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GERALD LEVERT lyrics - G-Spot

Too Much Room (Featuring Mystical)

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feat. Mystikal [Mystikal] Ow, good God (I'm down at the club, y'all, yeah) Boogie down baby (Move ya) Shake what ya mama made I see by how you movin' You could take it, take it, take it Hips don't lie, her booty be talkin' Grip your thighs We ain't gon' let no big fat woman come pump us We gon' get so bodacious and rambunctious Get down baby, don't let nothin' hold ya back Daddy movin' in, I'm 'bout to close the jam [Gerald] I'm on fire When you're moving that thing at me Got me burnin' I need your body up close to me My emotions Got me feelin' real freakily Don't be nervous I'm gonna whoop ya like it's s'pose to be, baby 1 - Do you wanna party baby Shakin' what yo' mama gave ya Just wanna dance, I wanna dance Don't cha be ashamed to back that thing up It's too much room (It's scandalous) Too much, too much room babe, babe 2 - There's too much room up in here Put your hand a little closer babe So you can feel me shake it Yeah, yeah, come on babe Baby, but you can handle it, it's scandalous There's too much room up in here Put your hand a little closer babe So you can feel me shake it Yeah, yeah, come on babe Baby, but you can handle it, it's scandalous You give me a fever Cuz I'm runnin' like a rent-it sign Ain't no reason We can't do it to new styles Can't you feel me And you know that it's gettin' hard To control it Baby girl, I'mma have to call the cops Come on, babe Repeat 1 Repeat 2 Repeat 2 Here we go, here we go now [Mystikal] Talk to me, Hello, what's that? A duet with Mystikal and Gerald? Hell yeah, yeah, you right fo' sure (Damn right) Get on the flo', Electra Records About as fire as a bottle with a jar of peppers Bad motha fuckin' baboon Cuz baby if I can't reach it There's too much damn room Repeat 1 Repeat 2 [Gerald] Uh oh Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, yeah, yeah, yeah Sing it again Ooh, ooh, ooh, oooh, oh well, well, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Back that thing up on the bed And move it, I can take a big bed shakin' My temperature's risin' and I feel your thighs bending Don't deny, I can take it It's too much room, all this room Tellin' me not to be all over you babe It's too much room, all this room Tellin' me not to do all the things I wanna do baby Yeah, get a little closer baby Don't cha be ashamed


Aha, yeah, yeah In a world of, larger moves, new cars to cruise Sometimes I make the news, falsely accused I gotta shake the spot when the stakes is high A brother needs space like a vacant lot I'm lookin forward to the future, Mase and The Lox And my little son Justin, touchin a knot You knew I was comin for the crowns that's uptown You knew I was comin to put it down so what now? It's the Bad Boy, pull up and break the clutch down in the five-speed, smirkin then pull up at high speed Can you enterprise and rise like cream do? And leave em talk about the last time they seen you? Game is magnet, to everything platinum with my name attached, can you all do that? Think one thing when you read my name That Puff nigga, the game'll never be the same Chorus: Puff Daddy singing What do you do when they love you? (Let's) 'live your life' What do you do when the love turns cold? (Let's) 'live your life' Do you love me baby I'll be your friend Do you love me baby Though I love you like a brother I would rather be your lover Verse Two: Foxy Brown Erybody wanna be Pam Grier now, stare now Wanna know what I wear now, peep the gear now, uhh I swear now, I done killed that shit Dangerous Na Na, niggaz feel my shit, uhh Roll for delf, niggaz steal my shit sells Dunn tripped on Gortex to Pelly Pel You're fuckin with Mel, I have 500 to sell Convertible shit, leavin bitches real sick Heard he liked to trick nonstop, floss a lot Ballers out of town, spots in Adobe cot It don't stop I Fox, floss plenty rocks Since eight-nine nigga been pushin, plenty drops Nigga keyed up, stash for real Twenty G's please what? Fuck the soft shit Hundred thirty pounds of raw shit, the flaw shit The P.C. on some real to Newark shit Recall, my whole fam jig the fuck up what? Bet-ta chill, 'fore you slip the fuck up Get your wig, split the fuck up, nigga lust Dangerous, when three general niggaz bust Infa-wear, but I sips Dom Pierre Floss through the ave all them hoes wanna stare Oh yeah? I'm up in your life, play you trife Brook-lyn, bring it on nigga Chorus Verse Three: Puff Daddy Can you feel me baby? I been away a long time Is it still me baby? The one on your mind Can we creep when everybody sleepin and find ourselves 'tween satin sheets intertwined Can I touch you baby? Is that aight witchu? Can I love you baby? What we about to do could make the whole earth move, I tell you my first move Climb up in it slow, I ain't tryin to hurt you Can you feel me baby? Should I keep it right there? Is it still me baby? Take off your night wear And lay your pretty body in the middle of your bed As I place myself in the middle of your legs Do you want me baby? Just let me know like Aaliyah baby, and I'ma set you slow Get freaky baby, can you handle that? Dim the lights burn candles on your back, yeah Chorus 2X to fade

