixteen Shit the truth spoke, I gotta give the world true quotes Can you feel it I know the truth hurts They say, 'How can he disrespect his pop with harsh curses' Simple - harsh life, harsh verses 'I can't believe the mouth of this prick He said put his mouth on his dick,' I know we gotta talk bout that, I know you salt bout that You on the tip like I don't like you I got four kids, three baby mothers, I'm just like you Sometimes I wanted to just fight you, shit Swing on you - think I'm playin man, I'm just like you I was a kid with a puzzle with missing pieces tryin to put it together dawg, you put it together You made me have to foot through the weather in the storm with no raincoat I don't only speak on me, I speak upon the kids in the same boat Ridin the same water, same situation Same fatherless daughter - I hate you, that's in your mind Don't get caught up in the rhyme You think I dissed you now, that I don't miss you now Don't be a hater now, be glad I made it now I know I probably rubbed you the wrong way But fuck what the song say, for the record, check it [Chorus: Rell] Still got love for you, though you left me in the cold To face this world alone, and make it on my own I still got love for you, but I just can't fight the pain It's so hard not to hate, but you grow up in a way [Jay-Z] I think you misunderstood me the first time.. Listen - that was my hurt in my heart talkin, along with the truth I would thirst often as a youth cause of you the person Moms nursin self-esteem issues Round the house it's hard to find a clean tissue, minus her tears To rewind this time I promise I minused my years to the day to take the pain away Seemed sunny outside, always rained on Jay Pop you my umbrella, come help your son with the weather Soon we come together like man and man and build Play space, cards face up, I've come to deal In order to get right we gotta deal with this wrong And the pain I felt all my life you feel in the song Your lack of warmth left a chill in the morn' Your lack of love, left me loveless, and I'm of your breath I'm your mind body and soul, your heart, your flesh Your alcohol, your smoke, in results I'm a mess And dad, still I love you no less dad Hope you didn't think success would make me less mad But not mad, just dissapointed - we wasted years I swear to God, may you take me away from here If you taught me anything The one thing you taught me is to face my fears, coward How could you let me grow without you Grind in this rap game, take dough without you Wear my Pro Keds close to the sole/soul without you Family pictures pose without you - WHY! .. Why shouldn't I be mad Monster's parents seperated, Monster had his dad These parents had they problems, he still came to the pad He bought 'em new bikes, imagine what that felt like Used to have to butt my head to go to sleep at night Nigga you did me wrong but the love is strong, let's move on [Chorus - 2X]

Estas Bonita Make U Mine

Mr. Sancho
Girl your beautiful I'll do anything [Chorus - Fingazz (Mr. Sancho)] Girl your beautiful (beautiful) I'll do anything (anything) To make you mine (To make you mine) Your so fine you blow my mind And a girl like you is hard to find (hard to find) [Verse 1 - Mr. Sancho] I'm so confused, I never met no one like you You make me feel so loved I just wonder if it's true You tell me that you care, you tell me you'll be there I'd love to be with you but losing you what makes me scared I need you, your addictive like a drug But let me please you, I got the remedy called love Hey can you feel my lips, chilly, kiss your back Touch you softly with my fingers tips and see how you react Shh...full players in effect And you now I always show respect As we hit between the sheets making amor with a passion I see the future in your eyes and see us lastin' [Chorus] [Verse 2 - Mr. Sancho] I know we don't always agree but ma it's you an me Got to work through all these problems if you want a family It would be nice to call you me wife And to have a precios gift from god to tuck in at night Let's have a baby, your so fine you blow my mind And a girl like you is hard to find You were hard to find now I'm blessed cause I found you I knew from the start I loved everything about you You put up with alot, from all them times we fought To the times when I'm away but no your always in my thoughts oye mi vida, I want you right beside me Your beauty shines like a jewel but it's your love that blinds me [Chorus] [Verse 3 - Mr. Sancho] Enamorados, sentados juntos abrazados Besandote los labios, sientes que te amo Una romance que no mas encuentras en novelas Quiero que sepas que el amor por ti es de deveras Mija no ves no mas mirame a los ojos Me salen lagrimas por tanto que te adoro Disfruto todos los cariƱos que me haces Tiro mi saco en un charco para que pases Tu eres mi vida y eres mi alegria Una chica muy bonita me das pura maravilla Si pudiera lo haria conocerte otra vez Y tener la esperanza de algun dia ser los tres [Chorus 2x] [Fingazz] Girl your beautiful Girl your beautiful

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