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Giant lyrics

I Cant Get Close Enough

Original and similar lyrics
Lying in the shade of the halflight, buzzin' in the back of my head I'm lookin' at you, I can't believe just how good it gets There's a cold wind rushin' through the window, can't even touch your heat Soul to soul, no control, breathin' in your heart beat And only passioned fools are looking for spiritual bruses You're on the way to stone, and now as I lie here with you Chorus: I can't get close enough - no matter what I do I'm never close enough - I need more and more of you Close enough - I think I'm losing my mind I'm deep inside your love, but I still ain't close enough Oh, close enough I can hear the angels' voices, tryin' to whisper my name Out of the dark and into the light, mission of these shames I don't wanna wait another lifetime, 'til this one happens again What you've done is takin' me from the prison that I live in You're all I ever need, I live in the light of your flame This fire's consuming me, here as I call out your name chorus - oh, close enough (Instrumental break) And only passioned fools are looking for spiritual bruses You're on the way to stone, and now as I lie here with you chorus ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

When The Deal Goes Down

TOM JONES "Spirit In The Room"
In the still of the night, in the world's ancient light Where wisdom grows up in strife My bewildering brain, toils in vain Through the darkness on the pathways of life Each invisible prayer is like a cloud in the air Tomorrow keeps turning around We live and we die, we know not why But I'll be with you when the deal goes down We eat and we drink, we feel and we think Far down the street we stray I laugh and I cry and I'm haunted by Things I never meant nor wished to say The midnight rain follows the train We all wear the same thorny crown Soul to soul, our shadows roll And I'll be with you when the deal goes down Well, the moon gives light and it shines by night When I scarcely feel the glow We learn to live and then we forgive O'r the road we're bound to go More frailer than the flowers, these precious hours That keep us so tightly bound You come to my eyes like a vision from the skies And I'll be with you when the deal goes down Well, I picked up a rose and it poked through my clothes I followed the winding stream I heard the deafening noise, I felt transient joys I know they're not what they seem In this earthly domain, full of disappointment and pain You'll never see me frown I owe my heart to you, and that's sayin' it true And I'll be with you when the deal goes down

Independence Day

Imani Coppola
i live here in exile my home is not my heart they're miles and oceans apart so i long for the mountains beyond the grey city walls i pray tonight they'll fall chorus: then the sun will shine on me send the light and set me free i'll be off and on my way on my Independence Day all the songs i could not sing and all the words i could not say i'll be shouting everything on my Independence Day every day i dream of leaving cause there's no end in sight i got to shine my own light just can't wait any longer for you to make it alright it's time to live my own life chorus repeat i can feel trouble disappear anywhere the road will lead if it takes me far away from here chorus repeat 3x

Soul Rebels

TALIB KWELI "Reflection Eternal"
(Kweli) We do not (under no circumstances) live for Hip-Hop (Hip-Hop) It lives for us we don't live for Hip-Hop (Hip-Hop), it lives for us (repeat 3x) It's the eternalist, y'all burn to this, blaze da dro' Soul rebels trap up, we got a long way to go Before this here blow like a volcano we get eternal, this is what you waitin' for, you try to front and play the role When you more like a pimp who pay the ho With my name up in your mouth like fellatio I lace the flow on purpose even up the ratio Of Hip-Hop to that shit they drop on the radio Underground classics is what they used to say before Now we break the surface quiet like an alligator nose They hate it, cuz they know if they don't get it, then they may be slow We still gonna blow like the horn played by Horatio The stakes is three feet high and risin' like De La Soul So I got Wonder Why, my man Dave and Maseo We all got babies so we embrace the taste of dough But y'all already know so I ain't gotta say no mo' (Chorus, Maseo) De La is whatcha need, Reflection is whatcha need We got the masters of the ceremonies, blessin' emcees lip professin' emcees From LI to Brooklyn to Cinncinnati, Hi-Tek and Kweli got this on lock D Let me hear you scream out loud if you're somebody Party to party, body to body, when we come into the jam we do it wildstyle (Posdnous) Yo! I'm homegrown for the bain, once I rock the mic plain It's the extravaganza we glad you came, made only for them heads, it's infra-red Aim For such a world figure, we got figures to gain (don't sleep on a nigga) I ain't Icabod Crane get that ass cooked hard cuz we raw like Kane Been known to mic spit, infinite per frame While these girls throw me plenty like jenny to jane Ain't some old school G poppin' memory lane, been on it future robotic Since the day I came If you don't know Plug Wonder Why is my name Most recognized leo with my size in mane, matter a fact track is simple and Plain, Cuz the complexities I freeze is too deep to detain, Reflect, Kwa-Tone Tek eternally in the game (and De La) oh fo' sho' We be shinin' the same (Chorus) (Dave) Y'all think these challengers is here to make a man fold Shoot I've been holdin' these joints since I was yea old Came to confirm the fact that I've been on the payroll Stay cold til one day make it hot and fade old Continue til I'm dyin, rottin' out gray and old I told them fool before they pass they have to pay toll While I've been sittin' at the table eatin' steak whole, side of greens Baby yams you know it stay soul, pre-natal, But they want to come spit your way so, so was I supposed to go and say no, Right emcees some walking straight, some take the gay stroll I get my man to clamp they asses like they staples I'm from LI we take it far as out as naples And scrape hoes who'll be willing to take clothes off (off) See once you bet it all against reflects eternal, you lose every rapper on a dept Y'all need to pay ya dues (Chorus)

