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George Fox lyrics


Original and similar lyrics
Save me from the judgement of a fool, save me from dressing down the rich man Save me from the judge's writing tool, releasing now An aptitude for anything at all, no need for time to ponder on the maybes Now happiness will one day really fall, on you like rays of gold Won't you rain on me now Won't you rain on me now Do your shoes fit you as they did before, are you walking steady since you took the fall I know it must be hard to be strong, and still move on I look inside your child-like eyes, believing thoughts that tear you up inside I know you're out there trying not to hide so let it go, flow down Won't you rain on me, won't you pray with me Won't you cradle me, would you label me won't you rain...

I Wish It Would Rain

Sunshine blue skies please go away The girl has found another and gone away. With her went my future my life is filled with gloom So day after day I stay locked up in my room. I know to you, it might sound strange but I wish it would rain, 'Cause so badly I wanna go outside But everyone knows that a man ain't supposed to cry Listen, I gotta cry 'cause crying eases the pain, Oh yeah, people this hurt I feel inside. Words could never explain, I just wish it would rain. Day in day out my tear-stained face Pressed against the window pain, My eyes search the skies desperately for rain, Cause rain-drops will hide my tear -drops And no one will ever know that I'm crying, Crying when I go outside. To the world outside my tears, I refuse to explain, oh I wish it would rain, Let it rain, let it rain. I need rain to disguise the tears in my eyes. Oh, let it rain. I'm a man and I got my pride Til' it rains I'm gonna stay inside and let it rain.

You Are All I Want

I cry out I pray I pour out So afraid I'm walking just to fall Look around me no one Ooh, You're all I want You are all I want You will protect me You will save me I am not as strong as You This fight makes me crawl Deliver me from this Tear down this prison wall Ooh, You're all I want You are all I want You will protect me You will save me Ooh, You're all I want You are all I want You will protect me You will save me Ooh, You're all I want You are all I want You will protect me You will save me


I feel the eyes All stare at me Nowhere to hide They see into my mind Know they're alive Look not glazed Like he who died In the picture frame My photo too will be a ghost in time Ugly thoughts Betray to them They see all All they see A fool Kneel on the floor Take from them The power held My whole life shared Plunge the knife so deep Bathe in the pool Turn out the light Still they stare Drift into sleep Meet them there Thriving on the endlessness of dream Running Footsteps going nowhere Fall hard into the bed And wake I opened not my mouth They heard me scream.

Paper Cliché

ACTION ACTION "An Army Of Shapes Between Wars"
I to want take my head and cut it open extra wide. Want to examine oh the thoughts that seem to cricle inside. Electrocute my thoughts or put my self on stand by. I'm so over, I'm so over...Let's open up the sky and let the clich├ęs pour. Everything has been executed better before. 8-bit Fantasies, I'm yesterday's technology. Follow the leader, jump off with me. The wine is dripping with the blood off of my finger tips. The mitochodrion are revolting, please take care off it. Carnivorous cells are winning against your cancer lips. So come over so come over...Oh my god, I want to tear you apart. I am walking but I'm still asleep. Oh my lord, this is blasphemy. Wake me up before I fall too deep. I wish I had an original thought inside my skull. Everything has been done a million times before. My dream sequence has become my life or so it seems. All my friends are dead, in a perfect scene. Oh my god, I want to tear you apart. I am walking but I'm still asleep. Oh my lord, this is blasphemy. Wake me up before I fall too deep. In too deep. Oblivious and numb. I want hurt you, but I can't cut you fast enough. The ink is dripping, and my letter has become a mess. I want to hate you, but hate is love, just reversed. Why do we talk about things that we loathe the most?


JIN "Say Something"
You know I gotta say something The beginning and the end What's the difference between the two? I mean I'm still tryna figure it out I know one thing I'm just getting started You know all that stuff that happened in the past... I ain't even thinking about that It's about right now And it's about moving forward Check, check Yo, dear God I wonder can You save me? The more it makes sense the more they claim that I'm crazy I had the beef for them to see me this calm Or reality, uh uh no TV sitcom My pure will got me stolen for Grace Eyes closed, salty tears all I could taste All on my knees, fall on my face They say put God first and everything else will fall in the place So I've heard, wise words got me thinking Gotta give it time to let it sink in I sound confused, I know For what shall a prophet a man to gain the whole world then lose his soul For the longest I was ridin' high cruise control In my own mind making up the ruses I go I swear it's not just my imagination I heard a voice guide in me, navigation Is it the route I chose or should I check the stair end Took a couple wrong turns, selective hearing Is it fact or just my premonition? I see what's going on now, high definition Nothing but lies I was living at Wasted like Lay 6 it took me time to get my vision back Learnt to recognize the fakes and the true snakes So call friends, you know the twoface All in my grill like a twofake Still you never find me under pressure like the last drop of tooth pace My mission has never been more clear The Truth has never been more near But I know I can't do it on my own So I pray You give me strength when I lift the microphone All I hear is "Jin, what happened to the old you? " See I could explain but I would rather show you Word, check it out y'all 'Cause actions speak louder than words So it don't matter how I mix, the nouns with the verbs New fans and glad God anointed my style Old fans wanna know "What will I rap about now? " Switch it up, yo I gots to do it The word is "Jin's spittin' out Gospel music" See I prefer the call it "change your life music" All in hopes that one day you might use it Whatever they choose they label it, so be it I proceeded, all I know is I so need it I'm certain that I can't rap forever Before the curtain call I gotta get my act together No surprise the room over my eyes has been lifted My entire perspective has been shifted I can't call it, you can call it how you feel Call it change, call it grow, as long as you call it real I am no quitter My journey's just begun, you are all welcome to follow, no Twitter I know plenty folks that wanna touch the gate to Heaven Never been to Church 'cause they can't relate the reference Ain't no sense in me, preaching to the quire Even with starch arms I'd be reaching to the fire I stand firm, the enemy don't face me No need to wonder, only God can save me

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