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Giant lyrics - Time To Burn

Without You

Original and similar lyrics
ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE Performed by: Debbie Gibson Written by: Deborah Gibson and Lamont Dozier Anything is possible If you put your mind to it Anything is possible Just put your mind to it Anything is possible If you put your mind to it Anything.... Is possible Verse 1: Thought I couldn't slow him down Long enough to look my way Thought he was out of my league Wouldn't give me time of day Thought he was like all the rest Love her, leave her, no remorse But I guess that I misjudged And this thing just ran its course He taught me Chorus: Anything is possible If you put your mind to it Anything is possible... Just put your mind to it Anything is possible If you put your mind to it Anything is possible Break it down now.... No matter what it is, it's possible Say, anything is possible (Anything...) No matter what it is, it's possible Say, anything is possible (Anything...) No matter what it is, it's possible Say, anything is possible (Anything...) No matter what it is, it's possible Say, anything is possible Verse 2: Much to my surprise I felt A warm, not cold vibe When he looked in my eyes (Oh yeah, it's possible) His bad boy front not charm Was his disguise Oh whoa whoa (Let me tell ya) He read so much into me Listened so attentively He liked me, I rest my case Wasn't just a pretty face Bridge: Anything... If you set your mind You can do anything you want Not every guy is a bad guy Don't stereotype 'Cause this guy, he proved me wrong (Anything is possible...) He taught me Anything is possible Just put your mind to it Ooooooo.... Ooo-Oooooo Ooo-Oooooo Ooo-Oooooo If you put your mind You know you can do anything, Anything Anything is possible Anything is possible Anything is possible Just put your mind to it Anything is possible If you put your mind to it

Mind Over Matter

ICE-T "O.G. Original Gangster"
It's been a long while Since I hit ya with freestyle High tech selections From the vaults of the Ice files Kick back relax And watch as I melt wax Don't ever let a borther llike me Ride a dope track Cause once I hit it with the vocltone It's mine, have motherfuckers Rush'n to rewind Cause I'll flow slow And still twist your tongues up Rock the house from night Till the sun's up Cause it relly ain't How much you say it's what you sy I got no fuckin' time on the mic To play I write rhymes With addition and algebra Mental geometry Don't even come at me Talk'n that weak and Popin' that bullshit Get out my face A fool could get his head split A lot of doubters Said it couldn't be done by me them same suckers Are now lookin' from under me Wonder'n what i did I didn't play myself kid I respected my faans And made the high bid Sometimes I write my rhymes At night and fall asleep Wake up with new techniques Grab the pen And place it on some loose leaf Nothin' soft, always the tough meat The white paper and Blue lines excite my mind Not allow'n me to stop the rhyme Until the whole motherfuckin' Book's complete Then I write on the Back of the sheets I maade promise To my brothers in street crime We'd get paid with the use Of a sweet rhyme We put our minds together Made the tracks clever Now we're checkin' More bank than ever [CHORUS] Mind over matter I can drop rhymes in twos, And threes and fours nd still have much shit Left for encores Cause once my mind locks In on a dope idea Mothercukin' ducks Should stand clear Cause I'm a hit the topic point blank It's jail ya better keep your shank Cause I got mine And I'm out on a solo creep (Uggga!) Your face hits the concrete You wanna roll With the niggas that don't play I think you got false courge Get out my damn way Cause the car I'm in Is rollin' full of men No kids or boys, E got the Mac 10 Islam's got the Zulu Nation back up DJ Aladdin's who Hooked the fuckin' track up Syndicate's make'n the move With the ski masks And I'm house'n the long cash So now you realize You underestimated the Ice You thought that I was OK But now you realize I'm nice But that's alright Cause I knew I'd mke it in the end Those who like me now Might not of liked me then But I'm a keep impressin' Stressin' my lesson And keep motherfuckers guessin' Armor plate my mind With walls and shields As I escape from the killing fields Mind over matter Wise up Move the tempo of this hype groove You know this shit is dope So what you try'n to prove Vu's max as Evil E My niggaa dogs the wax My brain's a handgrenade-catch I'm a hit you with an over load Of bottomless thought Reversin' all the shit you're taught Then throw words at you Syl-la-ble-at-a-time Your brain recites the rhyme No matter what you do The power's over you when you sleep You'll be say'n these rhymes too Cause the brain has the power To control all Think positive You'll be unable to fall Brain cells swell Thought process becomes a trance Makes you feel posessed to dance I'll say I want a million My mind is so deep I'll be bustin' a check for it next week [CHORUS]

What Y'all Niggas Want?

