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Wu Banga 101

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(feat. Cappadonna, GZA, Masta Killa, Raekwon) [GZA] Yo, too advanced, Digi' stance, made the CD enhanced I move with the speed and strength of ants Identical in form with the Beez they swarm Hold up the cold current appear warm My first verbal brawl, started on some yes yes y'all to the beat y'all, break your windshield, your jeep stall Mr. Traffic, dumbin shit, from ecclesiastic Cashier, holdin out, fine, cut off the plastic See the logo A monument in hip-hop Carved out, in the giant landscape, of broken rocks Whether heard in herb spots, jukebox or malt shops Uncut live, drop eighty-five, in one shot Spotlight hits the metal mic, majority stare Heard the Wu snare, while my iris cut down the glare Walk a road the great length you find too long to measure My Clan a make me rhyme like D. Banner under pressure No surprise, double disc touched five Those elements, kept environments colonized with the high flyin death-defyin flow like the Rebel Right there, but you're one light year, from my level [Ghostface] Uh-huh.. yeah.. yo.. check it.. yo.. Bottles goin off in the church, we broke the wine slapped the pastor, didn't know Pop had asthma He pulled out his blue bible, change fell out his coat Three condoms, two dice, one bag of dope Oooh! Rev. ain't right, his church ain't right Deacon is a pimp, tell by his eyes Mrs. Parks said, 'Brother Starks, meet you at the numbers spot Heard you got red tops out, and I want a lot' Shirley fainted dead on the spot Two ushers slipped eighty dollars right out the pot Oh shit! [Raekwon the Chef] Egyptian, brown skin brown suede Timbs Masqueradin X-rated throw blades, all occasions Round nozzle touchdown, Haagen-Daas gobbles White House Gucci flag on the roof, call us rock groups Mere intelligent, buy Nieman Marc' it out No doubt, all we saw he bought, Lori mom's all blow was simple, blamp instrumentals run camps the stamps get you The way we lamp, fans come and get you Play, fullback strapped like a fuck, war at the black, Carlo Gambino's stash house in Hackensack Pack capsules, Green Bay 'em lay 'em down like wax do It's all actual we build, like Crash Crew Coconut, incense, one sentence, aiyyo Control the holy flinch hit this, new whips Roman numerals, sun splash them niggaz like, Tango and Cash Alcatraz cats roll out fast.. [Cappadonna] Wu thousand nuthin but hardcore We tryin to get land riches and more Ghost put me on to it We just do it, floss or whatever Take care of the business, there's too many roughnecks Give two of these to Flex, tell him it's real rap like Ghost Had to beat niggaz with toast Clubs V.I. clientele we lay it down flat Poot out on y'all kid, now where your mans at Fakin the real like, 'Damn I can't stand Cappa'' Then my wardrobe flooded the next chapter Y'all heard about us like we heard about you Bless the mic with reality, hit you with the virtue Calm down not tryin to hurt you, burst through That shit, fatter than all y'all niggaz outfits We the glitch like Y2K Catch the ball when it drop, guns pop, y'all have a nice day 'Doctor Kanabuta, Iron Man, he is invincible. His remarkable armor is supreme!' [Masta Killa] Yo Sometimes I'm liable to spaz and break fool Grab my gun, select one, snatch son Put the barrel by his face, blast one by his eardrum Piss run, you drop thinkin you shot Screamin like a bitch, kicks to your face Shots to the body that shake like the bass I'm Ghostfaced up, military style down Nuff ammunitions of rounds across the chest [Ghostface] Skip to the intro, rap through po' Smashed a fresh ball of wax ceasar Flashy penthouse that overlooks the vista Wally Moc' have tie, swimmin trunks Three chunks of ice sit in Johnny Walker for advice Catch the moment, fundraiser at will, work with the homeless Polish diamond edge, Flintstone shit, sealed in a comb pick carefully, swing the B seven series Christmas lights too bright Ghost is comin y'all fix the mirrors Relax like pudding, confidence strangle my man couldn't Exile he no longer in the hood Bless the kid that max the most Me I turn a wedding into hoax Roses tied to bombs on posts On commercial breaks, piss in the apple juice Rasta nigga rock the big do's Jiffy Pop it's only chant Wu

