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GIN BLOSSOMS lyrics - Congratulations I'm Sorry

Perfectly Still

Original and similar lyrics
(Scott Johnson, Bill Leen) It's our call It sways, it stalls I need a little extra time alone Well maybe take the long way home Just enough to get it wrong Nothing like a bad decision Says who you are Fools rush in For the grist in my For the grist in my mill Can't you see When you're perfectly When you're perfectly still One big rout We're all sold out If nothing's off limits, we'll pay Price tags on every other day We're bankrupt here for now But they can't take my anger It can't be touched Fools rush in For the grist in my For the grist in my mill Can't you see When you're perfectly When you're perfectly still... Outdated maps Missed pull-out ramps I won't contribute to our own demise Pass up the consolation prize It starts from here from now Nothing like a bad decision Says who you are Fools rush in...

Fools Rush In

DARYL HALL "Can't Stop Dreaming"
Just why do I want you baby Anyone but a fool would let it be Go on anywhere you take me I don't want to know what's pulling me If I fall so deep With my eyes so wide Then I hope that feeling isn't only mine Fools rush in where the wise don't go Fools rush in and I'm a fool for love Fools rush in but the wise don't know Fools rush in Safe advice I can't let it stop me Love don't wanna know the reason why If we fall so deep With our eyes so wide Then I know the feeling isn't only mine Fools rush in where the wise don't go Fools rush in and I'm a fool for love Fools rush in but the wise don't know Fools rush in

Skull And Crossbones

Del The Funky Homosapien "Both Sides Of The Brain"
(CHORUS) Time is too expensive Too expensive, it's too expensive Too expensive, you know what? Time is of the essence Whacha say now? Whacha say, whacha say now? You know what? Time is of the essence [Del] My vast knowledge of rhyme is past college Blast, demolish, polish off all enemies I can't fall in this rap game, I got acrophobia Plus half these rappers out here are fuckin dead like necrophilia You know the thing, chocolate like Ovaltine Comin down on the mic like eggs from ovaries Monarchal metaphor, malevolent with settlements Maniacal when Hiero flow, unstoppable and chock full of funk the freak, so fuck the foreplay Del has been ordained to terrorize your brain The diagnosis, the show business bogus My lyrics lash out, like I was throwin stones in a glass house Rappers pass out, ass out And anyone left on the scene who has doubts Y'all fools ain't got no nuts I'm doin donuts Slow up whoever show up, I'm too robust So what? I'm invincible invisible lyrics Original origin unknown from here on in Uncommon dominating hip hop Permiating every portal with mortals More flows Heaven scent, microphone etiquette And lyrics up for your goblin and kill the novice I write bad subjects like the Hobbit And on to the next phase before you try to rob it You know, D-E-L, yeah! (CHORUS) [Del] Supreme MC's reach out when I'm on top Catch altitude sickness not to use fitness In front of witnesses get with this fetch the funk While I test the skunk, see I will caress the blunt Come step through the flames of Hades or remain a lady Rhymes infectious as rabies -- Deltron, hell on earth Prevailing curtailing, you're shattered with data Directed, my method, hectic, try and dissect it Next shit, hydrauling we're calling you out I rap with accuracy - I'm sick of fools actin like they blacker than me - y' know, usually bourgeoi' We a new breed of MC remedy For inner street jerks who wanna flirt with our sound but ain't really down, silly clowns Barnum and Bailey rejects Press eject on defects (yeah) These threats delivered signed and sealed by the Delmeister German for master, burnin the blasphemous Whatever you ask of us gets fullfilled Non-linear, you couldn't find a flow friendlier Or even similar with beats that knock Those who cock block transport 'em to the chop shop Operation X cause we often facin death And fake ass players are lost and wastin breath (CHORUS) [Del] Lyrical master, turnin mic sessions to disaster areas I'll wax your derriere Disable MC's with fatal degrees and flows Flamboyant flamin fools like mesquite, let's eat These barbeques are for you Were are the few the proud the Hieroglyphics Microphone moguls with code words and hand signals For negros, spanish for black I'll vanish your raps, at the borderline Where you can order rhymes Never monochromatic, y'all know the habits of Del Talented, creating lyrical Gallaghers Highest caliber, hip hop puritan Throw my voice like Surrican, or ventriloquists Until it sit in your cerebrum, I need them Through the medium of music, too sick The ratio is glaciar, Gigantor My flow is lighter fluid, you'll need a higher druid Magicians and Mages, superb my primal rage is My styles all over the place, disease contagious And treacherous (what?) like Mussolini (uh-huh) but cooler than Fonzarelli eating fussilli With roots in hip-hop goin back to Whodini Who see me, no eyes, your style is corny like bow ties No fries, keep that shake for a keep sake As well as patened Del hysteria Malaria area, 88 bait for bitin MC's They're bitin to see, see that's like a likin disease My time is up, I take my mic and I leave