AZ "9 Lives"
Verse 1] Finally from every dimension with few restrictions From up north to the youth detentions, I lay it down Clear enough for who choose to listen, we all thorough Infected by cruel intentions, but who the wise The lies got two disguises, the surprise Is to know when to utilize it, stay alert The street talkers say the worst So overall you gotta watch where you play in the dirt, it's just the rules A killer could be just as cool, it's no image Camouflaged right next to the fools, so who's who It's the game that chooses you A lot of shit is more easier to say than do, show and prove Maintainers never blow they cool Understand, every man should really know these jewels, I'm feeling live Slim with a gorilla vibe Away from haters 'cause I know what they feel inside, but never worry [Chorus] Blowing cess in the dark (What your day about?) Playing chess in the park (What your day about?) Taking trips every week (What your day about?) Spending chips on them freaks (What your day about?) Getting money all night (What your day about?) Betting houses on the dice (What your day about?) Got your vest and your heat (What your day about?) Get respect in the street (What your day about?) [Verse 2] Young in the mind with a old spirit Hot blood with a heart that's so frigid, melodic music Expressed through slow lyrics I only spit it for the niggas that hold digits, and don't front I know about the coke blunts and Remy nights Got a cousin up in Elmira sending me kites I'm felt, the ice in my ears don't melt I could drink a whole bottle for delf and won't belch Believe it's the same me ducking the D's Eighty-six with the do-rag, cuff in the Lee's Appraise this, biological' I'm ageless Psychologically, I show amazement Salute, been blessed with the [...?] of a coupe Hoping the real just respect what I'm trying to produce Quiet Money is the empire, bigger than rapping Fuck niggas 'cause I been fired, that's what's that [Chorus] [Verse 3] From the streets to the track board Bubble up, from the crack to the rap laws, visualize We all uncivilized, the trained behavior As kids taught to memorize, copy and mimic I travel through the blocks that's dimmest Fly nigga, use my teeth to pop the top off a Guinness, never hate With the hunger of a heavyweight I stay balanced in the mind when I meditate, and blow trees Every verse is like a o-z I know niggas in the 'hood like they know me, so no beefing It's nothing that could stop me from eating, too in tune Taught to heal through the doctrines and teaching, redeemed For women I'm the man of their dreams, stand alone When I zone nothing coming between, let's get money The trick is to flip money, double up Dirty or legit money, it's all the same [Chorus 2X]

Chocolate Chewing Gum

K-OS "Atlantis: Hymns For Disco"
Wake up in the morning, press the Colgate Brush my teeth, then I'm hitting the streets to meditate Went outside, and the sky was rather grey But I paid no attention kept moving upon my way Went down the block, and skanked a little further When this kid came up, he said what's up with MC Murdah? That was then son, this is now I live in the moment like a why to a how Wow, that's profound, just break that down That's when I proceeded to show him the pro to the noun I found instead of trying to be what I was I be what I is which makes us the wizard of us Plus I'm really sick and tired of complaints Of hip hop this, rap that and what it ain't I'd rather do a dance, find some romance Or pray to my father in heaven to get a chance He glanced down and looked rather disappointed But then he looked up and looked up and looked ra-rather anointed He said, "MC Murdah, they wait for the man And the master of the ceremony that was unplanned" Damn, you quit pit you know Plus I grab microphones from here to Gadow I keep my mind still like the art of tablow And no matter what they say I go on with the show We laughed, and gave each other a pound Exchanged numbers, I said kid see you around Continued with my stroll for that lazy afternoon But then out from the sky I heard a great big boom Eh, yo, I couldn't tell you why But purple rain straight started falling from the sky I started to cry, I thought it a lie I prayed for my mother oh me oh my You should of seen the people jumping and crying and screaming Believing the seasons was changing; the rain was the pain of the nature And running and coming and going and low and beholding And wishing the sun was golden and hoping it wasn't over Damn, now people to this day can't tell you what I saw It was raw; it broke every mortal thought, every law Yo, in awe I was, a buzz, then a light, and it said to me right "We be them rap kids from galaxies a far And it seems that maybe your rhymes are up to par So if you want to live on within this universe You have to kick a dope verse, and don't curse" Oh hey well what do you know? My life came down to how well I could really flow So I thanked god for this magna stage And dropped that rhyme on the corner and it went this way: I take it to the limit infinite, I been it committed to finish I did it and if they bit it I heavy hitted to get it This record of water is sort of the slaughter of mortal thoughts It borders on orders and can't be thought of the "bought by cash" K dash, fly from going to last, what is the task you ask And what alien form is this man talking Is he human or Vulcan, escaping or stalking, Or walking away from the rhyme by sledding down white hills of snow Tobogganing canadiana, my granny Georgiana, my brother stays in Atlanta I rock over cabanas of intellectual manners, You get hit by the gamma rays sort of like David Banner Now the mind is a terrible thing to waste Even worse is the great void of infinite space That extends beyond time Beyond all math Your watch can only measure the second that just passed but That doesn't matter; I'm just a B-Boy That gets mad excited when the crowd makes [sound of crowd noise]