Pistol Pistol

D12 "Devils Night"
[Bizarre] Yeah, welcome to Amityville [Swifty] Detroit, nigga! [Bizarre] The reason why rappers gotta pack pistols! Ha ha ha ha! [Chorus - Eminem] Slick criminal wit, the shit I spit chews like a bullet came back that just missed and hit you I say the type of shit parents slit their wrists to need an anthem to amp you, then this the shit to Too many enemies on my list to sift through nobody got my back in this bitch but this two Sorry officer, I don't care how pissed I get you but I don't go nowhere without my pistol pistol [Swifty McVay] Nigga, we violently active, so fuck with us see I'm backwards - I slap niggas and punch bitches Just for asking, they must've been wanting to meet the Lord when my parents talk to me they've got mean mugs and ignore They were snooping through my closet, seen drugs on the floor shells from the forty-four scattered over their porch Bustin pistols in your windows with intentions to destroy you trying to break your neck to conversate Bitch, I'll do it for you Catch me laughing at your funeral when they lower you, you and your ho you gots to go, bitches died slow and horrible There's no tomorrow for any nigga, we'll shower you young, Black, and powerful, (BITCH!) and I ain't gotta lie to you [Proof] Stepped in the door waving the four-four blazing at po-po, escaping and lay low They call my (), but I spit fire I lit five inside a fucking dickrider The clip slider, love to blast a Mag, you're a FAG you love being ass to ass Grab a gun by the nose with the butt to gat-spank ya never say that I'm a gangsta, now THAT'S gangsta Yall niggas sound like Jigga but act like Pac yo, my trigger got the flu and this gat might cough It ain't nothing to tell, empty shells for the witness I'm the hot nigga that's gonna put hell outta business It won't be the same since we touching the game make the hardest nigga in your crew tuck in his chain You think this shit's a game and we're bluffing for fame I'll squeeze off this tech until NOTHING remains [Chorus] [Kuniva] The only time that I'm at piece/peace is when I'm close to one cause I don't know what's waiting for me when my vocals are done Tote the gun, it's my way of life and it works these cowardly niggas'll put your fucking life in the dirt Cause it was wrong how they left my dog, he was priceless alone in the streets, bleeding, staring, laying lifeless That's why I'm heated, you never know who starts creepin waking you up with AKs while you lie sleeping I'd rather pack the heat and not need rather than need one and not have it, I married this Glock-matic [Gunshot] [Kon Artis] You know the sound when I'm spinnin round spittin these rounds from fo' pounds while the whole crowd is screaming as loud from they're mouths as they possibly allow Nothing is parallel to making you carousel arial sommersault from ferris wheels to a pair of shells Denaun carry the nine where I go bullets whistle and hit you while I'm shooting at five-0 Some semi-automatic for static's the motto spitting like [Columbine kids] from Colorado [Chorus] [Bizarre] This nine'll turn a softy to a hard rock it'll make Jehova's Witnesses think before they knock (Sorry, sorry!) It'll make your grandmother come out of her hearse it'll make Limp Bizkit get rid of Fred Durst (Ha ha!) It'll make Holyfield start fighting it'll make Ma$e say 'Fuck church!' and go back to writing It'll make Shyne say he sound like Biggie Smalls it'll make R. Kelly give respect to Aaron Hall It'll make Christopher Reeve start walking it'll make a dog with no voice suddenly start barking It'll make a nun turn into a filthy slut it'll make the hardest pitbull turn into a fucking mutt It'll make a Muslim dye his hair blonde it'll make a redneck start to read the Holy Koran It'll make Ike stop beating Tina it'll make Slim Shady fall back in love with Christina Christina Aguilera... HA HA HA HA! [Eminem-Chorus] [Swifty] Ha, nigga, nigga, nigga! You better have an aim cause if you don't - you're FINISHED - flat out, nigga, nigga, nigga What Fuck around and get popped with NO hesitation, straight up [Bizarre] Look at where the fuck we stay at! Nigga, look where the fuck we stay at! Fuck around with us, you get popped