Berkertex Bribe

Chorus: Beg the question, bend the truth Bail out the basement while there's holes in the roof In the beginning they said there was light There ain't much left of it now We're lost in the darkness, searching sound and sight Of an answer to the what, where or how We're talking 'bout freedom while we're locked in a cell Dreaming of a world without war Forced to live on the boundaries of hell Like no-one's ever thought of peace before What's the point of preaching peace if it's something you don't feel? What's the point of talking love if you think that love ain't real? Where's the hope in hopelessness? Where's the truth in lies? Don't try to hold my hand if you can't look me in the eyes Chorus In the beginning they said there was light But somebody's burnt out the fuse And now we're all lost in eternal night Looking for a candle to use Lots of little candles, isolated hope Frail little flames in the gale Lost little people who just can't cope Knocking their heads on the nail What's the point of talking freedom if you just protect yourself? What's the point of preaching sharing as you accumulate your wealth? It's so easy to be giving if the things you give ain't real It's easy to lie if your ignore the things you feel Chorus In the beginning they said there was light But we never had the eyes to see But rather than struggling or putting up a fight We ran like lemmings to the sea No-one really wants to get it all together It's easier to just grab what you can Everybody's going it, hell for leather Building little castles in the sand Hypocrisy, delusion, lies, pretence, deceit Think only of yourself and the world's at your feet I don't believe the things you say, you make bullshit of the truth The game you play's offensive and you life's the living proof Chorus (x 2) In the beginning they said there was light But I'm tired of hearing their lies I'm tired of deceit, gonna put up a fight I'm going to use my own eyes Gonna make MY decisions, live my own life They can keep their darkness and gloom Hypocrisy, trickery, I've had enough They can keep their destruction and doom I've only one life and I'll live it my way They can keep their restrictions and law If they think different I'll have one thing to say Fuck off cos I've heard it before

Sam Stone

JOHN PRINE "John Prine"
Sam Stone came home, To his wife and family After serving in the conflict overseas. And the time that he served, Had shattered all his nerves, And left a little shrapnel in his knee. But the morphine eased the pain, And the grass grew round his brain, And gave him all the confidence he lacked, With a Purple Heart and a monkey on his back. Chorus: There's a hole in daddy's arm where all the money goes, Jesus Christ died for nothin' I suppose. Little pitchers have big ears, Don't stop to count the years, Sweet songs never last too long on broken radios. Mmm.... Sam Stone's welcome home Didn't last too long. He went to work when he'd spent his last dime And Sammy took to stealing When he got that empty feeling For a hundred dollar habit without overtime. And the gold rolled through his veins Like a thousand railroad trains, And eased his mind in the hours that he chose, While the kids ran around wearin' other peoples' clothes... Repeat Chorus: Sam Stone was alone When he popped his last balloon Climbing walls while sitting in a chair Well, he played his last request While the room smelled just like death With an overdose hovering in the air But life had lost its fun And there was nothing to be done But trade his house that he bought on the G, I. Bill For a flag draped casket on a local heroes' hill Repeat Chorus

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