Don't Want To Lose

Jake "Jake"
VERSE ONE: I used to live out here, my life and limb together I used to hang my head, and dream to make it better If you could understand what's happening to me Then I wouldn't need myself To tell me it's not the same, oh no no--- CHORUS: I don't want to lose, no baby I don't want to find myself all by myself again I don't want to lose your love, no--- I don't want to find out that there's nothing left to win VERSE TWO: Sometimes I feel like nothing's sinking in I look around and have to ask you where I've been Sometimes I think maybe it's time to take a chance But I know you and I Can reach the other side, oh yeah--- (repeat chorus) 'instrument break' (repeat chorus) If you see me on my own again somtime now, baby Don't pass me by, oh yeah--- (repeat chorus x2)

Did You Miss Me

PETEY PABLO "Still Writing In My Diary: 2nd Entry"
(feat. Baby, TQ) [Baby (Petey Pablo)] Oh yeah Birdman Prrrrrrr Yeah North Carceezy! Oh yeah Cash Money ha Yeah Get the money baby Get this money baby TQueezy! It's Birdman baby Freezy you did the damn thing boy [Petey Pablo comes in] Yeah Oh yeah Oh yeah Oh yeah Oh yeah Holla at ya boy, Birdman! Prrrrrrrrrr Oh yeah Uh huh [Baby] Ay ay See I came around early It was me and Ms Birdy It ain't nothing to a pimp It ain't nothing to a baller Worldwide hustling known shot caller [TQ] Yeah yeah When I came through dippin' In the Bird Benz With the Birdman and some Bird friends I got big wheels And every time I'm in the club it's a big deal [Baby] Mama on everything (oh yeah) God bless the day and the 20 inches Came around the corner with the slab on rags (alright) Think about my dad and the shit we had [TQ] Ooh Lord, I remember yesterday Trippin' hittin switches in a white on white tray Caught a Bird with the Bird the very next day Down to Carolina where is Petey [Petey Pablo] I tried to tell ya'll It about to happen Ayo Baby How we're gonna have the Birdman and the Helicopter Man on the same track Yo Mannie, you cut the fool on this track TQ, I see you boy You out from West Coast to New Orleans and North Carolina Give a fuck what them New Orlean do You know how I do Mashin on 22's I got a caddy to it And a jag and a Benz and a corvette Just like baseball bit I'm on deck ballin cat All ya'll should call me that Took mine, dip mine Trippled the stack Who's fucking with that Carolina, Cash Money Man, Mannie what you do to this track TQ, Bird, Petey on the same jam I'll be GOD DAMNed! It's on now! And I dont expect you to understand And this is for grown man You standing on some dangerous land And this time I got a master plan I got a man with papers to handle the pistols So I don't have to tj-tj-tj-tj I done had it up to here with this shit Take this track to the label Here's your single bitch! [Petey Pablo (Baby)] (Petey Pablo baby!) all the time, boy (Birdman!) (Cash Money number 1!) You know (C'mon) C'mon (Mannie Freezy!) Show em how to do the time, Baby (Prrrrr) Birdman, Helicopter Man, oh Boy is crazy, boy North Carolina to New Orleans, baby [Petey Pablo] We got some questions of my home town While I was gone working on this album Racking my brain going through all types of problems Cause the world would never get passed the first single I dropped The whole album was hot Bottom to the top And this time I'm giving ya'll a whole enchilada Rappin hard I went back to the drawing board Got me a sharper sword Jumped on the right horse Good Lord! It ain't a game anymore It's a rain forrest of wack shit and I don't want no part to it I done built me a fort I'm prepared for it If the boat do sink, dawg, I won't on it I was on the damn flight to New Orleans And do a song with Souljah from Magnolia Holla if you hear me And I ain't dis, trip, flip script on none of my homies It's Carolina till I die, whody! [Petey Pablo (Baby)] Yeah! What ya'll gotta say about that there Birdman You better told em (Petey Pablo, baby!) I told em (Petey Queezy be!) Oh Lord (North Carceezy and Bird Beezy, baby) (NO and NC, baby) (We doin it real real real big) (So so so fly) [TQ] We fly, Baby We fly