King Of The Streets

ACE HOOD "Blood, Sweat & Tears"
Yeaaaaaah! oooooooh! They done tried to defeat me Staying on my feet When they see me they salute me I'm the king of these streets Yeaaaah! ohhhhh! I got 'em walking on (left, right, left, right) We the best so we marching like (left, right, left, right) Oooooooh! they follow me! Okay, it's blood, sweat, and tears, that be the realest shit I ever wrote Never stop or giving up, the realest shit I ever quote Look into my eyes and you can see I hustle twenty-fo, twenty-fo, twenty-fo Hours grinding, overdose, running, running in the studio: recording animal People want that gutter back, that's just who I do it for Giving 'em that manure flow, how would I know, I'm trained to go Heard them niggas dropping meat so fuck it hears a dick to blow Now I'm on the top of shit, now they're showing sportsmanship What it do and what it be? niggas on some other shit Bitch I'm on my own lane, only god can judge me All you rappers rapping is equivalent to rare meat And I am on my lion shit, starving like a full feast Pussy niggas count me out, man I love to in-convene Teddy p and mr. hood, you can call it history We the best and fuck 'em all, we winning like we charlie sheen! Yeaaaaaah! oooooooh! They done tried to defeat me Staying on my feet When they see me they salute me I'm the king of these streets Yeaaaah! ohhhhh! I got 'em walking on (left, right, left, right) We the best so we marching like (left, right, left, right) Oooooooh! they follow me! Well it's the highly underrated, album so anticipated Mr. not intimidated by you suckers perpetrating I been waiting, yeahhh boy I been waiting Heavy, humble and patient, but still embedded with greatness I'm a mother fucking problem, y'all still in pajamas Sleeping on the hottest while I'm out here chasing commas Put that on my momma, I'm a give 'em hell while they locked up in a cell We the best is gon' prevail, don't believe in seeing fail I'm conceited, you can tell, look the devil in the eye, say I'm hotter than your hell And I'm rocking with my chest out, head high, hello to the bad guy Bitch it's my time, see the diamonds in the watch now Don't want any handouts, fuck you niggas talking 'bout? See me, you salute me like a mother fucking drill scout Stunting on you niggas, watch the beamer when it pulls out King of these streets, come and see me when you travel south Yeaaaaaah! oooooooh! They done tried to defeat me Staying on my feet When they see me they salute me I'm the king of these streets Yeaaaah! ohhhhh! I got 'em walking on (left, right, left, right) We the best so we marching like (left, right, left, right) Oooooooh! they follow me!


Mac "Shell Shocked"
[Mac talking] Cut that ?simply? track off Give me a little volume in my headphones Turn the mic up a little bit nigga I cant here myself What? What? alright Its ?Macadon? off in this motherfucker DJ WOP, KLC Feel it [Mac] First of all, nigga fuck y'all y'all niggas aint shit I'm the one who slash rappers and be fucking they bitch I hate rappers who hate other rappers for making it Record labels be dickin niggas, niggas just be takin it Fakin it with videos, with pretty hoe's and limos But callin No Limit tryin submit them fuckin demos Fake ass niggas be hollin keep it real I got family nigga, Keep it real to them god damn bills I give a fuck, bout hip-hop the culture of the call This shit is watered down like a scene from Jaws I done been through all the phases, Tampered with all the styles, Niggas done soldier hated, Mac retaliated Tell them niggas in back with semi-autos You dis me on wax, you might not see tomorrow I'm like Zorro, I mark D.F.M on they back [And whats that] That mean Dont Fuck wit Mac They should've told you I was nothing nice As a matter of fact they should've told you I was nothing nice twice My rollie was dipped in ice, my g-ride was payed out Crib was layed out before my record was out Most of y'all go gold and never see a bank roll A hundred g's in the hole cause you sold your soul when your broke, your yellin at TRU to hip-hop shit I'm known damn well all you niggas tryin to get rich East, west, middle, south nigga we all the same We all speak the same shit but with different type of slang So the next nigga talk about we country and weak I hope his momma catch cancer and die in her sleep What? 1-2-1-2 you get your crew, I get my crew and we can do what real niggas do What? 1-2-1-2 you get your boo, I get my boo and they can do what real bitches do [Mac talking] The camouflage assassin The no Limit empire strikies back for all the haters What? We're No Limit Soldiers, I thought I told ya x7 We're No Limit motherfucking soldiers