They Still Gafflin

Compton's Most Wanted "Straight Checkn'em"
[Introducing..] I'm in the gangsta stroll so you better run hide Fools on slide so keep your kids inside. Explicit words in this rhyme I wrote. Aint no jack move fool so please don't demonstrate your style is weak you can't compete and just like a girl get freaked. It's the big 91 and Eiht's coming. Compton criminal fool so start running. And please stop biting my stuff as the rhyme gets rough you done had enough of the Eiht, the gangsta mack, the pimp hustla. And pistol whip a weak busta. Suckers run up and get slapped. Damn, I thought you was smarter then that. Then to dis the brother who is Compton stepping. Microphone is kept as the murder weapon. I'm straight Checkn 'Em. (scratching: Check this out... X4) No shorts are taken, I give it to you long and slow. Hard fools, drop your gaurd. No your not prepared, your scared, no time to sleep. Cant bargain with your rap, cause its cheap. And if I have to show, like Rambro, and snap a neck with some Compton effect. And get buck wild sucker. And serve em all like cluckers. You just cant hang with your weak style. You slip right off a the pile. To me your just another pretender. So wave the white flag, boy surrender. And if you a female species. Tryin to gank then girl you'll get these. Famous vapours, walk in papers, see you later You little crooked alligator. You gets no juice, and if you scheme on my team then I'll cut you loose. You can't handle the format. Punk, I'll use you as a doormat. I'm straight checkn em. (scratching) I puts my foot down, so all the suckers get clowned. as the MC Eiht steps from the underground. A villain from the city under seige. Where the brothers jack, girlies skeeze. I'm breaking them off proper. And taking no B.S. from a copper. Fools on my tip keep sweating me. And trying to gank my Compton melody. You can't withstand the powerful blow. From a brother with a def wish [huh?]. Others I smother and change their description. Wait a minute did I mention that I flow punk fools with one swing. Bow down to the Compton king- pin, the record spins and that spells the end for you my friend. I'm straight Checkn em. (scratching) Lets get our scraps on boy and the Eiht'll destroy. And play you just like a toy. Fools try and they can't hang cause they raps just simp. I thought so wimp. I'm blasting, peeling caps, making snaps for the violence in my raps. gotta pack tools cause fools don't wanna back on my tip geah, but thats cool. I give em a count backwards 10 to 1. Then they tale is done. I give up no slack because a sucker tried to punk my style and call it wack. Now I'm back to attack. And give em hype, just like they feinding for crack. So come on, come on, cause Eiht and Mike'll keep deckn' em. Geah fool, straight checkn em. (scratching)

Gaucho Serenade

Glenn Miller
Fools Rush In Artist: Frank Sinatra w/Tommy Dorsey Orchestra—from the CD “Tommy Dorsey and Frank Sinatra-Stardust' (Bluebird 61073-2) Words and Music by Johnny Mercer and Rube Bloom (Instrumental opening—one full verse) Fools rush in where angels fear to tread And so I come to you, my love, my heart above my head Though I see the danger there If there's a chance for me then I don't care Fools rush in where wise men never go But wise men never fall in love so how are they to know When we met I felt my life begin So open up your heart and let this fool rush in (Instrumental close--one full verse)

Pop Ya Collar

E-40 "Loyalty And Betrayal"
[E-40] Uh-huh; barbecue or mildew, hhhoe? Ssshit heh My fetti has a first name - it's E-A-R-L About my mail, ssshit! Nigga you know I'm up in this motherfucker, on a good one! Fffuck yes!! [B-Legit] You know what I mean? It's like a, a Y-2-Yea thing y'know? (Haha) We does this out here (fo' schizzie) We pop our collars; please believe that playboy (like this here) My moves is swift, I'm stiff with mine Remi Martin straight, then I hit it with lime It's time to shine, to strike my pose Five carats on my pinky, pickin my nose (BEATCH) I stroll on hoes, and give 'em a chance to let me see the ass while they backup dance I glance and breeze - if the body is true I'm off and on to part two (part TWO) [D-Shot] Now I done scanned at the club (what else?) I popped my collar to all my folks with love (what else?) And all the niggaz that didn't respond to me (what else?) I got my dogs watchin constantly (what else, what else?) With one hand in the baseball glove Hella throwaways - and dangerous subs For my protection and my protection only This boss balla slippin whatchu thought I was phony? [Chorus] Fresh up out my Coupe de Ville, I popped my collar twice About my money this loot is real, plus I'm dipped in ice I got a fat mansion on the hill, cause I made a mill' So if you see me please believe, cause I'm yo' potnah still [E-40] (Pop ya collar!) It's all from the wrist (Pop ya collar!) Been poppin my collar since Moby was a goldfish.. .. leavin 'em curious Hoppin out of my Lincoln Continental, signature serious.. .. parkin lot pimpin! One of my niggaz yell (HOLD ME DOWN) while I was pissin Is that young 40 y'all? Drunk as fuck and about to fall? [B-Legit] Done washed my shoes, the gators they bite Baby bright light but not my type But if she want tonight, she come with dollars She either holler, or pop a nigga collar I'm fresh up out that Coupe de Ville Four times gold on my vogue wheels Big sunroof with the insides ill Gotta give it to the boy he got skills [Chorus] [E-40] Made a mill'.. uh-huh, HOE BEATCH! [D-Shot] (Pop ya collar!) I done stepped on in (Pop ya collar!) Now can I come up? All these freaks hang out at the dump Me and my dogs got this party on pump All the hoes look like they wanna hump I'm bout to pull a lil' lightweight stunt [E-40] On a mizznission about that cut Rough, buck, smokin on a blizznut Ticked, pucked, ?? ?? was loc'd Dick, Van Dyke, all up in her truck Lick, at night, E-Feezy ain't no punk Gobble, swallow, get her hella drunk 40 ounce bizznottle, til I tr-uh-Trump Tip, hollow, mizzmillimeter thump Feels no sinorrow for a sucka sap chump Ya underdig? Yeah just Y'know just tug on your lil' shirt Pull it a lil' bit [Chorus 2X] [E-40 over Chorus] That's what we do out this way.. twice! Dipped in ice.. Where? Made a mill' I'm still yo' potnah Uh-huh.. Northstar Yeah.. dipped in ice.. Where this at? You made a WHAT? Uh-huh.. I'm still yo' potnah nigga (Pop ya collar!) Homeboy (Pop ya collar!)

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