Youth Of The Nation

P.O.D. "Satellite"
Last day of the rest of my life I wish I would've known Cause I didn't kiss my mama goodbye I didn't tell her that I loved her and how much I care Or thank my pops for all the talks And all the wisdom he shared Unaware, I just did what I always do Everyday, the same routine Before I skate off to school But who knew that this day wasn't like the rest Instead of taking a test I took two to the chest Call me blind, but I didn't see it coming Everybody was running But I couldn't hear nothing Except gun blasts, it happened so fast I don't really know this kid Even though I sit by him in class Maybe this kid was reaching out for love Or maybe for a moment He forgot who he was Or maybe this kid just wanted to be hugged Whatever it was I know it's because [chorus:] We are, We are, the youth of the nation Little Suzy, she was only twelve She was given the world With every chance to excel Hang with the boys and hear the stories they tell She might act kind of proud But no respect for herself She finds love in all the wrong places The same situations Just different faces Changed up her pace since her daddy left her Too bad he never told her She deserved much better Johnny boy always played the fool He broke all the rules So you would think he was cool He was never really one of the guys No matter how hard he tried Often thought of suicide It's kind of hard when you ain't got no friends He put his life to an end They might remember him then You cross the line and there's no turning back Told the world how he felt With the sound of a gat [chorus] Who's to blame for the lives that tragedies claim No matter what you say It don't take away the pain That I feel inside, I'm tired of all the lies Don't nobody know why It's the blind leading the blind I guess that's the way the story goes Will it ever make sense Somebody's got to know There's got to be more to life than this There's got to be more to everything I thought exists [chorus]

Free Game (Feat. A-lexxus,lil' Italy,erica Foxx)

(verse 1- Mercedes) since you've been gone i've been talkin on the telephone she says youre the one that makes her hot been rollin long together but this is where it stops ain't happy but i got the job so much drama but it had to stop ain't trippin on the past no more i packed you shit and now you gotta go (hook A-Lexxus and Erica Foxx-very fast) the game is sold never told and you tottally tried to play me now i'm gone you taught me well but i'ma sell cause your loven wuz not easy it was hell i'm sorry boo you tried to play me but i played you thought you knew i thought you knew (verse 2-Mercedes) how could you change the game i must have been a fool for you never thought it would be this way but i knew that something was up cause you started acting strange hook (verse 3-Lil' Italy) uh yah now i know i'm gonna miss you cause of how long it lasted but my my my i kinda miss how we once had it chased down your roots from explicit perfumes and talior made suits taught ya how to stay away from sweet talkers and guys thats rude got ya, then put you ahead of the rest even though we went thru what we went thru we couldn't connect i think it was more then what i was lookin fo cause as soon as i was coming in i headed right out the door late night rendevous with you know who but you know i alwayz brout it back home to you my stories and thoughts of you are true i lost you cause i was nieve and playing the fool hook till fade

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