I Can't Be Your Man

T.I. "I'm Serious"
Yeah, To the ladies, One mo' message from T.I.P., I represent every man in America, Naw,the world You wanna know what he what he thinkin' bout when he ain't talkin to you bout why he can't be your man you sure you wanna know Here it is [Verse 1] My girl say I don't love her She say we just fuckin' Nothin' against you It's just that I hate tux She wanna toast with the Mo' and the ice Throwin' the rice Wake up with me for the rest of your life Ask me where I'm going,when I'comin back when I bounce Runnin her mouth, call herself the queen of the south Redecorate the crib throwin satin on the couch Catch me out adulteratin' takin' half of the house Well it ain't she don't deserve it Just I don't wanna give it The life she wanna live Shorty I don't wanna live it Makin' money shorty's missin' To all kind of digits From KeKe's to Chaniques's To Bianca's and Brigettes's Poppin' up unannouced, shorty call 'fore you visit Nothing about a number, mind your goddamn business Look bitch, some shit bout Tip won't change We can hang, but I got to let you know one thang [Chorus] I can't be your man It ain't you it's me, sorry shorty I can't be your man Where I been, I don't see no rings on these fingers I can't be your man Look to the future, find someone better than me I can't be your man You deserve much more, I'm no good to you shorty [Verse 2] Don't it seem like shit be cool for a month and a half All of a sudden you frontin' and showin your ass Complainin' bout what you got Shorty look what you had Before me, it was pull-out couches and Bilitant bags Now she mad cause she ain't got a T.V. in her Jag I tell you what if that ain't good enough get back on the bus Give up the princess cuts and the Prada and stuff I take you out to eat and you order a bottle of what Ungrateful wonderin' why I'm not faithful Ballin's all good but this shit is just wasteful Want me to pay your bills Help you get a bigger crib Shorty I don't mind helpin' But show some initiative Ain't brought nothin' to the table but hard times and heartache Do something, get on the grind for God's sake A reminder, rewind this message from your highness For those that chose to take my kindness for blindness [Chorus] I can't be your man I don't cheat cause I ain't shit, I'm cheatin' cause you aint shit I can't be your man Every time I walk in the house you sittin' on that goddamn couch You ain't got nothing better to do I can't be your man Cook, clean, iron, pay the water bill, shorty do something Work with me I can't be your man Ay, pack you shit shorty, I'm droppin yo ass off at yo mami house Right now [Verse 3] One more scenario Bout another jazzy hoe That I met on the road After a show in Ontario Shorty say she got a man That don't really scare me though But she say he got a temper So, but what he jealous for Cause you told him you were cheatin Hell, well what you tell him for Shit, what that got to do with Tip You better let him know Now she want to let him go But what for So you can get with me and keep being a slut hoe I don't think so baby better stay where you at I'm no good for you Never mind the way that he act You got a kid and a crib with him What's better than that I'm in town for the week you better settle for that [End Chorus] I can't be your man I'm here for 4 days shorty, 4 days I can't change the world I can't be your man He don't treat you right What that gotta do with me I can't be your man He be cussin' you out and shit You cheated on him shorty, can you blame him I can't be your man You ain't fend to bring that bullshit to me I don't want naan parts of it I can't be your man Look here man Get that shit out of my face Kick rocks I can't be your man I ain't fend to have nothing to do with it Their will be none of that round here I can't be your man Besides shorty you talk to much I can't deal with it I can't be your man You say you work where Mickey D, get the hell out of here shorty Man look ay, I can't deal with it You got too much baggage with you man You and little, uh,uh,uh little Opus Cunningham Y'all kick rocks down the damn street I can't deal with it shorty N...,complain...,what..., you ain't got what Shorty when I met you shorty you was barefooted Sittin' on the railroad track with some straw in yo mouth What the hell you complainin' about what you got now Wh-Wh-What nigga you got steak and eggs right here I'm sayin, what the business is Get the hell out of here man Ay man you need to show me some appreciation round here You in the damn living room more than the muthafuckin' furniture shorty I can't deal with that shit man Get a damn job Do something for me Lazy bitch, All the bad bitches in the world and I had to hook up With the sorriest hoe in America Why don't you take the weight off my back every now and then why don't you pay a bill 30 damn dollars, the cable bill ain't but 30 damn dollars shorty Why don't you change the..., flip the mattress Man wash some clothes, change a light bulb Goddamn shorty, I gotta do every thing round this sumabitch A lazy bitch, ain't nothing worse than a lazy bitch shorty wasted talent