Welcome To Planet Motherfucker / Psychoholic Slag

WHITE ZOMBIE "La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. 1"
Woven in the surface a premonition of a land erupting a sparkling occasion of a city crashdown! overhead Revolv'n in a whirlpool a drag-o-rama walk'n on the sidewalk so let me see ya howl'n through the keyhole 'god damn, swept away' she shouted - she love it - get in away yeah! I concentrate the midnight without the benefit of ceremony - whoever said, 'The one who strips your soul is the one that got away' a weather-beaten angel descending to embrace the cemetery - got love - so mystifying 'god damn, swept away' she shouted - she love it - get in away yeah! she shouted - she love it - get in away - yeah! voodoo beat on the mind the digs too deep to find something has got to give, man (psych-out) racketeer or star you are just what you are, don't play the misty, baby! (get you) into a river sky electro nation cry 'i need another, now' drift beyond the sleeping the moon is shift'n shadows on her figure - swamptime locomotion 'i can't take it, anymore!' sunlight through the shutters illuminating moment to the moment buzz a halo over 'god damn, swept away' she shouted - she love it - get in away - yeah - planet pretty kill - motherfucker hang me on the thrills - psychoholic slag tomorrow is another drag (yeah) picnic in the homeland - like a jesus super-star yeah! kiss me deadly, baby (baby) i know who you are (come on) planet pretty kill - motherfucker hang me on the thrills yeah! no small heaven (haven) i got the left hand of the keeper - meet me in st. louis 'god' a one- way ticket's cheaper yeah! time-travel i'm walk'n (walk'n) i got a white line zombie fever (fever) yeah! time bomb the hero (hero) yeah get down!!

I Do

UNCLE KRACKER "No Stranger To Shame"
You spend your lonely days lookin' for someone I just wanna be the one that makes your river run I know it ain't so fun bein all alone And I know you wonder when you'll find yourself a home You ain't foolin' no one baby See you don't believe in you But I do Yeah I do Oh I do Yeah I do If you want some company I don't mind a ride I don't want your money baby And I don't want your pride You might think I'm crazy You just might be shy I think this is good for us But I could just be high We can make this happen baby I believe that's true Yeah I do Yes I do Oh I do Yes I do You keep on lookin' baby I hope it's all too sweet I hope its fairy tales And everything you dream But just remember that we ain't all this kind When you get tired of lookin' baby I ain't hard to find Your wastin' all your time out there Cuz they don't care about you But I do Yeah I do Oh I do Yeah I do Oh I do Yeah I do

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