Lean Back

[Intro: Fat Joe] Owwwwww!!!! yeah! my niggaz!!! uh huh!!! Throw your hands in the air right now man!!! Feel this shit right here! Scott Storch nigga! Yeah Khalid I see you nigga!!! Show Big Pun love! Uh! Yeah! Uh! Yo! [Verse 1: Fat Joe] I don't give a fuck about your faults or mishappens nigga We from the Bronx, New York, shit happens Kids clappin, love to spark the place Half the niggaz in the squad got a scar on their face It's a cold world and this is ice Half a mill for the charm, nigga this is life Got the Phantom in front of the buildin, Trinity Ave Ten years been legit, they still figure me bad As a young'n - was too much to cope with Why you think the mu'fuckers nicknamed me Cook Coke shit Shoulda been called Armed Robbery Extortion, or maybe Grand Larceny I did it all, I put the pieces to the puzzle Just as long, I knew me and my peoples was 'gon bubble Came out the gate on some Flow Joe shit Fat nigga with the shotty was the logo kid! [Chorus: Fat Joe] Said my niggaz don't dance we just pull up our pants And do the rockaway, now lean back, lean back, lean back, lean back I said my niggaz don't dance we just pull up our pants And do the rockaway, now lean back, lean back, lean back, lean back (Come on!) [Verse 2: Remy Martin] R to the Ezzy, M to the wizz-i My arms stay breezy, the Don stay fizzy Got a date at 8, I'm in the 7-40-fizzive And I just bought a bike so I can ride till I die With a matchin jacket, 'bout to cop me a mansion My niggaz in the club, but you know they not dancin We gangsta, and gangstas don't dance, we boogie So never mind how we got in here with burners and hoodies Listen we don't pay admission and the bouncers don't check us And we - walk around the metal detectors And there really ain't a need for a VIP section In the middle of the dance floor reckless, check it Said he - liked my necklace, started relaxin Now that's what the fuck I call a chain reaction See 'Money Ain't a Thing' nigga, we still the same niggaz Flows just changed now we bout to change the game nigga [Chorus: Fat Joe] Said my niggaz don't dance we just pull up our pants And do the rockaway, now lean back, lean back, lean back, lean back I said my niggaz don't dance we just pull up our pants And do the rockaway, now lean back, lean back, lean back, lean back (Come on!) [Verse 3: Fat Joe] Now we living better now, Gucci sweater now And that G4 can fly through any weather now See, niggaz get tight when you worth some millions This is why I sport the chinchilla to hurt they feelings You can find Joe Crack at all type of shit Out in Vegas front row to all the fights and shit If 5-0 boy come, then they'd proudly squeal Cause half these rappers they +Blow+ like Derek Foreal If you cross the line, damn right I'm 'gon hurt ya These faggot niggaz even made gang signs commercial Even Lil' Bow Wow throwin it up B2K crip walkin like that's what's up! Can't keep tellin me to speak about the Rucker Matter of fact, I don't wanna speak about the Rucker Not even Pee Wee Herman could imagine this My niggaz didn't have to play to win the championship, come on! [Chorus: Fat Joe] Niggaz don't dance we just pull up our pants And do the rockaway, now lean back, lean back, lean back, lean back I said my niggaz don't dance we just pull up our pants And do the rockaway, now lean back, lean back, lean back, lean back (Come on!) [Outro: Fat Joe] Ha! ha! yeah! (Can you hear me?!) Bronx, BX borough, Terror Squad, uh (Ha!) Big Pun forever, Tony Montana forever (Can you hear me?!) Uh! Yeah! Streets is ours, come on!!! Nah man, it ain't never gon' stop Search!!! Raul!!! JB, Fat Ant come on!!! Uh!!

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